Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old Ladies

Old ladies come in cat style too. I have an old lady cat, as pretty as she is. I had an electrician in this morning who took the dedicated 20 amp receptacle for the treadmill in the living room and put it in the computer room so I could free up valuable space at last in the living room. So, the treadmill was rolled into here. After the cat came out from under the bed, the man had gone of course and the first thing she did was express her dislike of the treadmill being in HERE! Then, she went into the living room and it was all over but the shouting. The plants are in there..not in here. The treadmill isn't there and--- all is NOT right in her world. She is so torqued off she went under the bed and hasn't been out except for that short trip at all since 0830. Oh well. She WAS eating well but now..she's torqued. So, I will see how she can cope.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New pictures

I seem to keep changing my pictures around up there.  This is one I took last Summer.  See the bee? He's enjoying the magnolia scent and nectar.

Miserable chilly and rainy again as it will be for the rest of the week and has been every day but Monday I believe it was.  I've done my duty on the treadmill and thrown the weights around.  The cat has been eating great these past several days and that certainly makes me feel better for her health sake.

I need to go get some potting soil as I want to get some giant sunflower seeds germinating while I think of a place where the man who mows the yard will not kill them.  He's the one who ran over the daffodils while they were still green and had not finished their "shut down" for the season.  All but 2 did come back though, including the pink ones.

Anyone watch DWTS?  I caught this week's episode.  Nothing to write home about.  Kirstie Alley will probably make it to mid season.

See you I get blogger to work that is.  I like to never have been able to make comments on this blog  The Admiral had no problems on hers, but I did.  Par for the course.  :-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Anyone still watching DWTS? I forgot it till last night. There are 3 of the couples that are OK. Don't even care who they are and that may be about it watching.

I found out how to add something from my download area on my Mac, so I will show you better what the stained glass looks like. I did not take this picture, the maker of the glass did it. It was sent to me to judge if I wanted it. It is specifically Herself and made with her markings.

Pretty day today and that will be it till Friday. Rain and cold yesterday, decent today with partial sun and rain moving in this evening for the rest of the week. BUT again and again I say, better'n snow.

Have to get weeding. DON'T want to. But I have to.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Ask

Don't ask how it's going around here and I won't's that?

Anyway, it's like 48 maybe going to get to 52 or something like that and it's totally overcast.  Better than snow.

My youngest is now back in his home from over the mountains.  I wish I could have gone. But then, I have said that already.

Got the house cleaned up and I've been out for a few necessities.  I did have a wonderful day and evening yesterday as I blogged about.

I got through the Sunday paper..haven't read much else.  I have a book lent to me by a sweet friend In WI called "Homer the Blind Cat" and it is about exactly what the title says.  One of the most heartwarming and endearing of non-fiction stories.   Maybe one of the boys would like to read it when I'm finished.

I got a stained glass-- genuine stained glass head done of Miss Catt aka The Admiral.  It's a beauty and worth every dollar.  It's a sun catcher I guess you could call it as I have it in the front room large window.  I took this at 7 something this morning and no sun, so this doesn't show the gorgeous color.  I'll try again when the sun is out.  I was just anxious to show you.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am gonna bust wide open.  I had a friend over and we watched the UT Women's basketball game in the Sweet 16.  Then, after sitting about for an hour and a half we headed to the Big City and we had early one.  We went to Conners and though I had the vegetable plate, with a choice of four..the helpings were enough to feed a family.  I could not finish them and what's more, I ordered one scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert.  It was like a CUP of ice cream for pete sakes!  It was so delicious and melty good with lots of vanilla bean specks that I ate it all..and if I could have, I would have unloosed my belt and the waist snap to my jeans.  I am so miserably full I can't stand it.  I am home now (of course, duh) and wearing loose yoga pants. I won't eat till tomorrow night probably.  My friend had an 8 oz. filet, potato and broccoli and creme brule for dessert.  Two cups of coffee (water for me) and we thad someone roll us out of the restaurant.  OH  MY GOODNESS I am full.  But this was a wonderful break from all of the drama going on here.

Just keeping my hand in.  Oh, and here is my home before I got married.  My room, the second floor middle window. You CAN go home again.  When my brother passed away last summer I went straight to my old home.  It was good.  I even got to see an old neighbor man who called the high school on me and ratted me out when I played hooky.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Back Again

Well, the Admiral dodged a bullet...maybe.  IF she can get that medicine into her, she'll be OK.  But so far, it's a no go.  But I whined about that in Word not here this time.

