Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thankful Thursday

The cats have a blog hop called Thankful Thursday hosted by Brian From Brian's Home.  I love reading it anyway, but on Thursdays there are always many kitties who write of things they are grateful for.

Even though I am not linking as this is not a cat blog...Katie has one of those, I am very grateful today (and everyday, really) that my oldest son got another all clear so to speak after his last CT scan.  And the tiny tumor in his lung is gone now as well as a concerning area  elsewhere.  He has been going through aggressive chemo since March for this newest anomaly.  It came, after a five year remission.  But he is through this for now.

I didn't realize after the first shock of the reappearance, that I was physically affected by the terrible news.   But now, with the curtain lifted and safety surrounding him, I feel like a kitten again.  I have been un-stoppable these past three days.  I have more work done and happily with a smile, that I think I have done in many weeks.  I just felt like it.  A while ago, I completely cleaned and polished all the wooden kitchen and bottom.  I did the wood floor and it gleams.  I got the bathroom sparkling more than usual.  I have polished all the wood surfaces in the house and swept and vacuumed (I do all that anyway, but I just don't want to be still). If I could take off and fly, I swear I would.

 I am happy again.  It's been sad, and hard to deal with, as I walk every single step with him...shoulder to shoulder.   But now...we see sun again.

Just letting you know.  You have been very kind to me.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Turn the Page

Remember Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band singing that song..."Turn the Page"?  I listened to it a few minutes ago.  He was about my most favorite singer back then.  No one sang like he did.  I am magically transported back to '73 when I hear it.  Sure beats what I hear blaring and thumping out of car radios etc. nowadays.

 Glen Campbell was another favorite and no surprise..."Wichita Lineman" just spun me up.  Still does.  It was the perfect tune with the perfect lyrics.  Again, I feel transported back to "the day".

Dobie Gray with Drift Away.  Oh,  the memories.  "Give me the beat boys and free my soul...I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away". I can hear it playing in my mind.  Remember Cream?  Oh, man...loved their stuff.  I can see in my mind's eye what I was wearing mostly those days and I can hear the bands as though the music was playing right now.  (which it is).  The Doobie Brothers came along and became a fave.  Waylon Jennings later...Looking for Love".   "Who's Your Daddy" Toby Keith...Wish I had a Time Portal.

 Still have my 14oz (heavy) denim Wrangler bell bottom jeans from then.  I bought the men's as they were cut more to my liking.  Never was bottom heavy.  Took years for me to try to wear women's jeans. Manufacturers started using 12 oz. denim a few years later in '75-'78...then, it kept going to lighter and lighter weight fabric until it hit 6 oz. denim.  Like a dish towel in strength and weight. Not fit for jeans I thought.  So I grabbed the heavy denim ones while they were available.

That's when they started adding lycra... quelle Horreur!   (*that's a fave expression in my family..French for "how horrible"*) to women's trousers...whether you wanted it or not. The material became so light it was not able to do a more than passing job keeping the cold out during winter.

I sure skipped around in my story here.

The hots and humid are back with a vengeance.  We had three days off from the humidity.  Weather said first time in 3 months.

This poor thing was on top of the park's trash when I was walking this morning.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Funny How That Works

I love reading certain comic strips.  Three of them are  first, Zits and then Crankshaft and then, Sally Forth.  There are others but those three are especial favorites.

I was led to go to the website for one of them the other day to see if I could cut and paste a very telling cartoon the cartoonist had done on that day.

I was at the garage reading a newspaper they had laid out for the customers, and saw Sally Forth first off.  I will add I have not had a subscription to a newspaper in several years.  Won't start one in the foreseeable future, so I miss the best part each day, the comics.  Well, I admit to being a sports page fiend too.  Particularly so during collegiate football.

However back to my topic.  I looked up the website for that comic strip and scrolled back several days until I saw that particular strip.  I like it so much that I may go ahead and pay for a print.

FINALLY...the point.  I looked at the comments below the strips as I caught up with many I had not seen, and I was amazed at the sheer number/volume of comments written by trolls.  That was what was so amazing.  They, the trolls, knew the characters intimately which shows they read them every day.  Then, they sharpen their knives, get their vitriol and boiling oil ready in buckets...and go to town just eviscerating the cartoonist and his/her work.  What????  You hate it that much?  GO AWAY then.  Don't read it. Have you nothing else to do in each 24 hours than troll the comic strip sites and write as viciously as you are able?

The same went for Crankshaft only worse.  That strip addresses many important things sometimes, in a caring and oftentimes gripping way.  Especially when the writer addressed Alzheimer's.  I didn't know the mean spirit  could be worse.  But it was.  Trolls,  I wonder why are you reading these comics if you hate every frame and word?   So now, I will click "don't show comments" and go on.

Look what's going to happen in close to two weeks.  Poor old University of TN is going to try again to get out of the basement.  I'll be reading the sports and crying no doubt.  XO

Friday, August 17, 2018


Here it is Friday.  Seems as though it was Friday only yesterday.  Time does go quickly.  And extremely slowly.  All of us surely have had the experience as youngsters waiting for something you had looked forward to, and time moved with glacial speed it seemed.

School's summer vacation NEVER would get there...Christmas would NEVER get there...your birthday and party would NEVER get'd never get to be a teenager of'd stay 12 and all the other kids would be teens and there you would be.  Twelve.  The dance would be forever before the date for it to occur.  But, the finals were due instantly, the doctor appointment was there at the speed of light and so on.

I can't lay my hands on the book right at this moment as it is in the bookcase in the other bedroom.  But there is a book called Future Shock by Alvin Toffler.  Seems somewhere in the first hundred or so pages, he  took a shot at the "time flying" or dragging, syndrome.  He attempted an explanation as to why it seemed to happen.  All of us know it does not in reality but he had an explanation as to why we feel that way.  I'll look it up later and tell you.

