Saturday, January 19, 2019

Hm...What Happened?

You know, if you live long enough and interact with people, it's bound to happen.  Someone gets miffed or downright mad at you and changes noticeably (yepper, I'm talking about what has happened to me).

After *fill in the blank*______ number of years or months, whatever, they disappear like something that dropped into the black hole out there just left of Planet Albuquerque.  I've had it happen very recently by the pet sitter.  NO clue what happened. No answer to any texts etc. no explanation.  Silence.  And saying that they would come over to feed Katie  if necessary during long hours if Katie's fave brother has surgery--- and now they have  disappeared?  Not cool, Sitter.  Not cool at all. I would say "you stink" but that wouldn't be nice.

Too, sometimes a blogger gets mad, and won't say why and there you are...without a family friend.  (as the song goes, "We Are Family".  (bloggers I mean)

Unusual... to the point that I have never written of this type of thing.  Thought I might today.  It's raining incessantly...I'll blame the weather.

Hoping for spring flowers in another 6 -8 weeks. The green part of jonquils are already up on my front yard.  The daffodils greens are up too.  Poor guys. They're in for some rude cold shocks.

Up in the header is a coneflower I know.  He's witty... and as windy as a weather sock!

Hey...I'm outta here as my friend Paul says.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Busy Busy and a question

Busy having done some housework that needed doing.  Once I get going, I cannot quit.  I get a head of steam going after a good extremely cold walk and just plow on in. till sleepiness makes me head to bed. Today I had another cold frozen fog walk but I  only made lemon bread when I got home. Eating some now between word typing.  Have some?  I forgot  to buy lemons for the juice and sugar to make a glaze's plain. (as something with 6 Tbsp. of butter can be).

Yesterday was a special birthday and tomorrow is someone beautiful's Gotcha Day.  What a love bug she is.  She's having a pawty over at her place and she set herself up in a kissing booth too.  NO charge!  Her whiskers will tickle though.

I need to go out and speed around in the big box stores.  When it's extra cold out, I get a lot of steps in at the start of the morning and then,  I pick up another third  of my distance tromping in the stores. The rest back and forth here.

The question?  Oh, I've asked a bunch of times in FB and here but in an opened ended way.  I hope that anyone who does this will explain to me why and then, I'll know!

If it is from 20-30 degrees F, why would many men women and wee little toddlers go out in shorts and tank tops and flip flops?  I really cringe seeing little children out like that when their parents take them to the playground...cold cold  cold out, and the equipment is metal and freezing cold, yet the little ones and parents are out there not dressed for the cold.  The only thing that makes me feel slightly better is the kids aren't huddled and crying.  I don't understand it, I will never understand it.  Are they trying to impress?  *shrugs shoulders*.

OK.  I'm off to wash dishes hands are my dishwashing machine.  I'd rather have the cabinet space.

Chow  :-)  !  Ciao! Bye! See ya......and Au Revoir.  Also,  Auf wiedersehen.

Monday, January 14, 2019

A Very Special Day Today

Today, January 14th,  is my second son's birthday.  What a joy he was when he arrived and what a joy he still is, as are all of my sons.  But today I speak of this one, Bruce, who makes me proud and who brings honor to his name.

You likely know what I am going to say next as I always say much the same when they have a birthday.  The primary thing I always say is that all of my sons are God's greatest gift to me.  I am grateful each day without fail for the privilege of having them.  Above anything else I have ever received, these three sons are the most supreme gift I could have; one longed for and appreciated and a gift that gives me great joy every day of my life.   And today, I celebrate the second gift, Bruce.

Happy Birthday dear son.  Can't express how much I love you.

Graduating University.  You have gone far since that day.  Accomplished more than I dreamed of for you. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Out the Back Door

I am sure fortunate to have these woods as my own.  I am the neighbors up and down the street that is.  But as I have mentioned before all of us have property to the city/county line.

Ain't it purty?  All of these are off the deck.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Ol' Time Flies Syndrome

We are at the end of another year.  Amazing how quickly time passes.  Someone recently answered my question about the passage of time with the explanation that when we are very young, everything is new and unexperienced.  Taking everything on the full spectrum of our beginning lives in takes attention span and time if you will.  That makes the passage seem slow. Christmas, Easter, summer, and school  getting out, becoming a teenager, getting a drivers license,  the Prom, you name it, "never" gets here!

