Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday..College Football

I am looking forward to the first game of the season.  Why they always make it PPV I don't know.  It is a small college and a cream puff to beat, I think.  We are due for some luck as we have failed abysmally  the past 4 years.

 And we have had about as many coaching changes in that time too as failing years of playing.  They were incompetent and desperation choices by the then sitting A.D. Mike Hamilton I think,  Now we have an A.D. NOT on his way out and who seems to care.  He only had a matter of weeks to find this Coach after the other one was fired for 4 of the most embarrassing losing streaks in football.  The team is being rebuilt yet again and I hope to heaven this will be the beginning f something good.  WE are about due.  BUT our secondary is very thin, the "firstdary" is young and inexperienced so we may have to wait three years or so to see some progress ---hopefully every year so we can finally have some hope.  Gracious..for a used-to-be very proud and rightfully so football team we are as low as you can go.  And the SEC is a dynamite Conference so that makes it all the more embarrassing.

Katie says RAH RAH sis boom BAH!  Go VOLS!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Here's a Toast!

Some icy cold cranberry juice for you in the header picture.  I could have done better with focus but...that was then,  and now I have a lens that helps.

Hotter'n who dunnit out there.  Going to be in the 90's the rest of the week.  My short hair is in a whiskbroom sized pony tail.

Had a chicken salad sammich at Chick-Fil-A this noon with one of my sons.  He had the Tenders.  I was hard pressed not to swipe one but he only had 4.  Good sized ones too and waffle fries as big as, well,  a waffle just about!

I'm just home so I suppose I had better start some household duties.  No matter how I wish it, these jobs won't do themselves.  Maybe if I offered a salary?

I am enjoying the heck out of Photo of the Day that John Booth invited me to.  Since they changed Flickr so dramatically I no longer have much interest in it.  POD has taken its place more or less.

So, what's for supper, folks?  Friday I am making salmon patties and mashed potatoes.  Green beans too probably.

I was singing the praises of Bl*e Bel*e Ice cream as I happened on a gallon (still a gallon as they advertise) of a vanilla that only had one "gum" in it...otherwise it was pretty pure.  ALL of the rest of their ice creams have those nasty fillers in them, gums, cellulose  or something or other as do all the others on the market that I can tell.  That's why I don't buy ice cream.  Thought I had a winner'  Only ONE flavor does't have all those added things and of course, I can no longer find that flavor at the stores.  ONE flavor for pity sakes without the fillers and adulterants.   :-(  That brand as many flavors with all the fillers and additives but only one without.  Can't be found easily.

See you soon...I'll be around. Work to do first.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Moving On...

My friends. I am making more of an effort to get here to see blogs and comment.  I admit to being busied with a sick family member, and that is a privilege to me, honestly.  I love every moment of serving and I am grateful to be able to do it.

So please overlook and forgive me when I don't get there as often as I should.  I read your blogs but many times I can't reply.  Then, I will reply to three or four at a time.  XXOO

Thank you for reading my two last blogs which were really my anguish that I had to express after seeing sad hard things and hearing them.  As you may know I don't usually get that strong about things unless it's my love for my family.  Goodness knows you have had to bear up under that for years!  :-)

I have been gone all day for the above stated reason and Katie was so glad to see me when I got back.  I fed her the supper she wanted, fed myself, played with her, had a shower and already my eyes are burning like coals from a very fitful sleep last night.

Miss Katie will likely be glued to my back tonight.  How dare I leave, she asked me?

Everyone rest well tonight.  I hope to as well.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

So...As I Was Sayin'

Now, I had several ladies take me to task when I made this statement in my old blog of MSN Live Spaces.  Before I wade into the topic again, I will clarify that which I did not do the first time I brought it up.

I had said that parents are not meant to be their children's friends.  I was roundly chastised and told by the respondents that they certainly did see their children as friends.  And so THERE, Carole!!!

Now, what I MEANT and failed to explain then was:  Parents are not supposed to be their children's friend instead of their caretaker and teacher as they grow from infancy toward adulthood.  After they reach late teens etc. THEN you can become friends as it were.  A parent (s) are supposed to be a guide, a leader, a teacher, an instiller (is there such a word?) of morals, discipline and what's the right thing to do.  Not to mention teaching them kindness, friendship toward others, developing the ability to wait, learning how to cope with and appreciate ultimately  delayed gratification. They should be taught how to anticipate.

