Thursday, June 27, 2013

What fun! With answers to the comments now.

I had the pleasure of a l-o-n-g lunch at a local restaurant with a colleague of mine yesterday.  I haven't seen him to talk to in quite a while.  We did see one another in a grocery store months ago and spoke maybe ten minutes but this time we had hours.  Thoroughly enjoyable.

Besides being a colleague, he is a Russian translator.  We were talking (among so many other things) about the subtilties of language and how one must be careful when translating (in either direction! ) because of varying meanings to words, nuance, and word placement in the sentence.  I loved hearing some Russian (as an example for me in some instances) and I loved when he spoke English with a Russian accent.  His accent--  though he is American, sounded the same as any I have ever heard on television when dignitaries from Russia spoke English.  :-)

Our choice of topics to talk about were as varied as stones in a creek :-) There were conversations about our particular work that not anyone else would understand or have dealt with---a relief really to speak to those of us who understand and share(ed) the responsibilities etc etc.  And we spoke without concern about politics and religion.  Those with whom I meet once a month...circumstances allowing, are a very tightly knit family if you will.  These are colleagues who are either working or retired..a fair mix of both.  Only we fully understand one another because of our shared experience.    So, with all that said, I had a thoroughly enjoyable set of hours with my friend.

We had several many as THREE! with sun and now as always, we are being "punished" with mostly rain.  This will go on for well over a week as it always does any more.  We have perhaps 10 days with sun in a month I would wager.  We only need 10 more inches of rain above what is normal and we will be 2 feet over normal.

I bought some new-to-me ice cream last weekend.  It still comes in a half gallon size.  It is so well worth the small extra amount of money that I will not buy any other brand again.  This ice cream is made like ice cream should and used to be made.  Milk, cream, sugar and whatever flavor (mine was "Vanilla Bean Vanilla" and it MELTS into watery looking ice cream melt!  Not the nasty foam-like disintergration of the full of additives...strange guars, gums and so on, frozen desserts called ice cream that are so available these days.  There is one gum, listed at the end.  I can take that as it doesn't interfer with the texture and quality of the ice cream.  I'll just tell you what kind it is.  I wasn't going to but it's a compliment to them so I will.  It's brand is called Blue Bell. Only available in 20 States I think, for now.  Lawsey me...what a treat.  From now on I will wait till one of the family is here long enough to help me eat it as I made a total hog of myself.  I'm closing in on finishing it!!!

PS I took the sunflower pic last summer up the street.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grateful Day :-)

Things I am grateful for:  My life. The path it has taken in the past ten years in particular.  I have certainly gained in age :-) but also understanding and in closeness to the Father.

I'm grateful for my home and the excellent employment I had so as to pay for it.  I am happy with what I have and that contentment is something to be grateful for.  I don't aspire for more than I have at this time nor have I in my lifetime, in all truthfulness.  I have earned what I have and I was given the strength  and ability to achieve what I need.  How could I ask for more personal possessions?  I'm fed, clothed, and warm when the season is cold.

I have challenges both personal and in general as do we all.  But I have the knowledge that these things can be managed and lessons can be learned.  The operative words are "can be":-)  It's up to me to know where my strength is.

I have family and friends and for both of those I am most grateful as those who have slogged along with me through the years know...from my blogs on birthdays and Mother's day.

Just a few paragraphs about gratitude.  It is good to acknowledge gratitude and acknowledge where your abundance comes from.  Not necessarily material abundance.  To me, life is not about material abundance.  It's about learning and growing both physically and spiritually and sharing.

AAren't these wild flowers so beautiful?

THIS "wildflower" is too.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wind...Trees...You Can Imagine the Rest

You know, those who have been friends since MSN Live Spaces days how I mention the trees and how tall they are and how surrounded I am in my little house.  It makes me very alert and concerned when we have tornadoes and high force winds during thunder storms etc.  Here are a few pictures above my small home to explain why I get concerned..  My son took the pictures from a small plane he was in.  Here in the Header you see a tiny bit of my back yard in the Fall.

My house is there but I will post another to make it more plain.

Bottom right..two objects up..the white car is mine next to my home. House is yellowish looking; car is tiny white thing.

LOTS o' Trees.  TALL ones. Oak, hickory, maple, poplar and assorted others.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

N&W (with newly added link on 6-15-13

This, the picture in the header, is the rail yard in Roanoke VA, the city that I come from.  The N&W railroad.  Takes me straight back home to see this photo.

  I don't know or recall how long ago the N&W was absorbed into another railway company or if it just dissolved into nothingness, but a few years ago one of my sons was in Roanoke and went by to take this picture for me.  Nostalgia reasons. I can hear the clacking in my mind..hear either brother of mine saying "here comes the N&W!" when we heard the whistle off in the distance.  I remember walking on the trestle as a VERY young 6 year old with my older brothers.  They used to say things to scare me which were also true for us all...that if we got caught on a trestle  and a train was coming toward us, it was all over but the shouting.  They would get down and listen to the rails thinking they could hear a train coming if one was.  Maybe they got that from comic books...who knows, but we trekked across too many times all aflutter wondering if this was the last time we could.  Sheesh.  Kids.

