Monday, January 15, 2018

Another Edition of Good Grief!

Good grief!  I asked to speak to the Manager of the local Wally World store.  I had that opportunity and complained that I have been unable for 5...count 'em...5 weeks to reach the flavored waters..only 4  6 pks. left all that time and unreachable.  WAY back on a shelf too high for most of we mortals. I asked when water might be available and if so, could a person reach it.  I also pointed out that the canned goods are so sparse in some categories that there are bare shelves about 5 feet in width here and there in the store.  I told her of the very poor variety of  any type of frozen meals..I like Cafe Steamers.  Just a few varieties available..all of which I don't care for.  I went on about other bare shelves and freezer space as in today, when I wanted frozen veggies, there were just 3 bags of frozen carrots and only their brand--- and 1 bag of frozen green beans, again, only their brand.  This has been going on for months!

Her explanation?  They can't get shipments due to "the hurricane".  I asked WHAT hurricane as none have been reported in many months and of course we don't get them inland in my State.  She said the ports were closed and the trucks can't get their shipments.  I thought "what planet do you think I am from, Lady"?  No other store in town is like that and I wish I had had the presence of mind to say so to her.

That's it for my quarterly (or daily sometimes) edition of Good Grief!  Brought to you by Odd managers, Inc.

Here's a flower gift for that imaginative Manager at Wally's. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Finally Logged In Again!

Man, I have had the worst time ever in all these years getting into this blog, my Word Press blog, commenting on Word Press blogs from my Google ones...never used to happen.  I am always afraid too that once I log out of Katie's blog, I'll never get in again.  She would leave home if that happened.

It's cold.  Had three days off from the way below freezing and gusty winds that kept me from walking for several weeks,  I really piled it on walking those several days but we are back to the biting windy cold.  Of course, it won't be much time at all till I am complaining that it is so hot and humid and that I can hardly stand it.  I remember walking in that heat and sweat dreaming happily of Winter when I could walk in a jacket or a coat.  Well, guess what Carole? You can...the time is here BUT: etc etc

Had to have an electrician in.   I had those old yucky yellowy white color curly- cue fluorescent bulbs in ceiling fixtures I can't reach as I am very short and I have no 6' step ladder.  Never cast enough light.  So when bulbs go out I need help with replacing them.  The kitchen fluorescent light and bulbs were old and it needed it's bulb's changed as 2 of 4 died.  I want the LED lights. But I got the wrong thing, so the electrician will come back after his week long hike and fix that for me.  But while he was here I got bright daylight LED lights put in my room (OH! what a wonderful fabulous change that is!!!) and in the living room ceiling fixture.  My son did the hallways and the bathroom fixtures, vanity and ceiling while he was here after Benny does the kitchen light..I am set.  This place is very shaded...all of us in this neighborhood are in a forest that was cut down partially to build the homes back in the early 50's.  That's my place there with the blue circle.

The grandson is growing up and I adore him totally.  Katie does too.