Thursday, November 7, 2019

Some pictures...

I wish I knew how to double them in a side by side but I don' we'll have the tape worm looking thing of sections ---going down the page. (Eswwwwww).

 The after light bar and mirror

The Before light bar and showing ancient med chest
new cabinet 


Before: old pocked wall awful cheap lino..terrible whatever it was as the lower part of wall.
floor now and Katie Water Dish 
Horrible old cabinet

That old cabinet was, the mirror I showed you.

New dry wall and painted and nekkid of uglies

Now it's dry walled and mirror is there above new vanity

After:  I have the matching oil rubbed bronze towel racks and etc in the bathroom now. 
thirty five-year old vanity chipped and scarred.


  1. Dearest Carole,
    Oh, how sweet it is for having a new bathroom with good light, comfort and easy cleaning.
    So happy for you and you know the feeling just one year after us...
    Sending you hugs for a happy weekend!

  2. Just changing the tone of the wood colour made a great improvement. Everything looks fine and new. Excellent!

  3. A "new" bathroom is easily the best way to renovate one's home. After all, think of the amount of time one spends there.
    I have a friend who installed a book shelf in her bathroom (lol).
    Anyway, Carole, it looks very nice. Enjoy!

  4. How lovely it all looks, Carole. Well worth the disruption and cost. BTW, that "horrible old cabinet" on the wall, pic 7, I think, actually is nice IMO, just needs restaining in a different colour or perhaps some white paint. But your new drywall does look much better. LOL.

  5. It looks fantastic! I love the new sink and the hardware. Very nice!

    In order to put the pictures side by side I believe you'd have to change the width of your sidebards (narrow these to widen the posting area). BUT that would change all your previous posts as well....I speak from experience. :p It wasn't a problem reading it as is.

  6. Well done on your choices. Your vanity and sink choices bravo bravo. Love the shape of the sink and it is under mounted for each cleaning!! I love the oil rubbed bronze too I have in in our 1/2 bath. You will love that flooring.
    Three years ago we had carpet ripped out of 2 rooms upstairs. We selected easy to care for wood like vinyl. One was our Blog took Madi almost a month to walk on it. MOL
    Well done!!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Your bathroom after the renovation is beautiful! New sink looks very modern and I love the new floor!

  8. That is a lovely renovation! I still have the basic stuff from when moved in (though I did replace the awful 1: floor tiles with 4" ones to match the tub walls 20 years ago. I have dadoed wood frames to remount the oversink mirror (project to be done "someday"). I'm just happy to clean everything most weeks.

    I need to get at some of my indoors projects now that gardening season is over.

  9. We love it! Everything turned out beautifully! Mom says, though, be mindful when you wash your face--she has a similar high profile faucet and has cracked her forehead on it more than once! (Explains a lot, actually.)