Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reckoning Day

Today, we all headed off to the Credit Union and I used the coin sorter and counter for a vase of change I have been filling for some time now.  I thought for the heck of it I would show you how much it all came out to.  AND if the picture will cooperate, I will show you how shiny my grandson made my car.  You can see the shine in the side of the car.

Tonight is pizza but I may not go.  I need to study the radio manual as that hasn't been done since my son arrived.

Had a good day today.  Worked out, came back and my sontook pictures of an old school house.  Not the one he went to but the school administration building so as to get a sense of texture which will help in making a model of his own school befote it burned and a new one was built.

Let's see if I can get some pictures in and by the way, I'm happy as my lens was returned to me.  All fixed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Whoa Nelly

Hi guys,

I have the pleasure of my middle son being here and my grandson as well.  They got here last Thursday and while they will leave this Saturday, still we have been having a great time.  We have been eating like no tomorrow too.  I will pay for that.

Today my grandson did a superb job of washing and polishing my car.  And his family car too.  I was so pleased with it I even took a picture of it.  I hope you don't mind if I show it off here soon.

I got a new television too.  10 inches larger than the one I had.  I still have lots of room in the entertainment center but this was enough for me.

The temps will be 100 and 100+ the rest of the week and thru the weekend into Monday at least.  Nellie, WBIR Tod said 99 but Julia (on in the morning) said 100 and so does

My tomatoes are really clustering up out there and those suckers are big!  No ripening yet of course.

Hate to be in here as they are all in the living room so I'll blow kisses your way and head on back in.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

woo hoo

"You never know who you'll meet in the store" was the thing I heard as I rushed toward the Musinex aisle.  I stopped and turned to see a guy I used to have (may still have a bit of that) a teeny tiny crush on.  He is truly about 6'8.  My chest comes to his waist and the top of my head to maybe the bottom of his shirt pocket for pity sakes but then, I'm a pip squeak.

What is there about short women and tall men?  They find one another.  But I digress.  When I turned I got three or four smoochies right there in the aisle of the store.  And huggles too.  Can't best that!  :-) We were blocking the way though with our Mutt and Jeff imitation.  (only 100 years old and above will know who Mutt and Jeff were).  Regaining a sense of decorum that went sadly missing I headed on my way,  gladdened a bit as I was a Gloomy Gertie just prior to that.  (thinkin' about stuff).

Here is a flower I captured on the camera a few weeks ago.

I am studying for my HAM Radio license.  I'm presently reading up on band width, speeds of sound, no surprise, is factored in there..but I am studying and I have come to exam question types and I'm presently going through those.  Maybe by a month's time I can take the exam.  So wish me luck and speaking of luck, with any at all, I may stop making a spectacle of myself in the aisles of store.  (nah..)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Something went differently

The trip to go to the graduation went differently this time.  Another tractor trailer over turned on I-40 in Green Co the very morning we had to leave for Charlotte NC.  These overturned trucks on the Interstate seem endemic these days. They decided to close the entire Interstate for a good 7 hours if not more.

 Guess who needed I-40 to get over the mountains to Charlotte?  That would be me. So, we had to divert to I-81 and go allllll the way to Kingsport and beyond and find I-26, and then travel on it till I was in familiar territory after which time I got onto US74 E.  It was a long while to get to my son's home.  We piled into HIS car and traveled another 4 hrs. to stay over night in a motel as the graduation as 1000 hrs Friday morning.  My room was OK and I inspected the bed.  Two of my sons who were together in the next room discovered bedbugs.   They at the front desk, besides being not speaking English much were very defensive about it the bedbugs.  Bruce made them come and look at it.  And he made a video.  He showed them THAT too.  So they were given another room at which time the boys completely stripped the beds or close enough looking for bedbugs.

 The so-called Continental breakfast next morning was terrible.  Very little coffee, dried/ dessicated bagels and 4 small stale little donuts and a few slices of bread.  The coffee was in a qt. sized thermos  thing and she took her time refilling it.

 Coming home entailed a LONG delay (not our weekend to travel I guess) that was an located and completely unexpected delay at that, west bound I-40 where the huge used-to-be-rock slide is in the Smokey Mountains.  (They are still working there shoring up the mountains).