Reminds me too of our cabin in the mountains of Glenvar which is where we heard and saw the trains most often as they passed on down the mountain a ways.  We'd sit there on the wide front porch and see vistas that now command a huge price.  I went back there probably 12 years ago and it is a place for exclusive homes now.  Our log cabin is long gone and the area is unrecognizable.  We used to have to go to the neighbor's cabin down the road to get water from their well as we had none where the cabin was.  We dumped it in a bucket set solely for our drinking water.  The cabin place was full of snakes though.  I can't count how many were caught in the cabin, the bed name it.  When you live in the unimproved woods, those things happen.  We were there during the summer.

Enough reminiscing.  Just checking in.  xo

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oooh, Ick..Yuk and Stuff Like That

Gee golly and YUK.  I read in the newspaper a few days ago that not only are bedbugs surging everywhere but also in the more unlikely places.  Such as libraries!!!

I mean...libraries for pete sake.  They come in on patrons but mostly on books that are returned.  There will sometimes be bugs in the binding and eggs as well.  Here you are, all unsuspecting at the library choosing some reading materials to take home and the books are sometimes infested.

The libraries, some anyway, are hiring personnel with bedbug sniffing dogs who alert on the bugs in the stacks and elsewhere in the building.  I applaud their actions!

 YUK! Motels/hotels for certain are too often affected-- and last summer on a trip it was good thing we checked the bedding before we went to bed, each of us in our rooms.  My room was safe but my sons were bombarded with bedbugs.  Luckily they saw them soon as they turned back the bedding.  Oh how totally disgusting.  Yes, they got another room  but not the way you want to start the process of sleep and you fear equally for any other room you're in.


Too, you may get infested on a city conveyance..bus, taxi, train.  They are in  some department stores sometimes as well, as infested persons try on clothes and perhaps leave a bug in the clothing all unaware.  It's not the store's fault. It makes you hate to sit anywhere if you allow yourself to think about it.

Those things are a scourge.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rain.....sigh.,... UPDATE on Parthenon

It's a beautiful day in that the newlyweds came to see me.  They brought me the was it Evening Standard? newspaper from Great Britain.  Apparently "they" whomever is in charge of that, brought out the Queen's jewels as that was mentioned on the front page of the Standard.  I will save it for reading here shortly. So Neil and new bride were able to see them!

They played some videos they took and that was great fun.  They were housed in the middle of London within walking distance of most of the places they wanted to be sure to see.  The British AWESOME! I can't believe what they have in there.  And the Rosetta Stone?  WHOA! So many things. I wish I could spend like a day in each room to get it all absorbed!

There was some demonstration over something.  Though the language was/is English, the shouting was not understandable and so the newlyweds had no idea what was so bad.  There were hoards of police too, at least 40!!! My son said everyone in the streams of demonstrators seemed clearly drunk.  Go figure.  There was shouting, chanting and none could be decipherable to Neil and Christi.

Meanwhile, I ate the rest of the green beans and potatoes for breakfast no less a thing and I had the strawberries that were left for brunch.  Oh my gosh, deLICious!!

I looked for green beans in the grocery today and they were sealed up in opaque plastic BAGS!  No way!  I have always wanted to see and feel them.  None of that hiding it away stuff.

Tomatoes, not greenhouse ones were...$2.79 a POUND!  In the grocery!

I took the picture in the header a winter ago when myself and two sons went to Nashville to spend the day.  We walked everywhere.  When one son was at Vanderbilt, he went to the Parthenon all of the time.  He has been to the real one since but this one is a huge attraction both to locals and tourists. Very impressive.  Copy and paste this into your browser or follow the link I finally put in, above.

Thanks for putting up with my delirium over the fresh veggies.  I forgot how delicious they are...but I think that was pretty obvious.  :-)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

GOOD luck!

You get up early (I always do thanks to four footed alarm clock) and get 'cherself dressed and out the door and your reward at the farmers market is: Strawberries.  I heard the farmer (he is one) tell another customer that they will be available maybe another week.

they ARE sweet too!
Meanwhile, I got some green beans and they are so fresh that they sound like firecrackers when you break them into pieces.  They are cooking as we speak.

This pot belonged to my dad and mom when they first got married for pete sakes.  It looks rough.

I also got me some red 'taters.  Some are very tiny.  LOVE these and I will put them in with the green beans to cook in the last 15 minutes or so.  This may just be a southern thing..I don't know.

Then, remembering my Dad I bought a few green onions or scallions.  Oh man, what a feast I will have.  I have a tiny steak I could have with these fresh veggies but I would rather just eat and enjoy them without meat.

Let me at 'em...
So you see my dinner this evening.  And dessert!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Worst Luck

I have had the worst luck trying to find decent strawberries.  I stopped and bought some from a vendor parked in a parking lot.  I asked her where they were picked and she said SC.  She told me I could try one so I tossed my gum and ate one.  I said that they weren't very sweet.  She said that was because I had had gum in my mouth.  I was foolish enough to believe her and bought a 5 dollar basket.  I brought them home and they still tasted not too good.  I wound up dumping them after a few days. I can't wait to get myself to the farmers market this weekend.  Maybe I will have better luck.  And no, I didn't consider trying to make anything from the strawberries as I don't have the experience and truly I haven't the inclination.  But I learned a the taste buds.

