Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What a Beginning to the Day!!

Oh, the pain.  How horrible.  Quelle terrible!   p'tahk! The coffee maker died this morning just after I turned it on.  I tried perhaps five times to get it to work and it would not.

I had hot Russian tea for breakfast instead, but one wants ones coffee.  I have been out and gotten a few grocery items and a new coffee maker as well.  I am about to wash the parts and run it to clean it as the instructions say.  I also stopped at McDonalds and got a large cup of their superb coffee.  Better late than not at all.

The packaging for the new Mr. C*f*ee  coffee maker was the work of diabolical minds.  I needed my knife that I always carry, to get some of the box opened so that I could cut away the glued in foam!! and after that hard labor, to  try again to extricate the appliance.  But it was not to be.  One must at personal risk of slashing arms or hands, continue cutting and pulling with great force to get the thing out of its prison.  Once THAT was accomplished, then I had to get all the tape and film off of the appliance as well.   IT is resting comfortably on the counter.  I am down for the count.  But I am drinking the coffee I brought home.  Sadly I have almost finished the last delectable drop.

The dead coffee maker resides in the trash bin now and good riddance to the cursed thing to choose 0630 to do that to me!  The container it came in is not fit for recycle as there is so much foam glued in and impossible to get out.

I will go observe and tend my wounds at having had coffee so late in the morning.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Trite Things

Media...TV and newspaper...calling all of you.  Can you cease and desist the following waaaay too old and very tiresome overdone  phrases:

  "We sat down with..."  and "We caught up with...." and "going forward..."

Just stop.  No more.  Please. Whatever happened to "We interviewed"  or "We spoke to" or "In the future" ??

Those three phrases above are so over-used and so hackneyed.  I feel a veil of despair falling over me each time I see or hear those particular phrases.  I am exaggerating of course in  making my point.  :-)

And using the word "busted" for broken and for arrested?  *shudder*

Proofreading and grammar are no longer used in newspaper articles.  Misspellings abound as do slang terms.  Oh well.  My grammar is lacking many times as well, but I don't write articles for broad general public consumption nor do I take my personal way of speaking to the airwaves.  I have heard some cringe worthy mis-pronunciations on local news and weather.

Well, I suppose I had better take my pet peeve(s) to its conclusion.  :-)

The header is a photo I had taken several years ago in summer.  That is a Grandiflora Magnolia tree and blossom.  I love them.  They are extremely tall trees and the blossoms are as large as dinner plates when fully opened.  Their perfume is very pronounced.  One blossom will fill your entire home with fragrance.

I hope it is a peaceful and perhaps even a joyful day for you. Be kind to your family.  xoxo

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eeney Meeney Miney Moe, Will You Make this Snow Just GO!

Jiminey Crickets!  ENOUGH already.  Stop!  Quit!  No more!  Gads!  The daffodils as I mentioned are starting up out of the ground, their tender leaves blighted by the cold and snow.  Their watches must be wrong is all I can come up with.  And the Japanese maple has tender tiny red leaf buds showing on its branches.  The hyacinth buds are already pushing their way up too.  The Dogwood leaf buds are stalwart in all the snow and icy cold.  Everyone just stay where you are until some sun comes through and you might safely rise higher and begin to grow.

My favorite flower in the whole world (and I have seen  many in a lot of the world) is the wild violet.  Their heart shaped dear leaves are showing now as well.  Soon their dear faces will show and my heart will lift like a balloon to the skies when I see them.  I will smile all day as well as each time I see them. Their sweet purple selves, and the white ones and the yellow ones AND the pale blue ones.  All those colors for tiny wild violets.

Those who knew me back in MSN Live Spaces days may recall a blog or two where I wrote of  the playground we used when I was in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades was awash with those precious little faces.  I would pick maybe a hundred or more and give them to my father for a bouquet.  Seeing them now reminds me of my Dad and those times.  Even now I am smiling with sweet memories of that time.  My dad reared me and my two brothers.  We loved him and were lucky to have him.  You know what?  I just thought of something.  He always made sure I had a baby doll each Christmas as well as other things, but a baby doll was a surety!

Goodness, I just remembered the Christmas present I wanted SO badly that I almost burst with wishes and longing.  I wanted a pair of white shoe skates.  I was so sad when all the presents (I was twelve) were opened and no skates.  Then my brother brought in a large box-like package and I opened a metal skate carrying box and inside were the treasured white shoe skates.  I almost flew up to the sky I was so happy!

Alright.  Enough back in the day stuff.  xoxo

Thursday, February 13, 2014


That picture in the header was taken this morning.

About two hours ago, I saw a person from across the street in shorts and a T shirt.  Frankly I wanted to holler "Why don'tcha take it all off and roll in the snow?" But alas, I did not.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I believe I told you about the over population of deer we have here.  This is a town that has maintained so much of its natural woods/forest that the habitats for most wild animals are still here, literally in our own collective back yards.

I think I have mentioned the deer,  elk, foxes, of course the usual, raccoons, O'Possums and black bears.  They all of them are very plentiful here in my entire town.  I posted a blog with a capture of a newspaper article a year ago I believe, about the black bear in the next door neighbor's yard.  They show up with enough frequency that one must needs look out day or night before leaving the doorway when the sightings are plentiful.  We  also have birds of every sort including raptors which are a delight to me.  A day with a hawk in it is a good day!

