Sunday, May 29, 2016


As some already know, my oldest son's birthday is today.  We celebrated it a day early but the day is here, the 29th.  Both of his brothers were there with the rest of us.

I always have said and I always will say that having my sons were the single most life treasure I have been granted.  What a privilege it is and has been  that I work hard to be worthy of.  No "treasure" that I can or have acquired or accumulated can even come near to the all encompassing treasure these children were and are.  If I lost all else, I have not lost the most important treasure.  My children.  And this one whose birthday is today was the first  and most complete happiness and gratitude I had experienced till then. And each boy was the same.  But today, I celebrate the oldest and I am deeply unutterably grateful for him.

Happy Birthday dear Son.  Thank you for being here on this earth.  💗

My three Priceless Treasures represented here.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Enny Hoo

Enny hoo, the reference  at the end of yesterday's blog of mine to the sads  is only relative to my recovery process. That was a heckuva operation and one does have to recover in many ways.  About there but a good mindset is imperative.

I am especially hungry this morning.  I only had two pieces of toast and a nanner.  I see that will not do.  I always have been a breakfast eater and miss my eggies I usually have.  I was lazy today and thought to get by with no protein.  Yup.  That didn't go over well.

Gonna re-do Admiral's Twitter I think.  Have to get another email account to do it.  Hate that part.  She wants to go to the pawties and can't as she has no Twitter ID any longer.  I'll see what I can do.

Of course it's raining.  What else is new? And for pity sake; as the old saying goes...if that is all you have to complain about you have it made!

I see a black moon rising in the top crow's nest.  Barely  visible...but enough to give me an ear worm!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Smallest Thing

The smallest thing can and often does make my day.

I was on a routine trip to Kroger and since it is the Kroger Marketplace, it is very large with many things in and around it.  One of the things is a jewelry store.  But first things first.

I had gone in to get lettuce which was easily seen and some Oscar Meyer bacon pieces.  I could not find them so I asked an employee who took me allllll the way over to where they were.  I was very grateful as I had done my mile in a manner of speaking, looking for them.   She was cheerful as well as helpful.  A credit to the store.  Then, as I had purposefully brought two watches with me; one needing a battery and one needing a crystal, I went to the jewelry store.   Remember when I said a dishonest person at another jewelry store while changing the battery, broke the crystal of my favorite watch and lied saying *I* had to have broken it.  I was mad but sad as well as it is one of my favorite watches.  And a crystal, just a plain every day one,  not sapphire, is 70 some dollars.  So I left it there at the new jewelry store I have just spoken of to be repaired and get a battery replaced in another favorite watch.  She held the one with a broken crystal a long time and admired every detail of the watch's face.  It is a Mercury dime.  Usually I dislike seeing US coinage used as jewelry as I am a very serious collector.  It is defacing the coin to use it for jewelry to me.  However, I sunk to a new level when I saw this watch.  Sterling silver, except the back piece and of course silver Mercury dime  inside.  Thick black watch band. Had to have it so about 18 years ago, I caved and bought it.   The employee held it the longest  time and said how awesome it is, the watch, and I agree every bit with that.  Made my heart glad that someone else appreciated it.  So, that was the second of two events that made my afternoon.  My experience there at the jewelry store and the Kroger employee made two events.  AND for new customers, the first watch battery is free!  Beat THAT with a stick, why don't 'cha?

Then, the owner of this one came over, and  engaged me in at least 10 minutes of the most fun conversation.  Made my afternoon,,,the Kroger associate and the jewelry store employee and owner.

Sure makes up for the bad clerk who shattered  my watch face and lied.  Different store of course and they said of that happens they will make it good.

Just enjoying my day after a few days of being a bit sad.  xoxo

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Well, THAT was nice!

Me, my daughter-in-law and the grand baby were all at the Children's Museum today.  I haven't been there since my own were of an age to want to go.  It was great fun and for a one year old, he did very well despite teething about four teeth at once including two MOLARS for pity sake!!

There were many things that t were interactive and he got to play with them all.  One thing was The Water Room.  It has a play ship, and a "river" with locks that the children can operate so they might learn the meaning of the word when spoken of in a maritime connotation.

He released the wooden boats several times though he wasn't aware of  the consequences or why of what he was doing.  No consequence, as he adored playing in the water.

We saw many hats in one of the play rooms where there were puzzles, desks and other items children love.  I commented on how creative (I assumed the next part of this sentence) the women who made Some of these things were.  I said that particular gene had passed me by and I have never been creative in the usual way we women can be and often are.  Oh...I draw, paint and do decorative sewing, or did once upon a time when I had time.  But crafts are beyond me.  I despaired of that on occasion but my daughter-in-law said "Oh, you have talent. You are a wordsmith." I was very flattered.  I asked how she knew--- and she said it was very easy to know  as she has read many thing including my blog here as well as Katie's blog along with a few short stories and excerpts I have sent her of some of my work.  I never knew she appreciated it and that she knew that was ME in therm.  But I do now and I feel very happy to have learned she feels that way.  Very complimented as to me that description of me IS a great compliment.

She has gone back through the blog here and read many of my Mother's day and Birthday blogs to my sons and as the words came straight from my inner being, she felt their strength and love.  She sees I love my human and my fur children.

Great day today.  And they did have some other fascinating things  there at the museum as well.  A big ol' Underwood old OLD typewriter. old OLD heavy black phones with those cords they used to have. All thick and black and looking like a boa constrictor on a diet!

Here's my little feller....

Monday, May 9, 2016

A Conundrum

What's a fella to do?  Nothing really, as the issue I will speak to is inevitable and never ending.

What issue, you ask with perhaps feigned interest?  Well, I have a Toyota Corolla.  It's a smaller car...certainly in comparison to SUV's and giant "muscle" pick up trucks.

Both they and I in my little car have equal rights (to coin a phrase), to be out, about and thus to park in a parking lot. That's where my trouble comes in.

I will have parked, say, in WallyWorld.  All is well with birds singing, sun shining and "Happy Days Are Here Again" being whistled somewhere in the world.

I go into the store... which ever store I am there to go into...and lo!  When I come back out my car is either sandwiched between two gigantic behemoth SUV's  (or trucks, or one of each!!!) and trying to back out of the space becomes a nightmare.  I inch out very slowly only to hear the blare of a horn as I dare trespass just beyond my parking slot to try creeping out each inch of the way hoping to finally be able to see if anyone is coming down the lane so I can back out, turn and leave.  I have to move backward for several feet before I can actually see to leave my parking space.  That seems to incense those who are cruising the lane behind me to find a spot for them to park.  Seeing someone (me) dare to back out  slowly and carefully, enables a feature built into their vehicles I guess.  The feature makes the vehicle blow its horn several times and perhaps have its owner scream at me for daring to try to leave without positioning spotters that I should have brought along for that
purpose when I should know that giant SUV's and trucks will be bedside me.  How dare I neglect that!

My bad.  Tune in tomorrow as another chapter unfolds of "Stuff Happens".

Look at that! A heart.  At least my BREAD loves me!