Friday, April 29, 2011


Beautiful day.  So I quit stalling and pulled on my knee pads and slapped on a hat, gloves picked up my claw shaped instrument for digging and uprooting and went to the upper oval flower bed and duck walked around till I got it all done.  Worlds absolutely LONGEST sentence EVER!!!!!Despite my gloves (cloth) I collected dirt under my fingernails so though I washed my patty's I will still have to use the nail brush when I get done here.

I applied Preen up there too.  I must's expensive BUT it appears that it works.  Advertising works and if I had not seen the one with the woman pulling weeds in what looks like a town's small flower bed and the voice over said, "Can't stop weeding?"  Caught my attention.  I never knew what that product was until then.  I thought it was a fertilizer.  But expensive!!

I'm back in (of course) had to change clothes as I was pretty dirty and you know what..mosquitoes were on me and bit.  I didn't think it was time yet.  My mistake.  I even bought new insect repellent today!

One of my colleagues at work passed away from cancer and tomorrow evening I will be attending the receiving of friends and the funeral.  I'll go with a woman friend. She knows where the funeral home is and I don't.

Has anyone noticed nasty things on Face Book?  There was a nasty message in the form of a question on my profile day before yesterday (I don't constantly go, so I didn't see it when it was put up) asking a sexually oriented question- purportedly by a work friend of mine.  I sent him a message asking if he really felt that way after I deleted it.  He said that he and three others (also colleagues) have also been victimized. So, look out.  HAS to be a so-called friend as no one else can write on your wall.

So, dat's da noos.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

whew. Glad THAT'S over!!!

Man alive, one tornado alert after the other from 9 am till 12 am!  Tornadoes around us but in town, just high winds, deadly lightening and hail.  My car survived but my son's Ford Fusion hybrid that  still hasn't lost it's newness from last year was totally pounded with at least golfball or larger hail.  We had all the way to softball size. He was with friends and so his car was not in the garage.  What a mess.  He has filed a claim.  I imagine half or more of the people in Knoxville have done the same.  But there should be peace for a few days.  I am worried about Great Granny, a dear blog family member and her son as well..and we haven't heard from her.  She's in Tullahoma I believe.  He lives in TN. somewhere and our State was pretty much all beleaguered.

Just checking in and thank you from the heart for checking on me'n'her and caring.  xoxoxox

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday, gonna be Thursday in a few blinks of the eye!!

Well, a tornado wave went thru this area again after one about 11 this morning.  Supposed to be a third wave in the middle of the night.  Sigh. BUT I'm still standing and so is the house.  The torny-do's have been within 15 miles of me..not here where I am.  I just have winds and rain so far!  Works for me.

The small boss of the house has taken her needed medication for the second day in a row.  I do believe things will be good for her.  We will see how she progresses.

I shouldn't be in here.  I need to be by the TV while there is still power.  There has been nothing but the weather forecaster on for two hours as we are in a tornado warning again.  So, I have been around and will do some more visiting as you guys update.

Miss Catt aka the Admiral will be headed out on the town again with her date for an engagement pawty. I should only be so fortunate.  Easy to see who has the beauty and charm around here!  And four legs are always better than two.  Especially if the ends (feet) of them are equipped with razors.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday- The Waiting Game

Seems I have to take the cat to the vet every 7 days..and that time has come and gone so she must go.  She needs a blood test to see if any of the medicine that she is having via transdermal gel is even getting into her blood stream.  If not, we have some serious talking and thinking to do.

I am ready as I have to take advantage of the opportunity when it presents.  In this case her new soft sided carrier is up ended in the shower/tub and the curtain closed mostly so that when she goes into the bathroom later to drink, I will shut the door and try to get her into her carrier.  Always traumatic for both of us.

IN other news :-) while we didn't have tornadoes in this immediate area, there were straight line winds and they really did a bad number in Knoxville, a few miles to the southwest of me.  Here, we just had  high winds and it scary for a while as my home is surrounded by tall TALL trees.  But not like Knoxville had.  And poor Arkansas and!

