Friday, March 20, 2020

Humpty Dumpty

Will they put Humpty Dumpty together again? That's the question of the hour.

Hi and hello and good day to you.  I wanted to give you a break from my too frequent blogs.  But as with the bad penny...look who's back?

Experimenting for the first time with an online order.  Just a loaf of bread...nasty  gummy white bread as they don't have whole wheat...and 4 cans of tart cherries.  Wanted to see what it was like.

WE have had an entire month of rain...with 2 exceptions, and looking at my Dark Sky app..we have another week of solid rain..well, except for Thursday at 30%, coming up.  The City said the continuing rain is making it hard for the sewers.

Went and got my hair done.  They sanitized all the time...most people cancelled so social distance was no problem.  WE  don't have a case in my town yet.  But it's going to happen.  Just a matter of time.

Beginning to be like the old stuff us kids used to see in school about duck and cover.  Just as depressing and just as dark.

I'd head out t the park or elsewhere but...every present  rain makes that nothing to savor.  ''Hey. speaking f savor, I made some fried chicken and yeller rice last night.  Nommy.

You know what?  I may make a crustless pumpkin pie!  Knowing me, it'll be gone in three days!

Stop by if you want some.  Everything but the calorie filled crust...good as that always is.

The rain beat these poor guys off the tree within 3 days of blooming. 


  1. Good you got your hair done, while you can! I thought the same last weekend (my stylist works out of her own home).

    People aren't getting the message to give appropriate physical distance and to stay home where possible. We have four confirmed cases in our city now, all travel-related. I've run out of tolerance for people who deliberately have travelled AFTER bans and closures were put in place.

    Anyway, I won't go there. I'm on day 3 of working from home, and this afternoon my "assistant" (Derry) has quit his job and taken himself off upstairs to sleep in one of the cat trees. :-P

    Take care and stay well.

  2. So online for bread...2 great minds...I say.
    I cannot find tp at the store so I tried my hand at online with Harris teeter. Jumpin' catfish they had it but holy guacamole
    they charged me 4.95 just to order, the 8 rolls of tp were 9.99.
    Then I had to select a day and time to pick it up.
    First available time was Wednesday 3/25 between 2 and 2:30
    At least I'll have some and I learned a very valuable lesson....never ever NO never ever let the household have less than 10 rolls of TP at any given time.
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. How about the mommies who cannot find diapers anywhere? Not accustomed to the cloth ones, and probably could not find those either. Even worse than running out of tp! We will go back to the Great Depression mindset about not throwing away anything, ever, that could be made into makeshift tp or diapers! Found some of those swiffer type (but generic) dusting cloths and deduced they would make very effective face masks with a couple of strings attached! Yay for your hair!

  4. Dearest Carole,
    At least your photo is a happy one.
    Yes, rain we have had enough this winter. But soon it is officially spring and let's hope it will be real!
    You had me laugh out loud with: 'I made some FRIEND chicken...' . Don't think the chicken befriended you!
    Sending you a big hug and thanks for this humor; we need that nowadays!

  5. Still cold here but it looks like spring weather will soon be here. I hope your rain ends soon, as I know you love to walk.

    Take care and stay well!

  6. Beautiful photo.No crust? That is the best part :) Stay healthy. XO

  7. I hope the sun will show up more often in your area. We are enjoying a nice sunny day here today. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, though. But rain or shine, I will be napping with my kitties all day :-)
    Crustless pumpkin pie sounds good! Happy weekend to you xo

  8. So do you make yeller rice from scratch or use a mix?

  9. Someone will find a way to put hunpty together again

  10. Good thinking to get your hair done now, while you can, Carole. We have lots of cases here. we have been working from home and socially distancing for about 10 days now. It takes getting used to, but it is for everyone's good. Stay healthy and stay safe, dear friend. Hugs to you and Katie.

  11. It sounds like you are holding your own there. Continued good luck. And as for the food, it does sound very tasty; though the pie's crust may have the calories, isn't crustless pie...filling?

  12. Nothing better than adding a bit of flavor to rice. Sometimes even us (whispering) "pork fat".