 You are supposed to give your children a feeling of caring about their fellows by your own example.   Children in my opinion should NOT be reared from the beginning of their 2's and 3's and then onward with equal say in the household finances, decisions, and consulted as to what will be bought, and how money is spent.

Nor should they be given everything simply because someone else has it.  Learn the value of work, saving, anticipating, caring for your possessions.  Learn that the sense of entitlement that your parents bestow on you won't work in every situation.  Someone somewhere MAY clean your clock for you.  It's not all about you.

Whining screaming and kicking and cursing by toddlers.  Slapping their parents.  These are things I see almost every day.  It's appalling.

Expecting the schools to rear your child is horrible.  You will never see what should be your family values taught.  Just the poor demonized beleaguered teachers getting it all forced on them to do.  Disrespect and spitting, kicking, cursing and hitting teachers seem to be allowed in public schools.  Just sayin'.

NOW I'm done.  Sorry and just ignore if it's offensive.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

JUST lovely! Not.

I almost greeted you saying "KITTIES"!  However I guess I am not helping Katie right now so I will resist!

I went to Wally World a few hours ago and got some groceries as my oldest will be here tomorrow for supper.  Meanwhile, I went thru Walmart's front doors and it so happened that I was just behind a family of both parents, a girl of perhaps 8 and two boys, possibly 10 and 11 or so.  First thing I saw as we all of us walked through the doorway was the girl do a high kick to kick her father's back end.  She missed.  Not to be discouraged she did it again, and in full view of her mother.  She connected that time and he turned and looked down to her.  He did not say a word but he didn't look pleased.

Then, I glanced at the girl specifically as I made my way to the grocery carts.  The two boys hurtled themselves to just behind where I was at the front of the carts (they were three carts back) and as I was getting my cart untangled from the one it was jammed into, those boys started bashing my cart hard to get it and me out of their way.  I said immediately in my well practiced mother's voice "YOU JUST WAIT A MINUTE!" Then their mother seemed to have overcome her paralysis and said something slightly sharply to them as I made me way on through the airlock doors into the store.  I never did see them through out the foray into the aisles.  If I had...while I  really would not have, I would have been tempted to crash my cart into theirs and say, "Oopsie!" Just pique on my part.  I would not have done such a thing.

It's just another indication how many families are ruled utterly by their kids.  I hear their opinions being asked about the choices all up and down aisles in any given grocery store.  And I see their declarations being obeyed.  They are treated as small adults to be obeyed.  Role reversal.

OK.  Done.  Thanks.  I needed that.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh my...

Oh my oh MY!  I got home from the birthday celebration late last evening and started to take a Tylenol.  Well, I hiccuped at the same time I had the water in my mouth and I inhaled the water into my wind pipe.  I thought I would just about drown in that little sip of water.  Really a rotten feeling coughing horribly yet barely able to get a little air in to cough with.  I have had that happen two times in my life.  Once on the road driving about 8 years ago and again last night.  I would hoe to never go through that again.

Anyway, obviously I survived (although I wondered if I would there for a few minutes) and we all had the best time.

We went out to a restaurant for supper, son and his wife and my oldest boy and me.  Great restaurant too but the food was delicious and so I finished what was on my plate and I should not have.  OH.  My. Stomach.  WHEW.  Had to have some Tums for the tummy immediately we got to my son's home again.

Anyway, gifts were opened.  Wait'll you see his cake! I got him a subscription to Sky and Telescope and a hard cover book by Shel Silverstein.  I hope no one ever gets too old for Shel Silverstein's books. I know he enjoyed the first one a few years back.

His wife came up with the great idea to have friends both at work and social as well as his family and anyone  else we knew who knows him, submit a reason why they like him; even something like "You always smell good" is one she gave as an example to get the respondents going.  So she had a jar full of strips of paper, one for each year he has been on this earth for him to open and read.  They were in a mason jar that was beautifully ribboned at the lid.  He loved that cake.  What a great idea.

We had cake and ice-cream and talked awhile and then, oldest son and I took off like big birds and made it to our separate homes.

Anyone who knows my boy knows he is a fabulous photographer although that is not his profession.  We are Nikon fans as you will be able to tell here shortly.  Look at the rendering of the camera strap as well as the camera.  I LOVE it!  Son had the lens served to him.  I got part of the back where the various dials and view screen are..and so on.  Hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tomorrow is the Day

On Auguest 22, my newly married son will be another year older and aeons happier than he has ever been as he has met his one and only really true love and married her.  Easy to see that complete love they have for one another.

