Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh no. There she goes again...

Picture it.  A drugstore, November 27th, 2012 at 1300 hrs.  A line at each of two windows at the pharmacy.  Everyone waiting their turn.  Along comes a clatter. We turned to see what was the matter-- and what to our wondering eyes should appear but a 55+ or something something year old woman clumping (read "stomping") up loudly in her tights only...no skirt... and cowboy boots.  She sailed loudly with heels clacking alarmingly in front of an elderly lady who would have been next in line which had formed up next to my own line.  And I simply had to turn my head and look at the lady who had been patiently waiting even as I drew up to wait in the next tine and was trumped by the line cutter.  We grimaced  smiled at one another and raised our brows slightly, me, I was sending my "sorry for that woman's rudeness" look to the "victim".  Usually folks just stand this sort of behavior especially if they are older it seems.  I guess they have learned there is more to be concerned in life with than this type of behavior.  Me..not so much but occasionally I have patience when I didn't know I had any.  :-)

So, we all of us waited.  The usurper who cut in line with her clatter of boot heels started SINGING rather loudly to the Muzak.  Oh, my GOODNESS...how awful.  She started whistling  loudly right after that and folks, let me tell you right here..I detest whistling in public or work places.  If you want to whistle in your home...do it.  In your yard or car, help yourself, but please..don't assault my ears with your obnoxious noise.

Her outfit made for a list of what I determined I would never do in my own life.  The tights accenting a less than toned set o' legs, a fur jacket, cowboy boots..jet black with no shine hair, fake tan and a distinctly made-up face.  However, she sure was a happy person with all the whistling and singing and line cutting.  Or something.

OK.  That was a rant.  Sorry.  :-)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Over and More to Come

Gosh, Thanksgiving is over.  The entire family was here but we chose to eat at a great hotel restaurant instead of me cooking.  I LOVE that idea.  No clean up..no slaving in the kitchen all day, just great food and a far better variety than I could ever have provided.

The cat is back to her normal routine. She loves company but her 22 hrs a day/night nap schedule and where she does them was disrupted.  The nerve of us all!!  But the boys are all back in their homes now.  The last one left for his trip to NC about 1130 this morning.   As soon as they were all gone and as I sat to listen to the football game, Katie climbed up and totally sacked out on my lap within an blink of an eye--- and stayed asleep almost the whole game.  I had half an hour nap along with her I admit to you, as my sleep was sparse (don't ask me  why but it MAY have been because of a small 10 pound purrson who takes up the entire bed and does it so charmingly you hate to disturb her.  When I went to bed last night, I had made up my mind that it was her or me, and I was going to make it her, but this time she decided to cut me a break and so she slept in the middle of the bed alright but farther down so I could thrash around all I wanted to.

The boys are all gone now and it's quiet.  Got the hall utility closet cleaned out and re-organized and things are so much easier to find.   I even have a new larger (much needed) tool box.  Now I can put some of my things in the utility room/closet again so as to store them until I need them and now, I can actually FIND them  :-)

Nellie- if you read this, we had the best time at Aubrey's last night.  You'll like it.  Lunch or supper sometime when you head into town again?

See you over at your blogs here in a few.

Friday, November 16, 2012


I love meeting new friends and seeing old friends too.  That happened last night and what a nice evening it was.

My oldest will be here this evening and for awhile tomorrow.  Katie will be SO glad.  He is her favorite most brother.  She sees him more in all fairness to the other two.  I made him some chewy brownies..my goodness are they GOOD.  I just cut a small one for me.  Quality Control don't you know?

Another beautiful cold day.  I love those sunny cold days when jacket IS required.  It will warm to the 50's which is seasonable for us.  I am glad that this years  Fall and Winter seasons seem to be starting off with COLD in it instead of the strange almost weird warmth of all of last year.  I don't want to see my tulips and daffodils and hyacinths blooming in January ever again.

I spent most of the night on the very edge of the bed while someone whose name shall not be mentioned, spread out all over the entire rest of the bed.  How can ten pounds become so mighty?  And a tail spread out like an oar or something never mind those 4 legs filling every square inch on the rest of the bed.  Here is a small sample.  She is in HER recliner.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Car and Things

Took the car in for its oil change and for the mechanic to hop into the car with me for a short ride.  It was a softer hum but the hum was there.  He couldn't hear it. Go figure.  They had it up on the rack for a minute for an inspection and I still have oil leaking onto a spark plug so $$$ to fix that before it gets any worse.  It needs an alignment though.  That doesn't surprise me as I could tell it wanted to pull slightly to the right.

