Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Greetings and Happy Halloween to those who care about the occasion.  Me, I don't..never have except as a child in the single digit age range.  :-)  Call me Scroogette.

My son was sent to the hospital Friday morning and was discharged Monday night.  So that's over thank Goodness.  We are deeply grateful things went reasonably well.

Here is a photo off my deck a few minutes ago.  Not the best but it's a view.  As you see some of the leaves are still green which surprises me.  Usually we have to wait till mid to late November before we can rake as the oak trees hold on to their leaves the longest.

Friday, October 26, 2012

For a Bit

Hello friends.  I won't be blogging for a day or so.  I just didn't want anyone to worry even though I see mto be on a weekly schedule anyway.  I am alright and so is Katie but there are matters to attend to.

See you very soon I feel sure.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What a Beautiful Day (and I am grateful for it)

I may get my act together and go out with the camera before much longer.  It's already late at 0922.  The sun gets stronger and more harsh in light with each passing minute.  I used to go out years ago 1130 or thereabouts and I finally caught on to the fact that high noon (and the few hours before and after that) are the harshest light you can find.  I don't have enough hands on my body to hold a diffuser and I'm not always lucky enough to find shade nor is it always a cloudy day so I try to choose times better than I did back in the day.  I know what the golden hour (so-called) is but I am not willing to get up that early to travel to a place to wait..nor do I like particularly staying in the evening until it strikes.  But it is easier to be there in the evening, and I have done that.

I noticed while sweeping tons of oak leaves off of my deck (they're back again) that raccoons have been up there again.  They have a distance to climb to get onto it so they are determined.  There is no hummingbird feeder to upset off its hanger and break and drink from now nor are there tomato plants out there; so maybe after tossing around the pots and other things of that nature they will give it a pass.  Otherwise I will have to pay the bucks to get the trapper back to re-locate them all over again.

They turned over the bird bath on the front yard too I might add.  Probably thought it was a feeder.  Today it's still standing.

The oldest son is coming over tonight as he has an appointment early in the morning here in this town so Katie gets extra scratches and petting this evening and tomorrow before he heads back to his home.

Another son will likely be getting married this late Spring.  I really love his choice of wife-to-be.

Here is a culprit from a few months ago that got Katie Isabella's feathery looking pantaloons in a wad in the middle of the night when he was on the deck with his rowdy companions ripping up plants and having a party.

Oh and yesterday I bought a half a gallon of chocolate milk.  YEARS since I have had any and I am steadily making my way down to the bottom of the jug.  Delicious treat.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Waiting for Maintainence Tuesday

Oh how I hate those words "Sometime before Noon" --or-- "Sometime AFTER Noon".  So I am waiting on the heat and air people who installed the new heat and air unit to come and wave a magic wand over it to make sure it is functioning for the winter.  This time it's worth it to me as I wonder if the heat is as hot as it could be.  I have natural gas furnace so it warms up quickly but while I have the day time thermostat setting at 69 it feels cooler.  Katie crams herself up against a vent the minute she hears the click outside that warm air will soon be forthcoming.  When I had the 14 year old unit that this replaced, I kept the thermostat set at 67 and it was warmer than this.  It is likely the difference in units and I will have to adjust up accordingly. I had it on 74 for the summer and it was just a tad too warm then as well.  Had to knock it down a degree to 73.  Odd.  I had a cold little Tuxie cat glued to me again last night trying to keep warm.  She has been there since it turned cold.

I can't go work out until the guys get here either.  :-(

I don't know what is going to happen with our University football team but for 6 years!!! our high standing in the SEC has been gone with nightmarish regularity and finality.  Oh it is painful to even read the paper after a game never mind watch it.  How we have fallen.  We haven't won an SEC game in those years hardly.  Not the last several for sure.

Here is another non flower picture.  It was taken last Monday.  I am a flower fan and love to do those almost exclusively.  I try to get out of that mindset sometimes.

Monday, October 22, 2012

One Last Gasp Here... :-)

Then I'm done about clothes.

Like my sweet friend Red Willow who commented on my blog of yesterday, I wear a lot of jeans and the tops in cooler weather are sweater- type many times or solid color knit tops with 3/4 length sleeves and scoop necklines.  Many times I like turtleneck styled tops or feminine blouses/shirts. Leather boots usually with a normal heel height unless they are dressier boots.  Athletic shoes of course for work outs. and all are feminine including the underpinnings.  Like Lisa (Red Willow) good perfume is a part of my everyday wear.  I was struck by that statement in her comment as I think not that many use fragrance each day.  I already know about allergies and so I try not to douse myself and I do pay attention to places that are posted with  don't wear fragrance signs.  You have to come kissin' close to smell it many times. For dressy occasions I don't wear dresses but 2 piece outfits instead.

