Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coming Up (I hope)

I have asked my middle son when I might come to see him over the mountains and through the woods.  If I wait too much past October the snow has a disconcerting habit of coming down in the mountains starting in November through till early April, as I strive to get home in one piece.

I've not been free to travel since I was there on Mother's Day this year.  Physically I could  have done better while there, but I did all right.  This time I will do fine.

I put a picture I took from son's vehicle as we rocketed along back into Charlotte.  We were only a couple of miles away.  I forgot what we were doing but I suspect it may have been a consignment store that I love.

It's raining.  What else is new?  Will all the week and started Monday evening.  Again, what else is new?

I'll get my britches on that I will wear out instead of these ripped up jeans and head on out to get more bananas.  I dislike them pretty much but I have been eating them since April.  They sure are good for me though I don't care for them AND they sure beat some of the things I could be eating.

Worked out for real yesterday!  I admit to a tiny bit of soreness in the sternum area.  I was so happy to be back there again.  They don't have the adductor/abductor machine any more and I am just so disappointed about that.  It worked.  Not sure what to do to target those muscle groups in particular.

Hey...I sure wish we could all, not just a few but all of us have a meet up.  That would be awesome.



Friday, September 25, 2015

Terrific Friday

Today is a special day for which I am grateful.  My birthday.  I am a squillion years old now.  Or as I persist in saying "39 again". (And again and again and again and... etc.)  So, I just got the first of five phone calls from a classroom over the mountains in Charlotte NC.  My son who teaches 7th grade asks the kids if they want to sing happy birthday to Mama S. (me)  If they all agree and it has to be all, my son will fire up his cell phone and the kids will sing Happy Birthday to me.  This occurs five times each birthday.  It's a thrill and I love it. They all agreed  to do so for the 0840 class. I have four more coming if they all want to, in the next classes throughout the day.  I've seldom had a better reason to remain home in the day, don't you think?

Well, Donkey, who is a friend of Katie was operated on yesterday and he is feeling oh! so much better.  Whew.  What drama we had until he came out of surgery what with his broken back and all.  His innards were spilling out too and Dr. Mom had a time of it getting him set to rights again.  BUT all is well and he re-joined us last night but on the floor.  I guess he wasn't up to be carried into the bed by his thirteen pound mistress.  His stitches are uneven but sturdy.  He'll be good for many more carries into the bedroom.

I feel great, and  I took a good brisk walk yesterday.  Not the first one I have done recently, but the most brisk.  It was gorgeous out and I loved every minute.  My Fitbit was pleasantly surprised as well.

Hope all is well where you are today!  Would it help if I insist on that?  ❤

Thursday, September 17, 2015


The flowers of the Kalanchoe plant I have outside are only 1/4 of an inch wide.  So,  I chose to focus on several with a close-up lens.  I put their photo in my header.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Life Sure is Good, Ain't it?

Howdy.  Sure am glad to be up, doing well and back to normal.  I have been for several weeks but I declare it official myself now.  I've been dragging in bags of groceries after putting them in the vehicle to come home.  I clean house (sorta) and I take decent walks in a new park here in town that I never thought of.  My DIL told me about it.  That part of town is her old stomping' grounds.  I required level ground and I think that is the only level ground in all of the city!  In a week or so I will go back to working out, but gradually.

Today my DIL and the grand baby came here to see me so I could push his carriage (he is 5 1/2 months old now) through the paths in the park.  I had a blast!  We came back here and I made lunch for us.  Perfect day.

Katie said to tell you who know her that the v-e-t tech came at noon and pilled her with the second of 14 antibiotic pills for her UTI.  That condition likely happened as she could not get an appointment with her regular vet, had to wait even longer despite she was sick with diarrhea.  So bacteria likely traveled to her urethra because I could not get her totally clean near the back door so to speak.  And couldn't get an appointment so she could be groomed.  Her regular Dr. was really mad that she was turned away when she had a fever and not eating or drinking much and had diarrhea.  So that's her update.

Me, I found for inexplicable reasons I have become somewhat sensitive to salt and I have had to be careful what I choose to eat. (water weight)   Grrrr.  There go the lower sodium (50% lower!!!) chips with my sandwich.  Oh well, it's worth it.

All of you...love and hugs for all the support through these months.  If you are a friend and can find my email, or know my phone number you may call me or write me but I am not up to telling everything on the internet.  But I do speak to friends.  And you're friends.  xo