Tuesday, October 9, 2018

All in a Day

Ladies and Gents; cats and dogs of all ages!

With taking krill oil, as told to  do by my cardiologist, I have said goodbye to a good night's sleep.  One of the side effects is that very thing, a lack of sleep as well as flushing occasionally.  I don't know how (or if) red my face may be when there is a krill oil inspired heat but...if it does me good- then I can take it.  I'll find out when I get the next blood test done to see how my cholesterol is.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I have risen for the day of course, fed me and her...gone out to find the impossible...a bedding set with comforter, sham and bed skirt.  Make that twin size for the guest room.  HARD to find.  Now, I did find a few in garish colors and equally garish prints, but at 100 $ plus. I went everywhere in town that I could.  Very little to choose from, and ew-glee as well as expensive.  On-line is not a lot better and you can't see the fabric in person of course.

 Had lunch.  Strawberry smoothie.  NO strange green stuff in it. If I wanted a spinach and haddock or whatever smoothie (oh my cod) I'd make one.  (ain't no way).  I prefer fruit, milk, a bit of lite choco syrup and ice cubes all whirled.  140 c.  Pretty soon we'll see recipes for liver smoothies with green beans thrown in for veggies.  Maybe peas.   I'll eat the greens on my supper plate as part of a cooked meal.

 Milady is still indisposed taking her rest on the recliner.  I was going to see about having the car's oil changed until I remembered I have a 2-6 window pm (sheesh!) to get the heat and air unit serviced.  Talk about the whole rest of the day ruined... that would do it. I hate giving up most of the day to this.

I wonder if I don't get the memo about not turning on windshield wipers?  I've noticed more folks driving in the rain without the use of the wipers or the rest seem to put them on pause and get a swipe every 15 seconds in driving rain.  I'll use mine when it's raining untill I get the memo.

I used to smoke.  I quit 15 years ago cold turkey.  Look what I found in one of about 5 totes and zippered carriers I had jammed into one of the closets.  Remember I said I was cleaning closets and accumulated 4 leaf and lawn bags filled up with stuff from the closets along with clothes?  I found THESE in one of the totes.  I wonder if they still make those brands.  I used to smoke Salem brand.  How I got these two...who knows.  Musta felt desperate back then.


  1. Oh Carole, you are hilarious...liver smoothie, ew! And I feel your pain regarding the bedding, I've been looking most of this past year for a new set. No luck, everything is god-awful colors or waaaay too overpriced for my liking.

    Hope the krill oil does the trick and your levels are acceptable so you stop taking it. Surely there is something else that will help and not disturb your sleep!


    1. Taking Pravastatin but it's not doing a good job due to two meds I must take. *sad ears*

  2. I hope krill oil will do a good job for your cholesterol. Your strawberry smoothie sounds good :-) My favorite lately is blueberry and lemonade. Very refreshing!

  3. I am not drink smoothies. One day I will. I just do not have time. I do eat a lot of clementines and peaches and apples and kale and tomatoes and brussels sprouts.
    I will probably get my blood checked again in January.
    I hope you do not get too much rain. We are situated north of the path, but tomorrow is supposed to be a breezy rainy day,
    I love you Carole. I hope you do get sleep. Do you get tired and fatigued not sleeping well?
    Today I must scurry around town and gather provisions, then go visit my friend that is a new gramma. Her babies live far away though. I am fortunate to have my babies close by.
    Have a super fun day

  4. In March my cholesterol was was 199 which was within normal range. Doc did what she called a CVD (cardio vascular disease) calculation on me. That is a formula of age, total cholesterol and BP.
    It indicated I was likely to have a stroke or heart attack in 10 years. She suggested I start on a 10 mg of Atorvastatin each night before bedtime aka 10pm. It works best w/o any food in tummy. Which I did. I was a wee bit iffy on it as I had heard so many stories. The only side effect I had was taking it at 10 was it gave me the BURPS. After a a week I contacted her about this side effect. She told me 6% of the population who take it have that side effect. Which is way better than leg crams. Anyway I adjusted the time I take it to 8pm. Today I just had my cholesterol checked again
    My overall went from 199 to 163 hdl and ldl changed significantly too. I'm so sorry your have having a time with the Krill the flushing must be horrible uncomfortable. Do you take any statin?
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Never heard krill oil having that side effect but like all things with side affects you have to weigh up if it is worth taking the medication.

    I like smoothies but do not like them with added yuck stuff in them, keep it nice and simple for me

  6. Sorry the krill oil has bad side effects. Macy's has big sales several times a year on comforter sets, many times you can buy online too. Usually $29.99 for the set and they are nice.

  7. Dearest Carole,
    Oh my, I'm with you on those smoothies... Good grief what a combination and that all for conversation piece!
    We had quite a week... had our KIA serviced by a real KIA dealer and there were surprises. Now I know for certain that we will not go back to the place we bought it. Not quite honest. Pieter did not want me to go after them, it was not worth the stress he said at the time he had his serious heart issues. So I listened to him - now we pay for it.
    Our French door Fridge/freezer drawer died on us... This Saturday the new one is supposed to be delivered from Home Depot and the 'dead' one hauled away by them. But with the hurricane passing through Georgia I'm not sure.
    We got a nasty visit form Michael, no damage except two smaller trees down. Greenhouse is fine and the only thing we had to deal with was 19 hours without power and even longer, without Internet. So happy it is back on as it was nasty to sleep without airco nor fan.
    Kitties were nervous too.
    Things look a lot calmer now.
    Sending you hugs,

  8. Is there anything that can replace the krill oil and allow you to sleep? I can't imagine the trade-off is a fair one.

  9. You sure do pack quite a bit into one day! I salute you, Sis.

    I'm with you on expensive and ugly bed sets. I'm grateful I overbought some things long ago. Some were bargains, considering everything that was included, but of decent quality. But that was then. I hope you find what you need.

    Oh, the ciggies. When I first started smoking, it was Virginia Slims menthol for me. I would occasionally smoke other brands out of desperation so that's probably why you have the others. Like you, I quit cold turkey. I warned my mother that I'd be hell on wheels, but decided no half-measures this time.

    Lastly, I am pro-wipers! Those and headlights - even if they're just daytime running lights.