Monday, June 26, 2017


I cut the cord with C-o-m-c-a-s-t and no longer have their bundle of services.  It was just under by 6 dollars, $200.00 a MONTH for just internet, phone and TV and all their add on fees and "taxes".  TV was basic.  No geegaws, no extras, no on demands, no nothing.  Just plain everyday channels.  Of which I watched three of them.  $200.00 a month.  Times that by 12, and I got to pay $2400.00 a YEAR for that.  And the price kept rising at least once a year...creeping up and up.  So, I asked for a break and they didn't give me one.  They had, a few years previous and I guess that was the only bone they were going to throw me.

I do have internet by them, and it is very high speed and high in cost too. But at least it isn't nigh onto $200.00 a month.  All this to say that as a consequence, I no longer have a landline.  I have my cell and a VOIP phone. So, I had to cut my alarm service off as it needs a landline to function.  I have skated by a month  but needed to re-start with another company.  I have a new style now and I am very pleased.

My new system will be installed in 24 hours hence.  Everything costs money doesn't it?  (That was a newsflash wasn't it)?

These lilies are here to illustrate that you don't have to be a celebrity or rich to be beautiful in the flower or in our world.  Look at these lovely ones.   They are so-called common flowers, not the ones I usually photograph but they deserve to be shown off just as much as any "fancy" flower.  I still can't get over all the colors on that hydrangea bush!


  1. lovely flowers....still contemplating cutting the cable cord but need to figure out the logistics. just doesn't make sense to pay that much for the maybe 15 channels that I actually watch

    1. Darn right. I am still awn to 5. I use an antenna here in the bigger or thicker than a sheet of typing paper for 25 channels...HD, and I can have and do have ROKU or Apple TV.

  2. Oh, you do not have competition then.. No Verison?
    We play a game every couple of years and switch back and forth. They are both imperfect
    We do watch some tv, Fox, OAN, and several science and other channels, some of the dopey public tv stations that claim to be commercial free and then after a 45 minute program and advertise their programs and cruises for 15 minutes. public tv also plays the same stuff during the day, like old shows just played over and over.
    Rex figured out a way to sign in to British tv through ITN and we watch some shows before they come to the US.
    Yes, flowers are nice. I am not outside much to appreciate them but I do love Hydrangias. I do not own that plant, but I have lots of rose bushes and other flowery stuff.

  3. The security system would be one of my issues if I cut the cord. It sure would be nice to have a much lower monthly bill though for TV, internet and phone. I may get brave enough to give a go sometime in the future. Your flowers are just gorgeous. Hugs

  4. Such a beautiful display of colour!! The range of colours in nature always takes my breath away.

    Not sure how VOIP phone works! Perhaps I should look into it. Our phone bills are horrendous, but we still don't pay as much as you did for the whole shebang!

  5. Hi Sis!
    I haven't seen you for a long time, How are you today.

  6. It's definitely no news that everything costs money. Glad you are happy with the new style :-)
    The flowers are beautiful. Love the pastel colors of hydrangea!

  7. That was a lot of money being paid out for not a great deal, we all need to save where we can

  8. Beautiful lilies, we have several varieties of them too and they never disappoint. Sorry about Comcast, I have been thinking of calling to see if we can get a break, but now I am guessing the answer will be no.

  9. Dearest Carole,
    It is so very true that we pay high for very little nowadays. But what is the option for finding some good Internet connection, don't want to go back to satellite connection as that is so slow and so many outings too.
    Need to bargain for some reduction but doubt if that is going to work.
    Sending you hugs,

  10. There are many ways to measure wealth. Every time I peek out my patio door, I feel flush with the simple beauty of hibiscus and the hydrangeas in full bloom.

    And C-O-M-C-A-S-T? I don't need their darn TV! Happily, I was able to work out a deal on the internet service. Like you, I cut my monthly expense by a goodly amount.

  11. Lovely flowers, Carole! Those exorbitant fees by cable companies are NOT lovely, though. It's robbery, and they get away with it. Ugh.

    We have an alarm system that does not need a landline, and we have been very happy with it.

    Hugs to you and Miss Katie!