Saturday, March 28, 2020

They Say Confession is Good for the Soul

So:  My name is Carole and I am a Western and Cowboy fan!  I LOVE the old shows, black and white or color, I don't care.  Faded a lot-- as is "Rawhide" but I don't care.  I will squint and keep adjusting to make it all out regardless.

I get to see all the Western stars who have passed now as the shows are so old.  There may be a few still living.  I don't google to see.

I look forward to them like some kid each Saturday and watch as many as I can while I am getting other things done.  It's a harmless affection for the old TV shows from the 50's thru the 70's as the latest--- (as in Bonanza).

I love seeing Steve McQueen, from the late 50's in Wanted Dead or Alive and see the only nice Bounty Hunter out there!  😊 But I love seeing all of the others.

I loved watching Wild Wild West but they took it off air so..I hope I'll find it again some day.

The kid in me, where these shows are concerned, is so far and away from my usual adult personality.  I am much more serious and more into other things including all things History.  But when I was a little girl...I'll settle in to watch my fave horse operas and that will keep me until the next Saturday.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Humpty Dumpty

Will they put Humpty Dumpty together again? That's the question of the hour.

Hi and hello and good day to you.  I wanted to give you a break from my too frequent blogs.  But as with the bad penny...look who's back?

Experimenting for the first time with an online order.  Just a loaf of bread...nasty  gummy white bread as they don't have whole wheat...and 4 cans of tart cherries.  Wanted to see what it was like.

WE have had an entire month of rain...with 2 exceptions, and looking at my Dark Sky app..we have another week of solid rain..well, except for Thursday at 30%, coming up.  The City said the continuing rain is making it hard for the sewers.

Went and got my hair done.  They sanitized all the time...most people cancelled so social distance was no problem.  WE  don't have a case in my town yet.  But it's going to happen.  Just a matter of time.

Beginning to be like the old stuff us kids used to see in school about duck and cover.  Just as depressing and just as dark.

I'd head out t the park or elsewhere but...every present  rain makes that nothing to savor.  ''Hey. speaking f savor, I made some fried chicken and yeller rice last night.  Nommy.

You know what?  I may make a crustless pumpkin pie!  Knowing me, it'll be gone in three days!

Stop by if you want some.  Everything but the calorie filled crust...good as that always is.

The rain beat these poor guys off the tree within 3 days of blooming. 

Saturday, March 7, 2020

It SEEMED Like a Good Idea at the Time....

Here's my prob.  I have had disc problems and other related problems in my lower spine hence a continual back ache.  Hurts like heck all the time but I grin and bear it as it sure beats being immobile.  I am grateful as always, for what I have and what is given.

Back to the topic.  I have a 3" memory foam topper on the firm mattress.  Cheaper than buying a new mattress at those horribly inflated prices and never really knowing whether the one you chose will truly be what you need until it's too late. Love the foam topper, but after daily use for several years, it sags somewhat under the heavier portion of the body.  (no, I don't weight "that" much).  I rotate it every 4 weeks I will say,  for the record.  Oooh, I feel like Perry Mason...let the record show...let the record so state...or is that Hamilton Berger?

Anyway, my lower back feels like someone tried to cave it in with a baseball bat each morning on my very painful rising...even sitting on the edge of bed while Katie almost headbutts me off onto the floor is painful.  {My walking rather fast also does my back in but the alternative is not exercising.  I don't swim and don't wanna}

Moving on..I had a light bulb moment last early evening.  I recalled that I had a "sofa saver" under the sofa as I had accidentally bought another when I already had one.  Light bulb said "Take out the sofa saver and put it on the mattress UNDER the memory foam pad.  It may provide a bit of support that will alleviate the pain."  I obeyed the lightbulb.  I laid with great expectation on the bed later and I thought..."I can do this if I try hard".  Well, I managed till 0600, but the gathering pain got me up.

I learned two things.  I can feel the creases in the sofa board...each one.  And, it's too hard really.  Not good and counterproductive of course.  However, it did improve my sleep a bit regardless...until the pain got too too bad.  I took the sofa saver out- as it would not really do..and folded it back to its home under the sofa on the floor until a moment arrives when it can be used for its stated purpose.

One never hears good things many times about the "pillow top" mattresses and surely they too will flatten. Maybe I could rent a barn and sleep standing up with Mr. Ed or his cohorts.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Oh Yuk. Ingredients.

Guys, I did the "don't do" of grocery shopping, which is do not shop when hungry. I was very hungry.  I was crusinin' the frozen dinner aisle and saw what I thought was a great brand name box with some yummy looking chicken, gravy. 'taters and corn in it.   It came home with other choices too, and I paid no mind to the price at the time of sale.  I missed all the earmarks of DON'T DO IT! Had I noticed the price, it would have been a dead giveaway as to brand and quality, but oh no.  Hungry to the max, it looked good and so I fell for it.

