Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sometimes City Workers Are Extra Nice

I headed out to the grocery store this morning and the City workers were already here getting ready to change the utility pole ("telephone pole") to either side of me.  They aren't finished with yesterday's changeout but they went ahead to stand a new pole on the other side of my home as well.  I guess they will do all the electrical disconnects and connects after both poles are in place.  The 13 kv lines are newly attached to the new pole to my right...and I am sure they will be  attached to the pole they are struggling with on my left before they leave.  Utilities connections are up to the Utility types...Comcast, etc. etc. Not the City.

What I wanted to tell you was...when I returned from the store they appeared to have most of my driveway blocked.  I asked a worker and he looked.  He asked if I would park on the street upwards aways.  I did and remarked that wouldn't you know it..I had just been on a grocery run.  He said he would help bring them in and darned if he and another worker didn't!  I hate going back and forth with bags if I don't have to and so they saved me from that.  It was an un-looked for nice thing.

Who else takes Krill Oil?  I was told by the cardiologist to start it...3000 mg a day.  If you take it, does it keep you awake longer at night as it does me?  I haven't slept really well since I started it. I looked it up and that is a side effect among others.  I hope it is doing me some good.  It's far superior to fish oil.



  1. Even though they blocked your driveway, they made it up with help! That was thoughtful. Sorry, cannot assist with the krill oil question, but I hope you figure out how to get some sleep; not sleeping is the PITS!

  2. Good for you those workers were nice and helped you with your groceries. That kind of niceness brings an unexpected smile every time, I love it!

    I hope your meds level out and you can get some sleep soon.

  3. We had a similar day! I woke up yesterday hearing noise outside and assumed it was someone the neighbors called to remove a fallen-over dead tree. Turned out it was County workers cleaning the debris off the storm drain grate and scooping out a depression on each side to help direct water into the drain. And I didn't even have to email them with a picture (like I usually do once per year).

    I take 500mg krill oil tablets every other day. I get some omega 3 and 6 from food, but not enough. I don't know about sleep problems; I already had sleep problems before I started taking them (and my dose is lower than yours).

  4. Having had all kinds of workers and chappies in and out the house the last few days, it is great to meet some that are considerate! Re: Krill Oil, I have just started taking them - will have to check the dosage! - but hadn't noticed my sleep pattern changing. However my ability to sleep is severely impaired anyway! One thing I have found out is you can't take them for a week before an operation!!

  5. Right. As with any fish-type oil they thin the blood a tad. They also can cause very brief, a few seconds-flushes to the skin.

  6. What nice city workers!! Too bad things like this don't show up on the 'Breaking News' on the tveeeeeessssssss
    I take 1000 mg ordorless fish oil at supper every night. I didn't know krill would keep one awake. Evidently there is a new CVD equation out there. Age combined with hdl can be an indicator of future Cardio Vascular disease. Even though my total cholesterol was 195. My P.C. started me on 10mg atorvastatin before bedtime. Within a few days of taking it I started having term bouts of burping. Come to find out 6% of the population who take it have this side effect. Wouldn't you know I'd be in that 6%. She told me it works best when take on as empty a tummy as possible. Since we eat at 5 or 5:30 I changed the time I take it to 8 pm instead of 10. No more burps...sorry if this is TMI. LOL
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. That is so kind of the city worker! This made my day :-)
    I've considered krill oil for kitties actually, but hadn't decided yet. I hope it will help you.

  8. Oh I love sleeping. I sleep really good, like a log, I mean I black out like a dead person, and next thing it is morning. I do not know about krill oil. I should investigate. I hate taking pills
    We live among nice people. I believe most people are nice.

    completely change of subject: There are a lot of "weirdos" in our world and I do not mind them as long as they are nice and do not hurt people.

  9. I'm glad they helped you; after all, they increased your walk with the groceries.

    I have taken krill oil, but found that it has no different effect than salmon oil. I am usually tired enough to fall asleep immediately upon going to bed every night, despite having a cup of tea and something to eat just before bed, which doctors says we shouldn't do.

  10. That was very good of the workers! I keep trying to convince the bagger at the grocery store to come home with me to help transfer them to the luck so far. :)

    I've never taken any krill oil...that last oil would have been the castor oil I used to try to bring on labour. It didn't work!

  11. Dearest Carole,
    That city worker showed great chivalry and I love to know it still exists at this time and era.
    As for the Krill oil we both have not used it yet but for what you read about it, it looks very healthy. But your dose of 3000mg a day is high!
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. That really was nice of those city utility workers. We don't take fish or krill oil, so we can't help you with that. But we hope you figure it out soon!