I enjoyed and smiled at all of the comments these past two days.  Thank you for them and I hope you enjoyed the give and take.  xox

I am having lunch with a man friend.  I'll be headed out here in a few minutes.  Hope your day is a good one.  I took this picture at a popular Park a few miles away.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Moving On... :-)

Well, I think I possibly may caused a few raised eyebrows...maybe...possibly with my blog regarding clothing choices.  But whether we humans say anything or NOT, we are generally thinking every moment we are conscious and so I shared what I was thinking for a few moments yesterday.  LOVED Caro's twinset, paisley skirt, pearls and sensible shoes.  Now THAT'S the way to dress.  :-)   Or your favorite jeans and whatever serves as a top...hopefully underclothes will also be in place..just sayin'.  Um, Karen, Bermuda shorts and black socks (up to your knees?)  with sandals..not in this world.  Nik and naughty Rocky would laugh you out of house and home.  That was fun for me to write and I like to stretch out occasionally and say something different.

I am going to get my hair styled and trimmed tomorrow and I may be able to come up with something to wear under that beautiful ethereal capelet I showed you a few blogs ago.  If so, I will have my iMac take a picture and feature it.  If nothing else I will send it to the dear friend who made it for me.

Miss Katie is up in her tree behind me at the window. (I see her reflection in the screen of the computer.  She is on patrol and defending us from intruders and other unsavory entities such as vishus deer.  I shall have to reward her.  Now where did I put the treats?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Word to the Wise

Um, there is just no way to put this kindly other than not to say it at all.  Who, me?  I'll say it.  I always do.

I was issuing forth from the grocery store this morning and I saw a woman of "a certain age" walking toward me on her way in.  Looking at her as she approached and passed me I said to myself that women of that "certain age" should never wear painted on tights as their pants attire.  Tights and a tunic...shudder.   Not a go-together when you are 60+ regardless that you are not over weight.

Your skin is not firm any longer and the painted on tights simply announce that sad fact to everyone within sight of you.  It is simply a fact of life.

I for one always like to dress in a manner that is not consistent with 90 year olds.  (Not being 90 helps me a lot.   :-)  I detest those heavy knits, screen printed anythings or color blocking or large flower prints "they" seem to buy and stock in department stores for their older clientel.  I told my sons that when I myself go to the Rainbow Bridge, just have me "laid out" and  dressed in my skinny jeans and a black turtleneck top with my chunky silver hoop earrings and a sterling pendent.  High heeled boots too, in case I want to do some dancing over there on said Bridge.  But you will never find me in completely inappropriate attire as painted on tights and a tunic, tube tops, spaghetti strapped tops, high hems, buckles and zippers, ruffles, flounces and tiered dresses.  I have seen them all on old ladies within the past 8 months.

Regardless of what I am saying here about my thought of attire, I have to say that older women need not dress like a teen nor like a crone.  That is distasteful and sometimes scary.  :-) Nor am I advocating the Old lady- Old Man mode of dress...the stuff of cartoons.  Just look carefully in the mirror before you leave home , both sexes, and do so with eyes that are open and not averse to seeing oneself as one really appears.

 My name'll be mud probbaly for expressing the thoughts aabove.  xoxox

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Stuff

Well, Katie Isabella's human brother is coming home this evening as he has business to attend to in the morning.  We, she and I, have made him grilled chicken and he'll have yellow rice with garden veggies in it as a side.  She is delighted as she hasn't had him for company in several months.  She is ready for her extra petting and scratches and I will be abandoned tonight by her so she can go in there to his room and supervise him!

I went out for hours yesterday scouting landscapes and leaf colors.  I found some beauties but I also found some lovely peaceful river scenes.  I don't have much time today as I wanted to get that chicken done and plan the rest of the meal plus get some work done.

Hoping your week is good, my friends.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Silken Capelet

I got a gift of gifts a few days ago.

A dear friend knitted me a silken (really) capelet for my birthday.  I am even more grateful because her mom had a severe illness happen about the same time as my birthday, so my friends time is very limited with caring for her mom and getting through her own life as well.  Yet she created this beautiful capelet.

I saw one in her photostream on Flickr a few months back and had left a comment that the beautiful creation was "the stuff that dreams are made from".  Little had I known then that I would hold a dream in my hands a month later.  I am looking for just the right top to wear it over.  A black scoop necked one would be best I think.  No necklace as the collar enhances the capelet beautifully.  My regret is I was unable to capture the glint of the very tiny jewel green beads throughout.

