Sunday, July 28, 2019


I just had a Face Book post that likely won't have many if any comments as I spoke to my love for Indian food.  I love the stuff, and while I don't have it very often, when I do...I just want to make a piggy out of myself.

I was mentioning two of my most favorite things.  I made my own, and authentically.  BUT I did have some guidance to do it as I learned.

One is a vegetable dish, Alu Mattar which is primarily with many many spices in the vegetables as it cooks. .  None of which were just poured out of a store bought jar.  I got them, including the hard to get ones (that's where help came in...folks who could mail it to me) ground them with mortar and pestle...roasted them when needed, and made my own ghee...hours all day slow cooking on the stove...and made my own garam masala.  Oh my goodness..the smell of garam masala is just supreme!  It's food perfume  :-)  And the taste is so delicious in and on foods.

Murg Kari...a curried chicken dish that I would give a lot to taste but too much to make for myself unless I have someone here who will eat it as well, and Alu Mattar were the two I mentioned. Friends would vie to come over for lunch when I cooked.   And Khir for dessert, which also took a hundred years to cook slowly. The calories in khir, I never stopped to consider them at the time.  I was too busy trying to find genuine rose water to go in it to worry about calories.  Catastrophic calories.  But if you are fighting off others trying to get some, you deserve your share.:-)

You guys have any favorite international foods that you love to?  Do you make them?  What are they?  What makes you love the taste?


  1. I really enjoy roti stew with chicken or goat. It is a Caribbean dish, and where I first had it. It has such a lovely curry flavor. I don't make it as I wouldn't use the spices often enough.

    I also like various Mexican, Chinese, Greek, and Eastern European dishes. My cooking though is more simplistic, meat and veg like my Irish ancestors! :)

  2. Dearest Carole,
    Forgot to mention your lovely header here; what a great photo of a beautiful flower at its best!
    Well, it is a long time since I cooked a complete several dishes Indian meal.
    Also love cooking Thai food and Indonesian.
    ALL Asian foods are the favorite of both of us.
    Sending you hugs from Bean Station, TN,

  3. I've had divine Indian food when on vacation in Washington DC. I LURV middle-eastern food, especially mejadra (lentils, wheat, onions) and garlic dip (ground raw garlic). However, I don't cook at all; The Hubby does it, so if something happens to him, I'm TOAST!

  4. I don't care for East Indian food, I'm afraid, and I have practically no culinary skills. I have had Korean food which I've enjoyed. That seems to be my favourite foreign food. Unfortunately, I'm not able to go out much for it.

    1. I don't make it any longer...too much trouble and no one here to enjoy it with me. So, plain old-plain old nowadays. I could invite friends yes, but truth is...the preparation is intensively busy.

  5. What a delicious post, so yummy it makes my mouth water. Yes, I definitely have some favorite international foods that I love, but I can't name them.

    I just tell Mr-PaPa-dellgirl I want Chinese take-out and he goes and grabs everything that's not locked up.

    Wishing you a wonderful week my friend!

  6. I've had Filipino and Cuban that were delicious.

  7. I have never tried Indian food. I like Polish food which I can make myself and Chinese food and Italian food too :)

  8. I am a simple Aussie gal with simple tastes but Tim loves trying different foods