Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Now THAT was a Storm 4/06

Now THAT was a storm

Of course, I was away from the house.  Just the cat holding down the fortress while I was at work.  But Saturday was a day of tornadoes.
It had been raining for several days and then, the weather alert from NOAA ( at work) and it went from a tornado watch to warning.  Turned on one of the monitors to a local channel and sure enough, the weather man said there was one in my town.  And on a street several stone's throw from my house. All I could think was "will my relief ever get here" ???  After I left and picked up my rider, I looked to the northeast and there is was.  A wide and towering black mass with the classic rotation. It looked close because it was close.  And I would ultimately be driving toward it if I wanted to go home..assuming it would be safe.
However when I got toward the house, while I saw emergency vehicular traffic coming down the hill, I saw nothing wrong.  Got in the house, did the usual...fed the cat, myself, took a shower, look at snail and email and got into bed and all this by 2030.  (I got off at 1900)  I laid there in that bed stiff as a poker listening to the wind and rain and thunder (by then it was just a severe thunderstorm) and eventually relaxed enough to go to sleep.  I hated it when the alarm rang!! 
This is the last of my day shifts when I get out of here.  Better do my makeup and get off this computer.  I get to start my midnight shifts tomorrow.

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