Thank you Karen and much love and gratitude.  XXOO

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Different Picture for Certain!

Here is a strange picture for you.  I sat on a seat (ahem) in the small warm room after I noticed that my cleaning of the tub and tub surround, sink, potty etc.  yesterday afternoon was even better than I thought it was!  You can see me there holding the camera.  What made me sit there (fully clothed I might hasten to add lest you think I am more odd than I really am)  I could see the reflection of one of my bedroom windows in it as clearly as though it had been engraved on the white surface.  I even saw the pier glass mirror in front of the window.  You can see the stained glass ornament hanging in the upper part of the window as well.  And the forest out back.  And SUN!  After 5 days without sun, that was remarkable in itself.  Near the bottom of the image is a small sun patch on the carpet in the bedroom. The extreme right of the picture is the shelf addition to the tub surround. Where I keep the soap, etc.

So here is that reflection!  As I said..a strange picture but for once I used my imagination.  Well, that's my excuse.  Biggafy for a good view.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whatta Bargain!

I went to Penney's looking for a new top.  This is an entire month I have given them a chance and returned despite leaving with nothing all the other times due to horrific LOUD loud prints and sleazy looking fabric.  (cheapie looking knits that have a slight shine to them).  Unflattering sleeves abound besides the horrible LOUD LOUD multi-color prints.  What happened to tops one can wear in a business setting or an affair in which a bit better dress is required.  A solid color or a subtle pattern?  They had them in store 5 months ago!  I got a Worthington white with tiny navy polka dots, form skimming with puffed sleeve back then. I must have gotten the only decent top left because they sure STILL don't have anything since that I would buy.  I would go there for retail therapy at times.  No more.

SO:  I slipped over to Belks and they had a clearance going on.  I bought a beautiful petite length white pure linen lined skirt.  It has pretty detailing near the hem.  Subtle and pretty and feminine.  I also got a pair of stone colored linen pants!  No lining so when I tried them on I could see the leopard print of my undies shining thru.  The fit was superb and finding neutral colored undies is absolutely worth it to have them.  My legs are slender as are my hips and this pair of pants had narrow fit to the knees where it went to a slight but cut.  Perfect fit.  best fit I will ever find and there was just the one pair.  The both items cost me $9.96 believe it or not!!!  I will be headed back to Belks the way I used to go to JCPenney.

Anyway, those two linen items for under ten dollars to me was worth writing about  Ooo la laaa.  And again, the close yet skimming over the legs fit on those pants...I would love to find more like that. I'd be happy to pay full price.   Here's a closer up look at the hem area.  Click to biggafy.

Just checking in.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Cool Fall Weekend

Yesterday is was so warm the air conditioning finally came on early evening.  I was about to nudge it to do so.

Today, it never got over 58 degrees F as a high and it has been drizzling rain all day.  Cloudy, overcast but as I said on Face's a day and I am grateful to have it.

Mother's cactus, a Stapelia, is blooming.  Those of you who have been with me for years know how each year in September and October long about the time I have to bring the plants in, it blooms large extraordinary malodorous blooms.  The stench is gut wrenching and as I have said, they are always covered with green and black flies.  It smells like rotted meat.   It is all I have of my mother from when she died a million years ago.  So I can't get rid of it.  But the stench when it blooms is incredibly bad.  I will post a picture.  This time (I took it this morning) it mercifully only made 2 blooms where usually it makes 8.

Next to it on the left is a Christmas cactus.  Everyone goes outside in the Spring and come in before it gets really cold.  I am worried as it will be in the low 40's and they aren't used to being out in that much chill.  But bringing it in will mean the entire house filling with that wrenching stench those flowers make.   I tried cutting off the blooms only and it almost killed the entire plant. This was several years ago.  Since it truly is all I have of Mother's..I preserve it despite the horrible odor.

I got some extra sweet paw hugs from Katie this morning.  She climbed up onto my lap, faced me and raised her front legs up and placed her paws on either side of my mouth and kept them there.  Her face was just an inch or so from mine.  We stayed that way for minutes.  Very sweet.

Look at the lower left  of this next picture to see a piece of the roof line of the house next door to me and look at my trees.  Tall, aren't they?  That is my back yard as far down as you can see to the City line.  I am fronted by a city street but behind all of us on this street is what is called a privately owned (by all of we home owners), Green Belt.  It's a forest of oaks, hickory, maples, poplar and so on. HUGE trees and since we get tornadoes all of the time you can see why it worries me when the winds blow.

xox Have a great weekend.