Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Sunny Day

We have had..gasp..4 sunny days in a row.  Hold me BACK!  But, that will come to a halt tomorrow and for the rest of the week.  Rain again.

Just came back from lunch with my ex hubby.  He paid the bill.  I won't turn that down.  I had told the wait person "separate checks" and he said he'd get it. It was enjoyable.  He wanted to give me a camera bag but it is about the same size as the one I have.  Didn't know that till I saw it.

Tomorrow we have a new redneck Room to open, and in a new place.  The place we went closed due to going bankrupt.  Now we're breaking in a new place with our loud boisterous selves.  I'll be headed right back where I was today, tomorrow.   :-)  That's OK.  Decent food after all.

Have to leave my new little one I think it's Feb. 10th when..weather allowing I go over the mountains.  It will be a hurried trip, leaving Friday and back on Sunday sometime.  The cat is still very always with me so she will miss me a lot.  I hope she behaves as this will be the first time without my supervision.  (yes, it matters actually as I am training her where she should not be..what NOT to scratch and where not to leap).  She'll have a sitter 2 times a day as she eats a BIG breakfast and supper.

Still abnormally warm and my daffodils are up and in bloom.  That should NOT happen.  NO way.  I hate it because they will be killed during the inevitable freezes that we will have regardless of what it's like out there this winter so far. This is not a warm zone I live in.  It's so-called "temperate" zone 6.  Last year it was many snows more than we are used to getting..this year it's like late Fall.  Sigh.

Oh well.  Here is the very daffodil I took a picture of yesterday afternoon.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still Raining...sigh...

Blog family, I went out this morning and had my workout and of course it was out driving in the ever present incessant rain.  We had two weeks of rain with 1 1/2 days off and sun, then..the other half of yesterday clouded up and it's raining to beat the band all night and all day today and tomorrow as well. It DOES get tiring.

However, something came over me and I went into my closet and the closet here in the computer room and took out a kazillion pairs of jeans that are old and hopelessly out of style..too small and too big and again, hopelessly out of style and then, I dumped them.  They are too sorry to donate.  I have donated a lot of my clothes however so that makes me feel better.  I must have given 15 or more blouses/tops to Goodwill.  Probably more and I also donated pairs of jeans, jackets, shirts.  Pocket books and shoes too.  I have no idea what finally came over me to get me to go in there and just do it today as well.

One of the sons will be here tomorrow after his work and workout and shower..about 1839 and I'll provide supper.  Roasted chicken (oven) w/ BBQ sauce (it's raining and can't fire up the grill) steak fries and steamed green beans.

Here is one of the pictures I took the day before I broke my wrist and clobbered my knees so horribly.

Oh man, I feel the edges of another clean out frenzy dancing along my edges.  It's late.  I hope I can resist.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have had my new little one for one week and a day.  I say again and again I have never in my life ever seen a more loving cat.  She was loving to me, a stranger from the second I picked her up.  She has welcomed one son so far and will another this weekend as old friends.  Three years old and her former owner must have loved her very much.  It sure shows.  I'm glad she found me..as I am able to be loving toward her where perhaps others, if she were even adopted at three years of age, may not have appreciated the pure gold this girl is made from.

I know I haven't been around and for that I apologise.  I have had my arms full of eager Katie (the cat) who only now is able to be by herself some instead of in my arms.  It's hard to type when you're holding your keyboard all the way up in the air while your cat is going endlessly back and forth on your lap, headbumping your arms, chest, chin and hands, I say again, endlessly.  But that's alright.  It was worth having to stop and love on her because she obviously needed it.  She is as sweet as a whole sack of sugar.

Got my hair done today and when I returned, Katie didn't act as though I had been gone a month this time.  :-)

Love and hugs to all the blog family.  I will try to be a better girl.  Thank you Boston Boy, Horst, Beth, Terry and Sherry and Mary for coming to see me despite my shortcomings and the kitties who came by..much love and whisker ticklings.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday all over

Howdy, just stopping by to say good day to you.  I am starting my rounds and the only thing new here is I have a new girl cat who came here Monday morning.  She has settled in nicely. However, she brought fleas with her so I just gave her a treatment.  I'll get a treatment too as she head bumps and rubs on me constantly.  I'll have to keep covered as much as possible to avoid getting it all over me as well.

Hope all is well at your blog homes.  See you soon.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Day today. Second son.

Today is my second son's birthday.  And you know how I am.  I cherish all of my boys and each one's birthday is like a National holiday to me I am so happy and privileged to have them.

I have said so many times that to me being a mom is THE most important and the most privileged of jobs.  Oh, as with every job there are trials and errors but there are absolutely brilliantly gleaming times as well when the realization comes that these sons are yours while you have them and it's your primary job to see them independent, healthy and hopefully happy.

