Monday, March 20, 2017

LOOK Who Was Out Today!

These little sweetest faces in the world were out today!  I got to take a walk finally what with the below freezing weather and rain when it got to just above freezing.  I have been doing some walking in the stores trying to get some steps in but today...ta dah...I got to go to the park.  And these little ones were there to greet me.  They know I love them, so they were happy that I came to see them.

I have loved violets since I was a very small girl.  Those who recall me in my MSN Live Spaces blog  we started out in years ago, may recall the many stories I have recalled there of my beginning and teen as well as adult years.   And one memory is important to me.  The memory of gathering as large a bouquet of sweet violets...purple, light blue, yellow, white; and all with innocent dear faces looking at me above their thread-like stems.  Stretching all of three inches upward they looked back at me as I smiled lovingly at them.  I knew instinctively they were not afraid of me.

I picked them for my Daddy back then.  I wanted nothing more than to bring those faintly fragrant beautiful thumb print sized sweet faces back to my home in a big bouquet that would only fit a little girl sized fist.  I was so proud of my gatherings.  I carefully chose all of the colors as they were all blooming in that large grassy field. It was the outer reaches of our playground.  No other child bothered me as I constantly moved forward, bent over, plucking the unprotesting violets as I went until my small hand could hold no more.

When Daddy came home from work, there they were in a small short glass of water proudly set on the table so he would see them when he came in and before he left for work the next day.  He always said thank you.

Just a memory for you today as I passed those darling little works of art.  The park where I go to walk  is beginning to be covered with their abundance.

I wish Dad were still here so that I could pick the first violets for him again.  Miss you Dad.  Always have and always will.

Saturday, March 4, 2017


The header picture is a little section of the University's arboretum where I like to go many times in the Spring and Summer to take pictures and walk.  It's just a mile or so away.   There are several stair step areas throughout and I never fail to be charmed.

It is another--- the third in a row--- sunny day.  I am so grateful!  It is always so overcast here and so rainy these past 5 years that I think I am affected by the seasonal whatever disorder.  I am situated in the woods with trees over 90 feet tall.  They effectively block light anyway and on a rainy cloudy day, all the lights are on in the house all day.  I am grateful to have a day to complain about, mind.

Last night, I woke to see what time it was and after having looked at the clock, I put it back. While on my back, I turned to face the other direction only to find myself  pressed forehead to forehead with Katie.  I had no idea of course that she was there.  Her head furs were as soft as eiderdown.  She waited politely to see if I would cease and desist but I did not.  She reluctantly crawled a few feet farther down and fell back to sleep.

I am about to head out.  I may take the camera and hope for something somewhere pretty.  We had another freeze last night at 27 degrees.  With the non-winter, many of the spring blooms are here already and being damaged by the two freezes we have had in a week.

See ya on the flip side.....