Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wish it Would Stop Raining!

If it would stop raining every day all day I could go out and do better at getting some pictures of the Fall colors.  But I don't want the camera wet.  It's a DSLR. This is off my deck into my woods and one standing next to my driveway looking at the woods and deck and the privacy fence on my deck...out there in the rain but partially in shelter under the carport.

What do you all have?

Looking off my deck 10/28 & into my woods

Off my deck into my woods

My deck to the right & downward sloping backyard

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Days Are Here Again

My sciatica or whatever in the world it was is about gone.  I was able to go to the store 2 times today after therapy where I swear she tried to annihilate me.  (Via hard hard hard gouging massage).  I had electro stim therapy too and the ultra sound therapy as well at the point on my, um, well, sit-down area up at the top  where the sciatic nerve is, and also on the IT band at  the side of my knee that was also just as painful as my back.  Not being able to walk to the end of your own house's hallway and not being able stand for more than a few seconds was excruciating.

My DIL won't see this so I will share with you all that I ordered some flowers for my precious daughter-in-law.  They will be there tomorrow.  Too much to expect them to be there this afternoon.

She has gone without being asked with me to every appointment at the cardiology office and at every surgical appointment to be that extra pair of ears you need many times..  She went with the rest of the family the hospital  during my surgery and texted friends from there after surgery so they would know I was still kicking.   She helped this week when my sciatica was so excruciating by showing up and going to the store for me and hauling my pet to the Vet and she is 30 minutes away by car.  She brought food on several occasions and she is always a listening ear when I am in need. She is a precious girl and I feel fortunate that she and my son chose one another over all others and became a tightly bonded unit.  And now with their baby as well...oh, bliss.  I hope not to be as needful any longer.  This is the first time in my life I have been down and out physically that I needed help.  I hope it will be the last. Friends and family are gold and gemstones in my life.  That includes my Blogger and Twitter friends.  Very much includes them.

All the prayer and work on my behalf lifted me up to heights I had not known before.  Thank you, each of you who are reading this as well.  I am here for you too when or if you need me.

Fishies were I was walking before the sciatica

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

16 Years Old Today!

That's what I was.  Sixteen years old all day long from the time I went to work out  this morning till this minute.  I have not laughed that hard and so many times, just as hard each time, as I laughed today.  Most of them  were moments that "you'd have to be there" to appreciate...maybe.  But it started with a dear friend having come over for lunch and beyond.

I made sandwiches, she brought a dessert she made and after having lunch, off we went to the store because the blender, a cheapie I had bought months ago was not going to really work for what I wanted it for.  So...enter part one of my, hers and my adventures today.

 We took off to the store and saw the 'no cruising' sign posted where we parked  This was one of those "you'd have to be there" ones, but I expressed sadness and disappointed feelings as I  told my friend I had every intention of asking her if she wanted to cruise the parking lot with me because I sure had it in mind!  (not)  We were already laughing hard when we got out of the car and all the way to and through the doors.

We calmed and went for her to get a skein of wool and for us to choose a more appropriate device with which to make my would-be smoothies rather than what I had.

There was more tear making laughter as we were walking through the aisles and one ridiculous situation or scrap of conversation  after another would strike our funny bones and we'd stand there laughing hard with tears flowing from our eyes the way me and my girl friends did as teens and young moms, one with the other laughing our silly heads off. One more regret voiced by me as we went back to the vehicle that we couldn't cruise the parking lot with loud laughter from the two of us--- and we came back here to the house.

Then we washed out the container for the smoother maker and I poured in some milk, some blueberries, a few sweeteners, and 2/3's cup of ice cubes.  I followed directions and pressed  down on the container to start it the way you're supposed to.  Nothing happened.  I said "Nothing happened" so my friend commenced trying.  Nothing happened.  We put our backs into it by turns, and still nothing happened until simultaneously we saw at the same time that it wasn't plugged in.  I swear, we were BENT over laughing and I had to get the tissue box for us to wipe our eyes and blow our noses.  My belly hurts and this IS the best day I have had in a LONG time.

Smoothie turned out well.  I will be PLUGGING the smoothies maker in and trying more each day.

What a great day! I sure could have used it.  It's great when you have someone that you march in lock step with on opinions usually, and that you can share all manner of thoughts without concerns.

Still smiling!