See you in a while..already been to some of you.

Monday, April 25, 2011

First Date of the Admiral aka Miss Catt

The Admiral had her first date at the #Pawpawty and she was picked up by Nik, her new love in his Bentley limo.

Nik brought his brother Rocky who went stag, but met up with a lady cat at the pawty. There were so many kitties there (not kidding actually..this is a Twitter event) that it was hard to know who all was meowing at you things went by so fast on TweetGrid.

Admiral wore a beautiful fuchsia dress suit this time instead of an evening gown as this pawty was in honor of the royal wedding soon to come. So all the kitties, Admiral included flew over in chartered kitty jet planes to England to pawty and then be there to observe the wedding. She was just exhausted when Nik returned her to her home. I think it took so long because both of them took good naps along the way. :-)

Someone or two folks had asked for a detail or so on the party so here tis. :-) Here's her date.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter all of the blog family who might see this.

Love to all of you.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday...never changed from that. :-)

Yup.  The Admiral aka Miss Catt is headed out with her boy friend Nik to the "pawty" this afternoon or evening.  Nik asked what time to send the limousine and the Admiral had to demur until she could know when her human brother is leaving. If he's leaving today then she will go to the party tonight and will inform her date accordingly.

In any case, she has to be back in time to make sure I am up and awake for Easter services tomorrow.  I am going to the early service. If my son is here he will go with me.

I am looking forward to tomorrow as it is a celebration of the Lord having Risen.  Not a lot more meaningful thing in the world to me than that. ☼

Have a super day.  Me'n'him are going out with our cameras in a bit.


Friday, April 22, 2011

The Weekend is Here

The weekend is here and as it is Good Friday my oldest is not at work.  So he is here already and we are having BBQ'd chicken for supper.  But it has been ages since I had mashed potatoes so we'll have those too.  A sit down dinner as opposed to outside.

Supposed to be nice Saturday and Sunday.  But not today.  My Twin sent her loathsome rain here!!! Just for that I will have pods from her old bean tree shipped over and sent to her address!

Miss Catt or the Admiral is quite involved in Twitter and she is supposed to go to a big weekend "pawty" this weekend and her best kitty furriend on Twitter, Mariodacat, made her a beautiful suit to wear.  She is going to get herself ready in a minute.  That photo of her in her purple suit will be her avatar. :-)))

Electrician will be here soon.  He is going to install the light kit I bought onto the living room fan.  Can't wait.

xoxo  Happy Easter on Sunday.  Remember the reason, please. ♥

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Almost Thursday but still Wednesday (I'm being silly)

My glutes are killin' me.  It's from making my way across the entire front of the house and a little of the side, and toting bins of weeds.  Bending over on your knees works the glutes and why that continually surprises me I have no idea.

I will be duck walking thru the upper flower bed soon as the ol' glutes calm down and then, my inner thighs will be asking for a little mercy the next day.  That always surprises me too because my legs are muscular and so are the glutes. Oh well.

I paid 16 dollars for a container of Preen today and I have already sprinkled it into the flower beds I weeded.  Now..we will see if it does any good.  I hope rain doesn't affect it.

I have the small furred Mrs. here on the desk taking up a lot of room, and she's snoring.  That is the cutest sound.  I had to use my left hand for any mouse work as she was laying on the pad and the top of my hand which was holding the mouse.  I didn't disturb her and just slipped the mouse out to my left hand.  AWKWARD!!

See you soon..already been around some.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weedy Tuesday

I went out there with new knee pads (they are the best ones I have ever bought!!) a bin and the Claw as I call it to help me dig efficiently, and my trusty gloves and scissors. I didn't intend to do all the way across the house but I did. It's not as good as it should be and if I am a good girl, I will go again and get the roots up that I left. There is some sort of noxious weeds out there that I have never seen before. It has taken over a good deal of the beds. Long rangy and thin. Multiple seed heads..I will find some and take a picture of it. I would love to know what it is. My face is red enough and I sweat enough in the face etc that I don't feel I have to get on the treadmill. I will do that tomorrow and just the weights today. I washed well when I came back in. I forgot the insect repellent. It's not bad out there but the last thing I need is another tick bite. Here is a picture of that horrible weed. Tiny leaves half an inch long don't seem to open. Anyone know what it is? I lays in long long yards of stems all matted up on the ground. UGH.

