Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Oh it was glorious out there yesterday.  After a solid week of rain, when I opened the blinds, sun.  AND it was in the high 50's.  AND the humidity was low.  Ain't nothin' better than that!  Of course, it's raining again today.

I started out to the gym..I almost decided on the park, but I went on with the gym.  After I left the gym I went to the civic center where I got iPhone pictures of their annual plantings for the spring and summer.  I'll put some in, and the header will change too. The bees were so many!  I loved seeing them.  I don't fear those.  Wasps, hornets..yes.  Regular bees so to speak, never.   They come up to my face sometimes and I like to pretend they are greeting me.  They, as one of the bloggers said yesterday in FB, go on about their bee business.

They are all over these cone flowers, but you won't be able to make them out.  I love it when they are coated with pollen.  I have quite a few summer pics thru the years of bees just loaded up with pollen. These guys weren't coated yet.  I caught them early.  Got me in some fab walking there too looking for flowers and insects to photograph.  Brought the DSLR and left it in the car in case something warranted having it with me in the flower area. I could have gone back for it .

 Burning question for you.  Is there anyone else besides me who almost never fails to place canned goods in the cabinet with their labels facing away?  Seems like the law of averages would have me picking up at least 1 and place it in with the table facing out.  But no.  I know that one could circumvent this by simply looking at the can in their hand BEFORE they put it in the cabinet.  But I don't wanna be bothered.  The law of averages snickers nastily and makes sure they, the cans,  are turned away from me.

Got to get cracking.  The day is ticking away.

Their snowballs...

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

There's More to Life than Exercise!

Good Golly Miss Molly!  I didn't walk yesterday though the weather was just right to not sweat like a walking bucket of water.  Instead, I finally took a day off from it and headed to Cos*co and laid my wallet down again it seems, buying stuff I need, yes, but whoa nelly.  They still cost money, all that stuff.  I came home from that, but not until I stopped off at the arboretum on the way back from The Big City where I had been spending money like water. The Arboretum is run by and owned by the University of Tennessee.  It is extremely nice.

They have some wild flowers planted at the visitors center area.  I had my DSLR with me knowing I would stop off.  As I was looking them over  and walking slowly and standing here and there peering in the bushes...I interrupted a private moment it seems.

Farther on, I found something else that reminds me of the snowball bush (see below here) ...I forget the snowball bush's real name, but it wasn't.  Do you know what this is?  It's not cultivated or it wouldn't have been there.

These guys were there and many others.  Don't want to bore you overly much (she said).  I will add I took the header picture in a garden near here. DSLR and not the phone.

Anyway, the day was blessedly great from the minute I got up till I went to bed.  I loved just going to the City...getting some things I needed, going and finally using the big camera...coming home to see what I got.  Going back out to get a few things like soft drinks and milk...back again to lift weights, reading the rest of a superb book...and so on..into the sunny perfect afternoon and early evening.  A day I was particularly grateful, and particularly glad to be alive.

Peace.  XX

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer are here.  Summer just got mixed up and thought it was June already.  Well, almost!  We've had several weeks of 90 + temps.  Fahrenheit of course.  So, 33.33 C.

I have been at the gym these past several weeks as it is too too hot out there going quickly, and sweating from that- plus sweating from the air temp.  I give.  Changing from the inside out every time  I get back to the house and soaking hair is just double the laundry and hair care.  I'll head outside again where I'd rather be, when I can start out with it in the mid 60's.  I'd have to leave as early in the morning  as possible to do that.

I have been doing very well too, tread milling at the gym.  It's boring to an extreme but it beats slogging around in the wet -as -water air temp.  I won't look up at the TV's  while there as they are all tuned to "those" channels, and I don't want to see it.  I'd think that they would provide fitness things or other such. Play loud music for pity sakes.

My gardenia bush started blooming all at once... starting today.  I went out with one blooming...came home a few hours later and about a dozen more had burst into bloom.  There are so many buds on the bush it's like a Christmas tree just about!  :-)  And the fragrance..Oh my goodness.  The whole front area of the house is fragranced as though there was permanent exquisite  perfume in the air.

They were just starting to open up here.

I love seeing the fine pollen all over the petals

Howdy!  You were my first one out today!  
I'm in here at the iMac drinking a glass of tart cherry juice. And it is tart.  I love it.  Very refreshing and very caloric I'm afraid.  One of my indulgences.

Since the rains stopped and I can get out so much these past several months I am seeing a difference in how my clothes look which is a nice change.  I'm not losing weight.  I am just shaping up a touch.  I do some minor weightlifting too after I get back home.  That's what's helping.  No one is beating a path to my door, so I cannot get all puffed up like Katie's tail about it.  :-)

Man, I am so sleepy.  I was facebooking a week or so ago that for some inexplicable reason I start yawning about 9:30 (2130)...over and over and over and over...tears rolling from the constant yawning.  Trying to read while yawning every few seconds and wiping my eyes is the pits.  I go to bed, and it's not instant sleep. Only happens at bed time.  Not all day, and it's not physical thing.  Sure is a pain though. I may start having a bit of caffeine in the mid afternoon.

On my deck.  A female Ruby throated Hummingbird.

See ya on the other side.  XX

Sunday, May 19, 2019

At Least it Isn't Raining.

Ya know, I may as well have someone throw a bucket of water on me to start with when I get up to the park where I do my serious walking.