Whoops, having a problem with Blogger...keeps saying I need to reload and when I do, I still get the same notice.

See ya later, gator.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Bear Gets You?

What was that they said about-- sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you?  I only remembered it right, because the past two days, the bear got me.  But good.  It happens.  😫

Aside from that, there are still four total  utility poles up on either side of my house...2 per.  I'm betting they will come by in a swarm with the usual 5, count 'em, 5 looooong  bucket trucks to take the old 2 down.  But first...the actual utilities folks gotta come by and hook up their stuff onto the new poles after detaching from the old poles.  Sounds like several months to me of blocked driveway etc.  But you know what they also say...if that's the worst that happens to have it made.  That is true.

Re: the Krill oil.  One friend said my 3000 mg is a high dose.  It is.  The cardiologist told me to take that much as the other meds, 2 of them, caused my lipids to be unhappy!  So, he is trying to get the numbers more in line with where they need to be with the addition of the Krill oil.  We will see if it works.   They old line "It's complicated" applies here.  :-)

This week will be full of things that aren't in the least enjoyable.  But that has to happen too.  No one escapes it when "stuff happens".

Trying to get up the nerve to clean one of the closets.  Oh goodness...I'd rather do about anything else than that.

I meant to see how much this piece and the table is at the consignment store.  Looking back at the pictures, I'd kinda like to have it for Labor Day, 4th of July Memorial Day and so on.

I love going through those stores.  If I were crafty..I would make one.

Sure you don't want to come on over and cheer me on while I clean the closet out?

You can watch my Flicker woodpecker  if you do....

taken by my youngest son

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sometimes City Workers Are Extra Nice

I headed out to the grocery store this morning and the City workers were already here getting ready to change the utility pole ("telephone pole") to either side of me.  They aren't finished with yesterday's changeout but they went ahead to stand a new pole on the other side of my home as well.  I guess they will do all the electrical disconnects and connects after both poles are in place.  The 13 kv lines are newly attached to the new pole to my right...and I am sure they will be  attached to the pole they are struggling with on my left before they leave.  Utilities connections are up to the Utility types...Comcast, etc. etc. Not the City.

What I wanted to tell you was...when I returned from the store they appeared to have most of my driveway blocked.  I asked a worker and he looked.  He asked if I would park on the street upwards aways.  I did and remarked that wouldn't you know it..I had just been on a grocery run.  He said he would help bring them in and darned if he and another worker didn't!  I hate going back and forth with bags if I don't have to and so they saved me from that.  It was an un-looked for nice thing.

Who else takes Krill Oil?  I was told by the cardiologist to start it...3000 mg a day.  If you take it, does it keep you awake longer at night as it does me?  I haven't slept really well since I started it. I looked it up and that is a side effect among others.  I hope it is doing me some good.  It's far superior to fish oil.


Monday, August 6, 2018

Whoa! That Was Hard to Do.

That trip was a nightmare on the way there.  Rain, rain, and more.  HARD rain.  Standing water on the Interstate too.  Blindingly hard rain in places and...ta daaa...fog rising from the valley floor as I got into the mountains.  But before it rose, I got to navigate through it.

It held off largely in Charlotte though.  Just occasional rain and not too hard. Didn't keep me from my appointed rounds.  I finally got to spend some money later in the day.  The usually better two consignment shops had nothing to make me reach for my wallet.  That is highly unusual.  I got out of both of them, and my money was still with me. However I started meeting my match at the Black Lion.  Higher end... and I can only afford knickknack stuff. But what fun walking around in there.  Vast place.  Look at a couple of things I saw:

He was just over $300.00

Hey!  On SALE!  Gotta get! Not. 

I was glad to get home after being on the road going back.  Fifty million trucks at 85 mph ain't no fun to be a little car in the middle of.  In the 90's there, but here too.  So I didn't walk anywhere but from the frying pan to the fire.  :-)

Katie was beside herself when I got home.  Bless her heart.  She had a sitter but a sitter doesn't stay with you at night...comb and brush you...put your baby shows on the TV when she leaves and provide a lap on demand 7/24.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Just A Bit

Just a little bit before I'm gone a few days.

That picture I placed in the header is one of my gemstone rough amethysts.   I collect these gemstone roughs.  Love them.  I have everything..emeralds, rubies, both pink and blue sapphires, garnets, peridot, various Ambers with insects embedded, citrine, rubilite, rose quartz...all manner and colors of quartz crystals.  I also have the gemstones in cabochons. That's not my favorite as I prefer the faceted one...rough or cut by an expert.  When they are roughs, I don't really have to worry about someone coming in and fighting the cat and me over them.  They are beautiful.  Not in a form to create envy or taking to make money on them. They ain't cheap, no, but they aren't "expensive" in the way many think of it, either.   I collect fossils too.  No cracks about me being one, please.  :-)

I have some things ready to head on down the road in the morning.  I am headed over the Mountains to see my boy.  I will be forcing money on everyone there that I go to.  I have my rounds I love to make.  There are two huge consignment stores that I feel are perfect.  I am always in danger of asking them to just keep my wallet until I come to my senses.

I am exaggerating, yes.  I love going in the stores, but the most I have ever spent was $300.00 for a short oak library card case.

It's going to rain here...all the way there to his house, ( 5 hr. drive) and all the time I am there, and all the way back home again, and here...after I get here again.  Can't get a break.

Here is one of my fossils.  I took these shots, both the gemstone and the fossil, inside a so-called light box with my camera on a tripod and two lights on either side of the box, within one enclosure.

Wish me luck...sailing over the mountains and back again.  xx