Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back Again 7/31

After 1500 miles since Thursday am at 7 till today at 7 roughly..finally got back. 

Thank you verty much for your thoughts and your prayers; and they were each one deeply appreciated. 


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Till Sunday Late or Monday

Headed up North for my brother Paul's funeral as you already know.

Take good care of yourselves and I will miss you but see you by Monday.

Paul is truly in a better place.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a nice thing July 27, 2010

was featured (one of MANY!) on Flickr's Explore.  That was a huge shock as the photo they chose to feature isn't my favorite.  But nonetheless, they did and I am truly honored to have one of mine make it along with those fabulous others.

We had a thunderstorm to beat all thunderstorms yesterday afternoon.  There was a lightening strike across the street.  Lights went out but came back up.,  But I unplugged what I could against a brown out.  Years ago, a brownout cooked my computer. 

I finished that big waisted tomato and working on two more of a lesser size. I will have red tinged skin if this keeps up.

I'll let you know when and why in a day or so but I will be gone for a short time away from the house.  Maybe in 2 days.  I'll say later.  I don't want you to wonder if I just suddenly decided I wasn't going to'll be because I can't.Red heart

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just a slight exaggeration July 26, 2010

Well, to be honest, that 'mater I spoke of and lied about to you when I said it was the size of a It did have a 16" waist though. That's pretty darned big. He's history. It's done been eat. That's Southern speak for I ate the whole thing. It took 2 days to do it and a lot of tomato sandwiches covered in black milled ground pepper ahhhhh...'s gone to glory.

The kitchen IS painted and the little lady didn't like it one bit. One, it smells of fresh paint in here and kitty noses are extremely sensitive. Two..her litterbox is under the desk in there and it was a major inconvenience for her, I finally took it up and put it in the tiny bathroom along with her food and water. She said she might consider coming out from under the bed and did, just long enough to P. looks very refreshed now with fresh paint in the kitchen now. Next week, we do the living room. I have to get the paint. Still trying to make up my mind about color etc. Then, each bedroom and the hallway. I just hope to pete that the weather stops being this beastly hot though.

Other than that, not a lot to say. Glad we are by ourselves again here and stuff is back into the kitchen. Taking all of the gemstone roughs out of the big china cabinet I use for a display is going to be hard when painting time comes to the living room. Some are very small and I worked hard getting them placed advantageously. Now I have to take them out so the cabinet can be moved and painted behind. Sigh. But it's taking books out of the bookcases that will be THE worst job of all. They are ceiling tall and packed three deep on the shelves.

See you soon. I will hit publish and see if anyone is still around.Red rose

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Now that was big! July 25, 2010

The guy who fixed my dryer the other day came back (after a call to see if I would be home) and he brought me a basket of Tommy toes out of his garden and 6 tomatoes of such a size that they will last a week.  I am working on the one that is almost the size of a cantaloupe.  I finished half of it already by cutting slices 3/4's of an inch thick and making a sandwich from the slice which more than covers the bread.  Oh my about heavenly tomato perfume and taste from heaven...drool drool.  My own tomato bush is making millions of new tomatoes right now.  All green and small like golf balls at this stage,.  I hate fried green tomatoes by the way.  My mother made us eat them when we were small..I detested them then and still do.

She also made us eat hominy.  There is NOTHING on the earth that I detest more than hominy except perhaps fried green tomatoes.  She made us eat them when we were little and those huge nasty pieces of hominy were detestable.  ( for you Yankees, that's not the same thing as grits) Eventually she gave up trying to make us (me and my two brothers) eat the horrible punishment-like stuff.  Sick smile

Now that is not to say Mother didn't make us scrumptious food because she did.  Just not those two detestable things.  One thing I just remembered she gave us for breakfast many times was oatmeal.  Always the whole steel cut oats that you cook for a while.  She broiled bacon, and when the oatmeal was done,  she buttered the serving for us..real butter, added sugar..and crumbled bacon on top of that.  My tongue almost beat my mouth to death to get that down..OH so GOOD!  To this moment in time I can't think of a better breakfast.  And her waffles with King syrup...and generous butter on top..hold me back.

You'd think I was hungry right now but I'm not.  I am full of grapes.  I eat too many and I'm always uncomfortable for awhile.  You'd think I'd learn!Red heart

Is it Morning Already? 9/06

Hate it when I do that.  Woke up at 1400.  Heard the cat meowing..then heard some random sounds that made me wonder what they were caused by.  Hydraulic pressure ensued and it was all over but the shouting.  So, I got up.  Got 6 hrs. sleep which is better than 5, I guess.  I could have stood an additional hour but oh well.  This is just the way it is for me while working.  Got that first midnight done and starting the second of four tonight.
The Company did an article on me and my five counterparts.  I got to see the draft last night when I got in to work.  Read pretty well.  There was a proposal to do individual articles on each of us along with pictures.  That's nice but I am glad to be leaving at the end of this month.  I don't want to deal with it. 
Man, I got to thinking just now.  I think what woke me wasn't the cat meowing, it was the hickory nuts falling onto the roof.  I have trees that are stories tall all around me.  And one that is right over the bedroom roof though very high in the air is a hickory tree.  That sucker starts dropping hickory nuts about this time of year and the sound of them falling from all that distance is like gunshots!!!  It will plumb make you jump if you are just drifting off to sleep.
The rest of the trees (I live in a forest- like atmosphere) are oaks and maples.  Well, a few poplars too. I think I have a picture of a corner of my back yard in my albums here on the blog. If you have ever looked at those (the album with 18 or 19 pix in it) you will see how wooded it is.
Actually just looking at the ones off my deck I took pictures of should tell you how big they are.
I am about to get into the kitchen to rattle a pan and make some breakfast.  I am a proponent of breakfast even if that meal happens in mid afternoon as it does while I am on midnights.  I am always hungry for one thing when I wake but eating a good breakfast keeps me from mindless noshing for a good 5 hours. 
I haven't been around to see anyone yet.  I will soon as I get some food into me. 
And Dad, today would have been your birthday.  We miss you so very much still. 
Have a good weekend you guys and girls, and do something fun and different!

Good Grief 9/06

Not real lady-like but  as I had referred to hydraulic pressure in the last blog so I will again.   After my neighbor's burglar alarm in her car went off at 1245, I was thoroughly awake, believe you me.  Her car is about 40 feet from my bedroom.  Still, as it was that early, I thought I could go on back to the sleep I was wrenched out of.  Nope.  Hydraulic pressure no matter how I tried to ignore it.
Note to self:  Do NOT eat a big bunch of grapes when you come home from work and head to bed.  Because guess what??  They are largely water.  And what does water do, boys and girls?  Why, FIFO would be the shortest and simplest way to explain it to myself.
I gave up after 35 minutes, and disposed of those grapes as it were.  Went straight back to bed.  Laid there about 40 minutes.  So comfortable but...I could not go to sleep.  So, I got up and here I am.  This is gonna be one heckuva long shift when I get in there tonight at 1830.
I decided that I will have caffeinated coffee today and all night. 
The count down has begun.  There are many more folks at work  and on my shift that are becoming aware I will leave in a few weeks.  I had tried to keep that to myself till the last moment but somehow it got away from me.  Loose lips among friends and it's just me and my privacy issues talking here.  I try to keep my personal business to myself but that's just me and sometimes, as in this time, it is unrealistic.  Did I think no one would notice when I wasn't there any more? All kidding aside, I was just hoping to avoid the requisite goodbye party.  Those are nice in their way but emotionally draining when you are leaving friends. about 3 weeks I will be moving on.
There is a hint of Fall in the air and  in the slant of the sun.  Have you noticed?  You all in the North sure have.  I have read your blogs and it is definitely getting cooler there.  Here, it got down to 65 last night and the sun is, of course, rising a little later and no longer in my eyes on the way home from a midnight shift.  But the slant of the sun shining down is the big indicator.  Definitely has that Fall look to it. Not full-on as it was..but slightly at an angle when I look at the splotches of sun on the deck for example.
I have been around to see half of you when I got home this morning..and about to go see the rest of you.
Have a great rest of the weekend. 