Now, presently,  we've seen and experienced much and as a result we  have become excruciatingly aware of how quickly our time here passes.  It is truly "in a blink of an eye"--- just as we have read. We, as like flowers,  fade within a day.

Another year is on the horizon of our days; and it is my most sincere wish that we all of us make it as kind and loving as humanly possible.  Each day is an opportunity to try afresh.  To make our lives count.  To "do unto others" and be the kindness that another might need whether human or animal.  It matters.

Taken in the spring.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Wonderful Day

Guys, all the family were together yesterday and that made it the best of days.  The weather was nice yesterday and today.  Yesterday we were all together for gifts and dinner.  So I didn't walk.  But today, my middle boy and I went to the park and hefted ourselves around the park six times for our own good.  He will go home to Charlotte Saturday- which I wish was not happening; but he teaches and school will be resuming Monday.

Here is the sky Christmas morning standing freezing on the deck in jammies again.   So pretty.

I have eaten as though nothing matters these past two weeks.  I will actually be glad to get back on the wagon of sensible eating again.  You think you want to eat all that junk, and when you never seems to turn out well.  My stomach is never glad of my indulgence.

Katie got some wonderful presents form her boycat furriend.  And also from some girlcats that she loves.  Their momma sent an advent calendar,  some Katie toys and some kitchen towels with their State's name on it which I LOVED because I love that State after having lived there for awhile.  And a coffee cup mentioning my love for black cats.

Look what the middle son did yesterday evening with the at least...well and truly, third of a cup of real butter (at least) that was put on my potato.  I scooped it off as quickly as I could to avoid the extra 400 calories melting into my potato.  I forgot to say "put it on the side please".

Katie posted this picture of the superior artistic skills involved this morning in her bloggie.  All my boys are cat men.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Better (and more kind) Than the Alternative

I had several experience the past two days that gave me a lot of food for thought.

1.  Yesterday I went to the pet food store I always go to.  I had had a coupon in the mail for 12% off.  I put it in my wallet and headed to the store.  I bought a new (ahem) jumbo sized litterbox for her...and a new bag of dry food.  Her wet foods as well.  The entire thing was ninety some dollars.  I whipped out my coupon after the fact, and the cashier was kind enough to refund my money and start again with the coupon.  She wound up having to re-do everything singly, not in a clump of goods which was time consuming for her.  After several minutes, it was totaled and my coupon wouldn't work.  She studies it and it was half a month out of date.  I thought Dec. 29 and it was Nov. 29.  After all of that other part of what she through to help me, and it was a lot!  I said "well, guess I'll have to bite the bullet".  She said, "No, I'm honoring it." I was so surprised and so glad of that wonderful thing.  It saved me quite a bit.  As thought I didn't even have to pay our usurious 10% sales tax and then some more.  I was in a happy frame of mind all day.  It pays to be nice always-- and I always do try.

2.  Then, today I went to the drugstore to pick up another family members prescription.  I was called Darling, Sweetheart, and Honey throughout.  The pharmacy tech was a 30 some year old female behind the counter.  I'm not at the stage of one foot in the grave yet.   But I sure ain't no Spring or even Summer chicken. 🙀  I will admit, I don't care for the terms when they are applied to me ( just there at that store)  unless it's some luscious man of course who is saying them. The phrases could be looked at as condescending.  However, I smiled and  I was my usual self.  On my way out...the title of this particular blog came to my mind.  Before I got in the car, I was grateful to be thought of in so nice a way as to be called those endearments however over-used they may be in terms of speaking to someone older. Far and away better to be considered a dear and a sweetheart than the unsavory alternative.  I am always treated very well there.  I've been a customer probably 20 years.  I get hugs occasionally from the female pharmacist (even older than ME!)  and genuine big smiles and a little humorous conversation from several of the Pharmacists, and two of the male techs back there.  I love to laugh and so do they.

However, for  a short while, deep inside where I kept it, it annoyed me to be called those sweet things...for the reason I said.  It made me feel ancient.  AND... maybe I am the only one who doesn't know I am....  However, getting in the car I was smiling again and knew I wanted to tell you about it.