Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I Love Turtles!

Look what a dear friend sent me today.  He rescued a big turtle and took him out of the road to the grassy area right beside the road.  I have done the same.  So far I only have seen the usual smaller box turtle.

Comparison w/ size 11 man's shoe

Face and shoulders

when he was placed in the grass

Biggafy for good view

Tim saying goodbye to his shelled friend.

headed toward nowhere.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Regarding that Warning From Google.

Google didn't have my password and use it...I wanted to be clear on that.  it was someone they caught with my password.  So they warned me, for which I am forever grateful.  I would say the IP address did not match those I have here in my possession i.e.  my devices, so they challenged the user to provide proof...I have had that happen occasionally when I used an unfamiliar  to them, device.  If I can respond to the text they send, all is well.  That's the "second verification".  I think it's a great idea.  Glad I provided the number of my phone ---though it took awhile to get myself to do it.  There have never been unwanted texts or calls.  I do recommend doing it.  Otherwise your account could be and would be closed and you can't access it.

That's all really.  Wanted to mention it to make it more clear.  Happy Saturday!  I'm taking Katie's favorite Brother home to the Big City  after he gets up to his huge breakfast.  Bacon, eggs, 3,  toast (no biscuits today nor gravy) coffee and lots of Katie attention.  She sure loves him.


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Well, Google Did Well.

I was on my way home from a visit in another city when a text came in.  I have the device in a phone holder mounted on the front of the dashboard.  I saw what it said quickly as it flashed.  It said Google has stopped someone who had the password from logging into Admiral's blog.  Now how they got that I don't know but as soon as I got home and also checked with one of my sons (who truly would know) if it was a scam...he said no...I immediately did as Google said and changed passwords to a humdinger that I let Safari choose.

I'm glad I gave my cell No. to Google back a time ago so they could contact me if need be.  This  notification was a first and I am so glad of it.

Who reading this likes Westerns?  Anyone?  I am a nut for them.  LOVE 'em.  Plan Saturdays around them, to view as many as possible.  I am so pitiful that even if I have seen the same one in all the different TV shows, I will watch it anyway.  I clean house like nobodies business before settling to watch...I who never watch TV.  I'll sure watch those.  I have the TV loud enough that except for vacuuming, I can hear it in other parts of the house as I dust, wax, scrub the bathroom, do the kitchen wooden floor, do the counters, blag blah blah &  etc etc. I have my ears out on stalks trying to hear it.

I don't read them...I just watch.  My reading tastes are very very different however.

Here's the Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain, Roanoke VA. I took.  It's lit at night...very very large and the lighting is neon.  Just made me homesick seeing it.  I have always loved that Star.
Address2000 J B Fishburn Pkwy, Roanoke, VA 24014
Area21,780 ft²
After construction of the star, Roanoke was nicknamed "Star City of the South". Wikipedia

Friday, August 2, 2019

Drop in

Guys, this is an American Bobcat .  They are common around here and it's always a treat to come upon one.  They are in the Lynx family.

This guy was at a place of work here, and I liked how he used the cross walk to get across the street.

I so wish folks who don't like domestic cats did not extend that dislike to wild cats everywhere too.

 Their habitat is encroached upon so much; and as with hawks who will find a meal of a sparrow or the like, and some people get mad seeing these hungry creatures trying to find food wherever they can after their habitat was destroyed and made into housing.  Or business.  And the Cats of the world,  i.e. lions, tigers of all types, Mountain lions, Pumas, Lynx, you name them and some horrible "hunter" is out there killing them for the thrill of it.  Even little Bobcats suffer.

Anyway, here is a beautiful wild creature...forced into a huge Plant somewhere nearby.  Looking for food.  A Bobcat.

Sunday, July 28, 2019


I just had a Face Book post that likely won't have many if any comments as I spoke to my love for Indian food.  I love the stuff, and while I don't have it very often, when I do...I just want to make a piggy out of myself.

I was mentioning two of my most favorite things.  I made my own, and authentically.  BUT I did have some guidance to do it as I learned.

One is a vegetable dish, Alu Mattar which is primarily with many many spices in the vegetables as it cooks. .  None of which were just poured out of a store bought jar.  I got them, including the hard to get ones (that's where help came in...folks who could mail it to me) ground them with mortar and pestle...roasted them when needed, and made my own ghee...hours all day slow cooking on the stove...and made my own garam masala.  Oh my goodness..the smell of garam masala is just supreme!  It's food perfume  :-)  And the taste is so delicious in and on foods.

Murg Kari...a curried chicken dish that I would give a lot to taste but too much to make for myself unless I have someone here who will eat it as well, and Alu Mattar were the two I mentioned. Friends would vie to come over for lunch when I cooked.   And Khir for dessert, which also took a hundred years to cook slowly. The calories in khir, I never stopped to consider them at the time.  I was too busy trying to find genuine rose water to go in it to worry about calories.  Catastrophic calories.  But if you are fighting off others trying to get some, you deserve your share.:-)

You guys have any favorite international foods that you love to?  Do you make them?  What are they?  What makes you love the taste?

Thursday, July 25, 2019


In this case, MY toesies.  Little pink ones.

I have been stubbing my toes several times a day as I go about the house.  Good grief.  You'd think I could make it over onto the hard mat that shields the carpet from the office chair.  But Noooooooo.  Or walking thru the kitchen and  always stubbing my toesie on the scatter rug in front of the sink.  They don't move as they are well "rubberized" on the reverse but man, I need a lesson in picking up my feets apparently.  And knocking the door jamb with my very pointy bony elbow bone!  OW!  Dang that hurts, not to mention whapping my left elbow into the little wood cabinet that is just at the wrong place on the wall, as I face the sink and medicine chest, to keep me out of contact with it every day for pete sake.  It's placed just right to keep me IN contact with it.  (tiny bathroom).

I don't even want to say how many times thru the years I have accidentally bonked the side of my head getting into the car.  And I am just a short pencil stub!  5'2". How can I do that?  But at least once a year I do.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Doctors and Patients

Here is a cut and paste of what I asked on Face Book a couple of days ago.  Not everyone here is over there so I thought I would ask you all as well:

Was wondering. Does your family physician now have a scribe in the exam room with you both at all times, no exceptions? The way the specialists do where generally speaking, the need is more critical. The Dr/patient confidentiality is gone when there is a scribe in the room of the family physician's office. That the scribes are under HIPAA is not what I am speaking of. It's not being able to confide in your doctor any more without someone listening and writing it. I know why they are doing it. So they don't have to do the notes after the patient leaves. But still......

Someone had said it was like a Court Reporter in there.  Could not agree more and it destroys doctor patient confidentiality.  It sure does for me.  Just asking you all if you have to go through that too.  The scribe in there with you in a family doctor's office.