Monday, July 15, 2019

SO pleased and Happy...Thank You.

Thank all of you for your links and suggestions.  They were exactly what I needed and I used every single one of them.

I have sat here just transfixed, listening to great symphony orchestras playing the scores from movies.

I will admit I am a Star Trek fan extraordinaire.  Have been since the first one came out so many years ago..and I have watched and enjoyed each iteration since.  And all of the movies that came out.  Love the music and never ever tire of it, or the shows.  The entire family (well, not Katie's favorite brother though) LOVES Star Trek and we stream the shows on Netflix.  Even if I can repeat every word of dialogue with the cast, I don't care.  I, as does the family,  do a great job of letting it all be new again.  

I listened to many of the musical links on UTube that were sent to me by you all...and I got some good music choices from their side bar too.

Katie climbs up to the desk here when she hears music and I have to move the keyboard so she could sprawl in front of the monitor...listen to the music and be smooched and petted while I watched.  I have read that cats like symphonic music and mine always have.  I have as much classical music here  thru the years as I have 70's 80's and 90's rock.  I also have a lot of Blue Grass. My family here grew up with classical music in this house and it took.  But so did the other types of music.  :-)

I'm baking me some fish.  Green beans will be on the plate and a small potato too.  I'm hungry.

Thanks to you each so much again.  I have been enjoying this music since I asked you for your help.  XX


  1. This weekend, we stumbled upon a show that detailed famous movie music composers, like John Williams. Lots of images of orchestras playing, with the film showing on the screen behind them. John Williams writes for Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Also, that "Jaws" music...

  2. I'm glad you both got so much pleasure from this. I luv star trek, also

  3. Goro and his dad watch Star Trek. Though I don't, it's always on TV so I kind of got familiar with some episodes, actors, music, etc :-)

  4. I'm glad others were able to help you with your question. I am not a sci-fi fan and can honestly I've never seen a Star Wars or Star Trek movie. I do, however, enjoy some classical music and did have a subscription to the symphony one year...but gave it up as it was so expensive.

    Did you know that You-tube also has audio books? I just learned this the other day, and now instead of listening to the mindless news loop on television while I clean house I've been listening to a narrator read a Catherine Coulter book.

  5. Ah, it's nice that your search has been rewarded. I do enjoy the original "Star Trek" - original in every way. As I grow older, I appreciated Roddenberry's vision of a world without war (even if it must be fought against aliens) or crime. The later series were good, though I could never get into "Voyager" or "Enterprise".

    1. Never did get into Enterprise. The just didn't choose a good Captain, Scott Bakula. His voice was wrong. And his depiction was off. He was great in his other roles, but not in that one. I watched 2, 3 times and stopped with no looking back. All the other ones, I loved.. TNG, I liked Voyager though it took getting used to. Deep Space 9 was a winner too.

  6. I love that you got so many helpful responses to your query, Carole! And that Katie enjoyed listening along with you. :)