Not many in the family are happy campers right now but that's the way life is.  My youngest is however as he and his fiance are looking forward to a late Spring early Summer wedding.  That's a good and happy thing.  I will be the best mother- in- law she could ever have.

Tomorrow will be a busy day as I have to get the car in for its work and they'll bring me back home as 3 hrs. are more than I want to hang out there.

I hate working out in the afternoon but I guess I may as well get used to the idea as that's when I will have time to do so.

See you over at your place.

Get ready.  This is 2010 but...it's coming again .  (across the street from me.)

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Goodness..

Well my goodness, it's a lot of little stuff.  Well, I hope one of them turns out to be little, that being the car.

First 2 weeks ago the vacuum cleaner died.  It quit taking up anything.  So when I got on the phone with the repairman that doesn't have a shop any more..he agreed to come out to look at it.  We thought it needed a belt so I ordered 2 new belts.  Turned out it started working correctly again and did not need a belt.  It started working again...go figure.  Rather like the dental appointment you keep and the toothache stops on that day.  So, I paid him not that much money and he fixed the non retracting cord.  So, in celebration, I vacuumed.  The cat does not mind this vacuum.  She hates the upright I have as a spare.  I do too..it's not a good one at all and it's too loud.

Then, the car is making a noise that reminds me of years ago when the power steering fluids got low.  I am taking it in for an oil change tomorrow so hopefully it will be found out (the problem) while there.  And I hope it won't be scary.

Then, someone with a big mouth who never quits spouted off and said something the other day that I took exception to and let him know I did.  I have never been shy about standing up for myself.  He will never see it as something he caused, so I guess that friendship is done.  *I* sure have no reason to apologize.

Tomorrow as early as I can get myself going I need to take the car in for its oil change and as for me, I have a D.A.R meeting at 1300.  I have struggled about going to the meeting at 1300 as I believe our constantly losing football team will be televised somewhere in the middle of the D.A.R meeting.   Even though our collegiate football team has hit rock bottom..still..I like to be there for the games.

IT got to 62 f. today.  Rising from freezing temps this morning.  That won't last, and rain for Monday (what else is new?)

See you over at your place...

 A Park about 5 miles away.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh no, here it comes again...rant # who knows?

I suppose I am the only one in the entire Country who thought that segment on GMA stunk!  They showed videos of  two tiny boys, maybe 5 years old or under, prepped by their parents obviously in all ways including their shirts---one colored red, one colored blue, fighting and coming to blows over the Presidential candidates.  The little boy in red was struck by the little boy in blue with something hard that made the boy in the red shirt cry.  And their parents videoed this and thought that was soooo funny. (at their childs' expense!)

Then they showed a little girl, maybe 8 or thereabouts, her face mottled with red splotches caused by hard crying, tears falling, also anguishing over the Presidential candidates.  I guess her parents also thought this was oh, so funny.  Well it's not.

Those little ones don't have a clue whatsoever about candidates, issues or anything else.  Why stress them like that and make children suffer over things they have no understanding or control over and as a parent  show that to whoever watches for profit or just for laughs at the child's expense?  I personally think that is unkind and not good parenting.  I want to use the word disgusting but I won't. (yeah, right)

This is one of the many reasons I do not like that show.  It was on for noise as I forgot to turn it off when the local news and weather were over.  Well, I won't forget again.

Lake where the fishing is good.  I took this a few weeks ago.

Monday, November 5, 2012

We Three Friends

We three friends stand strong, stead, and free.  Look at us  standing here united.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Pretty Day

Good Afternoon.  And for those curious I don't run now.  I half killed myself a year ago June and gravely injured my legs.  So fast walking is still here but no running or jogging.  :-)

This is a maple tree at a local playground.  Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just for Fun

I was going through some albums so as to show my future daughter-in-law her intended when he was an infant.  Unfair to him I know but we women know why and we love seeing their baby pictures.

I also saw one of one of the times I ran the 10k Crescent City Classic in New Orleans.  Hot hot HOT.  But here I am, number 21551 crossing the finish line.  Boy, was I glad.  I have a bandanna wrapped around my forehead for sweat purposes and a ball cap for obvious reasons.  My hair is red as it has always been (till now where it is more strawberry blonde thanks to too many highlights).  I have a few more but showing this one is bad enough.  :-)

Fabulous (and beautiful) day so far.  One of the best. WooHoo.