Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cut and Pasted repeat from 11/28, 2010 I love Being Happy

A beautifully lived Sunday Nov. 28, 2010

Why beautifully lived you may be wondering? That is what happens often when you are intensely grateful for all the blessings that you have. That's when you acknowledge them and how you came to get them.

Sometimes it is so grippingly obvious that you have had so much good in your life. Even the tough times are good and I have had a lot of tough times. I still do. I just don't particularly talk about them except sometimes along the very edges. :-) That's just me. But yesterday was another day when I was, to use that word again, intensely aware of all the good in my life. I count the tough times, as I said before here as part of the good for they made and still make me strong. The harder times have brought great compassion to me and more caring and awareness.

The best of times can be counted in the numeral three. My three sons. I have already spoken of that many times and I will spare you that again (until Mother's Day..then, you're mine!)

Man, it is beautiful out there..frosty and cold with a paint-box blue sky and sharp outlines of the tree limbs with their sheltered squirrels and birds in them.

Here is the sky from September to enjoy !!

Surely's not raining again!

Goodness, here came the rain again last afternoon and it has continued all the way thru the night and into all day and will keep it up till Saturday I think.  Better than drought I guess.

No one tried to back into me the past 24 hours but someone did pull right out in front of me from a merge lane without noticing I was a few feet away.  Luckily I anticipated that so I was ready.  For me, I start craning my neck with my head turned like Rosemary's baby at intervals so as to assess the flow of traffic I am attempting to merge into and maintain a speed that will help me get into traffic with as little fuss as I am able.  Silly me.

I need a cat tree, a tall one for Katie. She is leaping and flying about and tries scrambling up the walls to get to pictures etc. hanging there.  However the local pet store does not have tall trees and even if they did I have no way to get it home.  I have a Toyota Corolla S. I know no one with a truck and Simba suggested renting one to get to Knoxville and etc. would be too heavy for me probably to easily drag up the steps and etc once I got here not withstanding the $$$$ it would cost for the probable 2 1/2 hrs all told in rental cost.  Back to square one unless I mail order and I hate to do that because you can't see nor assess whether they are tippable or not unless you see and feel them.

Boring, I know.  But it's what's on my mind.  :-)

How YOU all?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brand New Week Coming

Well, a brand new week will be here in a few hours and to finish this one off,  once again someone tried to back into me.  That's twice in a week.  Maybe this new week will be better.  I had to blow the horn hoping to get their attention as they accelerated back toward me, never looking.  This time it was at a gas station so I would have been able to move unlike the time in the grocery store parking lot that I told you about last time.  Then I had to lay on the horn and the ol' buzzard driving finally noticed.

It seems not only me but many others I have talked to or even listened to speak of this sort of thing.  Many people old or young, it doesn't matter drive with nothing but thought for themselves and don't look.  I have blogged several times about the drivers who look in the direction the are going and refuse to look back at the on-coming traffic and cause you to almost stand your car on end trying to avoid a collision.  They just sail merrily on, apparently confident that the world will continue to look out for them.

Oh well.  Made it home in one piece again so after venting here about it, I'll quit.

Quite chilly.  Only got to mid 50's today.  It was warmer in January and February really.

So, how's you all?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Things

It's interesting how a little hitch in yer gitalong can cause problems.

As an example, yesterday some time in the day I unknowingly muted my cell phone.  I found that out late last night when I tried to make a call on it.  Well, I could not hear the ringing but I saw that it WAS ringing when I looked at the screen.  Hm.  Back to square one.  I mashed buttons, I looked at it with fire in my eyes and I found that none of that helped me a bit!  The phone was still silent.  I went to the manual and there was NOTHING I could find in there about mute and un-mute!  Not a thing.  I went to Google with the question how do I un-mute the Samsung Intensity 11 phone.  NOTHING!  I went to their website. Their contact section was OK to use but a message came up and said it was too busy.  SO, I looked at the other options (I didn't want to call the 800 number and get an overseas person whom I would likely not understand) and found I could ask thru Twitter of all things!  I did, and within 20 minutes I had a suggestion from them as to what to do. It suggested I take out the battery for a few minutes and voila!  That worked.

I can't get over how hard it is to get instructions for things..simple things.  If they can tell you how to turn on the phone in the little tiny manual they pack with the phone, for pete sakes go ON with it and tell a fella what else they might run into.  Why keep it a mystery?