It's after 10 and I don't have my face on. Glad I have a nice complexion (if I say so myself) so that if I do go out or someone comes to the door, I don't have to worry much. Just my blonde eyebrows and lashes need darkening with makeup to see. :-) Guess I will get ready for the day.

I hope your day is good..and I have been around already to some of you. ☀

Monday, April 18, 2011

Now that is perfume!

How can I forget from year to year the heady fragrance of fresh potting dirt? Oh that smell was enough to make me just stand there and enjoy it. I was going to put some sunflower seeds (I did do that) into small peat pots to get them started before taking and planting them by the fence. But that just makes all your cares and woes recede.

I decided to put a light weight stick out there by the hummingbird feeder for them to stand on. They are here. I put out the nectar I make them 2 weeks ago. Jackpot!

I know I said it in WP blog yesterday and may have said it in this one too but I am still cautiously optimistic for the cat. I think her pill to make her eat ran out, as it were, and the steroids are helping her feel hungrier. I think. A few more days will tell me. She's being a pretty good girl about having her other ear used for the cream. Now both ears are used for 2 different meds.

I complained to a frozen food entree maker about the very odd taste of the baked chicken entree. I tried it 5 times..every time it tasted "off". They were most kind and sent coupons. I won't use them on that particular meal. But they paid attention and were nice about it. Would not be fair to name them here.

OK. I am busting wide open from too many Cheerios. See you later.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Stuffs

I decided to put my favorite of this Spring's pictures I have taken as my header this time. If anyone noticed, that Wirty Pl. is referring to another furred one in my past. Her name was Robin but the kids, for reasons known only to them called her Wirty. Go figure.
Looks like a sunny day today. Yesterday was horrifically windy. Cold damp and windy I might add. There was a cold front coming through. I will take the camera with me when I head out to get a few things later.
Someone said it is National Pet Parents Day. There are pet owners and there are pet parents. I used to smile a little when I saw pet parents but as I have become one these past 25 years, I no longer smile at it. Others sometimes don't see why we pet parents love our pets so much that it shows. It's because they love US so much that it shows. Simple as that. I have a cat but the demonstrable love she shows me tells me our love and care of her is appreciated and returned. Who else here will be my nursie when something goes wrong? Who else but her will enfold my wrist in her front paws and lay her head in the palm of my hand to sleep? That's trust. And that's love. Too many examples to write here so I won't. I will close with the thought that it amazes me that people assume cats don't show love. Um..I think those who say that never had one or never treated them right.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday...never changed from that. :-)

It is extremely windy and gray. Faint sprinkles hitting occasionally. Not enough I don't think to disturb the University's annual Orange and White game. The oldest went to that game this afternoon (football) ..the other two are on their way to AZ for a week, and points farther west than that. Spring break. Usually they leave the Country but these past few years they have been unable due to a family constraint there. Maybe soon.
I got a rather unsatisfactory rose picture this morning. Despite the total gray overcast..NO sun..the color was so brilliant as to be "blown out" hence I had to stop down the intensity. I will put it here but I am going to go back on a sunny day (unusual for me to do as that usually REALLY blows them out) and see if I can do any better. Obviously I had my aperture wrongly set. That'll teach me.
The furred member of the family is eating well but still torqued that she was hauled off a few days ago, hence she is spending time under the bed needlessly. But I guess that makes her feel in control. I did just get to brush her and I got her medicine onto her ear.
See you soon. XOXOX

Friday, April 15, 2011


It's no longer warm and is cold and rainy. That is about right for April. Tax day by golly!

I am waiting for an insulator to come and give me an estimate for installing installation again under the house. It's falling down and that started when the water heater leaked all its water out under the house. $$$ I'm sure. I guess this is just part of it.

