Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Gees Louise

Man, every year this happens just a bit earlier and earlier.  On January 10th, look who popped up?

And those are my daffodils...the ruffled double ones.  The blades have come up out of the earth about 5 inches or so.  Guys, why didn't you stay DOWN there until there was no more possibility of snow and ice?  You've lived here for YEARS for pity sakes.  You KNOW that we even have snow in many an April around here.  WHY do you DO this every year the past 10 years?  This year you are two weeks earlier than last year and that was still in January.  We talked about your behavior then too!   You have lived here a long time and you know you used to come up in the last of March.  What's the problem?  It's COLD.

And look who ELSE came out to join you?

A violet!  WHAT is the MATTER with you?  Recede under the earth and take a good nap.  I'll tell you when to come up.  OK? Sheesh!  You guys make me worry that you'll be killed with frost, ice, snow.   Give me a break.

pee ess:  I took the header picture here in my yard last Spring.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Special Day

My second son is having a birthday today.  Happy Birthday, son.

I have  always told all of you here each year how grateful I am to have all three sons. And  that each one's birthday is a brilliantly happy day for me.  Because I am grateful through and through to be their mother.  And my love for each one is unparalleled in my life.  NO one can and will take their place in my life.  Others will love them as well, but they will always be my treasures.  And I am commemorating the birth of one of them this day.

A gift to me.

I am extraordinarily proud of my boy on his birthday as he grew to be what he most wanted to be.  At eleven years of age, he knew he wanted to be a teacher.  He laid that ground work all his school years through High School and with many AP classes.  He began University with his AP courses advancing him in grade level so he was younger than he might have been had he not had the AP courses... when he finished all his degrees.  He looked like a student at one of the early schools where he taught. He told us of standing outside with his grade book in his hand watching children get on the bus and one sidled up to him and told him he's better get that grade book out of sight before the teacher saw him.

Time has passed, and he has been teaching for some years now.   He is a Fulbright Scholar again.  Here is his latest trip this year; Costa Rica and Uruguay.

He had just landed in Uruguay. 
And, he was honored with the CATO Award last year.  A signal honor.
I am bustin' my buttons  dear Bruce.    Happy Birthday precious boy. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Day in the Life of a Flower

You know, since 1999 when I got my first little point and shoot digital camera, I found that my identity was not what it seemed.  I will tell you why.

I was and am fascinated with wildflowers mostly...along with some more common garden flowers or tree flowers as well, i.e. magnolia, (a strong favorite of mine) and violets, another strong favorite of my heart and  a few others.  I progressed to a DSLR and became a mostly macro enthusiast, along with landscapes.

 But wild flowers, even those dressed in more plain robes than some more flamboyant flowers, are something I love to find and engage with, both mind to mind,  and with the Nikon.  And when I do engage with them and post their portraits to Flickr, I usually find that I was and still am when I venture out again, in a conversation with the flowers which I usually pass on to friends and viewers.  IF I am not told the conversation is personal between us, that is.  AND if there was a conversation.  Sometimes they are silent.

If there are any Flickr members here who have seen my photo stream- especially my flower portraits, then you will know of a few of those conversations I happened to hear among the flowers.  They did not speak to me personally now...or ever.  But they allowed me to be privileged to listen as they knew and still know I am like them in my heart.  I still do join them, and the occasional bee or other insect who joins the gathering.  We all listen; and the flowers tell a story of their day and evening, sweeping we listeners into the fragrant soft heart of adventure and Being.

I came upon some ladies one day, leaning at a post, quietly murmuring.  Here they are, and what they said:

Now you know me fully.  I have a softly petaled heart.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Once Upon a Time

I was reading in a magazine an experience a girl had when she was just about 12 years old.  She knew  reality about Santa Claus, but she still cherished the hope that he would bring her something she wanted so much for Christmas.  That Christmas she got nothing and there was not a tree as her parents did not believe in gifts and trees at Christmas after the time the child stopped believing in Santa Claus.

The girl was saddened she wrote.  Her parents felt badly for her  then and the father went to a drug store and got her a silver colored music box.  She was so glad of that gift, but it was the last of any in that family.  She wrote that she still has that gift after all these years.  To sad.

It reminded me however of another type of experience when I was nine years old.  It was the day before Christmas eve and Santa was at City Hall to greet all the boys and girls who came by.  My brother, eight years older than me, and his girl friend took me.  Santa gave every child a stocking when they visited so I was at least looking forward to that.

