Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Weekend

Oh what beautiful weather.  I hope that is the same for you.  Next month, October, is famous for its blue skies and cool temperatures and changing leaves.  Just a great time to be alive.  Enjoy these blessings.  They only look like this once a year.  Other times of the year the blessings are still there; they just look different.

I am going to have to start doing something I really wish I didn't have to do.  That will be nudging Miss Kathryn Isabella in the night.  She has almost an entire bed for herself but she must encroach on my small space.  I just want to lay in peace on the right side of the bed as though I were still married.  (I never graduated to the other side or the middle) I turn over (I am a side sleeper) several times in the night and when it's warm, I flip my pillow as well.  Can I do this on a routine basis?  Nope.  Nein.  Nyet.  No. Huh-uh. R U Kiddin'. Forget about it. In other words Miss Priss takes up residence at the side of my feet OR at the bottom of them.  Now if you want to draw your knees up that's fine but eventually you want to stretch your legs back out.  But noooooo...someone has oozed into your feet's resting place.  That someone is warm, totally furry and sound asleep.  I don't have the nerve to kick her off.

Round Two:  She has taken up sentinel and is soft, warm and furred--- asleep at either by my belly or my back.  All warm I stress to you...stretched out at least 5 yards long along my back or front and sleeping like a baby.  As I wish *I* were sleeping.  Can I turn?  No.   My legs are cramping, my hip hurts, whatever..and I can't move because a trusting warm loving sweet little warm girl is there.  Eventually micrometer by micrometer I do change position.

I always swear and be-durned that I will kick that little 10 pound baggage off.  I have yet to have the heart to do it.

I was at my son's home over the mountains and I slept fantastically well with no helpers bunked in there with me.  Those without a pet would say "Close the door so they can't get in".  Sure.  Ever heard the sound of carpet being shredded as they try to claw the door open?  Ever hear the knocking on the door by a little arm as they  try to "batter" the door open?  Meows getting more and more desperate?  They want to be with their humans.  Sigh.  Yawn.

You can biggafy the picture. Just click.

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Monday Alright

Trying to help my oldest out and all ready to do so but he has not let me know a time to arrive so as to start helping.  I had some things I had to do for myself and was waiting till I could help him. I did all I could.  Maybe another time.

Got back from my trip yesterday evening.  Enjoyed it thoroughly.  So glad I got to go.  That son has camellias in his yard so I took a few pictures.  I didn't take any more than that.  We were too busy to take a walking tour as we sometimes do for picture opportunities. The weather there was matchless.  Totally blue and dry with few clouds.  Lots of breeze (my poor hair) and it never rose about 80 I don't think.

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but while I was in Charlotte we celebrated it early.  One thing was my birthday supper.  That was a pizza as it turns out.  We decided to share a medium one.  It had five toppings. Yummy.

I also got one of those spinner type of lawn ornaments.  It's supposed to fan out and catch the wind making what seems to be an animated scene as it does so.  In this case, it's a hummingbird.  Speaking of while I have a girl or two hummingbirds still here where the majority have gone on their flight home.  I sometimes keep a female until October around the second week.

I got beautiful cards from friends.  I have them fanned out on the counter.  What a pleasure to have and to see.

Just checking in.  I've been exceeding busy it seems since I set foot in the door,

How YOU?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What an HONOR!

Guys, I took a picture of a magnolia grandiflora several years ago.  Matter of fact, I have it on my FB page as my profile picture for awhile.

Today I found a box was outside my door and on opening the box I saw that my dearest friend Mary had mailed me an actual painting done by her husband of that very picture taken by me.

It is a faithful and beautiful rendering and I am HAPPY.  I will wait till I come back and then I will go find a proper picture holder and hang it in a place of honor in the living room.

I took a picture but even though I did not use a flash of course, still I need to go out with it and try again in natural light.  I did not do the frame justice.  It is a distressed wood and dark but in my poor picture it looks lighter.   I'll fix it tomorrow.

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have this treasure.  Thank you Don the artist and Don and Mary his wife for gifting me with this lovely painting.  Click to biggafy.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Over the Mountains and thru Da Woods

I am headed over the mountains Friday and leaving the boss in the care of a sitter.

My birthday is the same day as Beth Marie's so it's Tuesday (I think) next week.  The son I am celebrating my birthday with is a teacher, and his time is very limited during the school year's evenings so I will have an early birthday with him.

Believe me, as a rotating shift worker, there have been plenty of birthdays of theirs and mine including major holidays that had to be put off sometimes for as many as four days.  It's part of the working life.

I am putting a picture you all don't want to see but a kitty friend of Katie's requested seeing my Winnie the Pooh tote bag.  The kitties on her own blog, Katie's, prefer pics of her, not tote bags so I moved the picture over here.  But Katie knows just as Admiral did that when the red leather back pack comes out (you can see it behind the tote bag) and the tote bag comes out, she knows I will be gone.

It is still raining.  I think we are supposed to have 4 inches or so these two days.  Hopefully it will be clear for my trip.

Here's the tote bag.  :-))) and it's wallet.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


To my dear friend Joe.  I can't thank you enough for the last words of  your blog several days ago.  "Let not your heart be troubled...."  Just exactly what I needed and just at the right time.

And in my photo,  here is my representation of me open to receive His word.

Grace and Peace be unto you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Philippians 1:2

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Me? But Then Again, Why NOT Me?

I had a great workout this morning.  Coming on back to the main drag in town to go to the post office I got behind what I now see had to have been an impaired driver.  I don't know what her problem was but she sure had one.  Of course, NO signals whatsoever to indicate the erratic turns and lane changes she was making at a blazing 20 mph on the 4 lane divided main road thru town.  She was not very young nor at the other end of the spectrum.  She was just acting strangely.

