Monday, February 28, 2011

Windy, rainy thundery and lightening-y with a tornado watch.

Now, that's a title.

Had to go to the Dr. today and while I was there, it turned very dark outside so that the street lights came on..and the lights in the Dr. Office quit several times.  I got off the table and saw the darkness and the winds blowing the rain straight across in blinding sheets.  Traffic was extremely slow, needless to say. After the Dr visit I had to go to the drugstore and the pet food store to get Her Majesty her food and my prescription filled.  I treated myself to a Reese's Peanut butter Cup as my reward for going to the Dr. Oh I love those things SO much.  That and a 5th Avenue are my favorite candy.

Her Heineyness got me up for the second morning in a row at 0530.  I think once I get her to her Dr. for her allergy shot she should be better and let me sleep till 0630 or so.

Meanwhile they made me get weighed  where generally she allows me to pass peacefully by.  Shockingly to me, I have not gained an ounce in 5 years.  I gained 18 pounds when I quit smoking and I never lost that 18 pounds.  I still wear the same clothes..just they are more snug than they were. (packed in is probably more truthful) But to me..I eat like a horse..and  every 2 minutes.  But I guess not.  I really did expect a weight gain. I, however, do not insist.

Didn't get on the treadmill this morning because of the Dr appointment and too full now.  Took 2 hours, just over at the Dr. office, then the running around afterward.  Didn't get home till 1345. Ate some of my home made chili  and a little frozen yogurt (see what I mean about eating so much???) and now, I don't want to treadmill.  Too full.  I'll bet that was on purpose.

Look at my Pileated Woodpecker in my dogwood tree Sunday morning. These guys are huge!! He would have flown off if I opened the window or door, so I took it thru the screen and window.  Sometimes you just have to take what you get.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Caturday

Well, me and her were a little down in our mouths this weekend until today. We were feeling really badly about some pets who are in bad circumstances and its so sad. But we know that wallowing in it does NOT help..purrs and prayers do. SO, today,the youngest agreed to have lunch with me and so I drove to Knoxville to meet up with him.

We ate at Aubrey's. Good food I must say. I came on home after a stop off at the Arboretum..their bulbs are not blooming yet. Then, at 1600 I joined a big "pawty" going on at Twitter that was specifically to raise monies for the New Zealand ASPCA to help displaced pets and ferals after the earthquake. In this case, there is a huge contingent of Tweeting kitties and the Admiral is but one of thousands. We had a pawty and made a lot of money among ourselves to donate and a great time was had by us all. The Admiral had two mugs of Bacon beer, in a bacon mug so after you drink your bacon beer you eat the mug. She was considering having the Niptini but changed her mind after a nice kitty invited her to have a bacon beer.

We have a big day ahead of us too, tomorrow. Someone didn't eat her supper so I'll be watching that!! She getting so she doesn't like cold food any more.

PEE ESS Who knows when I can buy some sunflowers or seeds? I can't find any. Is it too soon?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday. What a Night THAT Was

Man, the wind was so strong it woke me from a sound sleep and it scared me too.  I am surrounded by ultra tall trees and I worry enough about those without 60 mile per hour winds and gusts. It sounded like the siding was apt to be torn  off, never mind branches and so on crashing to the ground.  Luckily no  damage that I am aware of yet.  The lightening and thunder were pretty bad too. The wind is still blowing but only about 30 mph.

I changed the header to a picture I took in the summer of last year.  I'm so glad you liked it.  Thank you for those comments.  The picture crusher element of blogger cut it off pretty severely but the important part is there.  :-)

Several folks have kindly commented on the different presentation of pictures I have in Flickr, as opposed to here in Blogger, meaning the words I use to paint a story to go with the picture I post there at Flickr.  Those  words of praise or caring to me regarding the way I present my photos means a lot to me and I am truly and sincerely grateful.  Sis and Twin, thank you.  And I just last evening discovered that Michiko San wrote a testimonial for me on Flickr.  (((((HUGS)))) and what a delightful surprise, one that made me smile.   I'm going to drive over there to Australia again this weekend so you don't have to use your gasoline, Sis.  That's my way of saying thank you.  (((HUGS)))


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday (far as I know)

I will be headed out for another terribly expensive hair appointment in an hour but oh well, I obviously think it's worth it. :-) I think I will keep this hair length she gave me when I was there 7 weeks ago. It is shoulder length in front and at the bottom of the yoke of a shirt's length in back. Angled, in other words.

The Admiral is under the bed taking a much needed nap so that she'll be rested up for this afternoon's naps. A girl has to be prepared.

It's chilly and raining and my hyacinths are starting to come up and a few have begun to open their flower buds. I so with they would wait for March and as cold as it has been except the past few days, I can't see how they or the daffodils got the wrong message to wake up in February.