The trip was more than worth it all, both coming and going.  We got to see a much awaited graduation with all due pomp and circumstance and an Army band.  Lunch with the friends and guests who attended with us, and then back to Charlotte.  AND, on the way back to Charlotte we stopped at a roadside stand that had genuine for real home made ice cream and it was peach ice cream.  They had a kazillion peaches from their farm for sale too.  Those ice cream cones were huge.  Each scoop was fully half a cup of ice cream I swear.  That was a towering double scoop that took time to eat and it was fantastically delicious.

The Grad and me and both sons (third boy could not make it due to work) made it back to Charlotte about 7pm that evening.  Hot, sweaty and full of ice cream and everyone happy.  Our Grad boy got his first iPhone for his graduation from his dad.  Friends gave gifts too, mostly money.  He handed that bounty pretty much to his son for safe keeping.

All you Daddies out there, Happy Father's Day tomorrow.  All of you women who may be as I was, a mom and a dad (best I could) Happy Father's Day to YOU as well.  With love and gratitude to each conscientious parent, single or married, especially you Dad's. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Off to see the Wizard

I'm off over the Mountains and believe it or not, I will think of you on the way.  Yes..I actually will.  Prayers for Nancy and Hugh, same to Joe and family and Beth as well.  And lotsa loves to the rest.


Be back Saturday late.  xox

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Almost Saturday

I had a good day because I learned a lesson.  Again.  Listen and keep your mouth s-h-u-t.  Now let's see if I can remember that.

I am being beaten soundly in a Words With Friends game.  I had the worst letters in the world.  bunches of e's, numerous i's and too many a's.  I had to swap letters twice which means two turns lost right there. I can't catch up.  The score is me:  309 VS him: 368.  Sigh.

I went to where the wild flowers are and took some pictures.  I had to delete about 20 of the 42 I brought home.

I have home cooked pinto beans on my mind with some cold cole slaw to have with and I like to boil a few potato quarters in the pinto put with its juices.  The potatoes pick up the flavor..just call me Southern, which I am.  Put a bit of chopped onion into the beans and add a hunk of corn bread..just close my eyes when I'm done.

Twin said she almost bought some cherries while out.  Be still my beating heart.  EVERY time I buy those I eat them till I bust wide open.  Soon as I feel better I do it again.

Here's something from this morning's hunt.  Aside from some mosquito bites that is.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hair Cut in March

I had my long hair cut in March I think it was.  I took a cell phone pic of the hair on the floor after it had been cut.  What amazed me was it, my hair was straight.  It was bottom of the shoulder blade length.  So she cut it and when I looked down, it was all curls!  I asked how that could happen.  (The shorter curls are from the already existing layers on the top and sides) She didn't know but said my hair always looked curly when wet even as long as it was.  True enough.   Put a comb to it though, and it was and stayed straight as an arrow.

We thought with it being cut off to above the shoulder length, it would wave and curl what with no weight.

Didn't happen.  Just some wiggles in the hair that are very unattractive.  So one must needs use the flat iron or whatever.

Back from work out and could not think of anything interesting to say..but then, I never do.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where Did Summer Go?

Of course, it is not Summer yet.  The weatherman said it was going to be chilly last night and he wasn't kidding.  It's somewhere in the 50's for the low.  I didn't turn on the TV yet to see.  I know I was huddled under my sheet with it pulled to my neck in my sleeveless shorty night clothes.  I pulled on a heavy weight  baseball shirt as a wrap after I got up.  I'm in workout pants now and a thick T-shirt. I had hoped the heat would come's programmed to at 68 degrees but though it was 67 in my room, where the thermostat is, it's 70.  Sure didn't feel that way to me.

My lens is awaiting parts.  I can follow it's progress on the Nikon repair site.  It will indeed be the three weeks+ that I was given to understand the repair/away time would be.  Meanwhile I am trying to get along with my 50 mm lens.  That thing is an unknown beast.  But if I'm outside I do fairly alright.  Inside..well, that is too frequently another story.

I'll be taking it to NC with me in less than two weeks probably.  Attending a graduation.  I may just take the little point and shoot I bought.

It's almost 8 am so I need to get cracking on finishing my getting ready for the day and head out with the camera.