The finale occurred when she started drifting into the turn lane at her top speed of 20 mph and finally made a decision to get into it.  Stopped at the green light..finally moved to turn and then what did she do?  She started pulling into the parking slots outside of a drugstore on the side street we both had turned onto and then, as I started to go around her she suddenly changed her mind and pulled directly out into the traffic lane ( the front of my car) again, and apparently she decided to make a U turn across 3 lanes of opposing traffic.  What the heck????

I did indicate to her that I found this irrational and vaguely upsetting.

Then I got into the P.O. where the one only clerk was helping a couple with their package. It was 15 minutes, my friends, fifteen minutes  she  used as she passed the time o' day with them...did the usual "need any stamps, envelopes, stickers, greeting cards" (no, really...she did) and then taped up their package for them very thoroughly while the rest of us languished in varying stages of Salavadore Dali reinactments of drooping time pieces.  Then she disappeared into the back reaches of the building and re-emerging, she  FINALLY indicated that we who were waiting in stages of despair  were allowed to advance to the coveted place at the counter whereupon I presented my little envelope to get the proper postage affixed.  Bam!  Done.  Next?

And how was your day?  You know what they say though; if this is the worst thing that happens to ya, you've got it made.  :-)

Friday, September 7, 2012

If I'm Not Careful

If I'm not careful, this picture the computer took of me yesterday afternoon shows that my hair is getting long again and I will be back where I was in March when I got so much of it cut off.  It's not long but I am able to make a creditable pony tail of it..and before I could barely get a tiny wisk broom going.

I am waiting on the first of the guttering people to come by and give me an estimate of repair and or replacement of the guttering.  A large 15 or so foot piece came out and started falling.  I need someone here quickly let it fall all the way and hurt someone as the postman for example.

This weekend is supposed to have night time temps in the middle to high 50's.  I will sleep 100% better with that, especially if the cat moves over  a little instead of expanding to take up the entire bed, and lets me sleep.  I get the little narrow strip on the outside edge of the bed.  She gets all of the rest and don't think she doesn't expand to fit all of it.  Or at least it sure seems that way.

The guy ought to be here any minute.  Another will be here 1300 Monday and another Tuesday. My work outs are sure messed up.  I rather like going at a certain time but I guess it's good to change things.  Sure it is.  :-(

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Went to work out this morning.  Have to go again tomorrow if I want three ties a week this week.  Going to the lunch yesterday with my colleagues kept me from going yesterday.  I didn't have sufficient time to cool down really after working out before we met.  We do so early.  And where I work out is too warm.  It's 75 degrees in there and somewhat humid as the a/c what there is of it, doesn't run sufficiently long or well enough to evaporate the humidity fully.  I am not the only one uncomfortable.  I detest my scalp getting sweaty.  It stops you from going anywhere afterward really.  You have to come home and get re-done as it were.  (no showers at that place and who's got time anyway to take one and get all fixed up for other things.  I'd rather come home.

  But there is no excuse for it to be so warm in there for people who are working out.  Cheapness.  The owner doesn't want to pay more in the power bill so they sacrifice our comfort instead.  Their hours are bad too.  Closed 3 hrs. of a 12 hr. day, 5 days a week.  Why not just close?  They aren't open on weekends either.

Why do I keep going?  Insurance pays for it.  But I may just pay myself somewhere else if this doesn't improve.

OK.  This turned into a mini rant and sorry about that.

It is a beautiful day so far after rivers of rain for parts of each day.  So far, sunny and not too humid.  Supposed to get into the mid to high 50's for the weekend at NIGHT.  That will be nice!  70-80 in the daytime.

Just chased an ambulance for the first time.  Well, sort of.  They chugged up my hill with sirens screaming; that would be the ambulance, the firetruck and the fire marshall.  By the time I botherd to head up the street too (looking for late flowers..not really ambulance chasing..I was kidding) they were all done and headed back.

I saw another recipe for home made vanilla pudding and it uses vanilla beans so I need to pay the million dollars and get me some.  YUMMY!

I took this guys picture at Norris Dam.

Bye for now.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hm...going into Fall

I can tell by the slant of the sun's rays...even in the morning (I think we all can) and especially in the evening just before twilight that summer is winding down and even if it is again one of the hottest winters on record as was the last winter, we still have a winter look from the sun.

Frankly I am looking forward to some COLD if we can get it.  No more blooming flowers in January please please please.  That was too bizarre.

This regions power provider TVA--- aka Tennessee Valley Authority  whines every year that when it's cold, we use too much power heating our homes.  When it's hot, we use too much power cooling our homes.  They even threatened us by saying (I am sure they will, too) they will charge more for power all day up until late afternoon or something to that effect.  ANYWAY, it was so warm all winter long that now they whine that we didn't use enough power and they lost money!  Oh please.  Give your corporate bonuses of tens of millions per executive and whine about losing money.  I feel for ya!

Anyway, no telling what will happen this year.  Some got acres of snow dumped on them where they never had..others like us got a light dusting a couple of times, tops.  Temps here dropped to freezing a few times..mostly stayed above.  We are supposed to have teens as does everyone else in zones with winter weather as a norm.  But soon, the days will grow noticeably shorter with each day.  It's already starting of course.

My WP bloggie has my treatise on our University football game last night.  Yep.  Friday night and no TV exposure because we were so horribly inept these past three years that if football had a cellar, we ARE in it.  But, we won last night.  We need wins against fellow SEC teams. Hopefully maybe this year we can limp to something not so depressing and horrible as the past three years.

Peace.  p.s. This is my son's home in the background..not mine and that's his Smokey, U.T's mascot.