Came home. Immediately put it in the microwave.  Started to eat tasted good...but strangely mushy and all mixed together.  I thought to get up and scan the product code with my phone so as to account for the calories in my "Lose It" app.  So I did.

Friends, Romans and Countryman!  I saw 800 some calories appear on my app...and the makers name which I had not noticed as they changed their packaging design.  I got up, ran in and looked at the box and oh NO!  It was the king of cheap dinners and made with....well, I'll just show you.

One of my better friends was over the other day and  while talking about diets, she just happened to mention how she loved that particular dinner...the one I accidentally bought.  I said nothing except that she might want to look at the calories.  If someone tells you they could eat that 6 times a day...leave them alone.  Never again.  Since they changed their look, I will pay strict attention.


Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Oh What Fun. Not.

I get to go to an appointment with the dermatologist in an hour to see what it is that is red and itchy on my calm serene brow!  It's on the left side  that is exposed to the sun while driving, and I am a natural redhead with the skin and blue eyes that make my face look like a  white china plate with two blue marbles on it when I haven't any makeup on.  Blonde brows and lashes too...Oh My!  So...since I only have sun screen  on my face if there is any in the makeup I use..I'm not usually protected from the sun's rays on my face.  The rest of me, yes.  If I pay the price, I do.  We'll see what he says.

(PeeEss:  Now I know, as I have been and I'm back.  If you've ever had stuff frozen off you anywhere...give me some "bless your hearts"s.  I had 16 squirts that lasted (I counted) about 4 seconds each squirt.  That hurt like heck!  My forehead is still burning!)

Cold out there, but not as awful as the past several weeks.  I got to go out side yesterday (I detest the gym) and loved every second of it.  I always feel like a million dollars all day and all night and the next day too.  That alone is a great incentive to keep it up.

Katie wrote  yesterday that she got super mad at something that was outside yesterday early morning; and she exhibited displaced aggression toward me who was standing by, hoping to talk her into calmness.  She came over and whapped my legs a couple of times.  Not as badly as she could.  It was half hearted I could tell. "Just sayin' " is about what it amounted to in her thoughts when she saw me there.  But half hearted, yes.  However I am glad I was wearing  denim jeans. Even had the zipper up and a belt on!!

Made  a peach cobbler, home made from scratch except I didn't make the peaches :-) and oh, was that good. I made it for Katie's Client's parents..(son and DIL) but I found to my sadness that son doesn't like peach anything.  Good grief.  Going to make something called cherry pudding  It's a cherry cobbler though made with sour cherries.  I took one to work once and it was vacuumed up by co-workers.  They loved it (no, the cherries tasted somewhat tart, not sour) as there was sufficient sugar involved.  Lost the recipe some time ago.

I think I may make another pot of soup.  I eat on it night and day.  All three meals.  That's how much I love it.  Can't ask for anything more nourishing though.

As is the name of the blog...I am rambling on (and on and on).

Gotta comb all this hair on my head.  I'll get the hairdresser to take 3-4 inches off the back next time.

See ya soon.  Hope no zombie cats come to YOUR yard and start a fluff-up!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Shiver Me Timbers

Oh gosh, it's 21 F  out there so that means a trip to the gym.  Just too much spending an hour in that cold.  It penetrates my gloves after 20 or so minutes and that is pretty miserable.  The rest of me stays alright except my face.  I usually let 32 degrees F be my gauge.  Anything under that temperature is gym time.  I detest going there as it is boring to the nth degree.   But I am grateful to have one to go too.  Really.  When it's suffocatingly hot or bone's the place to be.  

From the arboretum

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Gees Louise

Man, every year this happens just a bit earlier and earlier.  On January 10th, look who popped up?

And those are my daffodils...the ruffled double ones.  The blades have come up out of the earth about 5 inches or so.  Guys, why didn't you stay DOWN there until there was no more possibility of snow and ice?  You've lived here for YEARS for pity sakes.  You KNOW that we even have snow in many an April around here.  WHY do you DO this every year the past 10 years?  This year you are two weeks earlier than last year and that was still in January.  We talked about your behavior then too!   You have lived here a long time and you know you used to come up in the last of March.  What's the problem?  It's COLD.

And look who ELSE came out to join you?

A violet!  WHAT is the MATTER with you?  Recede under the earth and take a good nap.  I'll tell you when to come up.  OK? Sheesh!  You guys make me worry that you'll be killed with frost, ice, snow.   Give me a break.

pee ess:  I took the header picture here in my yard last Spring.