Saturday, November 17, 2018

It's Like a Video, Sorta

I get up in the morning..know the household things I must do and extra ones as well as company is coming for Thanksgiving.  Aside from that, as I made my way to the kitchen to feed her Majesty, Queen Katie Isabella and then myself some breakfast, I reflected how each day---grateful as I am to have that day, is a copy of the one before it if you keep a housekeeping routine etc.  Rather like- your feet hit the floor--- and the day unfolds as a carbon copy (does anyone but older folk even know what those two words mean)?

Anyhoo, you get up...go forward to whatever you must do first (aside from attending matters in the small room)...and each cog of the wheel turning brings down another needed action on your part...dishes, bed making, sweeping, cleaning her Majesty's litter box...dressing, proper foot gear for a long cold (or hot) walk while racking up steps for the day. Come home, make a smoothie, head out again to walk some more but in some big box stores just to add to the steps.  Go photographing, and other things such as seeing friends, go to bed and start it all over again next day.

It's a video and  for some folk re-play gets hit each day as soon as you open your eyes.

Events within the family change that of course, as I have had happen frequently in the past six years.  But then, that routine I spoke of earlier on here becomes a comfort and a sought after normality.  Once while taking Lady Bianca to her Vet,  I had squeezed that in between long and difficult visits to another town, I saw her Vet walk in and I said words similar to "how wonderful to see you.  It's so normal and good".  He stood there looking concerned and asked what was going on.  Something you wouldn't expect as they are there for the animal.  I told him.  He understood completely and come over and folded me up into a warm hug.  I appreciated that to this second in my memory.

Enough.  I ran off at the keyboard.  By the way, the picture was taken off the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC September 29, 2018 by me.

A loving gift sent a few weeks ago. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Autumn to Winter.

 Fall and Spring and to a more limited extent Winter, are my favorite times of the year.  Summer is too humid for me .  Always has been. But if the wildflowers are out in abundance, that makes the sweat and ticks and mosquito bites much more worthwhile as I go cruising through the woods and other more wild areas with my camera.  I learned the hard way to use insect repellant 10 years ago as I was crawling around in the bushes (literally) I was looking for insects so as to take some macro photos of them. I unknowingly came home with a tick attached and developed early lyme.  Caught it within five days, and I have remained free of it after very strong month long treatment with antibiotic.

Last year I was able to find many more wildflowers than in the past three years.  Not sure why they seem to have gone away in my area.  This year was also a difficult one to find what I was looking for.  I tend not to take many pictures of roses and other more commonly seen flowers as they are everywhere.  But I do take some.  I am including below a Columbine I found this Spring however.

I could go to the gym this morning  to use the treadmill instead of being outside for a walk as it has been and will continue to rain all day.  I don't enjoy the walk if it is in the rain.  Some folks do.  Not my thang.

These delicate wild columbine flowers are only about an inch and a half long.  I love every year's new appearance.  Next Spring, I will be out looking for them and all the others again.

I took a cell phone photo of these two signs in one of my favorite stores.  I hope you enjoy seeing them too.

XX seeyabye.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Tell ya What

Still thinking about that crummy do it yourself thing at the supermarket.  Come in, do all the work, have a heckuva  bad time at the produce area...even they admit that... and go through the learning curve that you should not have to do.

I always fill in the opinion form on-line each week to put in for fuel points.  Surprised they give me any as I have been very pointed about the crappy change they made forcing you to use their scanner if you want out of there with melting/softening frozen foods in a decent time.  I hit them every which way I could.  It stinks to force customers to do it themselves and even more to close all the checkout lines except the self checkout and two regular ones in a superstore.  I won't.  I'll stand there in that interminable line till I grow moss on my legs I guess.  Walmart hasn't done it yet here in town so until they do, I guess they will get the bulk of my money.

Sorry, I am still wound up about it obviously. What kills me is in their stupid ads, they act like they're doing YOU a favor.

A couple of folks mentioned picking groceries up after ordering on line. That would be fine except a tip is naturally expected and that adds a lot to the grocery bill especially over time.

OK.  I think I'll stop it now.  :-)

Here is my back yard this early afternoon.    I own to the County line but this is a little bit of my back yard.  The fenced in part.  Fence was installed when the kids were small. Property goes straight on downhill.  All of us on the street back up to a forest.  I love it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

NOW what???

Guys I cut and pasted my words here from my FaceBook.  That's why it looks awkward.

Read about what the grocery stores are doing these days. It answered my question of "WHY"???!!! a week ago when I went to a very large grocery & market center here in town where they are "inviting" you to take some bags and a scanner and do your own scanning throughout the store. Then, ante up over at the self serve lines I guess. To enforce this, they have closed all but two checkout lines....and surely those will go too. Since I am not the only one who doesn't like the do-it-all-yourself, the 2 lines are filled with huge creaking carts full of stuff- and there you are with them. So, it looks like if you want outta there alive, you had better do what they are trying to make you do or stand and wait f o r e v e r. I read right after that, that all the stores are going to the do it all yourself mode. Sure saves them money and I don't imagine we will see any lower prices with the money they are saving. Having them do the shopping for you and picking it up outside means a tip for the person who delivers and puts them in the car. One store makes it a mandatory 5$ tip. So, that gets grocery buying more expensive. Others may or not make it mandatory, but you are expected to do so. Bet they issue brooms and ties them to us and make us clean the floors as well as we go. Save more money.