Wait till Later 9/06

Last mid tonight when I go in.  Off till Friday coming up.
Gosh, I seem to have chosen the "large" font.  Oh well, I don't feel like going back and re-choosing.
From the interrupted sleep the last several days, I slept till the clock got me up this afternoon and I could have used another 4 hrs. as well.  Won't get a break on that  again tomorrow as I have to get up at noon to get my nights and days turned around. Have to clean the house anyway and wow zow!  I am getting a new commode!  Complete with oak seat!!!  Now, THAT'S something to get outta bed for!   Seriously though, the old one bit the dust. One of my close friends at work who has done so much in the house anyway in my journey to revamp and going to do this for me tomorrow evening. 
I am getting so excited about this being the next to the last set of shifts I have to do where I work.  Next week starting Friday is, as I call 'em, the 'dreaded 6 day thing' whereupon I work 72 hrs.  Then, I will voluntarily work with one of my counterparts for 36 hrs. worth of midnights (that's nothing to me!) and then, a few days of 8 hr. day shifts and I am outta there!  I haven't worked 8 hr. shifts in so long I don't know what that's like.  It will be like walking in , sitting down and getting right back up again and leaving I am so used to more.
Pretty soon, it will be me and Beth Marie's birthday!  We are gonna take the day off..go out to the playground and swing all we want to.  Bet she goes higher though!  I'll race her down the sliding board and you won't ever see the merry-go-round spin like it will that day! Just watch us!! We are going to have a blast!  Then,we are going to get chili dogs and Cokes for lunch and we don't care if we spoil our appetites either !! And on the way walking home, ice cream!  A double decker!
It's 1635.  Got to do my face and get ready.

The Big Day 9/06

That'll be 9/25 for me and Marie Beth.  ' I don't know her year, she doesn't know mine..we'll just guess.Terri, if you join our party, bring the ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. The more the merrier. Meet us on the playground.  Now, if we could just solve the small problem of being separated by humdreds of miles.  LottieMae, I believe you are onto something regards December!  ;-) though.  There ARE a lotta September babies!!
I finished the last mid this morning and off till Friday but I think I already said that.  Looking forward to the time off and doing the errands.  It's warm and very humid today.  But our area here holds onto heat and humidity for a long time.  Well toward or at the end of October..and a week or so into November.
Just checking in.  Have a great evening..see you in the morning.  I am whupped.

Things to Remember 9/06

One thing I must remember.  And I DID remember today, but it like to have killed me.  That is:  "Even if it's pretty, that doesn't mean you have to buy it."  There I was in the store, ladies clothing section (I must go there (ladies clothes) when I am in the area...I can't help it.  It's like an affliction). But I digressed.  There I was, standing in front of several racks of really pretty, feminine and pretty colors blouses.  I do believe I have a top fetish or something.  I come to a standstill anywhere and anytime I see them and I just MUST at least comtemplate buying one IF I love it's style. Too many times I have found one whose style just grabs me by the wallet and says " Buuuuuy meeeee.  Buyyyyyy meeeee." I have at least 30-40 least!  Likely more.  Nice ones that I can wear to work.  I have multiple T shirts.  I think I buy those suckers when I think I need a lift or something as they don't cost much.  But, there I was.  Today's offerings were dusky pink, pale yellow (crazy about yellow I am!!) and a light beige and all with tiny wee little flowers and a zillion buttons that went into loop closures..  What's a woman to do?  Why, try 'em on of course!!!
I liked them but regretfully put them back.  The last thing I need are more tops.  I picked up some skirts and almost bought one but put them back.  I got away before I could get to the undies.  It would have been all over but the shouting if I hadn't gotten away!
Don't get me started about shoes.  Good thing is, I gave away a lot of them.  I probably only have about 20 pair now.  All styles.  Boots, sneakers, dress, casual.
I go thru the closets (yes, I did say closetS) and take out a lot of the various articles and give them away.  I do that every year. 
I'm a make-up junk*e to a smaller degree.  No way I will run out of a favorite color of whatever!  I have several spares.  Put a little of that down to the shift rotation and long hours.  Like..who has time to go running to the drugstore for eye shadow with hours like those?  And who remembers to write it down on the list before work?  Not me.  I have other things to do and on my mind, hence, I buy in quantity. Gray eyeshadow anyone?  Several shades of brown too.  Come one, come all.  Git 'cher make-up here.
Have to learn how to make a  blog list.  I like what Marilyn did on her blog.  Maybe I can tell stuff that might make it easier to understand why I buy so many tops and shoes!! 
I have been around to see everyone but 2.  I'm headed your way and break out the doughnuts, will you?

I have Learned..important to me 9/06

I put that little thing in yesterday that someone had sent me about what can be learned as we go through our lives.
I was thinking this morning about those things. And I realized that I too have learned some things.  Not as much as I should perhaps but a few are noteable to me.
I have learned first and foremost that *I* am not always right.  No matter how passionately I may believe in an issue, perhaps a social one for example, that does not make me always right. 
I have learned that there really ARE two sides to every story or situation and that I would be well served to listen/read what the other side is.  For one thing, I am not always right! 
I have learned that sometimes, if you can bite your tongue sufficiently, silence is the best response.
I have learned to watch and listen and consider and THEN make a decision or form an opinoin.  Keeping in mind that regardless, mine is not necessarily the only way to think.
I have learned that no matter how much you think you know about a topic, there is always that which you don't know.  That was hard won, believe me.
I have learned to love people.  To do that, you have to know who they are and where they come from.  That information can be found in the Bible.  When I have difficulty doing that 'loving thing', and we all of us can have that difficulty sometimes, the answer to THAT also is in the Bible.
I am continuing to learn the value of self control.  "Just because" isn't always a good reason. 
I have learned to let go.  That too is hard won.  Letting go entails many things to different people.
I have learned that being generous with your time, your effort, and your money can be one of the most uplifting experiences to have.
I have learned that I don't have to fill every silence with talk or noise.
And finally, I have learned the inexpressable value of friendship.  Something not to be taken for granted and something that should be nourished.
That is my revealing thought for the day! 

Next to the Last 9/06

Well, really, the last!  ;-)  Today is the last day of my break and I start that horrible 6 day thing Friday.
I went to retrieve my new glasses again.  The first time they said they were ready I wore them home, had a royal headache within half an hour..kept trying to clean a non existent smear off the left lens.  Finally I noticed I could not see well out of the left lens.  For whatever inexplicable reason, the OD changed the astigmatism correction.  Thing was, I saw 20/15 out of my old glasses with no complaint.  Hauled them (new ones) back to the eye Dr. and had to endure another exam and the time wasted out of my little off time, and voila!  What do you know?  No correction was needed.  So..had to wait till today to get them back again and I understand that they are exactly the same as the ones they are replacing.  I'm wearing headache, no smears that aren't there so I think two visits will do it.  Last time it was 3 visits.  I have NO idea whose prescription he put down for me, but it sure wasn't mine.  I had to go back 3 times, and two of those I was talked to by "the girls" as though I were out of my mind.  Then too, they needed to be put back the way they were with no different correction.  OK ! Vented THAT!
Got my hair done yesterday.  Looks good.  Having dinner out tonight.  New restaurant.  Looking forward to that.
Man, I can't wait till I have more time so that I can begin a systematic clean out of this house.  I saw just the desk/secretary I wanted yesterday and my friend with me said " Where will you put it?" A very valid question.  This place is bursting at the seams.  You wouldn't necessarily know that as I have one gift..that is, keeping vertical surfaces clear of objects.  None of the tables, end or coffee hold anything but lamps and the phone..the kitchen counters only have some small decorations on papers at all.  BUT where the clutter is, is too much furniture for so small a home.  I have several collections..not large at all.  And I bought things to put them in.  I have a barrister bookcase with silly Beanie Babies that I don't want except 2..that were given to me over the years.  I need to  find a worthwhile place to donate those.  I have at least a thousand hardbacks.  Those are old friends and I don't see winnowing out more than perhaps 50 it that, but it needs doing.  Trying to talk my oldest into organizing them for me..all the bookcases. Once I get that one barrister cleaned out..out it goes and it will free up some room in the spare bedroom. 
I have a small narrow curio cabinet with my Cherished Teddies and not that many of those.  Maybe 18.  My china cabinet houses  all of my gemstone roughs.  Now those stay.  If I have to stand in a corner and hold them myself.  LOVE the hobby. Other stuff can go.  Gemstone roughs and books stay. 
Just checking by to see if you all are at home!  Have a fun evening.