I am starting this blog some few hours earlier than this actual birthday this time.  I usually don't do that but this time I will.  I don't think any of my sons ever read these so it won't make any difference to them.  This is just for my mother's heart...simply to wish my youngest son the best birthday ever in the world and the happiest.

He and his wife have honored me and my oldest son (middle son is teaching and is in NC) by requesting that we join them for a birthday dinner and so I am looking forward to that as is his brother I am sure.

Friends, thank you for bearing with me when I do this with each one's birthday and on Mother's Day.  Perhaps I will let all that I have already said from my heart be allowed to stand on into the future. and give it a rest.  I have commemorated each son this year again.  My absolute pleasure.  I love them so.

Happy Birthday Neil.  Many more my sweet boy.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


That is a photo of Charlotte NC that I took from a beautiful peaceful and surprisingly quiet park near downtown.  I think it was called the 4th ward Park.  LOVE it and Charlotte.

Another gray day.  If it isn't actively raining it's cloudy.  :-(

Mary, of  Out My Front Door published a great blog Monday regarding random things of meaning to her.  In it, she mentioned smells etc and I in my comment almost had a blog there.  I was talking about the "time machine" that fragrances are to me.  I mentioned this phenomena several times in the old MSN blog.

Smells, fragrances if you will are very evocative at least to me.  I told Mary that the smell of hot tar, asphalt then, takes me back to a sliver of time when I was five years old.  I was deposited with my cousin Richard outside a grocery store while my aunt, Richard's mother was inside.  We were out there perhaps half an hour..maybe..not sure but it was as HOT a summer's day as you can get in Roanoke any given summer.  We were outside the city at the time I am speaking day.. however, a more rural area and I recall a two lane road.  But of course in the ancient days, all roads were two lanes except for the occasional three laner.  *smile*

As I said.  Hot.  And the smell of hot asphalt rose and took charge of our nostrils!  Me and Richard were miserably hot..dying of thirst and eventually we were able to get a coin apiece to get a coke out of the machine that was too warm and was like drinking Tabasco sauce might be if you did such a thing.

To this very day as I drive somewhere and catch the smell of tar or asphalt I am mentally transported to another time and another place in a life that has gone with amazing speed to this point where I sit and tap this put.

Smelling the oils (Naptha oil??)  that used to be put (maybe they still are in public places, dunno) on wooden floors takes me straight to my grandmother's beautiful home in Roanoke.  Her floors  gleamed like glass always.  I can smell coal in the air as I think back- as coal was the most used method of heating and Roanoke had quite the rail yards for transporting coal in and out.  There was a railroad called N&W that we saw and heard if we were in the right part of the City.. Norfolk and Western, long defunct now I think.  When we were at our cabin in Summers at Glenvar, we heard it all of the time and me and my brothers walked on the trestle over the Roanoke River.  The brothers, 8 and 10 years older than I would lay their ears along the track listening for a train.  Then we would make our way along the track to the other side.  Gives me the jimjams to think about now.  I was really little.

Grapevine ropes to swing on out over the Roanoke River and dropping like a rock down into the water, my brother cracking his head open on a rock as he dropped off the vine into the river and 20 stitches in it...those were the days indeed.


Sunday, August 18, 2013


That picture above in the header is my back yard, aka my forest, standing and looking off my deck one morning.  I love living where I do.  Town in the front and nothing but huge old trees all the way down to the City/County line.  We all of us on this street own our part of the woods privately.  I have my section and each home coming and going along the Greenbelt owns theirs.  This is not City owned.  It's just us chickens up and down the road.

It has rained about 22 of the 24 hours we have today.  But then, it wouldn't be natural if it had not.  We have well over our yearly quota of rain, since June.

The house is clean, the linens changed, a bit of cooking done, phone calls made and received, and reading about to be done.  The Sunday paper for one. :-)  Wish I were out on the deck in the evening sun doing so but that hasn't happened since Spring what with the extreme hotness or the rain.

Know what?  I want to make some vegetable beef soup.  I LOVE my soup.  I love it just chock full of veggies as I am very much a veggie person anyway.