I was hardly home and when I was, we were busy with graph paper taking measurements and getting the living room squared away for the great change the furniture around day. :-) Also, finally got the cat her steroid meds and she has had 2 doses in as many days. Maybe she will be on her way to feeling more like she should be. She sure is eating! I finally have it in a form that she can use, not vile nasty liquids.

I am looking for a light kit to attach to the ceiling fan in the living room. I have rarely seen so many ugly candidates. I want a globe..not the fanned out 3 glass globe thingy. I want one "bowl"- like globe. EW-GLEE. I even want on line. More ew-glee. May have to settle for ew-glee.

Miss Catt aka the Admiral has a boy friend. They have a long distance relationship.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Honking Horns

And they honked at me. I deserved it but in a way I didn't-- but it's the safe thing to glad they did.

Two times today, I was inching my way out of a parking space..backing up that is and a horn blew multiple times. Turned out that while I looked before I started inching..I was parked next to a giant SUV. (I have a compact sedan). so I didn't and couldn't really see anything which is why I was inching and not moving any faster than a snail. So, the vehicle I could not see saw me and warned me. Times that by 1 and know that in another slot in another parking lot, another big SUV parked next to me. Danged if I didn't get honked at AND glared at again.


Here's off the deck this morning right after sunrise when the fog was rising in my woods. See? We have leaves unfurling now!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I wonder if anyone besides Simba tried the egg in a coffee cup?  It needs a 12 oz cup or at least 10 oz.  in size...and you do microwave on HIGH.  Someone asked..I forgot to say.  I put a little bacon in..Dave said something about's all good and a filling breakfast.

Comcast man has come and gone.  Did a great job and cleaned up a cord mess outside of the house that one man failed to do.  I appreciated that very much.  So I now have a connection on the other side of the room and all ahead stop till someone can help me get the TV and peripherals across the room and connected.  That will be awhile.  :-(

I called a company that does insulation as I discovered that my insulation under the house is falling from between the rafters..joists, whatever those boards are.  So here we go..more expense.  That's what happens when you have a home.  You have to maintain it.

I did get the new table.  I will put in a picture of the marble in the center.  I'm getting used to higher backed chairs.  I don't think I realized how high they were.  But I do now.  :-)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Monday

I am hoping to get the new dining set today.  The small straw boss that lives here got me up particularly early and that's OK.  I will be dressed and ready when the furniture arrives.

I saw a "recipe" for making scrambled eggs in a coffee cup and I swear, it is fun and gives me a break from my usual routine.  One sprays the inside of the cup very lightly with a mist of cooking spray--crack 2 eggs into the cup, whip them with a fork for a few strokes to get the eggs mixed--add 2 Tablespoons milk and combine that with the eggs, cover, put in microwave 45 seconds.  Take out, stir (that breaks up the partially cooked eggs) put back in for an additional 30 seconds.  Take out, stir again, add shredded cheese salt and pepper.  I add bacon pieces too.  DEElicious! That is just what went down the stomach tube..and is going round round round the system too, as I write.

Give it a try.  Lazy mans way..hardly any clean up and nutritious besides. One could always have a couple of pieces of buttered toast standing by but I never think of it in time.

Have a good day.  Love on someone and be kind.  You'll make someone's day!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday...never changed from that. :-)

One of my sons was here a few hours and helped me with some more smaller things I needed help with on my new computer and operating system. That was kind and..we got to go to lunch at Applebees. You know me..chicken fingers all the way.

Hotter than who dunnit today. High 80's and it is in the house too. I finally turned on a couple ceiling fans to help. Not going to turn on a/c this soon.

I have a concern about Comcast and no way to resolve it I don't think. I'll have to think it over I suppose.

I have photo of a brand new lilac bush bloom for my Twin, Beth Marie. I also have two new adorable pics up in here. I will take a picture tomorrow. I have no dining set as the Ecumenical House came and got it. Hopefully the new one will be here Monday.

Hope you guys are having pleasant weather. Joe, I am going to throw a rock at your skies if your horrible weather keeps up!


