Monday, December 30, 2019

Fixin' to be New Years

I am alone now. Had my middle one here for the full week as his school is on break.  I don't know who was more pleased.  Me, Katie, or small James.  But he left for Charlotte at 10 this morning.  We walked together each day and racked up the miles.  LOVE having someone to walk with.  None of my friends get up in time as I like to do that first off.  Then the rest of my day can be spent doing other necessities.

We went over to other favorite brothers home at 1130...and 5 of us went to a Italian one.  I ordered  a Philly cheese steak- and guys, have to tell you.  Never had one  made with ground steak...or one that was made with mayo on it.  Way way way too too too much mayo. And enough salt to do the ocean proud.  Needless to say it was only 1/4th eaten.  the boys all ordered, as did my DIL, great Italian pasta dishes.  I am not a pasta fan except spaghetti.  I know...I must come from Neptune or something.

Both arms are itching to beat the band where my iWatch is and my Fitbit on the other.  Going to have to use rubbing alcohol on both bands to clean.  That will take care of it.  Told ya before why I have both on.  I bought the iWatch, set it up and wear it, but Fitbit sent me one to make up for killing the one I had bought; as their update totaled it.  If they were good enough to send me anew one, I sure am good enough to wear it regardless of how silly it looks wearing one per arm.
Saw a new movie by the way, thanks to a friend who sent it.  "Christopher Robin."  I loved it.  LOVED it.  I embarrassed the sender by raving on and on in several 2 line emails saying how much I loved it!  Oh well.  At least they know the movie was a hit with me.  Speaking of that, we watched one on Netflix  last night about the Star Trek's Spock,  narrated by his, Lenard Nimoy's  son.  It was close to two hours.  I loved all of it except the one interview with another star.  As one cannot say what they think these days, I will remain silent.  But the entire rest of the show was terrific if you are a Trek fan.  I am...through and through and so are the family.

Did you have a good Christmas?  Are you alright?  We seem to be.

Not a whiz of a deal!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Interesting Later Part of the Year

Only interesting and just to me,  in that I got sick with something...probably viral right after our Thanksgiving week visitor.  Extraordinarily tired,  slept an amazing number of hours for me, didn't really want to eat...was very cold despite wearing warm clothes and keeping the heat set on 72.  That's a high setting for me.  My own personal temp was  consistently 97.6 which is close to a degree higher than what is normal for me.

Could have been all the eating out that was done including Thanksgiving day.  I'm not used to that and I have had the worst illness in the past decade from what I think is food eaten out.  Never seemed to fail that was something I had done a few days prior to getting so sick.

Hopefully for me, it is over for now.

I've not blogged here in  month and I suppose this isn't the happiest of topics.  I probably am trying for sympathy after the fact.  :-)

I enjoyed showing the guest around the town here and my DIL did the honors in the big city for her enjoyment.

Kinda late but here is my maple tree in the Fall.

You guys ready for Christmas yet?  I still have more to do.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Some pictures...

I wish I knew how to double them in a side by side but I don' we'll have the tape worm looking thing of sections ---going down the page. (Eswwwwww).

 The after light bar and mirror

The Before light bar and showing ancient med chest
new cabinet 


Before: old pocked wall awful cheap lino..terrible whatever it was as the lower part of wall.
floor now and Katie Water Dish 
Horrible old cabinet

That old cabinet was, the mirror I showed you.

New dry wall and painted and nekkid of uglies

Now it's dry walled and mirror is there above new vanity

After:  I have the matching oil rubbed bronze towel racks and etc in the bathroom now. 
thirty five-year old vanity chipped and scarred.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

LONG Week Ahead

Guys, the bathroom is being spruced up.  I didn't know it would be nekkid and bare for the week, more or less.  He took the things out yesterday, save the toilet.  That article will have to be replaced at night before he leaves when the time comes to uproot it.  I only have one bathroom.  BUT I reared three kids that away, and once upon a time there were five household members.  You do what you havta.

I found my old lit make up mirror from aeons ago.  The remaining one useable  ceiling light in the bathroom is too dim to apply my daily disguise, otherwise known as makeup.  So I have the dimlight on, but the mirror's small florescent light helps me apply mascara to my lashes not my chin or something.

