Tuesday, April 16, 2019

It the "Never There When Needed" Syndrome

I have literally been in all the stores that are likely to carry potting soil.  I need some for repotting my mother's cactus.  It has been in my possession since the late 70's.  So I try to take care of it.  I would prefer succulent soil but to find it is impossible now.  I have looked everywhere.  I decided I had no choice but to get regular potting soil.  All I can find is the potting soil with miracle grow in it, and I sure don't need that!  All I need is regular soil, no enhanced soil. But succulent soil would be best.   It doesn't compact like the other does.

And there are few mom and pop stores in the Country nowadays.  All the places you go seem to be offshoots of a huge corporation, and their hierarchy is the one who controls inventory and the individual places have no say in what they stock. That's sad.

Someone is coming to lay the ground paper down and put mulch out.  I'm waiting for that now...they didn't get here yet.  I'm also waiting on whatever entity it is that is supposed to call me about a privacy fence installation.  I went to one of the big box hardware stores yesterday to see if they sold fencing and installed it.  They use outside contractors and took my name to be contacted by one of them.  So far (of course) that hasn't happened.  Guess I'll have to go all the way there to try again. Of course.

I'm presently...or for about six months so far, on a reading binge.  I always love reading but I swear, I have sat in the evening reading when there are other things to do.  I prefer paper books.  I only use ebooks when I'm desperate or have run out of my preferred reading material.

What's for lunch?  If yours is better than mine, more tasty, may I come over?  I'm tired of my same old same old.

Anyone ever eat fried taters and onions?

Here's my iPhone pics yesterday of my Dogwoods.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Time, to Coin a Phrase, Flies

Guys, blink twice and it will be the 4th of July.  Here it is mid April.  Easter is a week away and summer will be on us, hot and heavy.  Wonder if the Christmas stuff will be out in the stores next Tuesday?  Oh wait.  Thanksgiving stuff first...then, Christmas things and music in the first week of May. They'll need to get those artificial trees out in their garden sections.

One of my boys, who left the Country yesterday, is a Fulbright Scholar again and is presently in Central America.  Katie's other favorite brother over the Mountains is the one I mean.  This is for a short stay this time.  I am so proud of his accomplishments.  All three of Katie's favorite brothers have made good lives for themselves in thankfulness for the life -gifts they were blessed with.

Saturday, I did my larger volume housecleaning. I love that job.  And I actually look forward to it.  I will do all that I must during the week- and a few of the small jobs you don't always think of such as dusting over the doorways, do all the pictures, get a few sets of mini-blinds dusted...change furnace filters, wash doo-dads and put them back... and then, I can dig in Saturday.  More vacuuming, cleaning and shining up the kitchen wood floor, dusting, waxing,  shining the Counters, sweeping, cleaning the whole bathroom, emptying trashes, changing linens where there are any.  I've mentioned before I love sitting in the chair, looking over my little domain and seeing vacuum marks on the carpet, shining wood, and so on.  Been that way since I can remember.  

Found out the hard way that all that you hear and read about keeping hydrated is very true, and it is crucial to your health and well being.  Now I am drinking water as if it was something just invented!  Consequences will happen if you habitually don't get enough liquid.  As active as I am...I am amazed I didn't treat myself better.  But I am now.  So, drink up!

I found some freestone peaches and I think I will make a peach cobbler but not until I decide who in the family is going to eat it.  I will have one serving only even if it kills me.  I'm fluffy enough.

Here it is again, from the top view.

It was hard NOT to buy this. 

One of my tulips 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

This and That

(Almost called you Kitties!)

Well, my day got made!  The sun was there after I got up and fed us both.  I left the bed unmade, dishes not done and even the litterbox unscooped, while I rushed into my clothing and shot off down the street to the park.  Every truck the city owns I swear, was in that park today.  Torqued my jaw.  BUT... that is not what made my day.

What did was...after I got two errands done, three that is, I headed home and took some pictures of my new petunia.  I had to buy it.  I have never seen one like it ever.  I think it's new.  After I took those, I asked the fading and tired tulips if I could have one more go at them before they were gone for the year.  Upon permission, I went for them as well.

 Then. I saw some Dandy little lions squiring three lovely Violet ladies out and about for a picnic in the brilliant warm sun.  I acted as the roving photographer as in a nite club and took their picture.  They looked So good.  I won't change the usual fee.  I may even give it to them for nothing other than the pleasure of looking at them.  Not a macro.  Just saw them smiling up at me and I stopped a moment to chat.

What made my day was finally getting to take a few pictures of the available things right now so early in the season and stopping to chat with the violets.  They know as does everyone else who knows me, they are my MOST favorite in the world.

What also made my day was going through all these pictures, choosing one for Flickr and the  rest are for here.  I haven't been this happy since last Summer and Fall when I got to see my favorites outside and capture their portraits.  Truly, and no kidding...this is the activity to completely makes me happy. I love landscapes and Katie pics, but macros of plants is my thing.  People..meh...could not care less. Just don't do much of that- except for James.  👦

Here's the new petunia.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Cold Again...

