Saturday, November 17, 2018

It's Like a Video, Sorta

I get up in the morning..know the household things I must do and extra ones as well as company is coming for Thanksgiving.  Aside from that, as I made my way to the kitchen to feed her Majesty, Queen Katie Isabella and then myself some breakfast, I reflected how each day---grateful as I am to have that day, is a copy of the one before it if you keep a housekeeping routine etc.  Rather like- your feet hit the floor--- and the day unfolds as a carbon copy (does anyone but older folk even know what those two words mean)?

Anyhoo, you get up...go forward to whatever you must do first (aside from attending matters in the small room)...and each cog of the wheel turning brings down another needed action on your part...dishes, bed making, sweeping, cleaning her Majesty's litter box...dressing, proper foot gear for a long cold (or hot) walk while racking up steps for the day. Come home, make a smoothie, head out again to walk some more but in some big box stores just to add to the steps.  Go photographing, and other things such as seeing friends, go to bed and start it all over again next day.

It's a video and  for some folk re-play gets hit each day as soon as you open your eyes.

Events within the family change that of course, as I have had happen frequently in the past six years.  But then, that routine I spoke of earlier on here becomes a comfort and a sought after normality.  Once while taking Lady Bianca to her Vet,  I had squeezed that in between long and difficult visits to another town, I saw her Vet walk in and I said words similar to "how wonderful to see you.  It's so normal and good".  He stood there looking concerned and asked what was going on.  Something you wouldn't expect as they are there for the animal.  I told him.  He understood completely and come over and folded me up into a warm hug.  I appreciated that to this second in my memory.

Enough.  I ran off at the keyboard.  By the way, the picture was taken off the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC September 29, 2018 by me.

A loving gift sent a few weeks ago. 


  1. That picture is gorgeous....a really great shot.
    I hear you- I have a 'routine', too, that I pretty well adhere to and find comfort in the sameness of it sometimes. However, working adds a whole new dimension to my life and I never know what is going to happen on that level.

    I hope you have a wonderful day...and I love that vet understood exactly what you needed. xo Diana

  2. Lovely flowers! And that's a stunning photo you're using for your blog. Wow.

    We humans are creatures of habit and all have our daily routines. Sometimes I get bored with the sameness of mine, but when I'm out of the routine for a day or two, I want to go back to its comfort. LOL. So there's no pleasing me.

    I think the trick is to practice present-moment awareness so we're conscious of the gifts that each day brings. And bear in mind that no two days will be exactly alike, even if the routine is the same. :-)

  3. I understand that routine becomes comfort! I like every day is so predictable :-)
    Those flowers are beautiful. Such a sweet gift xo

  4. Lovely header! I'm looking forward to the day when the home, rather than work, becomes my normal.

    The flowers are so pretty too...someone loves you very much!


  5. What a loving and beautiful post....appreciate each day each moment...I truly understand what you are saying too.
    Hugs to you all and Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Dearest Carole,
    Oh, how much Pieter and I are longing to that sweet daily routine and our privacy instead of having men come in the morning now for 4 weeks... With only a couple of days in-between with no one entering but a stagnant job which is no good.
    The shower doors got installed this morning; yay!
    Painter is touching up the hallway and then he's done.

  7. I quit my job four weeks ago and at first it was like being on vacation; I quickly realized that I did NOT want a routine because that was what being an employee provided. For the past week and a half I have been following my whims (which are many) and it seems to be working well for me. EXCEPT for the ONE routine which is de rigueur -- serving the royal feline.

  8. I remember you had non perfect weather that weekend, but it afforded you this wonderful moody picture of the mountains.

  9. I know exactly what you mean. I have a love/hate relationship with my routines. They are a sign that I don't do anything very meaningful in my life. On the other hand, they keep me doing what needs to be done. If I didn't have to work, if I could some day retire - which won't happen - I would have time for routines and irregular activities. That's my very modest dream.

  10. Such a lovely shot of those flowers, Carole. And your sentiments about the comfort that comes from routine is just perfect.

  11. I find routine develops without even thinking about it. It's sad in some ways, comforting in others. I do the same thing every day, too, even on weekends. I don't go anywhere exciting or new because I can't leave the cats. I don't have the money to do anything really. It's a good thing I have a good imagination. I can go anywhere and anywhen with that.