Tuesday, July 13, 2010

oh well.06

I am headed out...soon as I get my face on, to get the last of the three prequels of the "Left Behind" series.  It is on shelves at stores today.  Better be there or a lot of folks will be disappointed.
Need to get my tires rotated as well and get the brakes looked at.  Mail a contribution to an organization that takes care of (feeds, takes to Vet for spay and neutering, shots etc) feral animals. It's interesting that they take the tip off one ear while they are under for their spay/neuter, as a visual identifier so that they won't be captured again needlessly.  They publish real results too.  Not hardly any new litters born where the colony was humanely trapped and taken in for their shots and spaying/neutering.
I'll do those things..tires, book, mail and so on.  Looks like the oldest  son may have to stay where he is instead of visiting me, so as to take delivery of something that is due there at his place today.  Anyone want to join me for that chicken I said I was going to fry in my blog last night?  Gravy?  'taters? 
About that mason jar.  It's in the closet and not visible but I figure if "they" find that and take it instead of everything else..I'm ahead of the game.
I have an ADT system burglar alarm going for me.  The bad guys seem to 'respect' that.  ( I have their metal sign out front and on all the windows and doors) Never had a problem, not so far.  And the neighborhood in general isn't too bad.   Having that little jar of cash money does come in handy. 
I quit smoking a month ago.  No desire to re-start the habit but I admit to eating more.  Trying to stop doing that.  I quit because my grandson saw me, and he thought smoking wasn't so bad after all and that bothered me tremendously.  1st Corinthians, Chapter 8 verse 9.  That did it for me.
I thought I was entitled to smoke.  And in a manner of speaking, certainly I am and was.  However when that leads someone innocent into a path they needn't take just because YOU do it..that put a different slant on things.  So, I did it for my grandson.  I may become rotund but at least, that won't hurt him.
So, off to a smoke free and busy morning.

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