Beautiful day part of the day.  Enough for me to get my pillows outside.  But then, colder and rain.  The tornadoes spinning everywhere around me night before last was a start to Spring for us here in TN.  We just had a watch here but the tornadoes were about 30-40 miles away.

The picture is what I did with the money I earned while working part time in that jewelry store I used to write about on MSN Spaces blog.  It's a diamond (princess cut) ring, white gold and 4 small perfect sapphires.  That's my birthstone and my Twin Beth Marie's as well.  We are September babies.  :-)  Thought I'd show you how I spent my money.

I've been around to some of you and will head around to more.  See you soon.


Loach..thank you.  (Very much for the wishes for the feline).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The past two days have been absolute perfection.  Totally sunny and 80 degrees.  Today rain and severe storms are coming by noon.  Can't win them all. Yesterday was especially a fabulous day with most of it out with a friend.  I saw a glider rocker I want that is deeply cushioned even to the arm rests.  NO place to put it so I am trying to make decisions as to where it can go.  I will have to move the treadmill into to computer room.  Since it needs a dedicated outlet with the right amperage for itself, then that means a call to the electricians and that is major bucks these day.  :-(  I am having Comcast come out to install another outlet for the TV which will move to another part of the living room.  Then, the Great Furniture Move will begin.

I hope your day is a good one.  :-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Monday

Here I am, hanging close to get a phone call from the Vet.  By now I would say it will come after hours today IF at all.  he may not have heard from them.

But, me'n'her are having another good day.  For whatever blessed reason, she has eaten a LOT all weekend long, all on her own.  Three good meals and lots of snacks.  I don't know if that will continue..I can just be grateful for what she has right now.  :-)

My daffodils and hyacinths are up and blooming well.  The tulips are next.  They have color but are still tightly furled.  The Dogwood blossoms are formed but still in their infancy.  The roses  all have their beautiful red foliage now, soon to turn green.  I love fresh newborn rose foliage.

I'm already looking forward to having a new 'Mater plant out there on the deck.  Remember that guy last year while we were in Spaces and every time the plant made new baby tomatoes or finished growing to size..I was taking their pictures as if they were movie stars!!  I was so proud and boy, were they good.

Here is the heart of a Magnolia from last year.  Magnolias will not be forming and blooming for several months yet.  A few days ago, I posted a picture of a Tulip Poplar..t'weren't a magnolia.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Uncluttered Sunday :-)

This was just taken and it shows my point yesterday when I said I had an uncluttered desk at last. Outside of the computer's cord and the external back-up hard drive, as I mentioned, I am wire free. The keyboard and mouse are wireless (I am protected from marauders outside wishing to get into my network. I don't have 2 computer pros out of three sons for nothin'!) (and the third son is a teacher)

No hubs with all their ports hanging out back of the computer with all the ports filled because I don't need them. Also, the sound on this Mac is absolutely fantastic. No external speakers needed. Oh, and that white cord is for the charging of the iTouch..I left it there as I charged it and did updates last night.

OK. Just wanted to show that. There is the new office chair that Her Majesty is always in while *I* stand up.


Saturday, March 19, 2011


It is another wonderful day.  Yesterday it got to 80.  Today, probably low 70's.  Yesterday was full sun and today is partly cloudy.  The point being that both are wonderful days and I am most grateful to have them.

I was out about 0700 this morning taking photos of some new daffodils that just bloomed.  My pink ones and some yellow of course.  I filled the bird holds five pounds of sunflower hearts and came back in to await one of my son's getting up and ready for breakfast,  I make it for him after he gets up.  Exception being coffee of course.  He got the usual, biscuits, bacon and eggs.  Black raspberry preserves though.  VERY nice change for the both of us.

I have some MAC tutorial videos.  Lots of them and I'm trying to take notes.  Slow going and old habit die a hard death.

I am glad Lisa is back to Canada now and I know she has to be rested and glowing.  It's always very noticeable when one of the blog family is missing, no matter the reason is a good one.

OH!  Later I will take a photo of this Mac set up here in my home.  The other one I put in here a week ago was my son's at his place of work.  I am amazed at the lack of necessary- for- the- PC peripherals.

The speakers that are in my iMac are superb.  No other speakers needed.  No hubs laying out in back to plug in stuff that I needed with the PC.  I had 8 ports then, all used!! No wires but one..and my external back up hard drive too..forgot about that.  That's IT!  This is fabulous to be free of all that wire mess.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday and trouble with BlogSpot

I have not been able to leave a comment on two blogs. Boston Boy--Blogzilla and Toodie's. It comes up with some oblique error notice.