The photo was taken in Charlotte NC

Going to be this way, well, save the dry walling and painting, all week I guess.  Moan.  Whine. Sniffle.  Sigh.  Moan again. Watch wallet deflate rapidly- even if I did save for this. Moan.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Well, Bless my Heart

As Katie meowed everyone this morning, I am on my way over the Mountains in the morning.  Can't wait.  Been too long since I was there.  The son who lives there spent all his summer break in Uruguay and in Costa Rica as a Fulbright Scholar,  so he wasn't available during a good part of the year.

And here at home,  there are many appointments that Favorite Brother to Katie (she has two more favorites as well...) has quite a few appointment to keep and I like to support him by being there.  Trying to match schedules with the rest of the boys is hard sometimes,  BUT I am on my way in the morning.  Please tell folks on I-485 Sunday morning to behave themselves and let me merge off  the  too short ramp onto the Interstate.  That's the only place that makes me nervous.

Going to my two fave consignment stores..oh BOY!  I always show you some photos from there or from uptown.   AND I am going to the Cat Cafe  that Charlotte has now!   I love Charlotte.  If the cost of housing was not so high..I would live there.  There are many bank Corporate Office
flagships there.  They are all uptown in skyscrapers...just gorgeous architecture inside and outside of the buildings.  Charlotte is the second largest banking city in the U.S. with NYC being the biggest, I understand.  I always like taking the DSLR and walking uptown (beautiful City) and taking pictures of the bank buildings.  My bank,  Bank of America, has THE single most impressive looking on there and the tallest.

Here's to us! (Going back home after a visit...about half way home)

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Hm. Izzat so?

Guess I got my ears pinned back two days ago on Face Book.  A local town group.. I don't go too often but, if I want to know what all the police/fire/whatever/ are gathered, someone always posts about it.

It seems in the free-for-all-this Country seem to be having-- whereas if you don't like, or if you disagree with someone who tells a story, mentions an opinion,  or worse still, a fact..there are self styled "auditors" and pseudo "administrators" poised, ready to flay the skin off your hide for daring to say what you think about something unless they agree with it.  Even if it is the state of grocery carts.  (that was me).  Within a minute, I got one helpful comment, and then, the trolls stepped up to bat.  I'm still smarting from the verbal beating I took.  There are two more local groups as well and I see there are much the same people who "administer" them as well.  Lots of verbal blood is spilled if you dare say something that is not in line with that little groups' opinion about whatever it is.

Rather than  continue to cause a world war by speaking about grocery carts, I deleted the post and quit the group. Quite a few townspeople are in the group.  I was in it for years but I refuse to watch what I say about grocery carts.  So, I left the group.  I will stay in the other group for awhile longer as nothing has happened to me so far, but I saw them gang up on a few others last night.  The topic then on that particular local page, was about grocery stores donating food quickly to shelters rather than throw it away if there is a power outage.  The suggesters that stores do so were thoroughly beaten down.

Pet your dog, you fellas out there in FB groups doing hurtful things..hug your children and appreciate your wives.  Help your fellow neighbor or worker. Do some volunteer work.  Read something uplifting.  Go be a cuddler of infants at the neonatal unit in the hospitals. Plant a garden.  Take a walk.   Be kind.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Taste buds and stuff

Remember that things tasted really good when we were young?  I mean young..under say, 15 or so.

Ice cream used to be made correctly back then in the dark ages.  Cream, milk, sugar and fruit flavor or vanilla beans etc.  Always creamy, always totally perfect.  Not like the filled with gums and other fillers they have had in the past 30+ years.  Some of it doesn't hardly melt it is so full  of fillers.  I don't buy much of it.  If it looks like a watery melt...that's all I need to want to buy it.  No fillers of any consequence.  Oh gosh it tasted SO good.

When Tang came goodness it was delicious.  Didn't stay that way but a few years.  They took measures to use fillers and artificial flavor stuff...there it went.  BUT anyway, I was going to ask if you recalled how good food tasted back when you were much younger?  Gosh, butter was more the thing than margarine...and corn on the  cob (Dad's fave way to get my loose baby teeth out) (and it worked every time matter how careful I tried to be)  drenched with butter...what a taste sensation. Salt, pepper...oh, my word.

