Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Well, Google Did Well.

I was on my way home from a visit in another city when a text came in.  I have the device in a phone holder mounted on the front of the dashboard.  I saw what it said quickly as it flashed.  It said Google has stopped someone who had the password from logging into Admiral's blog.  Now how they got that I don't know but as soon as I got home and also checked with one of my sons (who truly would know) if it was a scam...he said no...I immediately did as Google said and changed passwords to a humdinger that I let Safari choose.

I'm glad I gave my cell No. to Google back a time ago so they could contact me if need be.  This  notification was a first and I am so glad of it.

Who reading this likes Westerns?  Anyone?  I am a nut for them.  LOVE 'em.  Plan Saturdays around them, to view as many as possible.  I am so pitiful that even if I have seen the same one in all the different TV shows, I will watch it anyway.  I clean house like nobodies business before settling to watch...I who never watch TV.  I'll sure watch those.  I have the TV loud enough that except for vacuuming, I can hear it in other parts of the house as I dust, wax, scrub the bathroom, do the kitchen wooden floor, do the counters, blag blah blah &  etc etc. I have my ears out on stalks trying to hear it.

I don't read them...I just watch.  My reading tastes are very very different however.

Here's the Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain, Roanoke VA. I took.  It's lit at night...very very large and the lighting is neon.  Just made me homesick seeing it.  I have always loved that Star.
Address2000 J B Fishburn Pkwy, Roanoke, VA 24014
Area21,780 ft²
After construction of the star, Roanoke was nicknamed "Star City of the South". Wikipedia


  1. Thank goodness you got the alert. Another site to check is:
    An IT guru sent it to me when I started getting emails telling me that they knew my password. I also changed all of my passwords at that time. What a pain!

    Love the header!

  2. My passwords are all made up, often on the spur of the moment, such as 'argamukmuk' or something silly like that. Imagine being told that such a password isn't secure enough. Who's going to guess that one?

    I watch westerns from time to time; they are often interspersed with film noir. I recently watched a rather bad one called "Saskatchewan", and have what I hope will be a better one to watch, called "Albuquerque". I prefer a 'Randolph Scott' to a 'John Wayne'...

    1. Oh Wow! Randolf Scott. Haven't seen him in a long time!

  3. I have a password record-keeping system that I won't describe. But it is easily available to me. And since it isn't a commercial one, I feel quite safe about it. Think of The Scarlett Pimpernel (a secret in plain sight).

    I watch some Westerns. Some are weirdly enjoyable (the "Nobody" series). Some are dramatic (The Magnificent Seven). And I love both versions of 'True Grit'.

    But my favorite is 'Conagher'. Sam Elliot was so great in that. Grit, caring, determined, great supporting characters in all roles. I often think of Mrs. Teale, tying messages to sagebrush...

    It is the only Western I have on DVD.

  4. You and The Hubby...watching those westerns! Did you know that Gene Roddenberry pitched his show, "Star Trek" as a western in space? The producers thought it was an excellent idea, and look where we are now...

  5. It's scary someone tried to log in Admiral san's blog. Google did well indeed!
    The big star must look really beautiful lit in the night :-)

  6. OMG, I have so many passwords dating back to the 20th century!! Currently I have around 50. I've been reluctant to share my phone #, but now I will reconsider.

  7. I read the entire series of Craig Johnson's books about modern day Sheriff Longmire, taken in Wyoming. Then TNT started a series which was wonderful and I thought well liked. 2nd season was only available via streaming. Wasn't as much fun on my desktop. Season 3 is on Netflix but we don't get that.
    I did enjoy the books though

  8. Dearest Carole,
    Wow, that was a great message from Google and it makes one wonder how they can log into our blogs...
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Google didn't. it was someone they caught with my password. So they warned me for which I am forever grateful. I would say the IP address did not match those I have here with my devices so they challenged them to provide proof...I have had that haven when I used an unfamiliar device. If I can respond to the text they send, all is well. That's the "second verification". I think it's a great idea. Glad I provided the number of my phone though it took awhile to get myself to do it. There have never been unwanted texts or calls.

  9. Between MeTV and Grit (which I don't know if you can get), those westerns get me too. They were a favorite for mom and, watching them with her, I became roped in once more. Wagon Train, Johnny Western singing, "Rawhide," "Wanted: Dead or Alive," and "Have Gun, Will Travel (Paladin was very cool!)"