Friday 9/06

should be at work, but I had to call in.  I'll start tomorrow and work on through to Thursday morning next week.  Yes, I will be allowed to sleep between the 12 hr. shifts.  I just thought about how that read. 
Beth asked me about the gemstone roughs I mentioned yesterday as a hobby of mine.
Those are gemstones straight from the ground that have not been shaped, cut or polished.  The look is not what you think of when you think gemstones but the roughs are what Nature gives us and we humans work on them to produce the stones you see and buy in a jewelry shop.  The exception being amethyst and some of the quartz crystals.
Many times they are quite beautiful as they are straight from the ground.  That's why I love to collect them.  I have a lighted china cabinet full of them. 
There is ruby, sapphire, clear quartz, citrine, lapis lazuli, garnet, peridot, rose quartz, emerald, beryl, amber, turquoise, calcite crystals, to name just a few of what is on the shelves.  Those are  some of the precious ones and I have many varieties of semi- precious.  I have fossils too.  Love the things. I have a piece of the Appian Way.  I have fossil plants and a few fossil animal remains.
I have a large bowl of unfinished 'general' gems that aren't usually looked at as gemstones but are..such as agate, jasper, carnelian, etc .etc. that I keep on the dining room table.  The hobby has caused many remarks at work at my expense (and I love it!!!!) about how all my funds are in "rocks" as they call them, and that to get any thing done to the house, I will have to "let loose some of them rocks!".  One day, a dear friend of mine who had labored hard cleaning out and re-doing my closets, all of them with "Closet maid" took a break, leaned over the dining room chair and fixed his gaze on the centerpiece.  That being a large crystal bowl of my general quality stones..the jasper, agate, etc.  He raised his eyes and looked at me and said "wait till I tell_______" (my boss right now) I said " What?"  He said " A man comes in and works hard all day, he's hungry (and I did hear his stomach growling and was about to go out for food) and what does he get served!?  A bowl of ROCKS!" 
It may be one of those things where you have to BE here to appreciate the humor, but I almost hurt myself laughing.  I told my supervisor the next work day and he smirked.  I get all kinds of remarks about being a female Jack Benny, or any other penurious person.  (saving habits)(and a mason jar with money in it) and I love it!!!   It's a running joke and has been for years.  Started when I first got ADT as an alarm system.  My then supervisor said " what's the matter?  Afraid someone will steal your rocks?" and it hasn't let up since.  I make sure I tell as many on myself as I can to keep it going.  It's fun.Good thing they don't know about the vault with the moat and the alligators I have in the basement, isn't it? (I feed the alligators Jell-O)
That's what gemstone roughs are and just call me Jack.  Well, I never!

Sunday 9/06

Just swallowed the last of my toast after I decimated the 2 eggs and I had better get going here getting dressed.  It's 4 and time's a wastin'.
Just went in to get my vitamins down and hoped to think of a topic while in the kitchen and can't think of a thing.  My mind is like a blank sheet of paper after having slept so hard and only been up about 35 minutes.
I have only been to three blogs.  I find that when I get home in the evening, folks have blogged and I can catch up whereas when I go at 0330 or 0400, no, no one has added to their blog.  I'm about the only one up and blogging then amongst us. So I will  wait till tonight to see the rest of you.  Gee, only took a year to get that figured out!!
I had a good hair day yesterday!  I don't know about you all, but those are just golden days to me!  They happen about once every two years!    Glad I did have that good hair day and it was at my expense in appearance walking to my building from the parking lot.  The distance is about quarter of a mile but there was heavy fog.  I had a silk scarf on my noggin and everyone I met who was coming off the midnights (I am on days till tomorrow night when I start midnights)  made fun of me for wearing the scarf. I have a choice to either wear the scarf or have hair like a Brillo pad.  Easy choice for me.  (would that we all had problems that trivial!!!)
Anyway, just saying hello and good morning and about to head over to the other email accounts quickly before I log off for the day. 
Have a blessed day.

Different Kind of Day 9/06

Well, I got a sweet surprise today.  Somewhere around 1300 hrs. two shift supervisors gatherd along with two of their employees into the large area where I work.  My supervisor and I are on duty with no one else  in our building as it is Sunday and an off shift.
I didn't even suspect anything going on but soon, a great big ol' strawberry chock full and running over with tumbling huge strawberries appeared with a large amount of whipped cream. Jokes were made, if you know what I mean about the whipped cream, me, and well, you know. 
I ran into the place where we keep silverware and dishes and I dished out all the pie .  There was just enough.
Then a beautiful pink bag appeared with a was a going away card, signed by the the group that was in there with me.  Then, at the bottom of the bag was a gift card for a large amount of money at a Mall in The Big City near me...(15 mi. away).  I was flat out honored and touched.  That was completely unexpected and very dear.
We had a party for about an hour and a half I think.  I could not have been more happy nor more honored.  And sad too.  A shift is like a family.  Seriously.  And when you are there so much of the time with our wierd schedule, shift rotation and 12 hr shifts, we are frequently there more than we are at home.  Sad but true.
I will be leaving after 24 years of shift work to something else at the end of the month.  That will be here in two weeks.  Thursday morning coming up will be my last look at my shift as I leave it.  I will be made to be on day shift (just SHOOT me!!!) for the last two weeks of the month.  Then, I will be gone..and as I stated too many times in the other last I will be home on Christmas..birthdays..any time others are home.  A normal schedule somewhere else.  But I will miss them all terribly.  That is the simple truth.  We take care of one another, stick together, rarely really fight with each other. And, in a familial sense of the word, we love one another. They can't read this as very few have my blog address until I leave.  So I am writing this as a loving tribute to them who can't even read it yet.  But I'll make a speech Thursday morning at breakfast.  I hope to have another going away card signed by many more.
Dudes...see you tomorrow.  Sleep well.

Progress 9/06

Here it is the last midnight shift for me. Got up late for me..(the clock got me up for once).  So I slept till 1540.  That's great.  I haven't fixed breakfast yet but I will here shortly. I'll have from tomorrow at 0700 till Monday night off.  That's for friends and family reading the blog so they know my schedule.
Anyway, about the girls.  The two orphan cats I mentioned several days ago.  Hopefully they are still getting along alright in their house without anyone in it.  The son of the woman who passed away is feeding them.  I have really REALLY been trying hard to find them new pet parents.  So have some of my friends.  I got another one involved this morning before I left work.
I got a few emails from guys at work who don't want to see me leave.  That is always endearing.  You know how it is though, all of you.  You form attachments over time even though you never see the literally thousands you talk to and/or deal with.  Even more so when you do see them.  But I had several emails from those who have never actually met me formally..just they deal with me (and I with them) on a continuing basis..either phone or email wise. Here I will say that I am 'in' a form of emergency management as for employment.  I haven't said exactly what I do or where, I know.  That's for a reason.  Maybe after I leave I may. Not many of us like to involve where we work into our blogs by name or any other way I have noticed.
Anyway, I am on the wind-down.  I started the termination process two days ago before I left for home.  It's about all over but the shouting.  I have tonight...then next week I have 3 midnights with another shift (my choice and by Management's permission) and then 2 day shifts the following week and I am out of there.
First weekend in October is the Renaissance Faire in Charlotte I think I mentioned.  I and one of my sons will be headed that way.  We all of us so enjoyed it last year.  Hot though while spending the day out in the large area.  In this part of the Country it stays very warm and humid thru October generally.If my son will, I will ask him to upload some photos to me and I will post them.  New pictures on MY blog!!! Surely not!!!  Gasp!!! I think I have the least of anyone.  Well, it takes less time to load mine probably.  ;-)
I know I am not saying much of anything (what else is new??) so with the above, I will stop.
Hoping you all have a good evening.  Stay well and hang in there.  Missed seeing you all.

