Sunday, February 10, 2019

My Back Woods.

I love seeing the bars of sunbeams filtering through the trees.  I take too many pictures of these but I cannot help myself when I see them.  That is my header picture I am referring to.

I have spent as lot of time talking about food as I grew up  recently. I blog about those times every once in a while.  Something will set me off.  Perhaps wishing I had some of that beef I wrote of last.  Or making that meatloaf a few weeks ago.  It was half polished off by my oldest son that very evening, and the rest  of the meatloaf went home with him when he left for his place again.

I'm fixing to make my pineapple muffins here in a few weeks.  They are a little bit lengthy to 15 or so minutes to get them together...then additional time to bake of course as no mix is involved.  But oh my gosh, do they taste good or what.  Once in a while I made them and took them to work, and I'd make quadruple batches.  They would be gone within minutes and if word spread, people from other departments came to get one.  I made a cobbler with sour cherries (sweetened of course) that just about made me Empress for the Day.  I would do these things on off days when I could get one, and stack them up to haul in when I reported.

My mother back when I was very little, 4 thru 5  years olds, made chocolate eclairs to die for.  The eclairs were flaky and buttery...the custard inside was home made and the chocolate on top...oh, help!  We each got one apiece  She and two brothers and then me of course. I never got anything like that again after that age.  She made cream puffs just as amazing too.  I have looked at old cookbooks to see how those both were made.  Whoa!  Then, there were no short cuts, no convenience things to use...or ready made whatever to use.  You made it yourself and that is why they were so good.  And nothing but good ingredients with no chemicals and preservatives.

OK.  I'll quit.  😱


  1. Pineapple muffins sound perfect. I like blueberry and apple muffins but have never had pineapple. Jst the right amount of tang with the sweetness, I'll bet...

  2. Oh the header photo is beautiful! I can understand such gorgeous scenery makes you want to take many pictures :-)
    I don't think I've seen pineapple muffins. Would love to try!

  3. I love that header photo, Carole. There's something "holy" and "sacred" to me about light streaming through leaves that way. I can't explain the feeling it gives me, because it's beyond words.

    Anyway, your baking...yum! I don't remember if Mom ever made eclairs, maybe once or twice, but occasionally she'd make cream puffs. I usually got to whip the cream--favourite task! Of course I loved to lick the beaters, and use a spatula to lick the bowl!!!

  4. Dearest Carole,
    Loving the outlook from your windows, towards the beautiful woods is telling that you are very happy where you are!
    That is a great vitamine for feeling happy, a mood setting for every day that we're blessed to wake up to.
    What sweet memories of your dear Mom and we never forget those. My Mom loved to bake yummy things with glazed stem ginger. Guess that was because we had the connection with Indonesia and access to lots of ginger. She made me love it as much as she did! Dad never was really fond of it...
    Sending you hugs,

  5. The photo is breathtaking! I can understand your fascination with the light flowing through the trees. So pretty and I'm sure at different times of the day and in different seasons it brings other perspectives. You're a lucky woman to live near the woods.

    Yum...all the baking sounds good. My mom never made eclairs but did make cream puffs occasionally, they were a special treat. Now I go to M&M meats and grab a container. We truly have gotten away from the hand made, home made and veered into the convenience (and less costly). But not always, thank goodness.

    Enjoy your muffins!

  6. Funny how taste memories float up to the surface! Although I've been vegan for over a decade, the taste of the barbecue that I enjoyed when visiting Houston, Texas 20 years ago is a fond memory.

  7. Oh I have never had pineapple muffins but I do love eclairs....
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Pineapple muffins sounds so yummy and I do like chocolate eclairs

  9. OMG eclairs and cream puffs? I am DYING!! As for the photo, that is GORGEOUS, just GORGEOUS! I don't blame you for taking a lot of photos of those trees, they are just fabulous!

  10. You are making me hungry. Everything sounds good.

  11. You gotta quit making me hungry!! I'm baking cheese bread right now -- a good thing to do when it snows. xoxo