Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Going Over the Mountains, Tra la Tra laaa

If all goes well and if I get my pet sitter, I will travel over the mountains to see my boy in Charlotte on Friday.  I am looking forward to that with both eyes.

Unfortunately I will be traveling in rain coming back--both there and here.  I detest interstate travel in the rain.  I had a frightening experience once and I hope never to repeat that.  However one can't sit at home for fear something may happen.

My office chair keeps sinking while any of us but Katie, sit in it.  Nothing will make it stop.  The darn thing cost  some $$$ so I hate to throw it away.  I am a short squirt so when it sinks down to its lowest level, my nose almost seems level with the desk.  :-)

I hope to visit all of my fave shopping places.  My son is good about that as he is the one to squire me about.  I haven't been there since well before the illness in early December so there is some shopping to catch up with.

Today I ate the one strawberry that was ready to eat on my one and only container plant this year.  It is on the deck.  I am not growing tomatoes and peppers etc this year as the raccoons and opossums were climbing up and destroying them and throwing my deck table and chairs around and worst of all, terrorized Miss Katie.  And when she is afraid in the middle of the night, believe me, I have to get up due to all of the screaming she's doing.

What am I grateful for I wonder?  Well, the obvious...that my son is back to his life (they had a party for him at work today).  I am grateful for my decent and comfortable home that I paid for myself.  I am grateful to always have had plenty of food, warmth when needed and coolness in the summer. I am grateful to have saved for and paid cash for my vehicle so as to not have debt.  I am grateful that I saved enough in funds to be able to leave work when some would still be there.  I'm grateful that it was easy for me to live on less during working years and save toward kids schooling and leaving work.  I'm used to doing without and saving half of my paycheck was the order of the day.  That is why I live modestly to this day.  It's all paid for and  has been long before I left work.  That is what I am grateful for.  Just thought I would express gratitude for all of the blessings and mercy I have been given. God is so good.

I so need to get away for a bit so here's hoping me and Miyuki (my car) make it there and back alright.


Here is my strawberry plant.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Time Passes

 Months have passed and now my son has resumed his life.  So Katie and I are here resuming ours as well.  Regarding those months I truly would NOT have had it any other way.  I am deeply grateful I had the time, the strength and the wherewithal to accomplish something for him.  It is my pleasure to have served.  One that each sons' birthday and on each Mother's Day I always wrote about..the privilege of having children and the miracle of love that mother's have for their children always, regardless of age.  As long as I have strength and the ability to do it I will always be there for them.  My missing seeing my son is more than equalled by knowing he is back to his life.

Now.  Today I went to work out for the first time in 4 1/2 months and man...could I ever tell the difference.  I also can tell via my views of the, ahem, love handle area.  Heeee.  They were wonderfully absent but, well, they are sorta back now so it will be several months before I can work them off again. Worth it, the enforced absence, I say.  Would not have it any other way as I stated in the beginning paragraph.

So, I worked out as I said AND I got to see some friends in the past several days.  I have heard from them but visiting here was not always an option due to circumstances so I had a wonderful time with them and a round of invitations for lunches and dinners.  There will be shopping in there too.  You know we women.

On May 25th, one of my sons will be married.  I have bought and discarded several outfits but I have settled on one now.  Chiffon-like skirt with fawn, black and cream print and a black border at the hem.  Softly shirred at the waist, falling gracefully.  There will be my favorite black crepe short sleeved jacket over a white camisole. Pearls or gold..don't know which and black heels with a borrowed from the bride -to-be black patent clutch.

The bridal shower for family only Saturday was FABULOUS!  Her ( the bride- to- be) Aunt made all of the arrangements for a shower at a gorgeous  Inn and hour and fifteen minutes from here.  What a gala with the groom, my boy, surprising her with a horse and carriage ride afterward that lasted about half an hour or more. Seeing her shriek with joy and go running the 50 yards or so toward him as he sat in the carriage was absolutely why there was not a dry eye among we women in the family.  A perfect day and one that *I* will remember always.



Monday, April 15, 2013

Mystery Meat?

Ok.  I went to a large grocery store here in town whose name I will leave out right now until and if I hear from them.  But the last letter is "r".  I wanted to buy some ground beef..the 10% fat content kind not the very greasy chuck at 20 or more percent fat.  I was looking at the labels to see cost per pound and the fat content...looking for the 10% as I said.  Imagine my surprise to see on each label "with natural flavorings".  So...what flavorings?  Since when do we have flavorings in ground beef?  I asked a meat handler there who was putting out chicken what that meant on the beef label.  He didn't know.  He finally ventured that it meant it was an all natural product with no additives.  I quit trying there and went to the customer service area and asked for a Manager.  When he got there I asked what did that phrase on the ground beef mean?  It was not on the premium grade ground  beef at 6.00 a pound!!! I showed him that, but it was on every other package of regular ground beef.  He said he didn't know and called back there.

They told him it was Rosemary.  That rosemary was a natural preservative (Suuuuuuure) and that it flavored the meat.

I said "Let's pretend I have a bad allergy to Rosemary.  I could go into anaphylactic shock not knowing I was eating something with Rosemary in it".  Then I said "why not label it "contains Rosemary as a preservative and as flavoring".  I said "there would be truth in advertising then, wouldn't it?"

Of course I didn't believe him.  I think it means the addition of the so-called "pink slime" but we will see I hope as I emailed that stores customer service.  If they don't answer in a few days I will go farther up the chain.  I told the Manager I would not buy their meat any longer and he was perfectly fine with that.  I said "I can see that my not buying meat here means nothing to you".  There was no denial.

