Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday First Son

Happy Birthday dearest firstborn and much hoped for Son.

I will never find the words to describe the thrill we felt knowing that you were on the way.  The fact that we were living in Europe made it more concerning as there was no family to rely on.  But that was alright as having you was worth anything.

I have always and ever said in you all's birthday and in Mother's day blogs from me, that to me, there is no greater privelege than having children.  No finer gift. And each child IS a gift.  The sheer unconditional love a mom feels for her children compares to no other form of love on this earth.  You will love a spouse of course but a child..that absolutely perfect gift you were granted-- and you carried and nourished that little forming body all those months..nothing can ever approach the joy and contentment and happiness..not to me.  So I speak for myself.  No one else.

Here is your birthday again  and I will be grateful till I am no longer here that you were born into my life.  Happy Birthday.  You make me both happy and proud.

All my love always,


Monday, May 27, 2013

Here I Go Again.

Like anyone really is clamoring to see this but here is my corsage.  I have taken the roses out and have them drying up in the air.  I will flatten them tomorrow most likely.

I have saved the ribbon in my room and I am drying the four rose buds are the few sweet strawberries I picked from my lonely little plant out on the deck.  I can't  have my container garden any more because the raccoons and opossums climb all the way up and wreck the deck, and tear up the hummingbird feeder whilst doing it AND eat the veggies I grow. PLUS they terrorize the cat who screams a blue streak in the night and I have to get up to deal with it.

There are (were) about ten of them I guess.
I was so whupped from this past week that I sat down and could not read the morning paper without falling asleep over it so I gave up and had half an hour nap.  Who is sorry now?  Me.  I'm not sleepy and it is drawing nigh to bedtime.  :-(

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Era

I am a mother-in-law as of yesterday at 1400 hrs.  I am very proud of my new daughter and happy that she is in the family and we, in hers.  What a gloriously gorgeous cool sunny blue skied day it was.

Everyone is gone this morning.  The son who came from Over the Mountains to be Best Man has gone home an hour ago.  He'll arrive there sometime this afternoon.  The cousin he brought here to see the marriage is also gone with him, back to the airport in The Land Over the Mountains to fly back to Manhattan.

My oldest is back at his place nearby too.  He was the Groomsman.  Katie will miss them both. So will I.  :-)

It was a beautiful wedding, and it was  filled with love and spirituality as both are strong followers of Christ.

The cakes, the wedding one and the grooms cake (chocolate) were both lovingly home made and gorgeous.  They were decorated with real fresh flowers..and they smelled heavenly!  Those of you who know me well know that the groom, my youngest is an expert photographer regardless that he is a Software Engineer. This is a beloved hobby of his that could easily make him a Pro if he wished.  But as Sophia would say..."I digress"!  HIS cake had a toy camera on the top!  LOVED that touch.  Hope it was a Nikon or he would have swooned were it a Canon.  :-)

Here's their car as it was being decorated before the ceremony.


The Bride (I will post more later)

Groom's Cake

Homemade wedding cake

Friday, May 17, 2013

Poor Little Katie

It is an awful storm for her to deal with.  She's just a little kitty and when the lightening flashes and the thunder roars and hail falling, she heads for under the dining table.  When we get one of our many tornadoes I can't get her in my lap for's under the big table.

Her human brother is here though- and after he comes out of the shower (he got started before the storm started) she will get a lot of attention if she is up for that.

We are all getting ready for the big wedding next Saturday.  Everyone has their suits and ties and pretty dresses. I swear I cannot remember what the bride will be carrying for flowers!

I am excited for them..their honeymoon will be in Europe for several weeks.  No tours or whirlwind.  They want to be in the heart of London and that's where they booked their horribly expensive hotel BUT it is within a stone's throw of everything they are interested in (all of us as a family are actually) British history.  Any History really, but British history is my history as that is my lineage.   All of the famous buildings and artifacts within reach..walking distance.  But when they leave the will be a new era and one I will have to adjust to.  My baby will be gone.  That is the way it should be and I am deeply lovingly appreciative of it.

Peace, friends.  So glad I have you.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wild Thing You Make My Heart Sing

Here is a reprint from my blog on MSN Live Spaces in 2008. I hope you like it.

A few weeks ago, I was standing by my deck door.  Through the vertical blinds, I noticed the security lights come on at the far left side of the house.
I opened the door and saw the reason.  A gray fox.  The first one I have been fortunate enough to see here in the yard. It was glorious; all sleek and shining. 
In my city which was carved out of a forest, there are public and privately owned greenbelts as they are commonly called here.  I happen to own a home that is situated right on and in a greenbelt.  All of our homes on this street (which, by the way, is approximately 4 miles long), back onto a greenbelt (privately owned by us).   The word "greenbelt" is just my city’s way of saying that you are living on the edge of a forest. 