I don't recall cans or boxes of frosting as I made mine the usual way with confectioners sugar and so on.  (yeah, I could see the dinosaurs out the windows while I glanced out every now and again).

down by the marina

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sweet tater

I have a sweet tater pie in the oven.  🥰 🌞 🥧

I'll open the winders fer ya.  Maybe you'll catch a bit of the fragrance.

Bought two very small chairs for when company comes this Thanksgiving.  Katie LOVES them.
BUT no place to put them in this tiny house, so I asked DIL if they could keep them till then.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Part 2....Coming Right Up

Regarding the brains and eggs, I too, even though I was young was aware that was a breech of courtesy to mention the hair.  It was a bristle or two really.  Ewww. Right?  The sailor had a nice was simple curiosity on his part but doesn't call out the host.  He could perhaps have mentioned suddenly becoming very full.  :-)

A confession however.  I never hitchhiked~ BUT what I (we actually) did was almost as bad insofar as danger possibilities were concerned.  You be the judge.  Think like a parent. (you may be sure my Dad didn't know). (and if my brothers had known I'd have gotten told on quickly.  And punished by my Dad.

On  warm Summer Saturday mornings, a best girlfriend, 12 years old just as I was, and I met at her place. I walked up to her house,  and we started walking down the street until we reached the edge of town.  There was an entrancing dirt road that stretched four miles through woods on both sides.  The dirt road ended up by a highway that went back to town (unless we wanted to hit the dusty trail and walk on the dirt road to get back home again.  So this time we decided to walk down the highway which added another mile to the distance back to the edge of town and therefore to our homes.

Here we were, starting our trudge on down the side of the road, two stupid girls without a clue walking along with the occasional person stopping to ask if we needed a ride.  Since they were usually fellas, even we knew to say "no thank you".  Besides, we were full of energy and willing to walk the 9 miles total round trip.

A car bore down on us from behind and stopped.  The window wound down and a loud man's voice said "GET IN THIS CAR"!!! There was a lady in the passenger seat who looked death rays at us.  The man said again in stern loud tones "GET IN THIS CAR NOW"!  We did.  We huddled in the back seat and looked once at one another and then at the floor (truth) while we were berated every inch of every mile back to the town.   He told us how we put ourselves in stupid we were our parents would punish us, and what if the State Police had seen us...what would THAT be like with our parents being called from HQ.  He laid it on every inch of the way.  At Cherry Lane, the street I lived down, he kicked me out and watched as I started walking the block down to the house and drove off with Dorothy.  When Dorothy got home she took a minute for a whispered conversation on the phone with me telling me that was HER neighbor and his wife who by the way had a store three doors down from her. She said she was begging that they give her another chance and not tell her mom and dad.  Neither of us got a whuppin' so I guess we were given a pass on telling  the parental units!

It taught me a lesson though.  Never did walk down a highway again.  Not after that guy flayed the skin off our 12 year old minds as we were taken back and dumped off at out places with more warnings.   (we did still walk down the dirt road but turned around and walked back that way).

Whew.  I still wouldn't do it after the blasting out Dorothy and I got.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hitch hiking? Part 1?

I was reading a dear blogger's offering this morning on her blog that featured a picture of a woman alongside a road, trying to hitch a ride.  The responses were fun to read.  All of them were more lengthy than usual.

Of course it set me to remembering many things about that topic, hitch hiking.  I wonder if you too will be thinking of your own experiences if you had any, and times passed by as well?

I may go into a two-parter or something here, as I could (and usually do) write a book instead of a blog when I get started on something that is fun to write.   :-)

If so, part one won't be about hitchhiking too much... though Dad always picked up military would be all the times my father, and me too, of course, would go pick up whichever of my brothers were on leave from the Military.  One in the Navy, and one in the Marines.  I was about 9 to 10  years old for these trips--- to go  get them and bring them back.  The longest trip was getting my brother who was in the Navy, where they docked up in Rhode Island, and of course taking him back  to his destroyer when his liberty was over.  For the brother in the Marines, it usually wasn't too far..maybe half a day's drive. We'd listen to the radio for entertainment along the way.  Then, it was entertainment.  Far from what is served up now.