Friday, April 8, 2011


I decided against the pedestrian, mundane table I had chosen yesterday while furniture shopping. The more I thought of it the more I knew it wasn't for me in any way but size. I would have made the same mistake I made with the table I presently have whose photo I just posted yesterday for you. I bought that one back several years ago after having seen it and not shopping around. I bought the first one I saw and I almost did that again. Instead I headed to another place today after seeing an ad in the paper and I found the one I have bought and paid for. It is wood, cherry, and has just four padded chairs to go with it. Aside from the cherry wood there are four marble oblong panels inlayed (is that the right spelling?) in the top. I used 2/3's of my tax refund on that. It should be here on Monday and then I'll take a picture. The one I almost got which I would have regretted as badly as I still do the one that is in here now, was plain dark "wood" with a top that looked like oak flooring sorta kinda. It was OK but since I have to look at it all of the time, I knew I would regret it. Too "motel looking" if you know what I mean.

My red dogwood (or as a kitty friend of the Admiral said...catwood) photo in Flickr got the "Explore" honor. I was thrilled. Number 210 out of 500. It's a woman thing I guess. You make and serve a this case a photo, and give it to your guests (those who are your contacts) and when they like just thrills me. Makes me want to whip up another dessert. ☺

Thank you for the comments on yesterday's white dogwood blossoms that I used as my header for now.

That wooden table you saw with the bowl on top will be outta here Monday. YEA! I gave it to Ecumenical House who will give it to a disaster victim family.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh goodness, what a great day

Mid 70's and sunny.  The first lawn mowing of my season.  Smells great out there, looks great.  Doors all open today when I was ever here.  Me and Victoria (camera) went out and we got some RED Dogwoods.  I took the white one you see in my header yesterday.  Today I got me a red one.  I haven't bothered with the pink yet. We are about to have our annual Dogwood Arts Festival.  All the gorgeous routes with varieties of Dogwood are pain ted in pink lines and petal on the streets for tourists to follow to be guided thru neighborhood beauty.

It will hit 88 on Sunday so they say BUT that will be about it.  We go back to seasonal temps after that.

I also got some lilac pictures but..I haven't bothered with them yet.  I may not.

I've been around and you guys have all updated.  :-)   ♥

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Redneck Day

It was Redneck Day but when I was waiting in the parking lot to go into the Redneck room, a woman friend and I were talking and she said let's skip this today and go to Applebees. That's what we did!

So, no hootin' and no hollerin' for us today at the RedNeck Room. After a nice hour there we headed off to Knoxville and went furniture shopping. It's for me mostly as I am looking for a rectangular table with just four chairs that will make a smaller "footprint" in the house. I don't have a dining room and I don't have an eat-in kitchen, hence as with most homes in this subdivision that were built in the 50's, one has to eat in the large living room at an area you set up to one side as the "dining area". There aren't a blumillion people dining here nowadays so a smaller table is in order mostly because I hate the one I have AND I am moving furniture around after a squillion years for a better look to the room. One reason why the treadmill is in ere now and not in the living room.

I think I found something that will do. I'll have to go all the way back and pay for it but first I need to call the ecumenical council and see if they want this maple (hate that color..why oh WHY did I ever BUY this round monstrosity??? WHY??) table and remove it. I want to donate it to folks who have had a fire, down on their luck..anyone who needs an excellent and pretty (but not to me) (WHY!!?? did I buy it!) and when I find someone like that to donate it to, I will and get the new table. Here is the table, at least the top, that I will give away. (won't sell as I do NOT want my phone numbers in public places.)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That was no fun at all

Here I am after a 13 hr. long power outage.  The power went out at 6 last night..back at 7 this  morning. Then, the cable was still out so no TV, Internet or telephone signal until 9 this morning.  Been a rough one.  Tornado just west of here and severe storms with high winds (70 mph) thru here.  We are all surrounded by trees 100 feet tall in our neighborhood (and less) and as always, someone got nailed.  The house 2 doors up was cut in two by one of the big ones falling on the house.  Right across the street, 2 doors up as well there were torn limbs hanging on my the bark.  

