Sunday, March 4, 2018

Wow...Where Have I Been?

It was one of those things where I could not think what to say.  That is as rare as hen's teeth.  I usually never have such a time thinking of a topic.

However, not to be out-done by other observations, I will mention this one again.  Men of all ages...just starting to shave up to very old seem determined to have a beard.  An untrimmed bushy one.  I had wondered on facebook how that trend started and why.  No one seemed to know.  There were a few ideas but they were all different and no two were the same. Now I have something to add to that.  I have noticed now that so many females...young and middle-aged ones usually (not older than dirt like me) seem to have started a trend of hair bunched up on the tops of their heads.  Either a sleek door-knob looking ball perched up there on top,  or a massive "bun" looking thing.  Sometimes they are really tall... like the Spanish Mantilla headdresses you see in novels about Spanish aristocracy.

This is a mantilla on her head

Yup.  I have seen a few THAT tall on their heads.  Massive amounts of hair I guess or a hair piece.

Don't know how either trend (hair and beard) started but seeing a cleanly shaven man is a treat these days.  A pony tail or bob on the ladies would be nice too.  😊

Headed up the street walking with the DSLR, not the iPhone, to get pictures of the tulip poplars and crabapple blossoms.

Meanwhile, hope all is well with you! Me, I have been taking advantage of the sun these past two whole entire days and had my walks for an hour each.  Lucky to see the sun.  Sometimes I wonder if TN is under the ocean.  I have never ever been in a place where the rain just kept on and on and on and.........