I also can't wait till it's time for tomatoes.  I can't grow them myself for the reasons I already mentioned, so I must depend on others.  There is nothing like  a "real" tomato.  I am sad that I can't continue to grow my own as I had many to eat anytime I wanted to.  I would fry an egg, and have an egg sandwich with a thick slice of tomato on it and a thin smear of mayo. Salt and pepper, heavy on the pepper.  To me, this is the lunch (or even breakfast) of the nature gods.

That above in the header is a wild columbine that I took a picture of this Spring.  I hope you enjoy it,  It's maybe 2 inches long--- so this is a close up.

My son and daughter-in-law are back from their honeymoon as of yesterday.  When they got to Charlotte NC Douglas Airport, Air Force One was there and so they airport was locked down and they could not make their connecting flight on time to here.  But they finally made it and I imagine after a two week honeymoon they may actually be glad to be home.

I have been making my rounds better!  See you over at your place.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh No...Rain in the Immediate Forecast...Again.

My goodness, if we are not several feet (yes feet) about the average rainfall in our area by years end, I will be surprised. at years end,  not now. I think we are 11 inches over as of a few days ago.

I have an eventful day ahead and I am wanting to get that part started and over with.  I imagine I had better bring along an umbrella however as after noon time the rain should start.

I went out Monday morning and got some pictures but not many.  I was soaked with dew which is a great thing to happen (no, really) but I got there too late and the sun "blew out" the blooms and reflected off the dew drops.  Not a good picture but I will put it here anyway.

Have the best of days my friends.  Beth, thinking of you today (and every day).

Monday, June 3, 2013

What's Up, Doc?

So, what's up with this? Here is--- A me.

This feller pulled into the parking place just exactly opposite me in Wally World parking lot this morning.  I on the other hand had just gotten into my vehicle after putting the groceries away into my vehicle's trunk.  After I got into my car I saw that I had several text messages so I read them while still parked and responded and made one appointment.  I noticed the ol' feller was still there, motor running and stuck to his seat as if it and he and it were made from velcro materials.

I got out of the car to dig my Heath Bar out of the trunk where the bags were and still...he sat.  Then the proverbial lightbulb came on over my head.  He was waiting for ME to move so he could park the wrong way, facing out.  I obliged and he moved into the place I was.  He wasted 5 to 7 or so minutes waiting with motor running to save about 6 seconds it would have taken him to back out of that space he was in.  But oh well I guess.

Then, I have seen people sitting and idling for minutes...long minutes not just 1 or so moments, to scarf up a parking slot just exactly ONE space closer.  If someone is making to leave that space, they will wait instead of just parking in the space adjacent.  I am kind and I don't "find other things to do"...I just leave so they can be their one space closer.

Then to top off the morning, on the way home I have observed that it must now be passe to stop for a stop sign.  Just sail on through..."they" will watch for you and stop themselves regardless of your running the stop sign, won't they?  Sure they will.

But having made it through the stop sign without stopping, go ahead and make your turn without giving anyone else on the road a clue.  Make it better by pulling out into traffic after only looking one way, not both and give the rest of us a thrill trying to avoid broadsiding you. And drive with one hand while dangling the other out of the window.  After all, it's a pretty day and your arm needs the breeze and surely no  other driver will cause you to need good control of your vehicle.

OK.  Done.  As you can tell this was the morning of mornings regarding traffic for me.  :-)))

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Once More with Feeling

Here we and the Pot Roast.  Who is that you may well ask?  That is Katie who after kindly jumping up to greet the son who came from over the mountains to be best man to his brother at that brother's wedding, declared Katie to have no bones.  He had been petting her for some time after she had jumped up to greet him good morning last Sunday.  So when he called out to me that she didn't have a bone in her body, I asked if he was saying she was f-a-t?  He said no, that she was like a little pot roast or a brisket.  I know Katie was mortified to be likened to such a thing.

Thank you so much for the birthday greetings to my oldest.  I know that I always get sentimental on their birthdays and on Mother's day.  Even Father's Day since I had to do both (It was an honor and a privilege).  Thank you for not running away at top speed when it happens each year.  :-)

I made a birthday cake, a Funfetti one with color sprinkles in and on it, for his birthday.  The icing is laid on thickly like asphalt on a roadway!  YUM!

A lovely day.  We have finally managed to get past three days with NO rain!  That is a murkle! A murkle means miracle.  It sure is as we can't stop getting driving rains.  Sure beats the tornadoes that will be coming right here where I live--- to Dixie Alley.

All for this Saturday.  Have a great weekend.  We sure intend to.  xxoo

The fence at the back of my yard.  The property runs to the city limit line.  One of the many many MANY deer who jump the fence, come in and eat the crop up whatever the raccoons don't get to first.