Sunday, January 31, 2016

Drum Roll Please...

Whattaya get when you cross the World Wide Web with a bunny rabbit?  A HARE NET!  Austin, you were right on the money!!  That kitty brain was really churning overtime.  I bet your Uncle did help!

I hope for another glorious perfect day weather-wise.   Oh the day yesterday was unseasonably warm at 62 degrees Fahrenheit and I so hope today will be that or more.  But what I loved best was being able to open the front door and enjoy the sun pouring into the entryway.   Katie the cat was there in a flash taking up position to patrol and guard against intruders.  She is astoundingly good at that as there are some gorgeous intruders who persist in wandering through the yard.  However it looks as though it may be overcast again.  Sun seems rare in these parts.

My son went on home about noon yesterday and took a filled container with my own home made from scratch Sloppy Joe.  Two pounds of meat in it so that ought to last a bit.  A paean of praise to me...nobody does it better!

Well, that was the answer to the lame corny joke of the day!  I am a fan of those and laugh till my face hurts when I read or hear them!

So, how do skeletons communicate? Think about it.

Friday, January 29, 2016

And Then There's the One....

What do you get when you cross a bunny rabbit wth the World Wide Web?

Moving on from that suspenseful question, I will tell you the house smells fantastic.  My oldest boy is here and I celebrated that fact with a New York Strip steak cooked medium rare.  Oh the house does smell fantastically good as I said.  He had mashed potatoes too and some green beans.  I even hauled out cranberry sauce and he had fruit for dessert.  He'll have bacon and eggs in the morning and biscuits perhaps...we will see.  At least buttered toast.  I love to pamper any son who comes home if they will eat.  Concord grape jelly is a favorite so I will have that available too.  And coffee of course.

 I have given thought to making some French toast! I like it with syrup.  No powdered sugar and no additions to make it dessert-like as in a popular restaurant's offerings.  I never eat "there" as the calorie content of everything they have is off the charts.  I was invited last year for someones birthday and man, after looking up the offerings and the calories on the net, I had coffee.

The dishes and pots and pans are awaiting my pleasure there in the kitchen.  Yuk.  I'm one of those nuts who enjoys seeing them all clean on the drain board.  I never have had a dishwasher in my life.  Only on holidays do I wish I had one.

Tomorrow will be a clean the house day.  I try to keep up as the week passes but one day of the week I do the things I have left for Saturday.

Don't forget that bunny rabbit up there now!!   xoxo

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Drum Roll Please.....

What do you call the boy who has been caught by cannibals?  Ready?  Are you braced?  STU!

Simba, you naughty one, you!!!  Simba cheated and found the answer but told me in an email like a good kitty.  Paul...that was a great answer but too direct.  Hehehe.

It's raining of course.  We had our 3 days of sun.  Here's the usual punishment of 9 days of rain coming right up.  That has been going on for four years.  No idea what changed the cycle so that there is so MUCH rain.  I am not referring to temperature.  Just rain.


Here is an example of a friend's recipe for scalloped potatoes  that was prepared by that friend at my home and placed in my oven.  Three and a half ! hours later it was still full of milk and burning on the top.  The sliced potatoes that were inside and the onion bits were still uncooked after all those hours as she had poured an entire quart of milk into the casserole.  I wondered at that but she said she knew what she was doing.   And for a final how- do- you- do... the stuff boiled over onto my oven floor and created a horrible burned on mess.   To my sorrow when trying to salvage the oven surface, the burner element will not stay in the "up" position so as to make trying to the clean up a bit easier.  It's a one year old Whirlpool and they SURE don't make 'em like they used to.  Less features, more cost. Trying to reach past the oven door so as to clean the oven floor AND with the element being held up with  my one hand while I swiped at the horrible burned mess with the other is not my idea of fun.

S'nuff carping.  (should thought of that before I started carping).


Monday, January 25, 2016

There be Sunshine

So glad to see the sun these past two days.  I have been to as many places as I can go...simply because I can.

As for my noggin and fetching it a good rap, I am fine.  It didn't break the skin probably because my head did have the fabric of my nylon hood between the deck's beam and it.  It hurt a couple of days and then the pain  disappeared.  For the slipping and falling, no biggie.  I popped up like a carnival duckie going around and around for the air rifle shooters.  Up for another round but thought to go under the deck as you know.  If that ever comes up again I will re-think going under the deck.  :-)

Being able to go work out has begun to show results.  I enjoy going and regaining my musculature is  a joy.

Had to call Apple Care for my new Mac guy.  Something simple that was "cured" simply by emptying the cache.  Shoulda thought of that myself.  I will tell you that I have never been disappointed the first time with any call to Apple Care.  They are superb at solving the problem and not embarrassing you in the process.  Someone I know called it "holding your hand". Hey.  I will take it.  Why should I pretend I know what I am doing in all circumstances when I absolutely don't.  I never had false pride and what's more I will even say I am wrong when I am.  Whatta woman!  It's a wonder I haven't been snapped up by now.

Someone told me that one of my 5 email addresses came to her screen with a link which she did not click on.  Good idea to never ever click on links.  She was concerned that my account had been hacked but I think it is simply harvesting email addresses and using them for spam.  Mac's aren't famous for malware etc. but I have MalwareBytes for my Mac in the unlikely event I purposefully download malware.   I did a scan and nothing was there of course.