The boys often brought friends home with them without mentioning it to Dad . So Dad had to scramble to be sure he had enough food to feed everyone, and find a way to bed the guys down.  He'd give up his bed and open up the couch..sometimes one would be on the floor along with Dad.  It was a pleasure to Dad that they would bring their friends home and it was fun for me in a way as I was just a little girl and many of their friends had little sisters and brothers at home and knew how to talk to them. We'd take them back with my brothers of course.

I'll leave you with the memory of a breakfast one Sunday morning around the table in the kitchen.  Dad was a good cook by the way.  Anything I ever learned, I learned from him, and that includes cooking.  Anyway it was a pretty sunny day and we were to take brother Paul and his friend back up to Rhode Island to a Naval base where his destroyer was...the USS NK Perry.  I still remember its name.

Everyone sat down at the table and dug in.  Dad had served scrambled eggs and biscuits and preserves that morning.  We were tucking in really well into the second  generously sized portions.
My brother's friend stopped shoveling the eggs in for a moment and mentioned as politely as he could that there seemed to be a hair, short and stubby, in the eggs.  Dad said that it must be from the brains.  My brother's friend stopped eating and asked what did Dad mean?  Dad said something to the effect that "Oh, this are brains and eggs". He explained the the calf brains that had been parboiled, drained, diced, placed in the cast iron pan with shortening and diced onion, very lightly browned.. and added to a dozen eggs and cream and all of it scrambled.  Brother's friend said they sure were good...and he said that was obvious as he ate a huge helping and was on his second one.   He said that he would try to finish what was left in his plate.  He apologized, and said he couldn't.  Dad nor Paul nor I had thought a thing about it as we had that dish every once in a while.  It was normal to us.  Once I saw someone else's problem with the main ingredient, I too began to think it over.  I left off eating the eggs scrambled that way and dad quit making them.  But I recall as does that Navy pal who came along that they were good.  No two ways about it.   Next one if I do it, will be me as a very young girl, and a girl friend and it will pertain to what Pam's blog was this morning.  :-)  I likely did it already in MSNLive Spaces blogs. It was fun to remember.


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Dad's Birthday

It would have been Dad's birthday today, Sept. 1, if he was still with the family.   So, today, though my system is not used to fatty foods and the like...I went all the way to my Southern roots and made fried chicken, floured and fried in Crisco, with skin still on.  That makes the chicken extra moist and juicy and oh does it taste good.  (never eat it, and never cook with it..just this once)  It browns beautifully as well.  Just salt and pepper on it.  I did make the concession of checking its internal temp and after finding it done..I made the gravy.  Been YEARS since I made gravy like this..back to my roots.  Leave the pan drippings.  Make sure there is enough shortening/grease in there...brown those drippings more, add flour and stir rapidly making a roux.  Add water, stirring like crazy then,  add some milk..also stirring like crazy.  Salt and pepper.  Very plain, very delicious.    
ready to turn again...

I had the barest amount for supper.  Tummy isn't used to rich food any more.

  Dad would have wanted that chicken and gravy along with some quartered boiled potatoes richly adorned with butter, salt and pepper.  Or mashed with a masher...very buttery.  Some corn on the cob, some green beans cooked to death  with a piece of fat back,  a whole sliced perfect red tomato...a sliced cucumber, thinly sliced onions, with some oil and some vinegar atop it all.  Biscuits for the gravy.  Dessert was always a home made yellow cake with chocolate icing.  Also home made.

Who has had to give a pet gabapentin before before a trip to the vet?  Does it make the pet fall sleep?  100 mg? I hope not.

Monday, August 26, 2019


I waller because I can.  I own the bed and if I am in place before mom gets there...tough bananas.  I stays where I am.  She either sleeps on the other side or bribes me out with treats.  Up to her.