The City has done a magnificent job of maintaining the Public wooded areas through out the town with preservation a priority.  And with the greenbelts, public or private, come wonderous and beautiful surprises every day.
The fox I saw was just one of many creatures that visit all our yards and areas in the entire city most of the time. 

I have deer coming up to the chain link fence in back and usually, they vault over the fence right into the yard.  I see them frequently. And they haven’t eaten nor have they destroyed anything in my yard to this point. 

I have been priveleged to see the fox, the deer that remain constant visitors, the usual assortment of raccoons, opossums, coyotes and since the re-introduction of red wolves, (who have migrated from the National Park very near by), I have seen a wolf as well.  Sitting on my neighbor’s screened in porch just at twilight last summer we had our first and so far only personal sighting.

This town is covered up with deer.  There is no getting away from them.  You must watch for them on the streets as they are out in places you would not necessarily think they would go.  They have no particular crossing point.  They roam where they please and when they please.  Up to and including downtown.  It is the proximity of all the greenbelts that shelter them that bring them out.

I live about seven miles from work and when coming home or driving to work, I have traveled carefully as I never know when I will be surprised by another brave hearted deer crossing right in front of me.  There are some heavy shrubs along the street I live on.  I see holes worn through those shrubs and bushes and deer just leaving the entrance of the holes through the bushes and shrubs that the passage of their bodies continually have made.  So I have an idea of some of the more popular places they cross in my immediate neighborhood.

Where I have worked is situated in the city, yet in an unpopulated area.  There I have seen all the animals I just mentioned and Elk as well.  You read correctly.  Elk.  They were introduced into the area several years ago and as they are protected from hunters, they have flourished.  They haven’t breached the town nor do I think they ever will.  They are and will remain less seemingly domesticated than the deer population.

My deck by the way, is up perhaps 8or 10 feet from the ground and  I have a good visual vantage point.

At twilight, in the Spring and Summer my delight is amplified many fold.
The entry point for most of the animals in my back garden.
There is not much greater pleasure to me than sitting out at twilight and in the early evening by myself or with a friend, talking quietly with the  good company of clouds of lightening bugs flashing their greenish/gold light all around.  The crickets, locusts and frogs singing add to the music. The scurry of chipmunks, the heady green scent of all the towering trees around me.  I know the rustle of the trees and brush well as a deer is approaches the salt lick my neighbor supplies them. The snarl of raccoons fighting over my neighbors thrown into the woods dog food is a discordant but natural note in the symphony that plays just for us while the warmth of the evening slowly our melts the ice in our tea.  The stars so clear but shrouded from the telescope by the canopies of the trees.

The feeling of peace is almost surreal.
 Through the Winter and early Spring, I always anticipate the turn of season when I can put out the deck furniture, the table’s umbrella, set a tall glass of tea on it and compose myself to hear the sounds of wild things. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Blessed Day

Mother's Day always has been my most favorite day except Christmas and Easter.  Mother's Day gives me the opportunity to express thanks to the Lord for the exquisite gift of three sons.

I have said so many times before that many of you already know what comes next...I feel deeply and profoundly grateful to have my sons and the honor of having cared for them while they were with me.

There truly is no greater treasure, no better gift, nothing more wished for by me than to be their mother.

They are all grown and gone away from me but they have stayed close in that I hear from them a lot and I get to see them a lot.  Nothing surpasses the pleasure of being in their company.  All of this seems perhaps "too too" but nonetheless it IS exactly how I feel and I have never swerved from feeling this honor.

One son was gravely ill and I had the complete honor of caring for him the while he was in the hospital and rehabilitation later plus several months here at the house with me.  An honor.  I mean it.  No one else would do while I was able to stand on my two feet and had breath to breathe.

Another is about to be married in two weeks to a girl that I simply adore.  From the first moment I met her till forever more.  Now I have a daughter too.

The other boys are waiting for their Princesses and she will be there on time for them when the time is right.

All the Dad's who are single and rearing their children, Happy Mother's Day to you as well.  You are both Mom and Dad, and I know myself from experience how terrifically hard that is, and you have my admiration for all you do.  Thank you and I know you are proud of your babies however old they are.

Those who nurture their pets, and the strays they rescue, those who do TNR, giving love to the blameless and the innocent  whose steward we certainly are, thank you and Happy Mother's Day to YOU as well, in the most loving sense of the word.

And lastly, thank you for bearing with me through the years, through all my children, human and furred and their exploits and adventures--- and my speaking of them all so often.  <3

Thanks to ANN of Zoolatry for the graphic.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let's see...How Can I Put This?