One store just finished remodeling inside and the price of an 8 oz. can of baked beans rose 20 cents.  Just sayin'.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Beat Goes On

That title was a trick.  What I really meant is the internet problems are still ongoing after a few weeks off from them.  They are back and in spades.  The newest Tech was here today.  That's 5 calls I've made in 3 days.  Turns out it may not be on their end but on mine.  He went to pains while here to show me with an experiment that is was the wiring that needs looking at  so I have a call in to the electrician.  He unfortunately can't make it till Tuesday on his way back from another town.  So he jury rigged me a way to have uninterrupted internet in here.  The TV...well, that'll have to wait till Tuesday of he can get me up and running.  Katie will be devastated.

I always say, things COULD and they have been worse.  So I can usually not complain too much.

I was lucky that my tech is/was a cat man.  My Katie has a buncha human brothers so she loves men.  Not so much women except me.  When a man comes in to fix anything, Katie is all over them like paint on a wall.  Purring, weaving in and out of their ankles...little chirrups.  My newest man came in to look after my internet problems and Katie came hurrying in to greet him.   He just stopped what he was doing and petted and rubbed her face and head.  I said to him that he must have a cat.  He has two and always had them.  I like when I don't have to 'apologize' for and try to distract my sweet girl.

That's all I have to say today really.  I have other things going on but they will stay here with me until there is a resolution that I can mention as well.

Have a great rest of your Sunday.  I will too.  Just cleaned the bathroom and tub and surround and sink and potty.  So got something done.  Did the rest of the house Saturday.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A Tale of Three Friends

Once upon a time, there was a little corner house near a forested park but still in the City.

The lady (that would be me) was walking along quickly in the frigid air when she saw a flash of white on the ground in the fenced yard of the little home on the corner.  Since it took her eye she stopped very briefly and looked closely.  It was a small white Duckie walking slowly with a companion at her side.   Right alongside of the Duckie, the lady saw, was a rooster!  A banty rooster to be sure.  AND with the two of them who seemed  very bonded even to someone looking upon them for so short a time,  there was a cat. It was a Tortie cat, so a girl cat accompanied them on their breakfast tour.  She was walking along with them as the Duckie and Rooster stopped to examine the yard for part of their breakfast.

About that time while the lady tried fruitlessly to take their photo, their mom came out of the house and the lady (me) called across the street and inquired if the rooster, duckie and kitty were hers.

She said they were, and nodded toward her daughter, who was perhaps 10 years old saying that they had been, the two of them, at the Tractor and Feed store and the daughter saw the two little ones there at the store;  and that they were for sale at $2.50 each.  So the little girl bought them out of her allowance.

Now the two feathered ones have a home right there on the edge of the woods in the City with the cat who already lived there.   And now they are all bonded feathery and feline friends and a family of three friends.  Their mom said the three were inseparable.  They will live happily ever after delighting the lady (me) and the others who walk past.  Everyone tries to take their picture and there are a lot of "Oh, I love them" speechifying type talking going on.

The End

The rooster is so dark you can't see him but he is facing the duckie.  Cat was off eating.
 This was taken from well across the street and cropped.  Very bad.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

What a Surprise

Went to the garage...

Well, I made a bunch of from scratch Tollhouse cookies two days ago.  I had bought the morsels and assumed I had all the other ingredients.  Got the two baking pans out and the parchment paper.  The mixer and the wooden spoon and the two knives to cut in the butter to the flour gradually.  I laid out the half a pound of butter to soften in room temperature, and left so as to take a walk.

 On my return, I laid out the sugars, brown and white, the vanilla, the morsels, the two eggs, the baking powder, the salt and all I had to do then was haul the flour out of the fridge where I keep it in its bag after I insert it into a thick gallon sized ziplock bag for safe keeping.

I reached into the place I keep the flour in the fridge and drew it out.  The surprise was just a minute away.  I could certainly see there was not much flour in the bag.  Certainly not the 2 1/2 cups I needed.  I took the bag out off its ziplock and something made me look to see if there was a use-by or expired date on it.  Guys, there sure was.  November 2009!  I used that flour rarely and forgot I even had it as I rarely bake and just don't need flour.  Until then.  I had to go to the grocery immediately and get a bag of flour.  October 18, 2018 is on the bag in Sharpie black!   I guarantee you that embarrassing thing won't happen again.

Don't get me started on cans in the back of the cabinets.  I finally sorted them through a week or so ago and found some canned tomatoes from 2010.  Some northern beans coming in at 2011.  The only good thing with the cans is...I always look before I use one.  The flour, not so much.  I did dredge chicken in it occasionally...sigh.  But I ain't dead.  🙀

The cookies were so good I couldn't stand it.  I put a few dozen in a plate and while they were still warm, I took them to the mechanics and owner at the garage I go to.  It's only a mile away.  They went above and beyond for me on three occasions.

I only had 4 in 2 days (2 each day)  so I am proud I could keep mostly away at 80 c. per cookie.  The rest are in the freezer for visitors.

2009!  I still can't believe it was in there that long.  That was All Purpose.  The Self Rising is fairly current.

I loved the McCormick ads in magazines a few years ago.  They showed a photo of a spice can and jar and asked if ours looked like them.  If so, they were like, 15 years old!  That was a good service besides making them money.

AND I didn't eat all the morsels so my cookies weren't bald!