They're only yours for a time as far better writers than I have already said in many ways.  I was acutely aware of that during their infancy and rearing of all three that they were just here with me for just a space of time precious and fleeting and then, gone like the fledglings we see in the Spring.  A bittersweet time when they fly.   True maternal love never fails however despite distance or circumstance.

Here you are with your little brother Neil.  Now you are all three grown up. xox

Happy Birthday Bruce.  Love you always.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

STILL Waiting

I found that the "bridge" in other words the piece that bridges the two towers of the wall unit is also defective.  I took pictures and I called the customer service place again.  I told them and they will replace that too..all of this is supposed to happen Thursday between 9-1.  SIGH.  Then I need to wait for my son to come over and reinsert the TV etc and hook them up.  And bolt the stuff to the wall if finally I have undamaged pieces.  So that's a damaged console and bridge I have.  Half of the unit which is, understandably four pieces.   Of course it's supposed to rain to beat the band all day tomorrow and half the day Thursday.  I have off white carpet so unless I want to wait even longer, that leaves it up to me to find something to cover all of the carpet these drivers will be stomping on, uncaring,  in here with wet muddy feet.

If I sound like a sour grape that's because I am.  My plans are put off almost two weeks (new pet) my son has to be bothered not once but twice. (so far).

Friday, January 6, 2012


Waiting on the furniture store folks to bring the wall unit I I have already spoken of.  Between 190 and 2 they say.  That effectively kills the day because after they get here and all is done, I need to prepare somewhat for making supper for one of the boys who will be here and I hoe assists me with the speaker wiring etc.

I am giving away the treadmill.  I beat myself to a frazzle on that thing and always moaned and whined about my back and foot in such pain.  Dr. never could find a reason as it were.  Well, after I had that accident in the parking lot on foot and broke my right wrist and clobbered my knees so badly out there on the unforgiving asphalt, needless to say I could not use the treadmill.  When I started again in October I noticed no pain was present...not until I got going really well on the treadmill.  THEN..it dawned on me. Try another form of exercise.  So, now I go to a formal workout place. LOVE it.

Habitat for Humanity is coming by next Tuesday and getting the treadmill and an ancient but working TV that I have in the bedroom.  I got it free here a few years ago and never turn it on.  I did at first but unless I sit up in bed I can't see the screen thru my glasses. Don't want to sit UP when I am trying to go to sleep SO..I finally got a clue.  Give or throw it away.

I may add the quilt rack too.  I use it yes, but I don't have to.  Get rid of the space taker-upperer.  This is a small home.  Too much stuff is a killer.

See ya in a few...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Tell you what, we hustled some around here.  The boys were here till New years Eve.  The last full day, all of a sudden the living room furniture got moved completely around.  Now, this was prepared for over a year ago with graph paper and careful measuring of the furniture as well as available space.  I did have Comcast come out and make me another connection on the other side of the room so I could move the couch from that side and put the TV in its place.  That move needed someone (NOT ME...ABSOLUTELY NOT ME!!) to unhook everything from the stereo/TV/speakers and re hook everything on the other side of the room.  That got done..all in a rush the day and evening before they left.   Furniture moved completely away from where it traditionally was.

The dining table and chairs moved to a wall where it has never been and it's far better off there.  I even had a light installed above where the table would be, and now is, in anticipation.

Two chairs, the recliner and the platform rocker are at rest against the back drop of a huge window now.  That was wasted space for a long time till I finally had the treadmill removed to this room where I am now.

On Friday there will be a new $$$$ wall unit delivered and set up where the TV and etc will be and actually is right now till the new unit comes.  I have invited my youngest to supper and hopefully he will re-hook up the TV etc.  I am bribing him with dinner.  I have to spend the money but the last thing I am going to do is get a new larger and better TV.  When I bought this We*tin*ho*se I had NO idea Consumer Report rated it like..below bottom.  So I a stuck with one that really is a bad one.  And I want a larger than this older 32 incher anyway.  I wish I knew someone who wants it.

I haven't found another furbaby yet.  Haven't looked very hard either.  I need a break after all she and I went through and this gives me a chance to do a bit of traveling too.  There will be another furbaby though.  I'll have to cat proof the house again.  Admiral was so sedate and dignified for years I could pretty much leave things out on the dressers..not worry about her leaping onto things better left un-leapt upon.  I was finally able to take the sheets off the furniture and tables (fur and prints) and the last 6 years have been reasonably print free.  :-)) She just slept in all of the chairs and in the beds.  I know more than once she had a party after I left for work and the party goers were invited in by her and some were thugs!  The water bowl was overturned and dragged out to the middle of the wooden kitchen floor.  Water sitting there warped the boards.   My dresser looked like a bomb site with my jewerly and hair ornaments played with and worn no doubt till the magic hour struck and all her thuggette friends went home and I was faced with the clean up after a 13 hrs midnight shift.

This is a watercolor done of me when I was 14 years old.

Meanwhile, checking in.  xox