Friday, July 19, 2019

Doctors and Patients

Here is a cut and paste of what I asked on Face Book a couple of days ago.  Not everyone here is over there so I thought I would ask you all as well:

Was wondering. Does your family physician now have a scribe in the exam room with you both at all times, no exceptions? The way the specialists do where generally speaking, the need is more critical. The Dr/patient confidentiality is gone when there is a scribe in the room of the family physician's office. That the scribes are under HIPAA is not what I am speaking of. It's not being able to confide in your doctor any more without someone listening and writing it. I know why they are doing it. So they don't have to do the notes after the patient leaves. But still......

Someone had said it was like a Court Reporter in there.  Could not agree more and it destroys doctor patient confidentiality.  It sure does for me.  Just asking you all if you have to go through that too.  The scribe in there with you in a family doctor's office.


  1. No, wow. This is legal in the US? I know you wrote it's for their notes, to me it seems it would be more for potential law suits. Well, that's the first thing I thought of, anyway.

    I go to a teaching clinic affiliated with our university and the local hospitals and they have signs posted in the examining rooms that in certain circumstances you might be recorded for training purposes. I've not had that (knowingly) happen, though, and the sign also states that you can refuse. I think they have to be upfront if they want to do that and get your consent. BTW, the residents take their own notes!

    1. It's the same here too Kim. I don't mind that. It's the invasion into the exam rm of your family physician just so he doesn't have to do the notes.

  2. No scribes here in Canada. I assume that has a lot to do with potential liability issues as well to ensure all discussion is noted. I would expect that the scribes are bound by confidentiality regulations just as any other person in the medical clinic would be.

  3. They are. But a friend commented on FB that he heard one talking about a patient's condition in a restaurant. Not cool.

  4. No, no scribes here. Just me and her (my doctor). Thank goodness because if I had something confidential to talk to her (my doctor) about "I" would personally ask the scribe to leave the room.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Carole!

  5. Yes, I do have Jennifer the CNA in the room with me and my doc, Cindy. I do not care. It is their job and they will not judge. If they do, well, good for them.
    This does not bother me. As a former RN in an ortho office, I am glad there are others interacting with me. In the end, it is rather good. All of them take notes and honestly, they do confer with each other. Doctors are busy. It is good to have an extra brain or two. They see more patients now, and it is good to not make mistakes.
    I recently took Prinnie to the vet and I loved the interaction between Dr Rouse and the tech vet. Both verifying tests and requirements
    Have a fun boiling hot day. I am staying inside until Monday

  6. Thank goodness I have never had that experience. I am usually nervous enough without an extra adding to it!

    My doctor just typed notes on her laptop as needed and there was never any rush. She always took whatever time it took. It took me decades to find a doc who actually listened and was heartbroken when she left the practice last year. Sorry. I went off there.

  7. My Nurse practioner usually has an intern with her, but you can refuse to be looked at by the intern.

  8. This is something new to’s always just my doctor and me.

  9. i saw a Dr last month who had his phone sitting there with someone listening!! As soon as he pointed this out I wanted to leave but i was so shocked I didnt know what to do

  10. I've not had this (dis)pleasure. It is always just me and my doctor!

  11. My doctor often mentor's residents from near by universities.
    She asks if it is ok if they observe. My Doc takes notes on a lap top. Not notes taken.
    Hugs Cecilia