Gonna clean the bathroom and to take a walk.  Wish you were there too. We could walk and talk.  And so a lot of laughing because I have quite a sense of humor.  Seeking of which, I am a corny joke collector and I LOVE them.  The more childish and silly the better.  Ready? What do you call a boy who has been caught by cannibals? Answer either in an update today or tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Guys, it snowed to beat the band here.  Well, we got 5".  But we also got sleet.  And I live on a high hill and my property slants down all the way to the County line.  Dad used to say you needed toe claws (his words) to navigate the back yard.  And he was right.  Now add the sloping yard from the front all the way down to the end of the property, to the snow covering all the little hills and valleys that make up the yard and the flat river rocks and what with noting but lumpy snow'd be as foolish as I was to bundle up, put on my old combat boots and head out around the back of the house to get the snow shovel from the crawl space.   Had to though, or get sued of someone falls on my sidewalk.

So, booted and bundled I walked cautiously around the deck edge and of course the ground slanted so I fell straight down on my bottom.  Got to the door to under the house and unlocked it, walked in and got the snow shovel...came out and had a brain storm!  (yeah!) "I'll duck under the deck" says I.  That'll keep me away from where I suddenly sat down," says I.  "I won't fall again "I assured myself. "This'll do 'er" said I under my breath.

So I lowered my head, bent over at the waist and started through to the other side of the deck in safe footing.  BUT:  I cracked my head on one of the beams hanging down of course, that are supporting the deck.  Durned if I didn't fetch it another sharp rap when I raised  up (smart!!!) to rub my head.  I came on back around, got into the house and checked my punkin head for blood or swelling.   No blood thank goodness.  It's tender and still hurts but no noticeable swelling.  Not one of my brighter moments.  It'll hurt to wash my hair tomorrow.


But I got the walks cleared off

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Best Ever

Friends I'm here to tell you that six months later almost to the day,  (July 17th to January 17 when it gets here) after my surgery I feel better than I have in the last 8 YEARS!  I still have the condition ,but thanks to the Dr's work I am able to live very well with it.  All that to say I went to see my daughter-in-law and my 9 month old grandson today. :-)

I had the absolute best time.  I love my DIL as much as I do my children.  She is the daughter I never had although her mother is a beautiful fine woman...still I claim Christi too.

And James the baby!  He is holding on, and before you know it he will let loose and walk!  He has a  spoon of his own when he is being fed so that he can try to feed himself and  when I sat down beside him at the table, if he didn't offer me his cottage cheese! Twice!!!  He held his arms out twice to me  to be picked up, which is really nice because due to my illness, he hasn't seen me as many times as I would wish he could have but still...I got some smiles and some cottage cheese.

Perfect day.  I gifted her with my son's baby book today as well, which is filled up.  I kept thorough baby books on all three children.  I did not find it any more than a bit sad to pass it on to her because I knew she would love and treasure it.  No use waiting on me to "turn up my toes" as Daddy used to say  before she gets's hers now.  I gave her a baby book among other things for her baby when he got here and she writes in it as often as possible .

Guys, I feel GOOD!  The discharging nurse in the CCU where I resided those 8 days told me that though I would feel OK after 6-8 weeks, after 6 months I would be feeling great.  I do.  He was right.

I can mostly tell when I walk or work out.  My legs used to feel like lead.  Now, they are normal again.  Poor things are getting the circulation they were missing for so long.

OK.  Nuff...MORE than nuff, said.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Beware. Really.

Who has not taken their watch to either a jewelry shop or a big box store and had their watch battery changed?  Safe to say many of us have unless we are wearing analog watches still.

Nonetheless let me warn you to pay attention to something.  I have been burned by this ploy two times so far.  I won't ever let it happen again.

Yesterday I took four watches to a jewelry store for new batteries.  They were just fine when I took them out of the watch case.  I put the watches into a plastic bag and carried them to the jewelry store.  The girl took them out and told me my wait time.  I sat down.  Soon she came back waving my favorite watch and when I went over to her, she said the crystal was cracked.  Indeed it was and friends. I KNOW she did it as she took the back off.  The watches WERE in good shape when I brought them in.  She cracked the crystal and she was not decent enough to take responsibility.  I had the same thing happen at the W store (you know where I mean) and that person was so crafty after breaking it that she put it in a jeweler's slim envelope and sealed it .  Then she handed it back too me.  I never dreamed I needed to open it so I went on my way after paying and a few days later I took the watch out to find its crystal shattered!

Oh I was mad.  I went straight there to (the W store) and asked to speak to the Manager.  Of course she  claimed not to believe me.  I told her how the thing had been wrapped up and sealed to discourage me from looking and that it had not been damaged prior to that woman having it  as I took it off my wrist!  She pretended not to credit what I said and made the woman come over to the conversation.  I showed her the watch and asked if she broke it.  Of course she denied it.  I asked to no avail if they would pay to have the crystal replaced.  They declined.  So I  got stuck paying over 70.00 to a watch maker (no one else des it around here) and now, here we go again.  The woman was not there working later on but several months had passed so it likely was not due to her negligence and lying to me.

Here next is what I meant by my title.  Before you hand your watch over...LOOK at it carefully and say aloud that "there is no damage to this watch" and have them acknowledge it.  Then you'll have a leg to stand on.

I am out another 70-80 dollars for a simple plain crystal (not sapphire). Thanks to someone who values a lie over the truth.  I know she broke it.

Just saying'.