End of a Personal Era 9/06

ast night was my last shift with my folks.  I never had a chance to get too introspective as everyone kept coming to see us.  That's unusual for a midnight shift, for sure, but I fancy they wanted to look at the ol' girl (me) again and say goodbye.
I got another goodbye card in the form of a wonderful book that was signed by everyone in Utilities, and had a breakfast this morning after work.  We had a great time.  I'm afraid pix were taken in Sho*ney's with those ever present cell phone cameras.  I hate those things.  I tried to be nice about it but I detest pictures taken of me without permission.  Even though they are my family in a manner of speaking.  Anyway, we all had a great breakfast (I bellied up to the Breakfast Bar, myself) and lots of laughs.  My supervisor was there too.  I got a lot of hugs and kisses on the jaw these past several shifts.  Got some surprising mail as well from some managers in the plant who expressed that they hated to see me go. That is an honor.  Who would not be pleased to know that your way of dealing with them has been pleasant enough that they'll miss you? 
There was one with a hint of more in it.  I will report on that later if there is anything to report.
I got another card that was carefully chosen.  I would have known that anyway as it was so appropriate to us and our friendship over the past years.  I will cherish all of these and they will have an honored place to be where I can see them.  I think there may be a bit more as I still am going to be there at work another 2 weeks.  I am just not going to be on my shift.  I guess I may as well get used to saying 'former shift' now.  But it was my well thought out choice and when it's time to move on, it is.  I will keep up with some however and they with me.  That effort takes two to keep a relationship and I will hold up my end in that. 
One thing that surprised me was... now with the stark reality of my leaving there, several I work with have shown a deeper friendship toward me than I knew was there.  That is extremely welcome and may even lead to a friendship outside the workplace. However, I am ready to go forward to the rest of my life. 
So I have had two "parties" as it were, and some cards and lotsa hugs so far! More if it happens when it does.
I am up from a 3 hr. nap and have all my cleaning materials out and ready to begin the usual clean up.  As I have stated one woman and one feline can make a mess like this is beyond me!  I have said however, that I do absolutely nothing while on a work run.  Nothing.  No sweeping, dusting, dishes (I have no dishwasher..the two pink ones at the end of my wrists work fine) bedmaking, counter cleaning..nothing.  And she can sure mess the kitchen up!!!
So, with that in mind I'll go for now and get started.  Have to find some good hip hop to clean to.  Makes the job a lot more pleasant if you can stop and dance! (not kidding).
Marilyn..the state of my triceps tells me I need to learn to swim.  I am one of those petrified adults though.  I'll have to do something!!!
Beth..warm hugs and love.  You too Patty, Vivian, Terri, Lottie Mae!  Well, ALL of you.

The Mighty Huntress 9/06

To my sons:  Boys, you certainly remember the large and well rounded variety of wildlife that Robin brought into the household for our delectation?  Well, for the first time ever, this little one finally got a chance to emulate Robin!  She caught a lizard!  It was almost funny except I felt sorry for the lizard.  He was running across the carpet..she skidded into a run and caught him and stood there with him half hanging out of her mouth not knowing what on earth to do next.  Her face was a study in "????"
She dropped him and I had the door open, so he escaped.  She doesn't know that yet and is waiting at the entrance of where he had scurried to get away from her once he tickled her mouth enough to make her drop him.
To the rest of you..I must have been severely lacking in entertainment last night as the cat and I played peep eye!  She had taken up her supervisory position at the threshhold of the bathroom doorway while I put some moisture cream on after my bath.  I turned my head and saw one beautiful green-gold eye looking at me.  The other was hidden from my view by the door jamb.  I moved my head to where she could no longer see me.  She moved HERS to where she could see me.  I moved mine back..she moved get the picture.  It was actually funny to see her move  her head so that the one eye was again into the area where she could see me.
I have felt better than I do today.  I think it's exhaustion more than usual.  However, that should be over with tomorrow.  Mean while I soldier on.  And I did some shopping too.  Two dress skirts and a knitted tank top.  I couldn't help myself.
Patty told me to do it.
Guys, gals..see you later.

Weekend 9/06

What an absolutely great weekend.  For one thing, the weather is incomparably gorgeous including temperatures in the day and at night.  Just cool enough in the house to require a very light blanket and just warm enough in the day that you can wear shorts if you want to or not. I went out to enjoy sitting on the deck in the afternoon sun and catch up on my newspapers for the first time in close to two months! and got eaten alive by mosquitoes.  So, after about half an hour of that, I came back in bristling with lumps from all the bites. 
 However, in the glow of early evening, darned if I didn't powder my nose and head out shopping!  It's all Patty's fault. 
I had emailed her yesterday morning saying I wasn't quite up to my usual game and matter of fact, she allowed that she wasn't either!  She declared shopping to be our therapy.  I decided to take her at her word and yesterday about noon I headed out (after some business calls) and bought myself two new dress skirts. One red and one black. Seems like one other thing but I forget.  So, I went off again last night and hit Penney's because they have a pretty darn good sale going on. 
Got several Christmas presents for one of my son's.  Got several presents for ME as well.  Two 3/4 length sleeve tops that one can dress up or down.  A lacy black top to wear with the new skirts I got that morning.  A new pair of silver earrings (did you know silver looks great on strawberry blondes?) and a great leather corded silver pendant.  I love choker styles and that's what I got.  The Christmas presents were 100.00 and I took up the rest.  Between the morning extravangza and last nights...whew!!!
Today, I am going with a friend on an expedition to a flea market but not before we have lunch.  You know, I have never been to a flea market.  I know from reading blogs that it is a favorite of several blog friends.  I am about to experience what you find  so much fun.  I hope to gosh I can hold onto my money!!  (nah!)
Tonight, the football game.  UT and FL.  GO VOLS!!!!!!!!
No help yet for the orphaned kitties I wrote about.  I and four others are trying hard.
This is really a "female" blog...clothes and clothes and what have you.  Sorry.  ;-)
I guess too I am happy knowing my chapter is about to end where I work.  I was tickled all day yesterday thinking about it.  No more three in the morning  or three in the afternoon getting up for work.  Normal rising and bed times start at the end of the month!! Normal work I come!!!
Have a great day all of you. 

