Sunday, April 14, 2019

Time, to Coin a Phrase, Flies

Guys, blink twice and it will be the 4th of July.  Here it is mid April.  Easter is a week away and summer will be on us, hot and heavy.  Wonder if the Christmas stuff will be out in the stores next Tuesday?  Oh wait.  Thanksgiving stuff first...then, Christmas things and music in the first week of May. They'll need to get those artificial trees out in their garden sections.

One of my boys, who left the Country yesterday, is a Fulbright Scholar again and is presently in Central America.  Katie's other favorite brother over the Mountains is the one I mean.  This is for a short stay this time.  I am so proud of his accomplishments.  All three of Katie's favorite brothers have made good lives for themselves in thankfulness for the life -gifts they were blessed with.

Saturday, I did my larger volume housecleaning. I love that job.  And I actually look forward to it.  I will do all that I must during the week- and a few of the small jobs you don't always think of such as dusting over the doorways, do all the pictures, get a few sets of mini-blinds dusted...change furnace filters, wash doo-dads and put them back... and then, I can dig in Saturday.  More vacuuming, cleaning and shining up the kitchen wood floor, dusting, waxing,  shining the Counters, sweeping, cleaning the whole bathroom, emptying trashes, changing linens where there are any.  I've mentioned before I love sitting in the chair, looking over my little domain and seeing vacuum marks on the carpet, shining wood, and so on.  Been that way since I can remember.  

Found out the hard way that all that you hear and read about keeping hydrated is very true, and it is crucial to your health and well being.  Now I am drinking water as if it was something just invented!  Consequences will happen if you habitually don't get enough liquid.  As active as I am...I am amazed I didn't treat myself better.  But I am now.  So, drink up!

I found some freestone peaches and I think I will make a peach cobbler but not until I decide who in the family is going to eat it.  I will have one serving only even if it kills me.  I'm fluffy enough.

Here it is again, from the top view.

It was hard NOT to buy this. 

One of my tulips 


  1. OMC, I wish I could hire you weekly to clean my house. I like to vacuum, but often that is a tedious chore, cutting into my meager "off" time. Maybe if I live to retirement I'll feel differently...uh, probably not. LOL.

    Safe travels to your son; your pride in your children always shines through clearly. :-)

    As for the to-be-made peach cobbler, enjoy a piece for me too! (So two: one for you, one for me. Life is too short to worry about fluff. Ha.)

  2. I envy you your love of cleaning. Personally, if the cats don't stick to the floor, I'm OK, LOL! At some point, it never gets worse.

  3. My goodness, your idea of fun and mine are quite different. I'm busy with the deep clean of the house, and will be so happy to have it all done...though I know it won't last.

    Congrats to your son! That is a real accomplishment. I hope his time in Central America is good and he's nowhere near the current issues in Venezuela!

  4. Dearest Carole,
    You sure can all be proud of the brother, son, going to Central America in that position! Always a great way to expand your knowledge and experience; it is a window to the world.
    I've not mustered up any cleaning time... Did lots of laundry, ironing though and that counts equally for points - isn't it?!
    Doctors appointments and two days in a row choir practice but we will get there and perform this Thursday and again on the 18th of May.
    Look forward to some FREE time, to be off and find time for other things.
    Well, heck... how in the world do you FIND time?
    It is scary how fast time is slipping through our fingers.
    Love your flowers!

  5. Isn't it terrible how fast the year is going? I am glad spring is here, almost, sort of, but really - a quarter of the year has passed by already and in two weeks, a third will be gone. My time is flying by fast enough!

  6. I gotta say you are lucky that you love housecleaning. Because I really don't like it, it's a pain to do!
    I wish your son a safe trip. Congratulations on all the accomplishments!

  7. I will trim Katie's nails forever if you do my cleaning :)

  8. My daughter always says she will clean my house for me but she never does and I muddle through the best I can, yes Easter will be here in only a few more days

  9. So, you enjoy house cleaning...Way-to-Go, Carole. Me? I don't enjoy it. Twenty minutes after I'm done, you can't even tell I did anything. ))):

    Dust over the door way???!! I would only do that if the dust collected to the point of falling on me when I walk through the door. Or, if I got paid to do it.

    I have become thoughtfully "self-preservatory"(made up word) in my retirement/golden years.

    I enjoyed the post, as usual. I hope you have a great rest-of-the-week!

  10. Yes, staying hydrated is so important, I've learned that myself. I now have internet at home, so maybe I'll start coming around more often.