So...the wait for an answer begins.  And they can't tell me they don't know.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Dang, I Did it Again

You know, I am amazed at how for years I have put away canned goods and the labels are almost always facing away.  I  have to deliberately turn them toward the front every time.  Happenstance never favors me on that.  They are facing away.  I have paid attention as I start to release my hold and sure enough..faced away or enough away to make it hard to tell what is in the can.  You would think the law of averages would favor me more often than one time out of maybe 75 attempts! Amazing.

Then there is my 5'1" self making my way through doorways and banging my elbow bones into the door handle.  WHY can't I get thru a door without knocking into the handle?  I have done that for YEARS! A child, a teen, young woman and the older one that I am now. My elbows and my sleeves are just exactly at the right height (I am a shrimp) to catch on door handles too.  European lever-type ones especially! It can really tick a person off! I walk a hundred miles an hour so catching myself like that jerks me back like a rubber band!

Then, why oh why can I not hold the house keys sufficiently tightly enough that I can unlock the house door without first dropping the keys?  I seem to always have a handful of grocery bags too.  That makes it even more annoying.

Is it even  possible for me NOT to knock my poor bony widdle knee cap or calf into the corner of the coffee table less that 10 times a year? I think not.

How many more times will I knock my left kneecap into the steering column with it's knobs and accouterments, blackening my flesh yet again and hurting for a week?

How about reaching carefully into the hot oven to get a pan of whatever out...being very very careful only to get an oven burn anyway!  SIGH.

Oh well, you only live once.  May as well be accident prone.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Anyway, looks like someone wasn't heeding the speed limit.

I am so looking forward to heading over the mountains in a few weeks.  I have to wait for the family bridal shower on the 24th of this month, and then, all things going well, I am off!  I could really REALLY use a weekend with my boy there.  Hopefully there will be no wrecks, no lane closures, no turned over tractor trailer rigs.  I think these turnovers are about endemic!  Not a week goes by it seems that one turned over rig has closed the interstate sometimes in both directions for 8-10 hours-- or perhaps a day sometimes.  What in the world besides texting are they doing? Playing Words with Friends?

Miss Sweetie here will be going to  a big big pawty here shortly.  She's all costumed and ready.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Potpourri

Just stuff.  I went out at 1800 hrs. to take some pics and though the light was good, the wind would NOT stop.  I had hoped to catch the daffodils in mid sway but no.

We have had supper and he is reading the paper.  He is working from home presently till he goes back so the computers, his and mine are busy these days.  He uses my iMac but he also uses his PC.  He is the one son who never went down the right path and he persist staying on the Dark Side with PC's.  I hadda use 'em myself a few years back but good to be back to Mac.  But this son as are the other two WITH Macs, is great at both operating systems, Mac and PC.  Well, considering two are programmers, no surprise there.  the other one is a Teacher.

Here is a not flattering picture of my hand (needing a manicure BADLY!!!) holding a just newly banded hummingbird last year.  I adopted her (she is a Rubythroat) for $25.00 and I was given the privelege of holding her in my open palm till she flew away which was immediately.  That is the Bander's hand holding the precious little head and her fingers.  Mine is the stretched out hand. I have a certificate with her sweet picture and her number on her band which is tied statistically to me, so that if she is caught again or is found gone to the Rainbow Bridge they are supposed to tell me.

My hummingbird girl at a Banding post for hummingbirds in N.C.

Here is a photo I took last summer of one at my feeder.  Ruby throat girl.

I cook for them.

Lets see, what else can I show you...let me look...wait here. Keep your motor running...
This is me sweating like a waterfall on a HOT humid HUMID hot day mid summer in Cumberland State Park.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rite of Spring

I just cooked and put out the first hummingbird nectar of the year.  They have been late finding my house the past two years but I still put it out on time just in case they say  "Oh yes..we need to go over and see Carole.  She is always ready for diners at her place!"  Last year it took till the last week of April for Pete sake.

I got the dress I am wearing to the wedding back yesterday.  Looks kinda big still, but she was so nervous about working on it, I will let it stay the way it is.  Who knows, I may wear something else.

Have to go to the grocery here shortly.  My son will also gather supplies against his heading on back to his home.  That will be within 7-10 days I would say.

Beautiful day out there.  One of two we have enjoyed. I am SO grateful for it.  Lifts the spirits even more.  Last night we ate out and for the first time, I left my wallet on the table here at home.  Good thing I had a credit card on me though.  I hate using them in restaurants.  Too many horror tales about that and too, I was illegally driving with no license and registration.  I crept home and hoped I wouldn't be stopped for anything.

Guess what?  I saw wild violets last evening when we went to get in the car.  Violets are my most favorite flower in the world.  I used to gather bunches of them and give them to my Dad when I was a little girl..single digit in age.  I love them..always have.  Where I gathered them there were yellow, purple, white and pale blue ones.  Four colors. I have never seen a gathering of them like that again since I left that area.  They are so brave! It's hard not to love them.  I like to get right down there on their level. We chat a bit but they are far too busy to stay and speak to me for long.
taken in my yard 2010 with tiny point and shoot

also taken 2010 my yard with point and shoot little guy.

Hope it's well for you where you are.  I STILL wish we had Live Spaces.  I always will.  There were some vicious trolls on it though. Guess it's the same everywhere on social media.