Guys, a sweet friend of mine thinks she may know what my illness is.  She has a daughter who is a doctor,  a pediatrician, and she herself is a college professor.   Was. as she is retired now.  A virus which is many times seen in children but adults get it too seems to be the culprit.    Today at least, I can eat, walk around with just the normal pain I endure in my back. All food tasted like flour and water paste for these eight days...even the ice cream I bought.  My breakfasts and the rest of my meals sat cooling while I read or wrote.  Even my coffee was tasteless and I'd barely get half a cup.  The pain was severe as like hammer blows to  the bones in my feet, ankles,  wrists and legs.  Apart from whatever I did to my knee which swelled up like the dickens and hurt equally badly,  I bloated up like a dead stoat layin' in the midday sun on a back road somewhere. All of this lasted till it started getting better yesterday afternoon.  Today, I pronounce myself cured. I ate a very savory supper and actually liked it.  Eight days. If you ask me via email or message, I'll share what it may have been.  One of my best friends came down with it too....same DAY! Same symptoms.  I just found out last evening! We haven't seen one another in three weeks.  So we didn't  give the virus too one another.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Birds, Knees and Stuff

My hummingbirds are drinking all of the nectar each 36 hours or so.  Families out there.  I love cooking more for them and keep refilling as often as they need it.  One girl looked like she was not well yesterday.  I really was sad if that was what it was.

She was sitting on the twigs I have there for them to rest on.  Her tail stayed fanned out.  Then, she let her head flop back a lot...after a minute she turned it sideways but it was still back.  That's not normal.  Finally she flew a short distance away.  Saw her last night.  Same fanned tail and "lazy"

My knee woke up yesterday hurting, swollen and stiffened.  NO idea what happened.  I was on the treadmill an hour but that should not have done it.  I was fine all day and went to bed OK.  Hoped for better when I went to bed last night.  It's still sore and swollen and stiff but not quite as painful.  No walking etc. for me, that's certain.

Yesterday since I couldn't do my usual,  I cleaned the fridge. And for the first time in my life I turned everything facing me...products with labels I meant.  I must have done a good job last time as nothing really needed cleaning and I only had to throw away 1 thing!  It's been months.

I still wonder how in the world I can put cans in the cupboards and the labels are always faced away from me.  You would think the law of averages would kick in and have me with SOME facing me!  I don't like turning them deliberately as I did with the fridge yesterday. But, I admit that it looks better and helped me choose things I needed.

goldfinch when I was still feeding them. 
Well.  Off to the store...all limpy and stuffs!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I Love Turtles!

Look what a dear friend sent me today.  He rescued a big turtle and took him out of the road to the grassy area right beside the road.  I have done the same.  So far I only have seen the usual smaller box turtle.

Comparison w/ size 11 man's shoe

Face and shoulders

when he was placed in the grass

Biggafy for good view

Tim saying goodbye to his shelled friend.

headed toward nowhere.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Regarding that Warning From Google.

Google didn't have my password and use it...I wanted to be clear on that.  it was someone they caught with my password.  So they warned me, for which I am forever grateful.  I would say the IP address did not match those I have here in my possession i.e.  my devices, so they challenged the user to provide proof...I have had that happen occasionally when I used an unfamiliar  to them, device.  If I can respond to the text they send, all is well.  That's the "second verification".  I think it's a great idea.  Glad I provided the number of my phone ---though it took awhile to get myself to do it.  There have never been unwanted texts or calls.  I do recommend doing it.  Otherwise your account could be and would be closed and you can't access it.

That's all really.  Wanted to mention it to make it more clear.  Happy Saturday!  I'm taking Katie's favorite Brother home to the Big City  after he gets up to his huge breakfast.  Bacon, eggs, 3,  toast (no biscuits today nor gravy) coffee and lots of Katie attention.  She sure loves him.


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Well, Google Did Well.

I was on my way home from a visit in another city when a text came in.  I have the device in a phone holder mounted on the front of the dashboard.  I saw what it said quickly as it flashed.  It said Google has stopped someone who had the password from logging into Admiral's blog.  Now how they got that I don't know but as soon as I got home and also checked with one of my sons (who truly would know) if it was a scam...he said no...I immediately did as Google said and changed passwords to a humdinger that I let Safari choose.

I'm glad I gave my cell No. to Google back a time ago so they could contact me if need be.  This  notification was a first and I am so glad of it.

