Saturday, January 13, 2018

Finally Logged In Again!

Man, I have had the worst time ever in all these years getting into this blog, my Word Press blog, commenting on Word Press blogs from my Google ones...never used to happen.  I am always afraid too that once I log out of Katie's blog, I'll never get in again.  She would leave home if that happened.

It's cold.  Had three days off from the way below freezing and gusty winds that kept me from walking for several weeks,  I really piled it on walking those several days but we are back to the biting windy cold.  Of course, it won't be much time at all till I am complaining that it is so hot and humid and that I can hardly stand it.  I remember walking in that heat and sweat dreaming happily of Winter when I could walk in a jacket or a coat.  Well, guess what Carole? You can...the time is here BUT: etc etc

Had to have an electrician in.   I had those old yucky yellowy white color curly- cue fluorescent bulbs in ceiling fixtures I can't reach as I am very short and I have no 6' step ladder.  Never cast enough light.  So when bulbs go out I need help with replacing them.  The kitchen fluorescent light and bulbs were old and it needed it's bulb's changed as 2 of 4 died.  I want the LED lights. But I got the wrong thing, so the electrician will come back after his week long hike and fix that for me.  But while he was here I got bright daylight LED lights put in my room (OH! what a wonderful fabulous change that is!!!) and in the living room ceiling fixture.  My son did the hallways and the bathroom fixtures, vanity and ceiling while he was here after Benny does the kitchen light..I am set.  This place is very shaded...all of us in this neighborhood are in a forest that was cut down partially to build the homes back in the early 50's.  That's my place there with the blue circle.

The grandson is growing up and I adore him totally.  Katie does too.


  1. So nice to see a post from you but sorry you are having problems with the blog and logging in. What a pain.

    Our weather here has been awful, too. I am not sure if we even got above zero degrees today...and the wind has been wicked.

    Your little grandson is just adorable. They make you smile every time you look at them, don't they?

    Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  2. Glad you could finally post!! What's going on with them?? Those curlycue lights are awful!! LED are much better!! James is quite the young man!! ❤️

  3. yes it is cold. horrid cold, and windy.
    Guess what? my dad age 94, still wants to go out in this and go for a walk. Yesterday was windy and that was the day after the humid warm day, so it was 22 here.
    I have a treadmill now. you can get one. If you are worried about Katie getting under it, you can get some 2x6's and just build a frame. I thought Prinnie would get under it but she does not care about it. Still, I did make a frame bc I do not want anything under that machine. I have mine in the family room.
    Basic ones are not that expensive, but you have to shop around and do some reviews.

    I hate LED lights. They bother my eyes like nuts.
    Your grandboy looks adorable.
    Sarah is 2 and a half and she is like a wild tornado all the time.
    Baby Lena (Lizzie's baby) is 4 months and she did not like seeing my face last week 😬 I teased Lizzie when I left and said, "see you next month" No really, I will try to go next Thursday. Prinnie is getting her Lady gardenectomy on Monday morning.
    Have a fun day. I never know what each day holds. I just keep praying

  4. So sorry to hear about all the problems you have been having with the blogs. Your little grandson is so cute. I have heard that the LED bulbs can be damaging to our eyes so I have not gotten any of them. I don't like those curly ones either. Hope you and sweet Katie are staying warm and safe. Give sweet Katie nose kisses for me. Hugs

  5. Glad you found your way back here. I have so many passwords etc it is nuts.. Every time I change one I put it down in a book I have so I don't lose it.. memory not what it used to be. :-) Let there be light.. how wonderful. I hate a dark place. hope the bulbs last a long time. I have maintenance here who does my ceiling lights etc. Most others I can do myself. There is a blessing being in a small apartment sometimes. I sure enjoyed those few warm days we had. I was able to get supplies in case we get snowed in. It could be worse we could be living in the areas where they had FEET of snow. I shiver to think of it. Hope your days continue to be good ones. <3

  6. Glad you could log back in this blog.

    1. Sent message in mid-writing! I had one e-mail address that I lost access. Nothing worked to log back so I gave up.
      Your grandson is so cute! Have a lovely weekend!

  7. I have at times had problems with my Wordpress blog if I get signed out it can be difficult to sign back in and it is so frustrating and annoying

  8. Hooray! We're so glad you ere able to get back in to your blog, Carole. :)

    Your new LED lights sound terrific, and your grandson is just adorable. We love that Katie loves him as much as you!

  9. Dearest Carole,
    Happy you got back in and managed to post here!
    Oh, it is mean windy and cold and yes I'm longing for warmer weather; not for hot humid...!
    Can't believe how fast your cute grandson is growing up already. Time is going way, way too fast. Scary.
    Don't you LOVE LED lights?! They are the best invention and saving us money too.
    Sending you hugs,

  10. I am glad you were able to get back into your blog. Your grandson is so adorable.

  11. Dear Sis!
    I had Christmas card you has older 12-Dec-2017- 10-01 2018 in here,Your grandson was special good looking now.
    Are you always afraid of blog out of Katie blog!
    your hard walking those several day but you are back to the biting weeks, When you are complaining that it is so hot and humid that is you can hardly stand it, When you walk in a jacket of a fantastic coat I like to see so much you! Hard on have an electrician, You had those old yucky while curly -cue fluorescent bulbs in ceiling frustrating, I love so much with both of Katie and me too!

  12. Though sunlight is wonderful, I think I'd rather be among the woods. What a wonderful location that must be.

  13. WHAT? Is that "the sticky one" ??!!! WOW!!! it has been waay too long , thank goodness you are back :)

  14. I've been missing my walks, too. Today the weather was great, so we took a long walk outside.