Thursday, September 21, 2017

One of Those Gorgeous Days

Oh it is so gorgeous looking out there.  Deep blue sky as is traditional for an October day.  October is an always beautiful month.    There are puffy fluffy cumulus clouds highlighting the deep blue.  The sun is shining and it is hot, humid and I just decided to give up walking today.  By the time I got back from The Big City, I had to fix lunch, do a few other things and's even more humid.  Just got my hair done yesterday and don't want to sweat up my scalp!  Yuk.  When you get you roots done, you don't wash out all that good work so quickly.  Best to wait 24 to 48 hours.

I had James and my DIL here Tuesday.  What fun.  We took him to a park that is equipped with  baby and toddler things on the playground ---and he wore himself out. I had left my phone in her car so I didn't get any pictures to remember the day by.  That will teach me.

Don't have a thing to say really.  It's just been so long.  Friday the oldest son (and I) will see his Dr. and see how things are.  Saturday, we will be at one of my son's home to celebrate an upcoming birthday of mine.  I asked for yellow cake with chocolate icing.  There WILL be sparks flying off my fork as I hardly ever get anything good to eat most particularly after the surgery I had two years ago. So I will lay my face down in the cake with my mouth wide open when I see it!  NOMMY!  Well, I will WANT to, but of course I will not.   It will be an early celebration as the actual day is on a work day, so we are commandeering one of the weekend days.

Wish you could be here Saturday to have some cake and ice-cream and a good lunch too.  We've all been friends a long time haven't we?  Some have quit blogging and I am so sorry that happened.  Some just lost interest in my nattering on I suppose so I don't see them any longer.  That is always sad.

my front yard


  1. Good luck to your on Friday, Carole, I hope all is fine, and a very happy birthday on Saturday! Eat the cake -- life is all too short, and once in a while is *okay*!

    P.S. My "once in a while" for cake would be oh, once a day. Ha.

  2. I will have some cake in your honor.
    I am ready for cooler weather, the kind we had two weeks ago was just so perfect. Now we have sticky warm back.
    I am glad you have been busy, and even too busy to blog. Today I am going to my younger daughter's new home, and play with the baby all day.
    I am also going to make rice krispie treats for the moving in party tomorrow.
    Have a fun Friday.

  3. Happy early birthday to you! I will lay my face down in the cake for you :-) :-)
    I hope doctor's appointment goes well with your son. Have a great weekend!

  4. An early happy birthday to you! You paint such a delicate picture of face in cake! I can't now get it out of my head!! I agree with Kea!!! :-) lol xx

  5. Although we had a mild-ish summer, we are experiencing close to 90 degree F temps, which will last for almost a week. This time in September...weird! I say go ahead and cut about a 1/4 of that cake, and then stick your face in it! Happy Birthday!

  6. Hi Sis!
    Happy Birthday to you 25th The sun is shining very hot? I had cleaning the decks with the decks today.
    I think I had not writing to much today.I had send to nice Birthday card Sis!


  7. We wish we could be there with you and Katie, too, Carole. Happy early birthday! We loved the part about sparks flying off your fork. :)

  8. Happy birthday Carole! We've known each other for quite a while. I do miss the old Spaces days and someone mentioned Beth to me on a comment on my blog. I miss her quite a bit. We had some wonderful phone conversations and I know you were quite close to her as well. Happy Birthday Carole!

  9. Hi Sis!
    Happy Birthday Sis! I was so much things on my home,The men's check i the after thing few days,But I had problem to send to you office are not opened two days.
    I went 9-00 send to you I am very sorry especially my funny thing why with me. indeed why I did again? I hope all my friend are in good health and with you much love and happy.

  10. Dearest Carole,
    Wow, that rose is very lovely and we too enjoy those blue skies with sunny warm weather. Good for biking; today we did the longest ride so far. Almost too much for Pieter...
    Happy Birthday to you and wishing you many more in good health.
    Sending you hugs,