Who reading this likes Westerns?  Anyone?  I am a nut for them.  LOVE 'em.  Plan Saturdays around them, to view as many as possible.  I am so pitiful that even if I have seen the same one in all the different TV shows, I will watch it anyway.  I clean house like nobodies business before settling to watch...I who never watch TV.  I'll sure watch those.  I have the TV loud enough that except for vacuuming, I can hear it in other parts of the house as I dust, wax, scrub the bathroom, do the kitchen wooden floor, do the counters, blag blah blah &  etc etc. I have my ears out on stalks trying to hear it.

I don't read them...I just watch.  My reading tastes are very very different however.

Here's the Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain, Roanoke VA. I took.  It's lit at night...very very large and the lighting is neon.  Just made me homesick seeing it.  I have always loved that Star.
Address2000 J B Fishburn Pkwy, Roanoke, VA 24014
Area21,780 ft²
After construction of the star, Roanoke was nicknamed "Star City of the South". Wikipedia

Friday, August 2, 2019

Drop in

Guys, this is an American Bobcat .  They are common around here and it's always a treat to come upon one.  They are in the Lynx family.

This guy was at a place of work here, and I liked how he used the cross walk to get across the street.

I so wish folks who don't like domestic cats did not extend that dislike to wild cats everywhere too.

 Their habitat is encroached upon so much; and as with hawks who will find a meal of a sparrow or the like, and some people get mad seeing these hungry creatures trying to find food wherever they can after their habitat was destroyed and made into housing.  Or business.  And the Cats of the world,  i.e. lions, tigers of all types, Mountain lions, Pumas, Lynx, you name them and some horrible "hunter" is out there killing them for the thrill of it.  Even little Bobcats suffer.

Anyway, here is a beautiful wild creature...forced into a huge Plant somewhere nearby.  Looking for food.  A Bobcat.

Sunday, July 28, 2019


I just had a Face Book post that likely won't have many if any comments as I spoke to my love for Indian food.  I love the stuff, and while I don't have it very often, when I do...I just want to make a piggy out of myself.

I was mentioning two of my most favorite things.  I made my own, and authentically.  BUT I did have some guidance to do it as I learned.

One is a vegetable dish, Alu Mattar which is primarily with many many spices in the vegetables as it cooks. .  None of which were just poured out of a store bought jar.  I got them, including the hard to get ones (that's where help came in...folks who could mail it to me) ground them with mortar and pestle...roasted them when needed, and made my own ghee...hours all day slow cooking on the stove...and made my own garam masala.  Oh my goodness..the smell of garam masala is just supreme!  It's food perfume  :-)  And the taste is so delicious in and on foods.

Murg Kari...a curried chicken dish that I would give a lot to taste but too much to make for myself unless I have someone here who will eat it as well, and Alu Mattar were the two I mentioned. Friends would vie to come over for lunch when I cooked.   And Khir for dessert, which also took a hundred years to cook slowly. The calories in khir, I never stopped to consider them at the time.  I was too busy trying to find genuine rose water to go in it to worry about calories.  Catastrophic calories.  But if you are fighting off others trying to get some, you deserve your share.:-)

You guys have any favorite international foods that you love to?  Do you make them?  What are they?  What makes you love the taste?

Thursday, July 25, 2019


In this case, MY toesies.  Little pink ones.

I have been stubbing my toes several times a day as I go about the house.  Good grief.  You'd think I could make it over onto the hard mat that shields the carpet from the office chair.  But Noooooooo.  Or walking thru the kitchen and  always stubbing my toesie on the scatter rug in front of the sink.  They don't move as they are well "rubberized" on the reverse but man, I need a lesson in picking up my feets apparently.  And knocking the door jamb with my very pointy bony elbow bone!  OW!  Dang that hurts, not to mention whapping my left elbow into the little wood cabinet that is just at the wrong place on the wall, as I face the sink and medicine chest, to keep me out of contact with it every day for pete sake.  It's placed just right to keep me IN contact with it.  (tiny bathroom).