Here I yam again. The temperature was 74 today and totally sunny! That sure makes up for the 50's yesterday and totally...cloudy! I went out to take pictures but only took one, and that was of a tulip poplar.

Tomorrow, it will be 77 degrees and full sun. Whew! I might go out there nekkid or something. Add more freckles to this paper white hide of mine. That's the bane of being or having been a natural red head. You're whiter than snow, blue blue eyes and freckles everywhere. So I'll look like a white spotted flounder or something out there. No one will even notice me.

Here are some Tulip Poplar blossoms IF I can find them, from this morning excursions.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am so sorry that I haven't been often enough to see everyone.  I am being meowed at by a fur family member who is not feeling well and I am taking her this morning assuming I can catch her, for a fasting blood test.  I won't know the results till next Monday though.  The blood is going to the University of Michigan due to the specialization of the test.

Waiting on a friend to assist me as it is difficult trapping her for the carrier.

See you later and again, I am so sorry for the missing visits.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I have had a good day (and so has she, really) with sun and warmth.  Our temperature reached 70.

For the first time in my memory I failed to turn the clocks forward last night and as a consequence I was 28 minutes late for church.  But I got there.  I only slowed down for the red light camera traffic signal.  I slept right up to my regular time and for pete sakes, while I would not go to bed NOW, it is almost 8PM and it feels like..what else, but 7PM.  I really hate the messing with the time.  Pick one and stay with it for pity sakes.

Still learning the Mac.  I will see if I can get another photo in here. I am not catching on well. But Abby if you see this, I will earmark your instructions.

Tomorrow may tell me some ideas about how the cat will be treated by her Dr.  I will have to wait and see,

I finally made it around to see some of you and I have three mire I am aiming to get to before the night is over.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Grief, what a week.

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone just upped and left me by myself. I haven't been too good a blogger here.

The fur baby is very ill. I'll go into details another time. I just hate to write them out right now. The Vet doesn't know what the matter is again so he posted her case onto a doctor's only site where they have to pay to subscribe and the panel that sees the doctors questions are experts. He can't see why the cat won't eat unless she has those pills. He can't see what it is because her x-rays and blood tests are excellent. But something is badly wrong. Hoping to hear something on Monday.

In other news, I am trying on a new wireless keyboard that goes with my brand spanking new iMac. I am desperately learning how to get from here to there. All new and different to me. It's good for me though.

Other than one huge bruise- I am all healed up..from my confrontation with a tough talking tough walking concrete curb a week or so ago.

Not sure yet how to post pics. Trial and error. Heck. Not sure how to get them onto the HD, but I'll learn. :-) I DOOD it! That is the Cumberland Mountains here in TN. Please, have a good Sunday and a sunny one.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Computer Day :-)

The new computer arrived yesterday afternoon. Standard ground shipping and it only took 2 days. I have it unboxed, set up, running occasionally and in the living room until Neil gets here to help transport over my mail files etc to the MAC via some software that will need to be uploaded. Then, the learning curve really starts.

I tried to upload a picture but the program that usually enables us to do that, failed.
I came back an hour later and here it is. This is exactly like mine.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Happened?

My goodness..I'm SURE not complaining but where in the world did these two days come from? I have felt totally pain free (I have a chronic back problem) and full of so much get up and go, I got up and went yesterday and despite the heavy rain, I will do the same today. I just finished a longer time on the treadmill and did the weights but I could have stayed even longer..just bored and I would rather do more outside in my raincoat.

These sort of pain-free days for me, anyway, come very rarely. I am referring to days totally free of back pain. It's like winning the jackpot in a lottery. Like a fairy in my imagination came and tapped me with her wand and all the back pain just disappeared. The lack of that old "friend" back pain makes me feel like a kid. I act like one and my mind is like that so may as well feel like one too! :-) I will enjoy this as long as it lasts and be grateful for it. There is a job that requires a lot of up and downing on a step ladder that I have put off. This may be the day for it.

Sorry to just go on about it, it's just so remarkable to feel this good (no back pain is what mean).


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Once you go MAC...

You never go back. Last evening I went on-line and with the advice of my MAC owning Software Engineer son, we choose the MAC for me. It should be here Thursday. He will come by Saturday to help me get it started up well. It WILL be a learning curve for me as it has been awhile.

