Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tell Ya What!

Me and that phone and that car are gonna go round and round the next time they smart off at me.  Either one of them.  I said in FB a while ago that even though I threatened untold reprisals to the iPhone, it persisted in its single minded task to thwart me at all turns.   I think it laughed because it knew I was uttering an idle threat.  It knew full well there was nothing I could do on my own.

I paired it with the new car myself successfully by following directions. The fight and wrangling between us, the car, me and the iphone occurred when, with no directions or experience whatsoever, I thought that pairing was all I had to do.  I did not know that there were/are ways to make a call or communicate with others.  I had accidentally turned the radio at first  
on by a flick of my thumbnail on the steering wheel controls while reaching to brush my bangs back.  That was the beginning of a never-win situation for me as audio was then enabled. I turned the radio off. Suddenly... the iPhone's music started up the next time I turned on the ignition and it played the same song over and over and over.

The iPhone and car conspired to keep me from calling my son either manually using my phone, or thru the blue tooth enabled phone/car to tell him I was waiting for him.  We,Siri and I, exchanged heated words.  I had to pull over to wrest back some semblance of control and finally make the call.  Before the new car,  I just said Call whomever and Siri accomplished the call.  But now....oh noooooo.

It's not intuitive, the car's ways of doing things.  I actually need someone to show me.  That's not happening, so I may un-pair the phone and just go on about my business.

Me 0
Car & Phone 5

Here is that mean natured partner- in -crime to the phone!


  1. Beauty of a car Sis.. you will get it don't ya just love it? LOL

  2. We have not been visting blogs for too long. So glad about your rebirthday - that is definitely something worth celebrating, and your new car is so exciting!!!!! Hope you get the phone issues sorted out soon.

  3. Haha! Welcome to my world!! I am convinced that there's conspiracy afoot between hitherto inanimate objects to take over and rule! They conspire and plot and they plan and our days are numbered! I know Siri is laughing at me! Even my paranoia is getting paranoid! Be afraid! Be very afraid!

  4. I do not do blu tooth. My daughter does, I think but she has an android. I like my iphone and never call or take calls when I drive. I am olden fashioned.
    You car looks very nice. It looks pretty innocent really.
    Carole, I am not going to get a new kitten. I learned some things about the cattery, just about the same time I examined my own life, grieving and capabilities.
    I lost $300 from a breeder that offers no refunds, which is cheesy, but that is okay. I listened to God and He reminded me to follow him

  5. Oh I'm sorry your car and iPhone are mean to you! I don't know how many times I told Siri to go away...she can be very difficult. I still don't know what exactly Bluetooth is. You are brave to fight this fight :-)

  6. Dearest Carole,
    Well, so far our iPhones have cooperated well with our car. But it is a surprise each time who is connected... sometimes it's me and other times not.
    Never mind.
    Hope you soon will find out.

  7. That stinks, technology can be a pain.

  8. All these things are supposed to make things easier. Funny, but they often just complicate things!

  9. Hi Sis!
    Your persisted though I threatened untold reprisals to the iphone. My own.? I paired it with the new Car, With no directions Can you driving? Accidentally turned the radio at first.still opend good and just like my was too. Played the same song over and over and over,car & phone!!
    Never mind sis!
    Sis, Miyuki,Katie and vuctoria