May as well Tweet a minute and look at least at the local paper and then be off. I will be round to see you in three hours.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Might as well say Wednesday

SO glad to hear from everyone and thank you so much.

My wild daffodils are blooming for goodness sakes.  I hope the next good freeze and /or snow doesn't gnaw off their trumpets! I took their pictures when I came home yesterday afternoon.  They were a huge surprise.  I had seen the blades coming up all over the yard but I never knew some had buds and that those would bloom.

Here one is for help you have hope.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, Gray and Mondayish

I have done my duty via the treadmill and weights and finally finished the paper and have my face on..time to roll here shortly.

I have been around to see whomever I can find that has updated.   I go by the dashboard. Never did get the hang of the Reader.  No one will ever accuse me of being technically savvy!  No one.

I have all of my forms in for taxes but I will have to go thru that horrible vertical file on the desk top..just plastic "fingers" that stick up... to find something additional that the IRS sent that made zip sense to me. If it does to the CPA then I'm ahead.  I will whip, flagellate and force myself to go thru that horrible morass again today.  I have to do this every quarter year or so. It's (the file) like a Hydra head rared up ready to snap at me. to parts unknown but before I go,  there was a knock on the door half an hour ago.  I answered as the man was walking away.  He asked who owned a red car across the street.  I looked and said I guessed it was the property of the person's yard in which the car resided!  Then, he said he's knocked and knocked and no one answered.  I said, maybe they aren't there or maybe they don't answer to strangers.  He left.  WHY knock on MY door and ask me that???  Was he someone wanting to burglarize?  He didn't look the part as his car was late model and he was a yuppy-ish looking guy.  I don't answer personal questions about me or my neighbors though. If it's that important, come back when they're home I guess.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

what a neat day

The youngest son came over early and we headed out with our cameras to a park.  He wanted to experiment with lighting so that was the main purpose in going.  He took 50 or so of me with the use of the light box and remote flash.  He also showed me several good object lessons in perspective and wide angle picture taking. I was lying on the ground, flat.  In the road actually with the camera sitting on the pavement and the lens at 18 mm. The camera was there as it would certainly be steady there. :-)

Here is a picture of an old Maytag at the anti-Q shoppe we went to the other day.  In case you wanted to see.  :-)  AND the jukebox menu of songs in that old jukebox I talked about.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Antique Thursday

Well, my good friend came by and swooped me up long about 1000 today and we headed off (I brought Victoria) to another town where she has spied a new-to-her antique store. Oh man, they had loads of stuff and some of it really was old. There was an old pump organ that looked rough, circa 1800 that still plays, for about $700.00 and there was a Wurlitzer jukebox too, for almost $900.00. It even had the music "menu" in there. It was great fun reading the names of the songs that had been available back then. It's on Flickr if you want to see it. Click the Flickr gadget over on the right side of my blog where you see the Gadget named Flickr Photostream :-) and it will take you to my photostream.

Meanwhile, I am disappointed in that I am 3000 steps lower on my pedometer than usual at this time of day. That was because I got no time on the treadmill due to getting ready for the "expedition" and..the Admiral aka Miss Catt felt super great and at 7:30 she started our true full out run (me behind her) up and down the hallway and after three of those, we sharpened our claws on the sisal scratching post ( well SHE did..I passed) and ran down the hall again. She wrote about it in her blog. All of her activities took an hour and a half, I am not kidding. treadmill. And I have been reading all of the three papers so I passed on treadmilling this afternoon. (excuses excuses)

See ya at your place if you update and I can find ya.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, at Least it's Different

You know it is an unusual start to your day when you reach for the half and half small creamer and get the Whiskas Cat Milk instead and pour that into your cup of coffee.  I'm just glad I saw what was in my hand (too late!) before I had a drink. Early morning will bite 'cha sometimes.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I do believe it's Tuesday!

I have done my treadmilling, tossed around the weights again and I am in here with the overhead fan on!! to help cool off. Then, I'll do my face and me and the camera head out to the unknown again. (I know I won't find anything but, you never know AND what I really want is a walk in the woods.)

I did not have a particular Valentine's Day extravaganza this time. No date. BUT I did have a visitor who would like to be my Valentine but alas, no. Here I should make it plain that my caller came at 1200 NOON. And now, for the next paragraph! Geesh!

I was on the yellyofone last evening with a fellow blogger and friend for two hours so that was my evening and a very pleasant one it was :-)

I feel good, the day will be good with mostly sunny skies and that is just the boost I have needed these past several days. I feel like a million dollars again. Oh the gray skies will be back yes but it's good to get some respite in between.

What's good going on in your neck of the woods?

Monday, February 14, 2011

What a Fabulous Valentine's Day's just me'n'her but it's a beautiful fabulous day out there.  The sun is shining all day for the second day in a row!  Now, that is special.  It is pseudo warm out there but the wind is blowing so that it makes it feel chillier of course.

