Monday, November 5, 2018

Tell ya What

Still thinking about that crummy do it yourself thing at the supermarket.  Come in, do all the work, have a heckuva  bad time at the produce area...even they admit that... and go through the learning curve that you should not have to do.

I always fill in the opinion form on-line each week to put in for fuel points.  Surprised they give me any as I have been very pointed about the crappy change they made forcing you to use their scanner if you want out of there with melting/softening frozen foods in a decent time.  I hit them every which way I could.  It stinks to force customers to do it themselves and even more to close all the checkout lines except the self checkout and two regular ones in a superstore.  I won't.  I'll stand there in that interminable line till I grow moss on my legs I guess.  Walmart hasn't done it yet here in town so until they do, I guess they will get the bulk of my money.

Sorry, I am still wound up about it obviously. What kills me is in their stupid ads, they act like they're doing YOU a favor.

A couple of folks mentioned picking groceries up after ordering on line. That would be fine except a tip is naturally expected and that adds a lot to the grocery bill especially over time.

OK.  I think I'll stop it now.  :-)

Here is my back yard this early afternoon.    I own to the County line but this is a little bit of my back yard.  The fenced in part.  Fence was installed when the kids were small. Property goes straight on downhill.  All of us on the street back up to a forest.  I love it.


  1. I 100% agree. It is all about them not customer service. We are supposed to adjust or I guess if we aren't happy go to another store. They don't care. Wonder how the employees who used to do for you what you know do for yourself feel about not having a job? BTW do you mind telling us the name of this store?
    Fall colors are gorgeous

    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Guess what? We were at WM on Saturday evening, and they had ONE checkout line open and the rest were the Self check outs. I stood in line, and perhaps moss did grow! I worry so about the Middle Class being phased out of being, and things such as self check out lines make me crazy. Each time we use one of those lines, the folks at WM (or wherever we find them) get a bit richer by not hiring people and paying them. They sell this travesty by saying they are saving US time and money. Why don't I believe them?

  3. Maybe it's time to form a picket line, and make your views noticed by the local TV channel!
    Love the tree photo; I've been trying for awhile to get an image like that, but am not satisfied with the results.

  4. If I have to scan items myself, frozen foods would definitely melt :-)
    Your backyard looks beautiful with all the autumn colors!

  5. Meh, something for everyone, that is our new national motto.... and I mean that on so many levels haha

    We do not have beep shopping here. I do not think that would go over well in Loudoun County Virginia the wealthiest county in the entire USA.
    I do like choosing my very own groceries and self check out bc I hog the bags and always double bag LOL
    Both of my baby laden daughters get pick up groceries from various places like Walmart and some other grocery store Target also has grocery pick up, You just drive up to these stores and they load you up. I imagine that the shoppers have to be good and not pick smashed or spoiled stuff. My oldest daughter says Walmart shoppers text her about amounts or alternatives. She picks up the groceries at Walmart.
    I would not consider EVER going through a store beeping items and self check out. Nope and nope.

  6. I hear ya pain, it isn't good ole customer service it is about the making more money by having less staff

  7. Every time the 'service' industry reduces its service, they make it seem like they're doing you a favour. I like the 'cookies' internet sites use 'to enhance our experience' - actually so they can track your internet use and take advantage of it.

  8. This whole experience leaves me speechless, totally with words (printable words) to express an opinion here. Forgive me for that.

    The new header photo is gorgeous! The colors are captivating since I'm a total nature-fanatic.