The cat and I were in total darkness so even with the oil lamp, we headed to bed at 9 PM.  Hard to sleep solidly through, though the cat didn't say anything.  Just I am used to the sleep sound machine with white noise.  It was silent and of corse, black as pitch.  We got up at 6..I headed to McDonalds to get coffee and a biscuit.  

Now there is sun.  Got mighty cold in the house.  Well, not mighty.  It was 64.  But that was chilly.  Glad when the power was restored.  

See you in a bit...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh it is that wonderful time again!

That time is the first week of April when I cook for the hummingbird's ---their first nectar when they arrive here at my house.

No one much shows up QUITE this early but I need to be ready if they do. The males will arrive first and the females a few days later. The males happen to leave first in the end of September or the first day or so of October- and the females leave a few weeks later.

I always cook for my hummingbirds. One measured cup of white sugar, and 4 cups of water. No red food coloring needed and it may even be harmful. Believe me, I have proved this is so as my feeder that is filled with clear nectar is always caked with hummingbirds. Stir sugar and the water up in a pan, heat to boiling point. Allow to cool, and poor into a glass quart or large sized jar and cap tightly. Of course do this AFTER you have filled the feeder. :-)

This is the time of year I so look forward to. The arrival of the hummingbirds and my first personal sighting of one right here at my deck feeder. I love them.

IN warm weather, or more importantly in hot weather, don't allow the nectar to stay in the feeder longer than 4 days tops. It sours and may become filled with fungi as it is spoiling in the heat--- that will hurt your hummingbird babies. (I call 'em babies. I don't care if they are adults). This is my feeder and one of my female hummingbirds last year.

So, the nectar I cooked for them is now cooling and later I will have the pleasure of filling their feeder and the anticipation of watching outside constantly for them. You'll read about it here if I see one. :-) P.S. Please..don't ever use honey or artificial sweeteners if you make their nectar for them as I do. Google it if you feel I am in error but I am not in error. Use cane sugar only.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday and sorta Sunday

I'm sleepy as I got to bed later due to my boy being home and talking to him plus...the 4 footed Mrs. got me up early.  So, off to bed here in a few minutes.  Just stopping to say hello.

It rained like a waterfall all night but this morning dawned sunny and chilly.  It did get to 63 degrees.  Can't complain.  The wind is 30-40 knots.

I did hurt my back a little bit helping the electrician get that heavy treadmill in here and out of the living room.  He volunteered to move it.  No way I could just stand there and let him try to get the cussed thing thru the computer room door when it was hard to make the turn into the room.  Owie.  But it was worth it.  I'll get over it soon.

I have to get my weights out of my her basket though. I piled them in there to get them out of the way of our feet.If I know what's good for me, I will free up that basket again.

Having the electrician back Monday early to help me with this UPS down on the floor.  As I have no laptop that runs on battery, I need a source to keep me up long enough to shut down my computer in an orderly fashion when severe weather comes.

See ya.  I have been looking to see who updated.  This is sunrise way early off my deck.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Um...why does that happen?

Went to the drugstore to pick up a prescription. What can I do to stop the Universe from always having 10 year old looking- newbie (self admitted) clerks when I go to pick up the prescription? I always draw the ones with the faint little girl voices that can barely be discerned..but worse, when I present my 20.00 annually paid for prescription card they disappear with it and go into some faintly made-out discussion about it to another newbie (place must not be able to keep anyone very long) and then they bring it back and hand it to me saying it doesn't do any good for me. Well, it has before when I've had a real grown up..usually a male, so one wonders-- why not now? However, just wondering why I always get the little waifs who seem too young to even be out of grade school and are always new? Must be my fate.

Anyway, my oldest will be here after work so that will be a treat for the Grouchy One who also lives here He is her favorite of all the sons. She gets many many smooches and loud ones too and lots of adoration.

Smoked pork chops tonight..some cheesy noodles, some few other things and let me look to see if any dessert is to be had.

I have to take my pillow out while it's still not raining and get a few other things done. Whatter you all doing? ♥