I think I will hold my heart and check beef prices for stew beef for the soup.  Last time I looked the price was horrible.  But then, what isn't?  I have sticker shock if you will, each time I go to the store.  More conversations between strangers happen as we stand gasping in the aisles, jaws unhinged, looking at the prices even of a can of corn.  98 cents?  Peanut butter...and jams...Jiminy whillikers! Bread?  Hold me up...I feel faint. Meat...even CANNED meat...outta sight. I would hate to tell you what the bank sent me as a notification as to what my new interest rate is on an IRA.  Soon, they will ask ME to pay THEM.  I want to take those out and just put 'em in a mason jar somewhere--- it is so bad.

OK..I'm griping.  See ya.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More rain...old TV and more

My goodness.  You see a bit of watery sunshine in the early part of the morning and you foolishly think, ah, a nice day to-be.  But no. And too, I wonder what there is about me going out getting groceries and as soon as I head home I find it's raining within a mile of where I live as well as where I live.  It's like it's watching for me or something.  Look!  There's Carole..let's rain on her! However, vain as I am about my hair and it's propensity to turn to brillo pads the minute humidity of a high order :-) hits it, I have learned to carry a plastic thingy to put on my head/hair when I have to really be out in it and I carry a very small umbrella in my purse. Nay Mother Nature, ye'll nere catch ME unprepared.

What is the deal with: if ANY grocery bag is going to slip from your nerveless fingers it WILL be the one with the eggs.  This time 2 eggs broken and I buy the expensive ones called Eggland's best.

While I was brushing the cat, I heard a very familiar sound on TV.  It is the origional Hawaii 5-0!  I absolutely LOVED that program.  It was always interesting, it always had me on the edge of my seat.  They really knew how to horrify with some of those story lines and they got a days worth of action into one hour.  Now those were the days of truly good TV.  Yes, I know.  Sounds like an old lady.  I appreciate the effort of the new Hawaii 5-0 but it can't even come close. And then, back in the day, ol' Jack Lord and Danno were lookers!

Just got out the canvas-like cloth that is about the size of a so-called area rug and spread it out from its folded position to brush the little girlcat! She knows she'll get brushed as soon as I go to the bathroom closet and carry out the folded square.  I get out a lot of fur and she gets a good "scratching" if you will with the Zoom Groom. Stimulating to their skin and really does a good job of cutting down on hairballs and shedding plus more gentle than  Furminator.

Our Beth is home.  Isn't that superb news?  She said today that she's been having a "rough" time.  No surprise what with all the injury her poor mouth had to endure.  I pray that she will  be more comfortable quickly.  I can't stand to think of her in pain.  Sending love and hugs dear Twin.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update on Beth August 10, 2013

Beth's sister said she was going home this afternoon!  She is happy and sounds good!

YES YES YES!  Happy Dance!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

UPDATE on BETH August 8, 2013 at 7:20 PM

Dear Friends,

Beth's sister said that Beth was in a lot of pain and just very uncomfortable and she requests all of our prayers please.

They have all that "hardware" pins etc in her poor mouth again to facilitate the radiation treatment.  Friday they will remove all that from her mouth and Saturday she will get to go home again.  I believe Beth told me that this was the last radiation treatment, praise The Lord.

I have just gotten back from Knoxville myself a few minutes ago and I wanted to get this in immediately.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

At Least it Isn't Raining...Yet

Another mostly cloudy to all cloudy day BUT it isn't raining at the moment although the sky looks as though it will.

I have a busy rest of the week coming up.  Today I was out looking for something to photograph.  That coneflower in the header is a June of last year photo I took.  This year has been singular in not having/providing wildflowers where I always found them before.  I could but won't take photos of roses, daisy's etc.  Yes, they are beautiful and yes, I like them a lot but I always look for the slightly less seen flowers, i.e. wildflowers.  I used to find them all the time.  Until this year.  They are in very VERY short supply where I have always found them in the past.  I also have looked for attractive landscapes but I have already been there and done those within 50 miles and right now, I am not able nor am I in the mood to really do travel afar to find some and not by myself.  SO...maybe next year I will be more fortunate.  I can't even find INSECTS as usual. No spiders, not anything but bees.  Nothing else much in unusual places.  :-(

Tomorrow is the luncheon and Cathy or whomever commented on it..."the redneck room" is a joke.  It's just meaning loud talking and boisterous behavior.  :-)  We are all great friends and it's just the way we roll for these occasions (only).