We had a couple of warm days and 29 the night before last and still below freezing last night.  The poor daffs and tulips are suffering some.  Smaller than normal and somewhat shrunken looking.  They bloomed way too early.  Right in the dead of winter and have suffered below freezing temps save a few days, since.

My gosh.  I've had company here quite often and now none.  While I am getting things done and doing things for me when I want to, still...I miss some of the activity.  I go out and make my own activity but it is nice having another person here to take care of sometimes.

I'm hoping that the earthy that Katie is showing even though it is 24 hours since her two shots, is brought about by her shots.  She's been in bed a great deal.  I expected that last night but not today.  She did get up of course- but back to bed.  And not very long on my lap these past 5 or 6 days. She didn't get a senior profile after all.  The Vet deemed it too soon I gather.

Nothing really to say.  I thought something would occur to me once I got started but, my well seems to have run dry.

I will say I have been reading so much these last months that it has cut into my constant state of movement somewhat.  I am trying to save reading till evening. I like paper books.  I only get ebooks when I am desperate to read and that's the only way t get it.  I like the sensation of holding the book...turning pages, the scent of the paper, the feel of the paper in my hands...laying it down..picking it up...the feel of the covers and the weight.  Ebooks are convenient but not enough to make me want to have them much at all. If they are of a genre I like and free...I'm there.

Well, I am making plans to bother the cat and see if I can get something out of her.  I may offer a brushie. All I have to do is go get her mat. She hears it and comes trotting...at least she has.  I hope that continues.

Looking up in my side yard

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Away From Flowers!

The header picture butterfly has one wing out of focus...shame on me.  I'd say my knees were creaking from being in a low crouch trying to catch him being STILL for pity sake.  I mean the minute I would focus in on him...off he goes to the next flower.  I just gave up and chose you the better of the probably 10 or so pics I took of him.

It's been sunny all out but 1 day for close to two weeks.  That is a miracle around here.  I've had to water the new plants twice now.  And I have managed to get a walk a day in for those almost two weeks.  My knees are creaking some but they are finally getting used to it.  I sent a recording from my iPhone to a dear friend, of bird song I heard as I walked along and told her I was taking her with me on the walk in a manner of speaking,. So she could hear her walk with me...and as it turns out, she listened also to my footfalls.  She said I was a fast walker.  When I got home, I listened and she was right.  You could hear the footfalls as I went along.  I said I felt it was my little short leggies in a hamster wheel that made it sound like that.  Little feets and short legs struggling tp keep up, even if it is with oneself.

Reminded me of when our whole squad would go out after midnights say,   (I was, we were...CC) and run on a high school track before we went home to sleep the day before the next shift.  We'd go up there...head around the track (we have to qualify with a fast mile run every year ...so ya gotta practice) and when walking for a rest round the track, everyone (mostly all men,   I was one of two women) was much much taller than 5'1" me.  They  made fun of me because it took me  1 1/2 steps to equal 1 of theirs.  Seriously.  I always have to work harder keeping up with anyone.  But I always do.

Good days.  Good friends and colleagues, and lots of hard hard work; but lots of laughter too and jokes and tricks played.  Remind me to tell you the incident about me when I had a patrol and what happened when I got out of the vehicle for any reason for several hours.  I'm smiling right this second with the memory.


These two ladies were at the civic center and asked to take a selfie.  I handed over the iPhone.

Tulip Magnolia I think

Double Daffodil

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Pansies Are Growing Taller

Guys, there was a gentle almost drizzling rain most of the day yesterday and the pansies and camellia got a terrific drink.  Better than what my hose delivered.  I'm going to bore you with more pictures again if my little family up there.

Taker now and more pansy faces are showing.

Love when they show off

Gorgeous red


Gold...and red-gold.

Keep growing, children.  Mama is here to see you fed and watered.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Oh What a Beautiful Sunny WEEK!

Not just the usual day or two at the most but a WEEK!  SUN!
sun sun sun shinin' in my front door! 

My pansies are still bravely standing tall with their beautiful faces looking up at me.  My tulips are starting to bloom but they as well as the daffodils are smaller because of the freezing weather.  It has gotten to the high 50's in the sunny days but 30 at night...29 a few times this past week.  I have my first ever camellia!  I had the lawn cutter come and plant it for me.  I have hard clay soil.  He had post hole thingy to break through to make a big enough hole for the root ball.  This is a Yuletide camellia. Blooms in the Fall, hence the name.  I burn up my DSLR taking pictures of my son's camellia every time I go over the mountains in the fall and his is in bloom.

I managed to get several decent weeks of walking in.  FAB.  No rain on my parade! I recorded the birds singing this morning as I walked.  Sent the voice recording to a woman friend and a relative.  You just smile all over your head with the joy of birdies, sun, some bulbs and some leaves open on the trees.  All my forest out back of oaks and maples and hickories are still bare limbed.

Just checking by to see you all and not whining about the incessant rain and floods this time.  Oh, I love going to antique stores and there is one here in town I love that has two kittens in it during the time their mom is there.  I LOVE it.

Gonna drop the subject now and head into the kitchen and do the dishes.  I wash, you dry???