Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who's That Stranger? 5/06

Who's that stranger looking back at me from the mirror?  The one with the multi-tonal i.e. "faceted" absolutely georgously done hair?  The hair that was expertly done just the way I don't like.  And who knew till it was done?
I know I said no low lights to be put in.  I know I did.  However, the Universal Translator must have fudged in its job or...or...I was speaking Sanskrit ahain or something.  I distinctly said don't do that, that the one time that had been done it was, to me, a disaster of Federal proportion.  However, she obviously didn't quite understand my words as she did put in low lights and here I am...light brown haired.  Fabulous job in that there are beautiful highlights etc etc.  I just didn't want what I got.  Dark hair. However, I will shampoo till I get it out and we will do better next time.  She IS excellent..this was just unfortunate.
Here is a strange thing I have noticed.  The months of March and April seem to bring a disproportinate number of deaths.  I see the obits are more full than normally you see, people I know in the work place either get very ill in those months..catastrophic illness I mean, and there are many more 911 calls.  I have observed that for a number of years.  Even my blog friends..some of whom have gone private or taken down their blogs have been stricken by severe illness during those months.  I'm certain it is a coincidence but I have noticed it.
I am going to NC tomorrow morning and will see the Dead Sea Scrolls while there in The Discovery Place.  Now that will be an experience.
I am leaving where I work this September after all these years and coincidentally I get to take my first and only I assure you, helicopter ride over the Site I have worked all this time.  I have flown many many MANY in this Country and overseas.  I even attained my own private pilot's license.  BUT I have never had the nerve to go up in a helicopter.  This occasion is very special so I will grit my teeth and do it.I hope I can do it with my eyes open!! :)
Don't it make my blonde hair brown

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