Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I'm Thankful Every Day Without Fail

 I loved reading you all's comments last blog, and some of them expressed gratitude in so many words for what you have, including your routine and your workaday at home and on the job.  It is how I feel each day.  As soon as I open my eyes for a l-o-n-g time in my past to present, I have always given thanks for being safely conducted health and safety-wise  through the night.  I open my eyes- and because she's always there doing head bonks against my forehead,  first I always say good morning to her Majesty.

  Then I say my thanks for still being here (no, nothing is wrong with me that I am aware of...just feeling simple gratitude) to greet the day which I do.  Another day.  And a routine I have.   The day is beautiful regardless of the weather that wraps the day up as the gift it is.  Rain again...great.  Sun?  Even better.  Watered silk gray skies...bring 'em on.  Ruffled gray or white clouds covering the entire sky dome...welcome!  So glad to be here to see you each and every weather condition.  Cold, hot, warm, cool.  Rain, snow storm.   It's a gift that I have never taken for granted.  So I am appreciative.

Speaking of gratitude, I am grateful for friends.  Either here and in person, or on-line.  We in the CB and in our own blogs away from our furs, have made deep lasting friends.  Sometimes we are even fortunate enough to meet them.  And for me, such meetings have never been stranger-like.  I know these people.  Only now I get to see their faces.  What a privilege it is to have friends.

I wonder what you feel may be the best facet of your personality?  The part of your personality that everyone might say is what they think of when they think of you?  For me, it has to be humor and right next to it, deep empathy and care.  I'll mother you to the end of your patience sometimes if you let me.  😱  I think I'll put a cartoon in here that I found a week or so ago.  It was so like me with my kids as they grew.  I sent it to all of them to see...even though the joke's  on me.  I don't care.  I  am the first to laugh at myself.

Enough.  This is getting too long again.


  1. What a wonderful attitude you have Carole! I must admit I'm not nearly as thankful when I wake up in the morning. It takes me a while to get there.

    I laughed at the cartoon although I truly wasn't one of those moms. I was much like my mother, "go bleed in the bathroom I'm on the phone."


  2. Gratitude, empathy, caring; all qualities I believe go into making us whole and loving creatures. I don't often say this but I'm glad you and your family -- both human and furred -- have come into my life.

  3. LOL@ Eileen's comment! That's closer to my mother's parenting style. Except she'd say if there wasn't any blood I was fine. :-P

    Looking back, I'm glad I grew up at a time when kids *weren't* smothered. There's a healthy balance, IMO, between letting children make their own mistakes and find their way, with protecting them from everything. My mom's generation might have been too much one way, but I think (generally speaking) parents today are too much the other (protective, helicopering).

    Anyway. I don't have kids of my own, by choice, so I'm not really qualified to say!

    BTW, I also have to echo Eileen in that it usually takes me a while to wake up and feel appreciative of the day, except in the aftermath of a scare or crisis, however. As it is for most of us. We fall back into our normal routines and modes of thinking.

    That stated, I will note that I'm VERY grateful for that first mug of coffee in the mornings! LOL!

  4. I enjoyed reading this.
    You are a sweet and caring friend, Carole

    Most days I bounce out of bed ready to get back to what I love doing.

    I do take notice of the great energy, and attention my daughters have to be wonderful mothers. I am very proud of their efforts. I do not think either of them will be hovering smothering parents with their brilliant husbands. They are pretty sure of themselves and I am grateful they do not feel pressure to prove their worthiness through their kids. That is a waste of time anyway.

    I hope you enjoy today. I am always running, or running behind. Half the time, my favorite place is my sewing room, or hand sewing while treadmilling.
    Happy last two days of November. Today is daddy's 95th birthday so we are taking him to his fav restaurant later on today.

  5. Today, I have a cloud over my head, and the smiles are hard to come by. However, I have a job, I have a loving family, and I have wonderful blogger friends, so I'm just going to have to get over it!

  6. It's a real gift to be here and get to enjoy (or not enjoy) things around ourselves! When I wake up in the morning, I love getting pawing from Goro and purring from Niko :-)

  7. I am thankful for your friendship. I hope to meet you in person someday. XO

  8. I wonder if there is anyone who doesn't long for that 'smothering' after the 'smotherer' is gone...

  9. I love the fresh breeze that hits me when i go outside- i stand there and look up letting it wash me.

  10. Dearest Carole,
    Yes, we all remember our Mother's like that and the 'smothering' is everlasting in memory I guess... Much needed for sustaining our soul!
    At times I wonder what special souls our kitties ARE, they can look straight into your soul and read you like no human ever can. They are little special angels.

  11. Hi Sis!
    I had worry is seems a long time!

  12. Hi Carole!
    I hope to I will coming see you!