I was very happy with the Twitter results.  I was given an opportunity to fill out a brief survey as to what I  thought and I was happy to do so.  It's a super idea using that media to help the customer.

Just sayin'.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Search For the More Unusual

Good weekend to you.  For the past several years I have striven to get a least one or two more unusual or unique to them I should say, gifts for my boys for Christmas rather than all of the same old-same old.  I found one for the middle boy today that he will truly love.  (I start shopping early) and one for my youngest that he will enjoy but it is not unique.  I'm still trying there for him.  The oldest, he is hard to shop for and usually I have to let him tell me what he wants and I see if I can do it.  :-)

I am in a jeans jacket about to go out but I wanted to say good morning to all of you and hopes for a happy weekend.  It's still coolish out there these past 5 days and certainly the nights.  80's for the rest of the weekend I am told.

I have to go weed the upper flower bed before another week goes by,  I dread it.  Duck walking around it's perimeter and getting all the stuff out of the inside..torture.  If I could hire it done I would.  But no one wants to weed and there aren't many kids about to ask if they'd like to do it.

MY next door neighbor continues to mow once a YEAR whether it needs it or not and his weeds are all crowding my fence.  I don't like the idea of calling the City on them as that starts trouble.  I just suffer.  I just went and took these photos thru my window.  Thru the screen I might add.  So you can see what it's like over there and the growing season is just started.  That one of the back can't even see it over there it is so covered with poke week.  SIGH. Green mildew covers the white siding and stone work is falling off the front of the house.

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Header

I thought I would leave this for awhile as my header.  One of my sons just came back from a visit  to NYC to see a relative and some friends. While there and while touring various places, he went to Hyde Park and there..behold!  A street with my name.  Even spelled correctly with an "e" on the end.

I am getting ready to go work out and not sure of the rest of the day but you can be sure that it will be busy.

Have a happy!  xox

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.

Like the sun on this flower, He is Risen.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Oh whoa nelly.  It HAD to be done so I went out and did it.  What?  Weeding.  Those weeds were just choking the flower beds running along the front of the house.

I went out to eat with my colleagues and when I got was just about high noon. I saw the weeds and just came in the house..made a tiny pony tail (shorter hair now) and tied a bandanna around my forehead (it was VERY sunny and hot) put on knee pads and headed out with my tall kitchen garbage can, the garden fork and my leather gloves.  Oh. my. goodness.  I pulled weeds till I really did cause my broken wrist that has healed of course, to protest.  I decided to use my right arm the way I would have had I not broken it.  It's a little swollen and hurts a bit but hey, it has to cope.  I worked out there for over an hour and gave up after emptying that can two times.  I will do the upper flower bed (oh, my back) in a few days. It is choked fully with weeds. I spread the Preen and it worked last year so it will work again.

I went to the garden section of a store late in the afternoon and bought a tomato plant and a sweet red bell pepper plant as well.  Just one each..container planting again.  It has been VERY successful for me for several years now.  Tomato is in the dirt but I ran out of soil and will have to go get some tomorrow for the pepper.  I was supposed to work out today but I will assume the weeding about fulfilled the obligation.

Whew.  Back is stiff but otherwise OK.  My knees suffered a lot  despite the knee pads as they were so gravely injured last June.  They have not fully recovered.  I went out taking photos day before yesterday and kneeling around on the ground and getting up so many times did a bad number on my knees.  I will have to find something to help me up so I don't have to use my left knee (worst one) as a push-up help.  Other knee is almost as bad so really, I need to guard both.  Hard to get on the ground and take photos when your knees are messed up.  :-(


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

Thunderstorms, hail and high winds and torrential rain.  So, what else is new?  At least they aren't tornadoes.  Those will be coming any time again.  We've not had a month without one this year.

Tomorrow we colleagues both working and not will be gathering making lots of talk and having a great time.  I'll look forward to it as I always do.

I know that only Terry and I watch DWTS so I will ask you Terry, what do you think?  That was an emotional time they all had last night.  There are about 3..all men but that one classical singer and Maria M..can't spell it, that I like and hope will win.  Driver, the young Hispanic, the Cuban gorgeous hunk is THE best of all the men with the Hispanic young boy right up there with him.  The rest, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Let me know what you think Terry.  I smiled at your FB comment Monday when you said you were logging off to watch the show.  I did too.  :-)))