Spending Money 9/06

Well, going to the flea market didn't do anything for my wallet.  I didn't find a lot but I did find a few things.  The fun was in the walking around and looking at everything. I mentioned yesterday that I have never been to one, so it was a whole new experience for me.
I am always interested in old glass or new for that matter, linens and such.
I didn't see any glass that I was interested in... nothing unusual at all  there nor was it priced right.
Nothing to even tempt me.  I did see some linens that were interesting.  There were not many to choose from.  I suppose it is a week to week thing.  You must have to keep checking back.  I found a table cloth that will and does fit my round dining room table.  Machine embroidery, some cut-work on it so I bought it.  The price was certainly right.  There was a shadow of a red stain on it.  I got it for $7.00.  The same woman had an assortment of collars and dickies.  They were cotton crochet trim mostly with tiny pearl-like buttons.  All made in China.  I have seen them for sale from time to time in specialty catalogues for $12.00 and upward to $16.00.  She let me have the ones I choose for $1.00 ea.
Now I did see one other thing that was interesting.  One table had some silver plated silverware for sale.  Not a whole service unfortunately as these salad forks I was eyeing were very interesting.  Wm. Rogers, I might say at this point, silver plate.  The forks, 9 of them had a look of perhaps the 30's or maybe 40's to them.  The forks, which I did buy in a lot of 9, had engraving on the body of the fork..just above where the tines start.  A lovely tracery of a design.  So far in my lifetime I have not seen anything like that and I decided to buy them.  I have nothing to match but that's OK.  They can be used as a dessert fork perhaps, all by themselves.
Has anyone out there seen silverware with engraving, rather a floral look, just above the tines?
We had a great time.  We left here at 11...stopped in that town and had lunch, and headed into the Expo Center and had at it.  We left no stone unturned.  I was home by later afternoon. 
Today, I stopped at Verizon and asked them to assist me getting a ring tone.  We tried mightily to do it ourselves when I last visited Charlotte but it wasn't happening. I kept making myself a note to stop by Verizon and ask them to help.  Finally had a moment to do that this afternoon.  I now have "Rocky Top" as a ring tone and what's is the Pride of the Southland Band doing it!  That is our University of Tennessee's band!  I am sitting here wishing someone would call me!!!!  I want to hear it!!
Tomorrow I will begin the first of 3 twelve hour midnight shifts as a "guest" of another shift.  It's just to give me something to do for a week.  Then, I will be off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  After that, two 8 hr. dayshifts the following Monday and Tuesday, September 25, 26 and voila!  Gone.  Outta there.
I see that Spaces statistics feature is not logging visits for my site again.  Been several months but I went through about two weeks last time before it was fixed.  So, it acts like no one has been here these past 48 hrs. but I know they have been.  There are comments.
The cat is being a real pest.  She won't leave me alone and hasn't cooperated that well when I have tried to play with her.  Like many, she doesn't really know what she wants!!
Meanwhile, hope everyone is doing well and has as beautiful weather as I am having right here.  That will soon come to an end.  Rain is expected within the nbext 48 hrs.

One more Round

Tonight, I am diving in for one more round of midnight shifts, 12 hr. of course, and this time as I no longer have MY shift, I will be a "guest" on another shift, DD shift.  That gives me something to do while I wait out my time to leave.
My youngest emailed me about a conference he is going to in Nashville Friday the 29th of September.  That is the  day of the big gathering of my family to help me celebrate the end of that personal era..working where I do and doing what I do.  Those who read this with any regularity know that the largest part of my celebration besides having all my sons here will be taking down the aluminum foil that has been on the windows in my bedroom for 24 years.  (yes, it has had to have been replaced a time or gets holes in it and I have to re-do on an every 4, 5 yr. basis) But to have the sun or just natural daylight in there will be so strange.  I don't have curtains or even valances at any window in the house.  Dust catchers.  And to my mind, they "close" a room, especially when the room is small.  I have pretty oak frames around all my windows.  That is decoration enough to me. Taking down that foil is a BIG deal to me.
I am still trying to get there from here.  By that I mean I am trying to fetch the scan of the silver fork I did last night to post here on the blog and get the darned thing ONTO the album here in the blog from "My Pictures".  It will not cooperate. I am intrigued by the design and wanted to see if anyone had anything like it.
Says "Wm Rogers & Son Patent pending April 14, 1925" on the back of the fork.
This cat will NOT be denied.  Let me go play with her some more or brush her..she is driving me crazy with her asking for attention after I just played with her! 

Day...or rather Night Two 9/06

I should not be attempting to type as I got up not 25 minutes ago.  But during that time I have been up, I cooked my eggs and toast and coffee and have already tossed down my breakfast.
It is past description beautiful out there.  I am so sorry to have had to miss the day so far.  OH! it is beautiful.  It would  seem not to be humid..the sun is like the proverbial diamonds scattering on the earth...everything is still, quiet and heartbreakingly lovely. 
I had the first of three midnight shifts and I am going in on the second after a few more hours.  I do believe that DD shift is giving me a little  going away party.  Now that was a surprise for sure as it isn't my shift... but I am honored.  I think they felt they had to hint to me to make sure I was there and so on after bringing in all that stuff. I had chosen DD shift to be on these last 3 mids ever that I would work (really, I am a "guest" and not doing work per se) because I am very fond of my counterpart on that shift and the supervisor. 
I am still trying to find out about Wm Rogers & Son AA Patent pending April 14, 1925.  I saw in a very brief search this morning (not kidding about breif, I needed to get to bed) that there are a few things but I couldn't persue more than one and of course, that was the wrong one.  I will persevere later.
Just checking in..I have only been to two blogs so far and that was way early this morning.
As Spock would say...Peace.  And long life.  Live long and prosper.

Another Door Gently Closes 9/06

Tonight when I go in will be my last night as a "guest" on DD shift's midnights. That also will mark the last midnight shift I will ever work.  'Cause I sure ain't taking a job where I will start THAT up again. 
They gave me a party as it were last night.  Huge sheet cake with lots of roses and my name on it.  Can you believe it?  We did some serious damage on it.  Can't be more than like a meatloaf pan size hunk left!!! I have a goodly size chunk in the freezer for my sons when they come home for the "Great Unveiling"  and I promised a guy from my former shift, CC, a piece of cake it too is in the freezer, next time he comes to do some work on the house.  There were mixed nuts, potato chips..all kinds of stuff and I so appreciated the honor. And I ate as though I didn't know what a diet is.  But I excused myself as heck, it's in my "honor" so I will show some gratitude and eat.  !!
It is absolutely a hallmark day out there just as it was yesterday when I woke.  They said it would get to 45 last night.  Made it to 58.  Said the same for tonight and I am sure it won;t get that cold.  Good thing too what with natural gas prices being so high.  I hate to fire up the heating system.
Cindy provided me with a link to an eBay seller regarding my silverplate that I am fascinated with.  I would love to have a service for 4, all in that pattern.  But I can see the first thing I need is a name for my pattern and dang it..I STILL can't get my picture up on this blog!  GRRR!
Beth, if you are reading this, I ask that you try to find time to look for the Caregiver group.  We ache for you and want to help.
To all of you..I hope to "see" you tomorrow.  How about some hot chocolate this time? Patty? You up for that?  Your turn.  I did the last time.  Marilyn, if you don't get out of the water you'll shrivel! Vivian, get mom off the computer!!  Terri, git crackin'!! To the rest of my best mom's voice.." I SAW that!!!" (you fit in the event). 
Seriously..see you tomorrow..lotsa love to you all.