I don't even want to say how many times thru the years I have accidentally bonked the side of my head getting into the car.  And I am just a short pencil stub!  5'2". How can I do that?  But at least once a year I do.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Doctors and Patients

Here is a cut and paste of what I asked on Face Book a couple of days ago.  Not everyone here is over there so I thought I would ask you all as well:

Was wondering. Does your family physician now have a scribe in the exam room with you both at all times, no exceptions? The way the specialists do where generally speaking, the need is more critical. The Dr/patient confidentiality is gone when there is a scribe in the room of the family physician's office. That the scribes are under HIPAA is not what I am speaking of. It's not being able to confide in your doctor any more without someone listening and writing it. I know why they are doing it. So they don't have to do the notes after the patient leaves. But still......

Someone had said it was like a Court Reporter in there.  Could not agree more and it destroys doctor patient confidentiality.  It sure does for me.  Just asking you all if you have to go through that too.  The scribe in there with you in a family doctor's office.

Monday, July 15, 2019

SO pleased and Happy...Thank You.

Thank all of you for your links and suggestions.  They were exactly what I needed and I used every single one of them.

I have sat here just transfixed, listening to great symphony orchestras playing the scores from movies.

I will admit I am a Star Trek fan extraordinaire.  Have been since the first one came out so many years ago..and I have watched and enjoyed each iteration since.  And all of the movies that came out.  Love the music and never ever tire of it, or the shows.  The entire family (well, not Katie's favorite brother though) LOVES Star Trek and we stream the shows on Netflix.  Even if I can repeat every word of dialogue with the cast, I don't care.  I, as does the family,  do a great job of letting it all be new again.  

I listened to many of the musical links on UTube that were sent to me by you all...and I got some good music choices from their side bar too.

Katie climbs up to the desk here when she hears music and I have to move the keyboard so she could sprawl in front of the monitor...listen to the music and be smooched and petted while I watched.  I have read that cats like symphonic music and mine always have.  I have as much classical music here  thru the years as I have 70's 80's and 90's rock.  I also have a lot of Blue Grass. My family here grew up with classical music in this house and it took.  But so did the other types of music.  :-)

I'm baking me some fish.  Green beans will be on the plate and a small potato too.  I'm hungry.

Thanks to you each so much again.  I have been enjoying this music since I asked you for your help.  XX

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Different Type of Request

Fellers (and ladies) I have a different sorta question for you.

I got to go to a Warner Bros. Cartoon extravaganza in Charlotte a couple of years ago in their city symphony orchestra's building.  It was a  huge area. They were doing something I haven't seen before...they showed the classic Bugs Bunny cartoons on a large screen, and the Charlotte Symphony orchestra played the music, right there with the silent depiction on the huge screen.  You also got to hear it as recorded all that time ago...and then, the orchestra played the music for us again.  It was fascinating to see and a pleasure to hear.  It was a big deal for the City residents, and the place was jammed.

They explained--- and I don't recall any of the details--- how they obtained the real scores and permissions needed for all of this really super event to happen.  Seeing the orchestra play was a pleasure all in itself.  Man, they were superb!

Where I'm going with this is; I am busting to find a Utube or something showing the music being played way back originally.  I think I read that there is a backdrop at the studios where these are made where a movie or a show is shown and where the orchestra and conductor can see it..and the music is then played by the orchestra for the sound track.  I have seen one glimpse of this  in a news show quite some time ago.  It was a fairly darkened studio while the film shows the action, and the music is pre-composed and distributed to the orchestra.  Then, they begin playing to accompany the move or show.  Or cartoon!  I would love to see an example of that again after all this time.

I have googled my fingers to stubs trying to find the right word combination andI just can't find what I want and I KNOW it has to be out there somewhere.

You guys have ny suggestions as to what a good search phrase might be...if I made it clear what I'm looking for here?


Friday, July 5, 2019

All Things Come Together

That was a loud and boomie 4th, but Katie seemed alright as long as she had a paw on someone.  I read my book  and her human brother is here, he read too.  She had a choice of paw rests to use.

Who knows a good recipe for lentil soup?  Without tomatoes, greens,  and all those other odd stuffs people feel compelled to put in their food.  I hope for a great recipe for a soup with zillions of the things...and maybe some 'taters, carrots, onion perhaps...a strand or two of green if absolutely necessary.