I walk fairly rapidly considering that I am a heart patient still. Though my recovery has been excellent I just have to keep the heart rate down to no more than 140  bpm when out exerting myself. I was trying to say before I tangled myself up in more words, that I can and do some serious "dewing up"  (that is such a silly term) now that it is warm-hot and humid weather.  I have to change from the inside out these past 9 days when I get home.  It's seriously worth it.

Whichever of you is tallish...please come over and stand on my couch and let's try to get a picture hung over it.   It's a purty clover in a field.  I'm still too short and besides I cannot see what I'm doing wobbling around on the couch while trying to find a good place.  While one of the boys was here for Mother's Day I meant to ask, and of course, I forgot.

Dis you hear about the actor who fell through the floorboards?

(Drum Roll)

He was just going through a stage!

Tree fell over the path at the park.  City let it lay a week till someone called and raised cain..

Friday, May 10, 2019

They (will start to) call me the Breeze!

Guys, the more I am out there whoopin' around the parks and walking fast, the better I feel- though that took a week to get reconditioned this winter.  But I persevered through freezing temps. And now thorough what seems boiling hot temps, but it isn't. Yet.  It will be though within a few weeks and on forward till November. It just seems that way now at 72-74 degrees because the sun is shining hotly on me as I hurry getting my miles in.  I sweat like the proverbial race horse.  I came home this morning and had to totally change out.

Thank you for knowing how it felt to be talked to rudely by that girl.  I felt better after reading your kind comments. I wasn't angry any more after what I told you last blog but my feelings were still singed some.  I am not used to rudeness.  Katie is always polite.  😻

Happy Mother's Day to come to all your who are moms and to the Dads and who are both mom and dad...the way I was to my children as they came up.  I did my best to do both.  And I include moms and dads of our precious furred family as well.  The care we give, and the love we give to them and receive from them is precious and real.  Family.

Thank you and Happy Mother's Day to all the foster parents of cats and dogs, and certainly to children.   The care, the energy and the unstinting love is awesome.  You are a cut above.

I hope your weekend is beautiful...inside and out.

One of my little ones whom I love. 

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Oh For Pete Sake

Well, by golly I was all ready an hour or so ago on my way back home to type a few lightening bolts and some thunder boomers here talking about a twenty something woman this morning at no less a place than...Wally World.

I was in there (never did get what I went for...Dr. Peppers...) and I had gone thru check out and was making my way pushing my cart down the wide aisleway that leads from the very back to the very other back. In other words, one end to the other.  I always choose to park back where the garden stuff is so I have to walk extra getting to the other end where food & etc is.  Me and my step count, don't you know.

So, I'm going along and I directed my eyes to the left at a crossway.  At that time the young woman came along toward me with plenty of others as well, and I came to a quick collision done.  She was walking diagonally across the way of my path.  I said with a smile that I was glad all was well, and she said "you ought to watch where you're going"!

Fire ran through me- and I did say loudly "you too".  I was thinking unkind thoughts until I got in the car and I thought...knock it off.  It's a beautiful day you were had a great walk,  things going great until that little contretemps grateful!  Be glad you are out here enjoying it. Some folks can't, and some can't race around the park getting miles in.  Be grateful for this day.  And while you're at it, you could have seen her sooner if you'd not have looked left.  No, there was no collision; but it obviously made her mad though I was nice and so on.  It was disrespectful of her to talk to an ancient crone like me in that manner and tone. But while there was no harm done, I had startled her I guess.  So, back in the car I finally came to the right conclusion it was my fault although I'd like to not have heard that statement.  But the pi$$ed off feeling left me and I only have gratitude for the day. Only took couple of minutes to calm down.  I'm improving.

Oh, and here is why I don't put stuff in the trunk.  It could be worse, but still easier to put in the back seat. And apparently  my purpose must be to annoy people waiting for my space even when there's one next to mine.  😩

Monday, April 29, 2019

Why Would a Person Do This?

Oh goodness, it has been years since I mentioned this phenomenon .  But I got anther shining example of this strange behavior this morning in the Wally World parking lot. I used to see it at work in the huge parking lots.  But let's go back to Wally World.

I had come out with a  full cart that had some large things in it...some groceries, and miscellaneous other things.  I opened my rear passenger car door and started loading things in.  Now I had a LOT of things..just telling you.

I heard a motor running.  I moved my eyes, not my head, and saw a woman in a vehicle right at the rear passenger side of my car.  There was a parking space just 2 up from me.   I continued with what I was doing and though I thought for a second to slow down a bit..I overcame that ill spirited  thought and just kept loading things into the car,  Many were heavy as was, for example the very large bottled water. Still, the engine idled as she continued sitting there waiting for me to be done. The rest of the spaces were available, and she'd only have to go one car past me to get one.  But no.  She  idled on.  I was still dragging the heavy stuff out, arranging it on the floor and the seat.  (I never load stuff into the trunk for another reason I'll get to on down the road).  Minutes passed, still she sat there.  I was finished after 5 minutes I would say and pushed my cart back to the rack.  I walked back up and got in the car. I admit finding my phone and checking to see if there were urgent messages for me from Congress or the Air National Guard or the Tooth Fairy.  I clicked mail to see if Katie had meowed wanting more foods or a new toy.  None of the messages I checked for arrived.
Grandiflora Magnolia blossom just tarting to unfold.  Big as a salad plate fully open. 

SO...I backed up and left.  The poor woman slid right on into my place, eschewing the space one up from mine.  

She could have parked one space up...gone in  and started shopping having made her way more than 2/3's  up the main aisle of the superstore but... she chose to wait on me.  Just can't understand it, but as long as she was happy.  Is it that much easier to not walk one car's width?  Bless your heart.