We all of us except the oldest have always been MAC people. I had to go to the dark side because of work. I didn't have any idea how to operate a PC but I was forced to learn and finally I took the easy way put and went over the fence. However. after learning a BOT got into my machine despite my security, I am well and over it. Tired of it and I don't want to have to worry constantly about virus and etc. With my MAC I won't have to worry. It's a iMac by the way. They are so slender and compact as a desktop that I don't insist on a laptop any more..except for the cat, She will be my lap top.

I will re-format this most excellent and still powerful PC and try to sell it.

I have been on the treadmill, did the weights and now, I need to get out of the house.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lived again for another day

Well, just a couple of bruises and a few scrapes and I'm still good to go.  Some physical conditioning does pay off. I'm just a little sore from unexpected muscle stretch in the abdomen but too..that same abdomen took a great deal of the blow when I tripped.

 Anyhoo, it's raining..started during the night day before yesterday, expecting it to end tonight after 2 two days and nights of rain..then come back again for the weekend.  Better than snow.

I have been very busy this morning and going to continue that way for awhile.  The cat has retired to her cube..the soft padded one rather than the airy mesh one.  That kind of a day,  and even she knows that.

Since she got me up super early- the house is spic and span,  and I am getting set to assume my other words, put on my make-up. Then, out into the rainy day. OH!  Want to see one of the only 3 picture I took before me and the curb tangled and I lost?  I'll go get it for ya.  ♥

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Word About JennyD

♥♥♥Before anything else, our sweet friend JennyD is not feeling up to par and she'll be back blogging when she feels better.  She assures me it's not super serious.  ♥♥♥

I went to the Big City and while at the bus station (I went downtown on it to avoid exorbitant parking fees  as I wanted to take pictures) I was saying while there, I did not realize that there was a curb in my path and I stepped off of it wrong and while I did some pretty fancy foot work to remain upright and not fall- plus  holding the camera..still I did meet the concrete rather hard and messed my knees and one wrist up pretty well as far as scrapings is concerned. I'm not over the hill so there was no danger of broken anythings.  Just embarrassment and some fancy childhood play looking bruised and scraped knees and wrist.  My chest took a lot of the brunt.  That was not any fun whatsoever.  So.I am home instead and thinking of ice packs.

In case anyone is wondering I am walking around fine.  Just my knees are banged up as is my wrist and another place.

So for now, just a note about Jenny..and see you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday Rant on Thursday

I was, along with many other cars, going thru a bit of a trying time this morning whereupon someone in an old van was driving in the passing lane at 28 mph in a 45 mph zone. The man was doing that in the 35 mph zone too. When all of we unfortunates stuck behind him (could not pass- too many others trying to pass from the back up caused by Mr Slow) turned into my subdivision, that blazing speed went down to 14-15 mph. BUT I was stopping dead still at every intersection that is not posted with a stop sign as has happened on precious occasions, we all kept going @ 14-15 mph through the unposted intersections, That was good.

Moving on from that I will say that which I noticed yesterday and many times previous is:

The passing lane has become the "slow" lane and the "slow" lane seems out of necessity to have become the fast lane. To those two who have dropped away from my blog but may read this by happenstance and,who may wish to say "the cost of gas!!! or more, please be advised I am well aware of the cost of gas. Save the snarky remarks for yourself. :-) It's my blog.

This phenom of driving slowly, well below posted speed limits in the passing lane and passing (all you can or not) to at least get up to the speed limit in the "slow" lane seems to have become the unfortunate norm around this town. Weird. Makes a difference when you leave with enough time to get somewhere and then are stuck behind someone who decides to run the show and then, you're late. (can you guess that happened to me this morning? Indeedily doodily. :-)


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Redneck Room

.Paul from the blog family made a great photo of the Admiral sailing the ocean blue.  I am using that for the Admiral's blog today.  Correction, she is using that picture today.

The Redneck room will be open today but I will go out in search of pictures instead. I found another color of my daffodils opened up a few days ago so I got those on the camera yesterday.  I headed to the arboretum to see about theirs, but they are still closed. Guess my travel will have to be somewhat curtailed because of the gas prices.  $3.59 yesterday.

I found actual sunflower seeds yesterday.  I had asked my boy to send me some from his bird feeder as Toodie suggested but I just happened to find some in the store yesterday. A dollar a pack.  Good grief. I'll get them started soon.  I have peat pots and then, find a good place to put them outside.

Other'n that, nothing to say and that sure wasn't much. ♥