Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Still Here..Sorta

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and I hope for a good New Year  for all of us.

We are still not back to so-called "normal operations" here but maybe by this time next month we will be or at least closer than we are now.

Went to Wally World to get a new DVD/Blue Ray player as my old 15 years old DVD/VHS player finally died.  So, that's hooked up now.  But while there of ALL things on December 26th, there was an Easter Candy display!  Can you believe it?  Easter... and  the day after Christmas they get started.  May as well start 4th of July paraphernalia with it in January, ya think?

My car died again.  Check Engine light came on.  Waited a couple of days before I could get it to the garage as it was the 24th and the 25th of December and they were closed. it there and had to have it towed as it refused to start for whatever reason.  $$'s.  Turned out to be the oxygen sensor.  $288.00 later I have the car back.  If I "got took" please don't tell me.

Just checking in.  Miss you all and see you off and on as I get things done here.  <3

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blog 'Cation

Dear Friends,

I will be on a hiatus for awhile.  There is some family business needing my complete attention.

Don't forget me please.  I will return.  I will also remember each of you and when I have the proper time I will be back.  I am alright.

Love all of you bunches.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Morning

Here it is Wednesday.  Going to have the Redneck Room open (that is only a title a blogger friend called it once and I loved it) That of course is a meeting with colleagues and I always look forward to it.  We laugh, talk too loud and tease.

Tomorrow will have a busy afternoon and probably morning as well so I wanted to say hello and also say I hoped everyone's Christmas plans are coming along well.  Here, I am not too sure as yet what will happen, when or how.  Sometimes you can't make a plan and you wait and have it made for you.  :-)

Joe, if you see this, I hope all is well there and that the weather is at least seasonable and no horrible deep snows or interminable gray days.

I had a topic yesterday but I am tired so I no longer feel up to filling it in.  ;-)  So this is mercifully short.


A Spring memory for you. Taken in the arborutum.