Thursday, April 12, 2018

Open Mouth

Ya know, once I saw a video of Bill Cosby doing a stand up routine.  I howled, I me it was extremely funny.  Oh, this had to have been a good 15 or so years ago.  If I happen to remember it, I will at least smile it was that funny to me.

I don't remember all his words.  I only remember a sentence that I think of every single time I see it happen...and that is a LOT of times.

He was talking about speaking to someone, and in this sketch, this person was listening with their head jutted forward on their neck...eyes squinted in concentration and mouth wide open.  He made the remark that he wondered if people who did open mouth thing while listening did so with the hope that they would understand better-- or even hear better-- if they let the light in through their open mouths.  Oh I rolled!

I wish I could remember how it went exactly because it was funny as heck and the audience loved it.  *I* loved it because I have seen people do that SO many times while listening to me.  AND I have seen it in general in all other circumstances thru the years in public or a meeting.  I used to make an internal mental crack to myself that I must be speaking Latin again...they were sure trying hard with the squinted eyes and wide open mouth.

The air conditioning came on this afternoon!  Yup.  It got up to 75 in the house!  I can hardly believe it.  Come on Spring. But some of us, certainly me, will be complaining that it's too hot and humid very soon.

I took this last Spring.


  1. I was a big fan of the Cosby show as a youngster, he definitely had a way of looking at the ordinary from a different perspective. It is sad to see that there was a different side to the funny man, but I suppose none of us are as we seem.

    Love the photo and congrats on the warm weather. We're still freezing here and still waiting for spring to arrive.


  2. Dearest Carole,
    Wish I could find that funny sketch for you and would love to hear and see it myself! But yes, it IS often true.
    It was very hot in the car too when we drove back home around 11:00 AM starts feeling great again.

  3. Hello Welcome to Spring.. we may have SNOW.. HA..big storm a comin' they say. May the spring sun melt it all quickly... glad you are having a break from the rainy stuff. XoXo

  4. I'm not familiar with his show but that sounds very funny :-) So happy it's getting warmer and sunny! We've got to enjoy spring before it gets too hot and humid :-)

  5. I remember one Bill Cosby line from his routine about having children, "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out!" Our family used to buy his albums of comedy.

  6. It was 85 in my office yesterday and the workmen were smoking right under my windows, so I had to keep them closed. I thought I would pass out, but I didn't.
    And then I hear we will possibly get snow Sunday.

  7. Hi Sis!
    Do you think I'm alright?
    Today was very bad raining cold weather too,

  8. It's getting nice and warm here, too. It's almost beyond that point where dad's actually gotten complaint calls (he has to work on people's heat and a/c) for both no heat and no a/c issues within the same day! Open your damn windows, I say!

  9. Loved his comedy routines and his show. Sad what lurked in the background. We just never know a persons other side. I sure wish spring would get with the program. Had enough up here.

  10. Yeah I used to like Bill Cosby quite a bit along with George Carlin. I have five of his record albums. "Ice cream! We're gonna have Ice cream!" Too bad he turned out to be a big scumbag.

  11. I have had people listen like that, too, and am never sure if they are understanding me too much or not enough.

    You had air conditioning on at 75? That is a bit warm but not unpleasantly so. Right now, we'll be happy here if it reaches 10 (that's 50 Fahrenheit).

  12. Bill Cosby always cracked me up, had my sides and jaws aching from laughing. I especially liked that he was hillarrrious without using one single "cuss" word. Our weather is back and forth down here, cool, cold, rainy, hot, and on and on.

  13. I never watched the Bill Cosby TV show because, quite frankly sitcoms are embarssing. Someone has to do something stupid and the others have to "fix" it. I don't need that in my life.

    But I have have several Bill Cosby record albums I play sometimes and they are GENIOUS!

    Which, sadly, proves someone can be a genious AND TOTAL ASS in real life...