Riches 9/06

Being with friends is always riches and staying on with DD shift this past set of midnights was riches all in itself.  I wrote yesterday of the party with cake and all that good delicious stuff that goes with it.
Last night, D. hauled me all over the Plant about 0300 and we enjoyed being out and about again talking to the employees who are working.  Made the night fly by and gave us a needed break from the usual.
When we got back, I was handed a card and inside was a gift card for one of my favorite bookstores.  A sunstantial gift card and it was bought soley by my counterpart and more importantly friend, on DD shift.  That was completely unexpected and very dear to my heart. I would have felt the same about her leaving if the situation were reversed.  I will so miss her in particular.  I have asked that this not be the last I see of her.  She said it wasn't so I have great hopes.  She's one of the people who made coming to work worthwhile though we didn't relieve one another too often during a given work cycle.  But we knew we would eventually have a few minutes during shift turnover.  She, like me, is on 12 hr. shift rotation.  We shift workers have few opportunities for socializing.  An era ended just as I said yesterday in the blog. 
Yet another totally gorgeous day out there even if I was sleeping.  More cloudy than the past two but still, a day to be grateful for in that the weather is beautiful albeit cold! It was very cold in the house when I got home this morning and had to turn the heat on for awhile.  Soon as I wake up better I will start the house cleaning and that will warm me up.
I have been around to three blogs so far since I got up and I'll visit the rest after housecleaning and a hot shower.  Everyone so far seems to be doing well for which I am grateful.
I will cat sit my friends kitties on 10/9 thru 10/13 I believe it is.  Returning the favor for the same thing here last month.  And it will snow in the mountains again October 6th as we are headed to Charlotte to that Renaissance Fair I mentioned a few weeks ago.  I'll be back in time to sit hers right afterward. The snow in the mountains is an inside joke between me and her, as every time I started out to go to Charlotte this year in the first three months of the year, it snowed and made it impossible to go!   So now, we just ask or say it's gonna snow when a trip is imminent.
Need to start gathering cleaning materials and get crackin' in the kitchen.
See you in a while..
Soon to be unemployed and rested, I am

Oops, I did it again (sorry Britney) 9/06

It's a little bit overcast and raining today however, that did NOT stop me from heading to The Big City and the Mall there to use my gift card the guys gave me.  Now, they wanted me to go to Victor*a's Se*cret, and I did.  I got one item in their honor.  Then, I am afraid I got another pair of jeans.  Got to take them to be shortened. (I'm 5'2, eyes of blue)  (OK..kitchy kitchy kitchy koo) and everything that isn't petite is too long.  These are the new "drainpipe" leg jeans and they don't come in petite length.  So..I'll make 'em petite after a visit to the tailor.
Not to be outdone, I stopped by another place and got a new knit top.  Cool looking.  Love it.  And then, like the addi*t I am at Wils*on's Leathe*, I got:  two newsboy caps, all leather.  One red, the other stone colored.  A new  black leather pocketbook.. OH it is so soft and OH I already have, like, 10 purses!~!!! And..I got a cell phone carrier and organizer.  That's good for trips when  we do a lot of walking and I don't want to carry my heavy purse.  I can carry my cell and my license, credit cards and some cash and it's no bigger than like a cigarette case.  Well, it's my justification so I have to work at it.
What else?  Um...I think that's it.  I will go to Books A Zillion tomorrow and use that gift card.  Meanwhile the groceries await me. 
Patty, I'll answer that question via email.
Vivian..I'll tell him but he will make me wait till next weekend when he gets here.
I just had some oatmeal for lunch.  Doing penance for all the cake the past 3 work nights. 
Gotta go to the tailor, mail my brother a birthday card and get some groceries.
See ya later.
And I did head out to get food.  Stopped by the tailor's to get my new jeans shortened.  Sitting here with coffee and a muffin.  Equal's WW 2 points I calculated. 
It won't quit raining it seems and while that is somewhat of a disappointment after all the beautiful days I slept away, I'm alive and shopping.  Surely it can't get better than this!!!
Going to go in and change pocketbooks. 

Much more Tame 9/06

Comparing the shopping frenzy the past several days with the quietude of today there is no contest.
I woke at 0530.  Not because I wished to, and got up.  By 0815 me and the cat were asleep in the chair for about 45 minutes while the rain pounded down.  It has not quit yet! There are flood alerts pouring in on the computer as I write.  It is raining some 2 " per hour.
I have been around to see everyone..some several times in case they blogged today.
I am beginning to wonder if anyone's hotmail account works.  Several bloggers I see every day have a hotmail address up if someone wishes to email them.  All emails come back to me as undeliverable.
I mentioned several months ago that the organization I work for lost mine and several thousand others personal information due to a hacked computer.  Scares the heck out of me!!!  I got word today after all this time, that as soon as I go online and fill out an "application" the organization will pay for 2 years of credit monitoring.  Good thing too.  You know..after all the years I have been ultra careful trying to safeguard my info and shred things here at home..being careful on-line and out and have my stuff stolen like that is infuriating!  We are all of us out there sitting on a time will happen again and again to the darndest organizations!!!  Not many, if any, are safe.
Friend of mine gave me my birthday card early.  I was going to save it till the day but could not stand it so opened it early.  I have it on the fridge! I went up to get the keys to the house for when I cat sit for them in a couple of weeks. Ah...soon as I look them up for us again I will be back to post some url's and/or addresses phone numbers we all need so as to check what some places have on us.  The MIB for certain.  My hair raised up off my head 20  some years ago when I found out from *20/20* what that is and what's in there.  It's enough to give you gray hair!  I started questioning my personal physician right after that, and forever more.
Question:  Who has thought ahead to the possible consequences of all this genetic testing "they" are offering?  Yes, it can be a service to you in that if you are affected with whatever...early treatment can be put into effect or prevention efforts can least you'll know.  BUT!!!  BUT!!!! You have to KNOW that every time you apply for insurance or other things of that nature..even a job sometimes depending on the description of the job and the qualifications (like mine for example) your employer and worst still, your insurance agency can look at your medical info (I am sure you all know this..I am just making a point) and perhaps deny you insurance (or a job) because of a genetic test, for example, that you have had or in the event a genetitic test showed you would be prone to have (and the results posted of course in your records) say...Huntingdon's Disease . 
Any disease.  I just picked that one.  It would sure make me stop and think before I took advantage of these tests offered out there that the results are sent to your Dr.  and then sent to the MIB.  Just got to thinking about that as there was a news report several nights ago about certain genetic testing available  on demand to the general public.
OK.  Off the soap box.
See you later.

Sigh 9/06

I'll make you a pan of brownies with a lot of walnuts and chocolate icing too if you will go into work for me tomorrow.  Only 2, 8 hr. shift to do for the week... days... but I just don't want to go.  So, I will be up at 0330 tomorrow morning as always, and off I go for the first of 2.  I have checking out to do and signature gathering.  It't a long drawn out ordeal quitting there where I work.  Lots of 'Mother May I'?  going on.
 I have had the hardest time staying awake these three days off.  If sit down, and especially if my cat gets into my lap..I am lost.  I fell asleep twice yesterday before heading to bed and almost did a few minutes ago.  I can scarce afford to take a nap today as I have to go to bed early so as to get UP early.  I know why this is happening.  Knowing I am in the home stretch makes me far more relaxed than I ever have been before hence, I am catching up on all that missed sleep I have endured for years and years.
I was visited by several different bloggers these past several days and an enjoyable time too for me.  I was to theirs first.  I don't always have the chance to space walk.  I like a genuinely different viewpoint.  I rarely put in my viewpoints on anything.  I just lean over the fence and talk to my neighbor instead, you.  But I have views on some things that are important to me.  Just I know that because I have an opinion, that does not automatically make me correct. So I don't often feel the need to tax someone reading this with my thoughts about things I haven't sufficient knowledge to harrang on. I let others do the alarums and excursions!  ;-)  However, if I am on your blog and you say something intriguing, I just might answer! 
Meanwhile, I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I have, when I was awake enough.  Gosh, I had the TV on and of all things it was on PBS channel and they had a re-run of Bob Ross and his painting series.  His voice should be patented as a sleep aid.  Talk about soothing! If the phone had not rung I would have rogered out again!!!
See you in the morning..about 0330.