When we came into the room, I saw him sitting in his chair waiting on the children.  I was next in line.  I hesitated a bit as I was in the company of my high schooler brother and his girl.  It wasn't just Santa and me in the room.  I spoke after a minute and said, "you didn't put anything in my stocking last year." I was going to say thank you for the gifts though, but Peggy, my brother's girlfriend said all gushy- like, "Oh she still believes in Santa Claus"!!  Even Santa felt sorry for me.  I was looking in his face and I saw the look he had on it after Peggy said that to me... as he had seen mine reflect the awfulness of what she said.

I just stood there after she said that.  Santa got up and brought me my gift for being there ,and Peggy said some stupid equally gushy things about how sorry she was to break it to me.  (yeah, right).  My brother had to deal with my sadness when we left. She asked how old I was and finding I was 9, she declared it was about time to get with the program. I have always not cared for her.

Happy New Year dear friends.  Thank you for coming by when you do.  XXX

Monday, December 30, 2019

Fixin' to be New Years

I am alone now. Had my middle one here for the full week as his school is on break.  I don't know who was more pleased.  Me, Katie, or small James.  But he left for Charlotte at 10 this morning.  We walked together each day and racked up the miles.  LOVE having someone to walk with.  None of my friends get up in time as I like to do that first off.  Then the rest of my day can be spent doing other necessities.

We went over to other favorite brothers home at 1130...and 5 of us went to a Italian one.  I ordered  a Philly cheese steak- and guys, have to tell you.  Never had one  made with ground steak...or one that was made with mayo on it.  Way way way too too too much mayo. And enough salt to do the ocean proud.  Needless to say it was only 1/4th eaten.  the boys all ordered, as did my DIL, great Italian pasta dishes.  I am not a pasta fan except spaghetti.  I know...I must come from Neptune or something.

Both arms are itching to beat the band where my iWatch is and my Fitbit on the other.  Going to have to use rubbing alcohol on both bands to clean.  That will take care of it.  Told ya before why I have both on.  I bought the iWatch, set it up and wear it, but Fitbit sent me one to make up for killing the one I had bought; as their update totaled it.  If they were good enough to send me anew one, I sure am good enough to wear it regardless of how silly it looks wearing one per arm.
Saw a new movie by the way, thanks to a friend who sent it.  "Christopher Robin."  I loved it.  LOVED it.  I embarrassed the sender by raving on and on in several 2 line emails saying how much I loved it!  Oh well.  At least they know the movie was a hit with me.  Speaking of that, we watched one on Netflix  last night about the Star Trek's Spock,  narrated by his, Lenard Nimoy's  son.  It was close to two hours.  I loved all of it except the one interview with another star.  As one cannot say what they think these days, I will remain silent.  But the entire rest of the show was terrific if you are a Trek fan.  I am...through and through and so are the family.

Did you have a good Christmas?  Are you alright?  We seem to be.

Not a whiz of a deal!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Interesting Later Part of the Year

Only interesting and just to me,  in that I got sick with something...probably viral right after our Thanksgiving week visitor.  Extraordinarily tired,  slept an amazing number of hours for me, didn't really want to eat...was very cold despite wearing warm clothes and keeping the heat set on 72.  That's a high setting for me.  My own personal temp was  consistently 97.6 which is close to a degree higher than what is normal for me.

Could have been all the eating out that was done including Thanksgiving day.  I'm not used to that and I have had the worst illness in the past decade from what I think is food eaten out.  Never seemed to fail that was something I had done a few days prior to getting so sick.

Hopefully for me, it is over for now.

I've not blogged here in  month and I suppose this isn't the happiest of topics.  I probably am trying for sympathy after the fact.  :-)

I enjoyed showing the guest around the town here and my DIL did the honors in the big city for her enjoyment.

Kinda late but here is my maple tree in the Fall.

You guys ready for Christmas yet?  I still have more to do.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Some pictures...

I wish I knew how to double them in a side by side but I don' we'll have the tape worm looking thing of sections ---going down the page. (Eswwwwww).

 The after light bar and mirror

The Before light bar and showing ancient med chest
new cabinet 


Before: old pocked wall awful cheap lino..terrible whatever it was as the lower part of wall.
floor now and Katie Water Dish 
Horrible old cabinet

That old cabinet was, the mirror I showed you.

New dry wall and painted and nekkid of uglies

Now it's dry walled and mirror is there above new vanity

After:  I have the matching oil rubbed bronze towel racks and etc in the bathroom now. 
thirty five-year old vanity chipped and scarred.