Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Special Day

My second son is having a birthday today.  Happy Birthday, son.

I have  always told all of you here each year how grateful I am to have all three sons. And  that each one's birthday is a brilliantly happy day for me.  Because I am grateful through and through to be their mother.  And my love for each one is unparalleled in my life.  NO one can and will take their place in my life.  Others will love them as well, but they will always be my treasures.  And I am commemorating the birth of one of them this day.

A gift to me.

I am extraordinarily proud of my boy on his birthday as he grew to be what he most wanted to be.  At eleven years of age, he knew he wanted to be a teacher.  He laid that ground work all his school years through High School and with many AP classes.  He began University with his AP courses advancing him in grade level so he was younger than he might have been had he not had the AP courses... when he finished all his degrees.  He looked like a student at one of the early schools where he taught. He told us of standing outside with his grade book in his hand watching children get on the bus and one sidled up to him and told him he's better get that grade book out of sight before the teacher saw him.

Time has passed, and he has been teaching for some years now.   He is a Fulbright Scholar again.  Here is his latest trip this year; Costa Rica and Uruguay.

He had just landed in Uruguay. 
And, he was honored with the CATO Award last year.  A signal honor.
I am bustin' my buttons  dear Bruce.    Happy Birthday precious boy. 


  1. Happy birthday to your son! We hope his day is terrific!

  2. When one has a calling, then we all benefit from that love and dedication. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to your son! It's amazing he knew he wanted to be a teacher at 11 and actually made it come true! I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday to Bruce! Yes mom, you have every right to be proud. You've raised a very bright and intelligent young man.

  5. Oh my goodness Happy Happy Birthday Bruce. You were raised and loved from day one by a most special Mom.
    Happy 'birthing' day to you too Mom
    Hugs cecilia

  6. I love that baby picture. That face is so full of love and trust and hope, everything that a baby should have. Happy birthday!

  7. The birthdays of our babies and they are alwaya our babies, is such a special happy day

  8. Dearest Carole,
    Well, being this your middle child, he sure shines and does you proud!
    He did his entire family proud and no wonder he had a wonderful Birthday after a rather hectic year away from home for a big part.
    Happy for you and what about Katie Isabella, did she enjoy today...?!

  9. Happy Birthday to Katie's favorite brother! I can see why you are proud of him. XO

  10. Happy Birthday to Bruce. He STILL has a baby fae. I would be proud of him, too. xo Diana