What a Day this Was 9/06

Wow.  What a wonderful day.  You guys who blog remembered my birthday which I am very grateful for.  They remembered at work as well.  That surprised me as it isn't my shift, it is the day shift I'm working on today and tomorrow.  And notice I am home after 8 hrs. instead of 12?  I am off shifts and off the 12 hr. rotation and tomorrow is it for me.
But today, my boss's boss took me out for a  tour of the Plant.  It's like a small town so that took some time.  My last time to be able to do that.  I can't get back in once I leave.
When we came back...the whole big office smelled fabulous.  They'd ordered from Buddy's BBQ and had  gone to get it while my boss's boss was taking me around outside in the vehicle.  There was BBQ beef, BBQ chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, BBQ beans, buns, sweet tea, & unsweet tea.  AND a huge red velvet cake with gorgeous icing!  Roses everywhere and the icing had different flavors per different  color!! And a big card signed by everyone and that's a LOT o' folks.  And another from one of my boss's with a gift from him of the Gaither Family Gospel Songs on CD or DVD.  Now that is a treat.  Any of you fellow Southerners know whereof I speak. 
 There was a home made piece of stained glass from Pat on AA shift and a card, a gift card from the BIG boss for the Copper Cellar.  Another card from one of my boss's.  (They are combining my birthday today along with my retirement from there.)  Added to the gift cards from DD and CC shift and the dinner, breakfast, books and so on from all of them plus cards..I am honored as in no other time.  I will send an email to all of them that were there and not there (days off for the shift workers) to thank them for their kindness today and friendship shown thru the years.  I thanked everyone I could today but there will be some missed due to our various shift schedules.
I just wanted to share today.  I could not have been happier nor more surprised than I was today.   You almost want to stay.  But then, you know when it's time to move on to something else and have a less stressful work schedule.
Any of you who may read this with whom I and hugs to you.  Thank you.

Winding Down

I won't have to go to bed early any more unless I want to.  That is, after tonight I won't. But tonight, I must one more time.  I will get up 0330ish, go into work and be home by 1000ish after I have turned in my badge.  That part is going to hurt.  It's been a part of me for so very long.  I have protected it, kept it safe, blah blah blah and now I have to surrender it.  Hard.  But, I will survive and get over it a lot sooner than I think right now.  No way I want to change my mind though.
I am in new jammies.  Remember Mutts in the comic strips? It's a doggie and a cat who are friends and live at the same house with their owners, a kindly older couple.  Love that strip.  I found a pair of organic pajamas tops and bottoms with Mutts, the cat and the dog, on them.  HAD to have them.  Says " Saving the world.  One kitty at a time" on there and Mutts and the cat are both clinging onto the globe and rescuing one another.  On the top, they are going off toward the sun, holding paws.
Brought in the plants yesterday when I got home.  They are all succulents.  One fell off it's stand during extremely high winds one night while I slept.  Heart breaking as that is all I have of Mother's.  She passed away in the mid 1970's  as a relatively young woman and I have had her cactus plant since.  It was lying broken up in the azalea bed and I picked it up on coming home and tried to settle it into its pot when I got home.  It was and is blooming..huge carrion smelling blooms shaped like stars.  It smells like carrion i.e. rotting meat and attracts blue bottle flies.  That's how it is pollinated.  I hope it lives to stink up the house some more.  That was a bad shock to it..and lots of it broke.
That bed is calling me and it isn't even 1900 yet.  Almost though. 
You know, for a place with thousands of employees, every darn one seems to know I am leaving!  I had the darndest people calling and coming by.  I asked how did they know I was leaving and they said it spread like wildfire.  I mean, the darndest people!  Managers, consultants...yes, I deal with all of them and more.  But I forget how much I am known I guess.  To me it's a job of course ( duh!) and I try to make it as pleasant as possible to deal with me.  I love to laugh if I can depending on the situation and share a laugh with a caller..but I am horribly busy and multi tasking so I don't retain that sort of thing long.  There are too many other things to think of and do.  But they do remember and kindly apparently.  That's a good thing, as Martha S. says. 
So, here I am, of burning eye.  I think I have been around to see all of you except that one that takes a hundred years to load what with me and my dial-up.  I go to that one last.
This weekend the boys will  be here but I have already spoken about that.
Guys, thank you for your good wishes for me and a more normal less exhausting life.  I mean my blogging family.  Thank you.

Believe it or not, I know the day of the week 9/06

Shift workers ordinarily don't know the correct day of the week nor do we know the date usually.  That part of a mental test is something a lot of us would not pass.  However, I am no longer a shift worker as of yesterday and I messed up last night when I thought it was Friday. (It was to me) but today is a new day and it is Thursday!
I worked like a so and so yesterday.  I cleaned out my dresser drawers, all of them and got rid of stuff I haven't and won't wear.  That was 2 standard garbage bags full. (old worn out stuff I should not have kept to begin with) and two leaf and lawn bags full of good things out of my bedroom closet to give away.  That and cleaning house were my crowning achievements yesterday.
Today, I visited the derm to get a mix up in perscription fixed.  Headed to Home De*ot and got their "Counter Mag*c" which is the best there is to do counters..and some sponges and Per*o floor cleaner. (that's what I have in the kitchen).
I had to get up this morning but as I rose I thought "You know, if Ray (pest control) weren't coming at 9, I would not have to get up!".  (I can't stand layin' in bed..but the thought was nice.)
Mrs. Kitty will have to re-adust to the fact that I am no longer on shift rotation.  Make no mistake, pets DO learn your schedule.  I will have to deal with being awakened at 3 in the morning for awhile and with her looking at her watch asking why I am not in bed for the midnights.
Speaking of which, were things different  or as they used to be till yesterday, I would be going in on midnights tonight!!  And taking a nap by noon.
Yippee!  They can't get me.
About that ID for voting that someone else spoke of and that we are reading  about in the news.  It is my understanding that having ID or /and birth certificate...something in order to vote is brought about by the issue of illegal immigrants coming into the Country and believe it or in OUR elections.  And getting health care as well etc etc etc.  Does that put a different slant in things?  It may help, they say in the paper, to keep those who are not qualified to vote, off the rolls.  And that will help our vote as an illegal's vote negates our vote, and so on.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Day Another Dollar 8-06

'm just counting down the time till I go back to bed at noon.  Been around to see all but two and I'll do that after I get back up.
Remember when I had that rant about B*ll So*th and their incessant calling?  Like spam on your phone?  Simply because I quit their long distance service?
Well, they have kept on calling, several times a day.  My phone bill came and I called their customer service number.  I checked my tone of voice, made sure I kept it nice and dialed.  I asked to speak with a supervisor as I did not think the person who answered would have the authority to help.  I wound up talking to that person anyway after she asked the nature of the call. 
I assured her that 1.  I was an excellent customer.  Never ever been late for one second with their money..been with them a long time, blah blah blah.  and 2.  Calling me constantly will NOT change my mind about my decision.  On the contrary, it makes me sure I will NEVER change my mind.
I also said I personally found it insulting when the persons in their out-sourcing group have not been taught how to pronounce American names and that mine has been slaughtered over and over again in ways I didn't think were possible.  No comment from the listener as I could tell that she too was foreign.  However she DID have a far better accent when she spoke than any of the others who have been spamming me. By the way, I do believe I made the latest spammer from B*ll So*th mad yesterday (this was before I called B*ll So*th) as he mutilated my name THE most horribly of all of them, asking to speak to me..I said " I can't understand a word you are saying!!" He said in a huff " well, I'll get someone to call you that you can understand."  I said " don't bother".
Anyway, this customer representative said the calls would stop.  We will see about that.
Meanwhile I tried to leave a comment for Cheryl on her photography.  I hope it 'took'.  I'm afraid it didn't.  As I try to go from one thing to another on any given site, some sites anyway, the computer just stalls and grinds away till I have to give up and close the program.  I have a newish laptop, same kind as Cheryl's. So, who knows.
Guess I had better brush the cat and let her "fish" for awhile.  Maybe I can wear her out before I go back to bed.
You all take good care.