Thursday I will be gone all day so when I see you again, I hope you will be well and happy.  xox

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday and a New Week Coming To Us

I am grateful for each day and the blessing of having that day.  Today was especially welcomed by me as it was and is mostly sunny.  As I have written many times before, rain is the name of the game around here.

I wrote a Word Press blog awhile ago for some reason.  And I was surprised that Shimona From the Palace saw it as did Maggie and one mind just shut down all memory for a few moments on who that was but she was as welcome as the sun was here this morning.

Tomorrow I get a hair trim and *whispers* some work on my roots.  This week will be fairly full with things that are fun and one that is serious.  I will be accompanying someone for a needed procedure Thursday and I will stay until it is finished.  Wednesday, get The Redneck Room open...we're bustin' in me and my colleagues.  Can't wait! J in Georgia, I wish you were still blogging and reading them. I miss you.  You are the one who said back in MSN Live Spaces days, after I described the free-for-all that is me and my colleagues "I'll get the redneck room ready".  I never forgot it, as anyone here can attest and I still love it just as much as I always did.

What a lovely and largely quiet day today.  Oh, I have been out and when home I have been on the phone but the gold of the day and the warmth is so lovely and so good for the soul.

Hope it has been a good day for you all as well and that the week ahead is kind to ALL of us.  xox

Friday, August 2, 2013

Sometimes it's Better to be Polite

There I was, leaving Wally World after having gotten several loaves of bread and some Gas X in the event I ever eat late in the evening again!!

I walked to the car, put my things in the back seat  and returned my cart to the corral across from me.  There was an employee gathering said carts up into a long long line so as to return them to the store.  I saw the guy five car breadths down from me at another cart corral and I got into my gar.  Looked both ways (you know where this is going probably) and saw no vehicles approaching from left or right.  The car was running so I put it into gear after another cursory glance seconds after the longer look both ways and engaged the gear into reverse and slammed into something.

Mr. Cart Mover  parked his line of carts, a "snake" of perhaps 50, right behind me within the few seconds that it took me to slip into my car and start it.  And me all unknowing!

They were not visible from the rear window so I unknowingly backed straight into them.

It made me mad-- but all I said to the guy when I got back out of the car to assess damage was that I just backed into the line of carts he left behind my idling car.  "Oh, I'll move out of the way then".  After gathering a few MORE carts, he moved them.

I asked Siri the phone number of this particular store and she found it and dialed it for me.  After 10 entire minutes on hold someone answered and I told her when I was there 1222 hrs., and what happened.  I made sure to emphasize that I had no reasonable expectation to check again when the way was free and clear not 20 seconds prior to my backing up.   I said I felt the store should have the men take care when there is an occupied vehicle in the line of their carts and move them to a safer location. She said they would and that if there was damage (there was, slight) to call the store again.

Not my favorite trip to Wally World but I was polite and non-dramatic.

My middle son left early at 8 this morning.  He is likely to be at one destination in Ohio as I write.  After that lunch meeting he will head to friends home and stay there the weekend.

I'll see you later.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday with Family

Ah, it is one of the better times for me when at least two out of three sons are/were here.  AND my daughter-in-law whom I adore.  The third son would have been here but right now he is battling an infection so it was better to stay put.

We went to supper, two sons, DIL and myself last evening and that's a restaurant I am not eager to go to again.  It took the better part of an hour to be served supper and they got my order wrong.  I didn't say anything as that would only have made the wait even more long.  Plus my DIL suggested the place and I didn't want to embarrass her by complaining and whining.  She had been there previously a few times and all was well then it seems.

My middle boy (who just returned from New Zealand and Australia)  will be leaving here early in the morning, Friday,  for Ohio to visit a friend there and then, he heads back to NC to his home.  He's making hay while the sun shines as he is a teacher and soon, the grind will start anew.

The supper I had last night was indigestible largely and so I had to stay up much later than normal trying to get my stomach to process the meal more fully.  I detest eating late like that.  Quarter to eight may not seem that late to some but it lays on my stomach eating that late.  I prefer six at night as the latest.  Nonetheless, I had to sit up with two pillows to not suffer as much as I would have done had I lain down. Somewhere in the night I slipped down into normal posture for sleeping.

It has been wonderful learning new friends who have graciously come to see me after Beth came home.  Thank you so much for that and for visiting my little 4 footed daughter, Katie Isabella on her bloggie.  xoxox

Here she, Katie Isabella, is enjoying visiting her brother night before last.