I have a question that I have thought about regarding how to ask it of anyone who might read this. I have no answering thought so I will plunge right in.

Usually when you hear the phrase "I hate cats!" said with emphasis, it is stated by a man.  Of course there are females too who don't like cats or who have a phobia about them as do some men but:  when you hear "I hate cats!" it is usually stated by a man. I want to make the distinction that I am not referring to the man who says "I prefer dogs" or the one who says "I don't care for cats".  I am speaking of the one who says he hates cats.

Alright, all that being said..preamble having been written..what is my point?  I must add another thing before I get to the point.   :-)  (so female of me).

If you are familiar with cats, let's say you own one or are around folks who do have a cat in the family,  many times you can tell a male cat from a female one.  Male cats sometimes have a slightly larger head and a bit more rounded in the face.  Females, the opposite.  However, many folks see all cats as looking feminine.  Yes, they do look feminine in a sense of the word if you equate that feminine look with softness, beauty,  the large lustrous eyes, the show of affection the kitty gives when he/she trusts you.  Just whatever strikes any individual, as to the similarities they fancy they see. Whatever the resemblance is to women at large, I am finally getting to my point.

Do men who literally hate cats tend to be abusive to women?  Do they equate cats to women if you will,  and fail to see cats as an innocuous and innocent pet just as dogs and gerbils etc are, simply because they really hate women?  Are these the ones who are so cruel and violent to an innocent animal simply because something in their life caused them to hate women?

I have Googled this and while I have found articles that support my view (I only looked today as I was going to cite one as a reference but have chosen not to as they may be copyrighted).

But this is just a general question, not completely unreasonable a juxtaposition I would say.  I imagine not many if any will agree with me.

Last statement will be that men who do have cats as pets or like them in general are frequently seen by women as more desirable as a marriage partner.  Could it be that men who like or love cats are innately more tender in their actions?  Who knows.  That does not presuppose that folks who like dogs are not good partners.  Remember what I was at pains to say in my second paragraph.  I drew a distinction.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Small Tour of TN

My friend Boston Boy of Blogzilla commented yesterday that I should think of including some scenery pics from around here so as to give you guys a tour right there at your home.  I take so many floral macros and few landscapes that I haven't many to choose from but here are a few for you now. Above is at one of our local Parks.

Bull Run Steam Plant
This view above is just about 4 miles from my home. My pics will be taken in the winter or fall this time.

A side walk (literally) sculpture in downtown Knoxville
I am fascinated with that sculpture.  Unusual.  Here is another view of it.

The  famous Tennessee Theatre in downtown Knoxville.
Here is the URL for it if you're interested.

The foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains
About 5000 ft. up in the Smokey's

The Smokey's are only an hour away from me and the black bears are all over the place including here in town.  Gotta love it.

Here's a birdie I took a pic of.  He is a Ring Billed Gull.  Down on the  Clinch River where I go all the time. here in town.

Waterfalls in the Mountains.  We live in a beautiful State.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back From the Mountains, Tra la tra laaa

I had the best time!  It's been such a long time since I got to go.  My boy was gracious to ferry me about to all of my favorite places and I swear my wallet had flames coming off of it, I had it whipped out for payment so many times!

It was sunny until Saturday afternoon whereupon it started raining.  It rained the rest of the day, all night and man, did I have heavy hard hard rain ALL the way home to my driveway--- every inch of the way. There was hard rain, there were clouds low in the mountains along with the rain and the mist thrown up by cars and the zillions of trucks on I-40 with the rest of us was very difficult to see through.  I remembered that which I read several years ago.  That being to put on your polarized sunglasses.  That works to help you make out signs overhead and along the road through all the clouds and rain as well as road hazards and even the trucks ahead.  And it does not make it too dark to drive despite them being sunglasses in the deep gloom.  If I heard correctly, we had record rainfall here in my town for the weekend.  The pet sitter had some  dogs to take out before she got to Katie and she said what with the dogs' reluctance to go out in the driving rain to go to the bathroom if you will, she also had to dry them when they came back in.  She said she was so glad the weekend was over when I called to tell her I was home.

Hope you like my dogwood flowers.  They are from my own dogwood here in the yard.

It took awhile to put things away when I got home.  That's great because that meant I had a great time.  Katie got a new pretty dish to drink from and she told me she didn't like it and bring back the old one which I obediently did.

I get to go see my colleagues today for lunch.  It's a mixture of those who are working and those who aren't.  But always fun and full of ear splitting loud talkin' noise.  Just the way I like it.  Makes me smile just thinking of it.

Gotta get ready..see you soon.  You think the raspberry colored linen top will do?  I have two new linen tops.  One crushed orange they call it and one raspberry.  Both are more pastel however.  I'll haul 'em out and you decide, what say?