Saturday, June 1, 2013

Once More with Feeling

Here we and the Pot Roast.  Who is that you may well ask?  That is Katie who after kindly jumping up to greet the son who came from over the mountains to be best man to his brother at that brother's wedding, declared Katie to have no bones.  He had been petting her for some time after she had jumped up to greet him good morning last Sunday.  So when he called out to me that she didn't have a bone in her body, I asked if he was saying she was f-a-t?  He said no, that she was like a little pot roast or a brisket.  I know Katie was mortified to be likened to such a thing.

Thank you so much for the birthday greetings to my oldest.  I know that I always get sentimental on their birthdays and on Mother's day.  Even Father's Day since I had to do both (It was an honor and a privilege).  Thank you for not running away at top speed when it happens each year.  :-)

I made a birthday cake, a Funfetti one with color sprinkles in and on it, for his birthday.  The icing is laid on thickly like asphalt on a roadway!  YUM!

A lovely day.  We have finally managed to get past three days with NO rain!  That is a murkle! A murkle means miracle.  It sure is as we can't stop getting driving rains.  Sure beats the tornadoes that will be coming right here where I live--- to Dixie Alley.

All for this Saturday.  Have a great weekend.  We sure intend to.  xxoo

The fence at the back of my yard.  The property runs to the city limit line.  One of the many many MANY deer who jump the fence, come in and eat the crop up whatever the raccoons don't get to first.


  1. Just been watching a recorded Nova program about tornadoes.

  2. I love your son referring to Katie as a pot roast. Brought a smile to my face.

    That cake sure sounds good. I would love a piece of it.

    HUGS!! Twin

  3. A little pot roast? Well, I can't help but smile! I so know what you mean about the is the first blue I've seen in some time too.

  4. ha ha - love Katie being called a pot roast. That's what Mario feels llike sometimes cuz he's all soft and squishy. So I can understand son's likening Katie to a pot roast. Love that dear picture too. They are so pretty - if they only wouldn't eat things they should not eats

  5. I think a little pot roast or brisket is cute. And Katie really doesn't know the difference between being called that and sweetie or long as it's said in a loving tone of voice. :-p

  6. Poor Katie being referred to as a pot roast. She must be sooo soft and cuddly. Sorry I had to laugh. I love the new word murkle. I am glad I inspired you to weeding. I had a good head start on weeding and then went and bought a bunch of flowers so spent the last week planting flowers in all my pots and hanging baskets. I wasn't going to do it this year as I really wanted to get more done in improving my flower beds. But I couldn't help myself. So my big flower bed still remains only weeded in the middle section. Of course my body aches again everywhere, but I just love seeing the flowers so much. Hubby is busy tearing our deck up as it needed some major work done on it for a few years now, So I don't even have a place to put all my pots of flowers yet. We have had one deer visit the yard a few times, but with our new dog Sheaba, they both saw each other and ran opposite directions. Sheaba is so afraid of everything. Aside from windy days when everything is moving outside which scares her, she is settling in quiet nicely. Wishing many days filled with murkles and happy weeding to you.
    Hugs Carrie

  7. Hehe!! Pot Roast ;)

    We have too many deer in the UK and they come into gardens and eat the plants. I reckon it is mostly because we have built on their natural habitat. If I found a raccoon in the garden I would probably have a heart attack!! lol

  8. Heh, I'll have to see how Iza reacts to being called a pot roast. It certainly would suit her!

  9. Nothing sets a young lady's heart a twitter better than being called, "My little pot roast".

  10. He said WHAT about li'l Kate?... Tsk!! How's a cat to have self respect eh?. ;-) ... an' I just love Murkles... they make the day seem so bright and happy... (hold on, just blowing my nose, a summer cold has me in it's grip and it won't let me go, erm.. you don't want it do you?) ;-) Ok, no need to back off. I isn't contagious... erm.. actually I think I am, 'cos my Dose is so blocked, and I can't speak proper!! I've gone deaf too, so I can't hear a word you'e saying...Oh? I can't have any cake?... I don't know, you come all this way. and get nuffink!! ... I'm off to the bottom of the garden to pet a deer... (sniff) ... hugs aplenty xPenx

  11. Hi Sis!
    The Katie who after kindly jumping up to greet the son who came from over the mountains to be best man to his brother at the brothers wedding.
    I'am glad to An Awesome life Experience to you Sis!
    Thank you for not running away at top speed when it happens each year....
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria,