Monday, July 13, 2015

Almost Bastille Day!

Well,  tomorrow the 14th of July it's Bastille Day in France.   Just sayin'.

Next week I will be taking another 3 week or so break from all blogging and Tweeting.  Katie decided to do the same.  She has a Twitter account too and she does far better than I could ever hope to.  No way I could ever hope to catch up with her in followers.  That girl has it goin' on! (she's far prettier than I could ever hope to be, and her personality is so full of joy...I haven't a chance) She and I will report back after our bloggie break (again).

You'd be really surprised at how many times one or the other of you comes to my mind and makes me smile.  Many of us have been walking this same roadway for a LONG time.  You get to be a family albeit a blog family and you get to be friends too, I think.

See ya in a few weeks..and I'll tell you all about my time off.  xoxoxox

I love these guys.  Speedwell I think?