My first acquaintance with it was in Germany...the part of the Country near Munich.   It was snowing hard one day  but I was brave back then, and me and the VW took off on down the road.  The snow was almost always and ever the good packing type that you can drive on albeit carefully.  {Around here, ever since we moved to this area, the snow is icy particles and treacherous}.

The VW and I stopped for lunch in a small wayside family seeming restaurant.  I ordered linsensuppe with a hunka hard crusted brot.   and that was the absolute BEST tasting of any soup I ever had to that time.  And really, since.  I have tried so hard to make it the way I imagined it was made there.  Not the same.  There was a little bit more so than say commercial soups these days as in Ca-pb-ells chunky.  Not as chunky as lentils are aren't big and chunky.  Just a comparison in the soupy part...not the veggies, etc.

Anyone have a recipe without 'maters?  Anyone else love lentils?  I don't see any hands raised!

Ever have a time when information about things that are meaningful, even important to know, just don't seem to happen despite your every effort?  The next statement is likely "stuff happens".

Oh and I took the header picture a couple years ago.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Busy and Sunny Day

Thank goodness for the sun the past 2 days after a week of rain...(of course).

Yesterday after an hour and a half at the gym, I came home and did the housework.  Didn't get to do my usual cleaning this weekend past as o, course we weren't here.  But I'll gitter done this weekend as someone is here now.

Yesterday I finally broke down and did the ironing that has piled up since January if not a while longer.  I got out the board, iron (naturally) hangers and all those articles of clothing.  Most were mine...some were Katie's brothers' clothes.  All done.  Went out and did a bunch of stuffs  after that and wound up with close to 15000 steps.  Today, house still a mess-- but it'll keep.  The yard was mowed, weed eated, blown, and the bridal's wreath bush, which had grown taller than the fence, say,  a good 7-8 ft. tall and had overflowed into the neighboring yard... was cut back to about 3 ft. high, and it's girth reduced.

My battle with the tiny piss ants..well, to parody the song...I fought the ants And the Ants won.  The pest control person came and sprayed the perimeter of the house foundation with (I looked it up) the cadillac of ant killers.  Well, THEIR mama's didn't raise no fools.  The crappy  things came into the house in waves.  I didn't have any spray, so after two weeks of trying to rid myself of them inside. I told the pest control person who came back again today...I'll see how that goes.   AND to beat it all, I was hurrying to get a whole bunch on the counter  slamming down on them with wide masking tape. And in my haste to move the coffee maker in time to get them, I cracked the carafe.  Leaking coffee.   Ants were slapping their knees at my quandary. But,  I didn't like the coffee maker which was inexpensive and showed I just pitched the whole thing and got another.

Oh, and regarding hairball horks after a good brushing...I discovered  how to pretty much not have that happen.  I used my human hairbrush which has become HER human hairbrush  after I finished brushing Katie; and furminating and slickering too. I  pass the human brush very gently, just gliding light as air over her furs That took up all the loose furs you can't really see the is left after the brushing.  No horking.

After all, they will take a bath later and if they bathe  and ingest all those loose furs...we get them back.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Boy Did We Have a Good Time

Uses, meaning me, all three boys, my daughter-in-law, the grandson too.  We all headed off to Cades Cove  in a rented van.  We left early in the morning and one son and myself got back to  my Katie's house at 7 pm.  She was outraged, starved, emaciated, strung out, seething... and again, outraged.  BUT, I got her fed before anything else...then, danged if we didn't left her again and went out to eat. Got home again an hour later.  She never let me go.

  One son left to go back to his home an hour ago, and then, a week after today, he heads to Uruguay as a  Fulbright Scholar.  I am very proud of him.  But I always worry until he returns again to this Country.

Here's a few pictures for ya if you would like to see them.  Only saw one bear near a primitive Methodist Church which still standing and preserved.  No joke that we would have walked right into him if I hadn't spotted him about 75 ft. away in the woods.

The old Methodist church

another view...

one of the meadows

It rarely quit raining.  I liked the small clouds lifting.
On our way in to Cades Cove taken from car window

 Original grist mills and water wheel.