I have been sitting on my deck and this next I write of could be day or early evening, to hear a herd of deer running through the woods behind my house (and everyone else's home here on my long long street.  We have a natural green belt all privately owned by we homeowners).  Looking over the deck railing I will see the deer running full speed, thundering hooves crashing through all of the weeds and scrub bushes among the trees.  Sometimes to my delight, they jump my chain link fence and run through my yard, go to a walk on my drive way and saunter onward across the street and onto the sidewalk. They usually use the sidewalk for a while before going through someone else's yard.

The frequency of them appearing suddenly out from the hedges along the street is almost distressing because there are so many times when one could run into them and kill them as well as destroy ones car.  I know most of their crossings and I learn to look for the holes they form by their constant coming and going through brush and bushes and small trees along various homes and street edges.  Find a hole?  Watch out.  Mom, Pop and the two kids will be popping out any time!!! Right in front of you.  I have had my figurative heart in my throat countless times when they have surprised me.  They wander in town too.  Once I saw two of them across from the police station.

Here is a deer just outside of my fence in back.  I had to take it through the bedroom window screen.  Or I would have scared her away.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Young Woman's Interaction With Fiction

That young woman would be me quite some years ago.

As a rather poor quite young newly married couple, and having no funds to do much else, we went to the library frequently and I would check out as many books as one would be allowed to check out in one day and brought them home to read.  Then return them to check out another ten books or so.

I am getting to the point.  Be patient.

These choices were fiction mostly.  Some became dear loved friends in a manner of speaking, that I have read and re-read even unto this day.

One day I happened upon a romance that was set in Victorian times.  Not a "bodice ripper" per se but one that was intricately written (as well as could be in that particular genre) with an abundance of to-the-brink situations and crisis both personal and business that could go one of two ways and inevitably went wrong way in my young opinion!

 I had no experience with this type of literature and no experience in life either.  And now I will finally journey to my point.

I was an intense reader as a young woman and  I still am.  The particular romance I spoke of above, the one  that pushed me over an edge--- soon to be told to you here, was a depiction of a meeting, the courting and inevitable misunderstandings each of the characters entertained about one another.

As intent as I was in my reading I could not stand seeing the characters always at odds when a simple solution was always glaringly simple. And all their problems would be over, would they ONLY listen to me.

 Listen to me, you may well say?  Why yes!  I was so irritated at the way the characters reacted to one another in some of the fictional situations that I will confess to you now my friends that I re-wrote the fictional situations down on lined notebook paper and polished the scenes  to my satisfaction!  Sometimes there would be as many as  seven to eight pieces of paper with my re-writes (!!!!) carefully folded into the books so as not to fall out I hoped,  to be there for the sure to be grateful next borrowers of the novels.

I took care of the characters and their problems in the books.  It seemed to be important for me to "clarify" and "fix" their situations. I took the books back (not all of my borrowed books got this treatment thank goodness.  Only the ones that frustrated me the most).  This little venture lasted perhaps two or three months and then I grew tired of my corrections!

I had no knowledge of how one wrote a book and I did not realize that techniques were used to create tension and drama, poor little girl that I was.  But those techniques worked on me, as I was drawn in as though it were happening in the here and now.  I was a perfect audience in that the novel was so well written that a reader, me, became a part of the story while reading it.

It makes me smile remembering those few ventures into learning and maturing, finding the line between truth and fiction, pretend and real.  I did, and thankfully it was not an arduous journey, that growing up I had to do.

Young people have to gain experience and that part of my learning process makes me smile now.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Story of Some Wrens

Once upon a time (which really was about five years ago) I was sitting at the little bistro set I have on my deck, enjoying reading and  the shade under my green market umbrella.   The sun was shining brilliantly and the day was perfect.

My small deck is populated with a grill, a little bistro set with its umbrella that I take in and out as the occasion demands, some plants along the sides of the deck, a hummingbird feeder as well as a very small unobtrusive wind chime.  Tiny tinkle type sounds came out of it.  Perhaps that is why "they" chose it to build a home.

As I stated in the first line, I was sitting at the wee table reading when I saw movement at the wind chimes location.  The wind chime had small little cylinder, not much bigger than an eight ounce can of tomato sauce.  Suspended from it were five small  tuned pipes and a little metal circle in the center that provided the base for the little chimes to hit against, making their sound.

I had missed what made the movement at first but before my eyes returned to the book, I saw a sweet sight.  A family of  Carolina wrens had set up their home inside that tiny cylinder.  They entered it through what looked to me to be far too small an opening.  What is more, they had two babies.  I saw their heads shadowed against the frosted white of the cylinder when momma and poppa flew in to feed their two babes.

I was not allowed to remain on the deck for several weeks as the parents sat on the rail or on the roof overhang and scolded me mercilessly.

I had no desire to upset them but it meant giving up sitting out on the deck any time in the daylight hours.  They were worth it.

So, I bowed to their demands and waited.  One day several weeks in, I was in the living room and saw a dusky little wren who had fledged at last.  His parents sat on the rail of the deck while he and then his sibling fluttered down and settled right beside my large window,  Their wings fluttered again and again with their parents encouraging them.

Friends, I am here to tell you their new plumage was so very soft that their sweet beating wings had no sound as they fluttered; and their wings looked as soft and tender as though they had been cut from satin.  Oh, the little loves.  I was enchanted.

It was the first time I have borne witness to a little family so close to me.  The wind chimes touched my big window so they were that near when they lived inside.

I felt saddened when they flew away but then, it is the way of the world.  Parents of all species care for their little ones when they are helpless and stay by their sides as they learn to be independent.

I am smiling even now at the memory of those soft small miracles. I say thank you for that sweetness.