Grrr...well sorta 8-06

I  have no idea what I'm doing but I added a sort-of profile.  I was trying to do the Friends thing but messed up.  Let's see.  What's my excuse?  I just got up?  That's true so I think I will use that!
This is night three of the four midnight shifts.  Get through this one and one more and I'll get to be off for three days.  Then the yucky one starts.  The dreaded 6 day thing as I call it.  The three day shifts seperated by a 24 hr. break and the three midnight shifts.
Believe it or not, the cat behaved today, as she did yesterday (wasn;t her fault the storm frightened her). I slept on and hydraulic pressure woke me.  She was sleeping beside me quietly.  I think she read the blog and knew what was coming if she acted up the way she had been doing for some inexplicable reason the past several weeks.
Rats, I have to run to the store and buy some milk before I go into work. That means I have to schlepp the milk all the way to my building and store it in the fridge there and  then schlepp it all the way back up to my car when I get off in the morning.  But if I want my little bowl of cereal tomorrow night, I had better do just that.  A deviation in getting to work.  Don't know about you all, but MY car knows it's way to work and home.  All I do is sit there and it takes me home whether I intended that or not.  There have been a few times when we all would plan to go out and eat breakfast at Shon*ys after the last midnight only for me to find myself in the drive way!!  At HOME. One of those " Ooops" moments. 
May as well get in there and start washing my face etc.  You all have a great evening.  I will  too.  The place isn't nearly as busy on a midnight shift so we tend to like them for that reason. 

Remains of the Day 8-06

I went on over to the County Court Clerk's Office this morning early.  It is time to renew the drivers license.  I duded up a little, put on makeup of course! (no way I would go out without it) and my hair looked pretty if I say so myself.  Armed with that and some smell good..I confidently went in to have my picture taken and affixed to the new license.  I was confident because the last one five years ago was smashingly good!  Honestly it was.  And the one before that, equally so.  I thought I would do as well this time but alas... it was not to be.  Man, I looked bad.  I didn't care for it and she could tell so she offered to do over since no one was there but me.  Rats.  Still looked just like me!  No lino in sight to hold over the I just smiled and said thank you.  I will say yet again that digital cameras are merciless in their clarity of a lady (or ladies) of "a certain age". 
Guess we can hold back the ravages of time just so long.  May we all have so small a problem to deal with.  . Seriously, I am just having fun with the topic but I do maintain that digital cameras are not my friend.
I  sent a plea for help from MSN Live Spaces..they replied in short order and said that they had had many complaints about statistics not showing.  (That was what I was writing about) and mine was restored this morning.  They said they were trying to work the problem as obviously there is one regarding the server that our statistics are on.  I must say, they are excellent about prompt replies.  This is the third time I have petitioned for help and an answer arrived within 24 hrs.
Tell you what.  Let's all run down to Shoney's and have a hot fudge cake with coffee.  We can have decaf. Better make it two cars.  Last one there is a rotten egg.

Restaurant Experience 8-06

I just came back from an attempted lunch with a friend.  I say attempted because what a fiasco.  Hey, I take eatin' seriously!!  We met at A**lebee's.  A lot of us head there or another popular place starting with an R.  Today was A**lebee's.  I ordered the Steamed Vegetable Platter as I always do when I am trying to lose weight.  Since I'm doing so well, why mess up a good thing and order anything else, or so I thought.
When the order showed up at last (they were busy...lunch crowd there) I added pepper only.  I am too aware that most foods are too salted for my taste and certainly don't need additional salt.  That's my taste..I know others don't feel that way.  Nonetheless, having not put any additional salt on the food I picked up my fork and dug in.  There are small pieces of potato, several slices of squash, tiny baby carrots, some broccoli and some cauliflower on the plate.  And a small piece of garlic bread.  So, not liking squash, I started out with the potato.  Someone in the kitchen must have up-ended the salt box on them.  Inedible.  The broccoli was  largely inedible also, but not every piece.  They must have mixed an old batch and the new batch together.  The cauliflower tasted "old" if that made any sense at all to you.  I can't think of another way to describe it.  And, the garlic bread was damp and spongy, inedible.  The carrots only were edible.  I asked for her to take it away and declined another fresh dish.  Declined another twice.  The Manager showed up ( a young girl) and brought another plate with fresh offerings.  She said " I know you don't want another"...bla blah blah.  The operative phrase here is she knew I did not want another serving and had declined.  Nonetheless she plunked it down and left.  Half an hour later the server (whose fault it was not) brought ME a bill for my veggies.  They already said I wouldn't be charged for the thing and brought another against my wishes.  I said I wouldn't pay for it. I reiterated that I had declined several times.  But if they insisted I pay, I would, but not be back  again even though I had been going there for years. I was not unkind to the server who had no fault whatsoever in this nor was I to the Manager.  I was firm.
I asked for the Manager who was still that little girl.  She denied having heard me say 'no'.  I reminded HER that she plunked that food down with the phrase "I know you don't want this but..."  Finally an adjusted bill came back and I paid for the diet drink I had. Plus tax.  I think that about did me on going there for quite a while.  I don't need nor deserve the hassle.  And paying $9.00 total to avoid a confrontation is ridiculous. 
I think I may go ahead and try to rid myself of the friends module as this morning I only got to 2 spaces and was unceremoniously pitched out on my other words, IE crashed on me again. 
I have everyone in links anyway.  Maybe it will help my poor dial-up connection and computer.  Sure didn't used to have all this drama when I tried to visit.
Signing off for awhile I remain,

Coming Right Up 8-06

Starting the 72 hrs. week tomorrow.  I won't be saying a lot till it's over next week on Thursday morning.  No cheering now..might hurt my feelings.  Unless something happens that I would like to share that is.  Then it will be in the small hours of the mornings.
Today is largely gearing down from the break and getting ready for the work week.  All I need is pre-prepared by and large; all I need do is add a frozen entree. 
Went to the doctor this morning 4 weeks after last time, and I have lost the weight I gained when I first stopped smoking.  All 7 pounds.  I told him I get about as much activity as mold growing on a wall so really, that was a respectable loss for me. I am doing the WW thing. Just wish I could go to the meetings but I am only free one day a monthy when they meet.  Rest of the time I am either working or sleeping.
My son is shutting down his blog in less than a week.  I was sorry about that.  I will miss his inspirational writings and his pictures that he has posted.  Of course, I can go see him and get the benefit of both but still....
I decided to try what someone in another blog said and not be too hasty about  deleting 'friends'.  They said if you go from blog to blog through "friends," you don't have to keep getting shut out of your own blog each time.  I found that is right and I appreciate the tip.
I hope everyone stays well and has a good weekend.  I will be around to see all of you likely each day. I just may not say anything except every other day or so due to the time element.

Half Done 8-06

his will be the third of the day 24 hrs., I will do three midnights.  Meanwhile, middle son is coming with grandson today.  I will be at work of course but he knows that.  I'll see them for awhile tomorrow before I go back to bed.
This iteration of Spaces has been the hardest I have had (and you all too from what I have read) to deal with.  Almost enough to make you hang up your typing fingers.  That's three changes since I have been on here.  Today, however, it loaded correctly albeit slowly. (I have dial up and there is so much on here that MSN loaded onto it) My space as anyone coming here can see, has no added things and few photographs that I myself have added.  Easier on me. 
It's almost 0430.  I need to get in there and start getting ready. 
Something happened at work yesterday, a so-called "blonde moment" that was hilarious. I had one of the best laughs and at my expense, that I have had in a month.  I needed that!! I want to put it here and could..but I need to think about it first and how I will put it.  And too, it was hilarious to me and my boss and others who work there but may be too "inside" to be funny to anyone else who does not. We'll see, but for sure I wasn't grouchy as I was the day before and the laugh at myself was fabulous!  Made the rest of my day. And by the way, thank you all for the support yesterday when I wrote that I was snappish to a couple of employees.  Seriously, that made me feel better and I was really feeling badly at allowing circumstances to make me discourteous. 
Guess I had better go on and get in there and find what I need to get ready and head out the door.
Have a blessed day.