I got on the treadmill this morning, tossed around my weights and took off like a big bird, camera in hand.  However..make that camera in it's bag with it's accouterments all in a row.  When I reach my destination, I choose which lens and we go from there with the bag and what's left still in the car all locked up and hidden.

I went to the arboretum with the camera but really what I wanted was the extra walking.  There really was nothing I saw that I wanted to take a picture of. 

Got home in time after a stop at Kroger for a visitor who just took a chance I'd be home.  As I was getting out of the car with my things in hand, he would have missed me had I been 1 minute later in arriving.

Oh it is glorious out.  I may head back out anyway.  Hope you all have a happy Valentine's day and I have had one too.  ♥

Sunday, February 13, 2011

For my Dear Friend Carol

This is for Carol and her sister, for her Mother passed away today and knows no more sadness and pain.

God Bless you all of her family, and know that I and the rest of your cyber family have you in our hearts and prayers.

Love you. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunny Saturday

I am so grateful for the sun today. Had it all say yesterday as well, and that is a gift we needed around here. It's been gray, cold, (still is cold) rainy, snowy, typical winter weather. As with everyone else, it is SO good to get a change.

Another blogger in CA said (and showed us) her daffodils up and blooming. To my sorrow, mine have blades pushing up out of the soil about 6 inches now. I have no idea why as it is COLD and usually no sun. I hope they don't get killed as it still snows and freezes hard here into April.

The oldest was here over night (it's a laundry thing) and he's having his usual breakfast. OJ, bacon, biscuits and eggs. Usually there is a furry supervisor but she must be taking a much needed nap after being up and eating..all of that. :-)

Hope all is well with you guys. I didn't see many who have updated but I will look again. I had one ear on the timer while I was the biscuits wouldn't burn. ♥

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday --far as I know

I am back after looking in vain for something I wanted to take a picture of.  However, I have a single rosebud that I experomented with and I will present it here along with what I said about it in Flickr.

I could not make the bed until noon as the cat, for the second time in her life decided to go in under the sheet and blanket and had curled, comma shaped, into the left over warmth.  That's a departure from her usual.  We'd already played "I can bite you hand while you play with me under the covers" )she never hurts..she knows we're playing) and we played "fight the fevver wand" and then, when I left the room for something, she crept under the covers.  I didn't know that until I returned and started making the bed.  I got everything straight on  my side..went to the other side of the bed and started pulling the sheet and blanket up and there was a trill sounding from under all of that!  I felt a soft being under there and left it unmade till now.

I have also gotten some Valentines and they are ready for mailing and giving.  ♥

This is the last rose of summer..yes, blooming all alone. But captured suns are shimmering within the folds of the petals and fragrance makes a delicate voyage to bees and women.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Half in and Half Out

That would be the sun.  Very cloudy with occasional dazzling bursts of sun..just for a few minutes to get you all charged up that there are blue skies overhead and gold sun rays and bam!  gone again under cover. 

I would rather not have this cold and grayness but then, I know I can get in line with everyone else who feels the same.

I think I will just make some moist pumpkin bread.  That ought to cheer me up. 

Meanwhile, I am holding my own with Scrabble..winning more than I lose, (depending on who I am playing too) and I have been out with the camera only to return with same and a few disappointing frames that I pretty much delete as soon as they see the light o' day. 

The cat is doing much better now with her Twitter account than she did before.  She decided to delete that account and has another called AdmiralHestorb.  She loves meeting all the other kitties and doggies.

Guess it's the kitchen for me and get the oven preheated.  ♥

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Danged iffin it ain't Sattidy.

I do declare! It's Saturday and a cold wet and dreary one too. But that's OK. It's a day and we're always glad to have one of those.

Turns out the originator of the term Red Neck Room..back on WLS's blogs, JinGeorgia saw my WP blog about the fun we've had with his term and how appropriate it is to us. I'm glad he saw that and knew we appreciated his fun along with us.

Ever notice that certain months in the year seem to have more strife or illness or just plain not-too-hot stuff going on? I have. Those months are generally February and March. Especially March. More folks pass on in my circle of friends or acquaintances or get very ill. I almost wish I could just tack on two January's or two Decembers to avoid those February's and March's. I've just noticed that through the years. That goes for the fur family too. Dogs or cats of yours or of friends. July is a close second. But then I may think that because my mother passed on then. One of our sweet blog friends is going through things right now with her Mom. I feel so terribly badly for her. We all of us do who know her. ♥♥♥

But here we are and I'll be over to your place to see you. Hope you have the mat feet'll be wet. It's raining again.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday...Far as I Know...

I'm getting ready to go out.  It's Friday far as I know.  I am trying to keep them all in a row.  :-)

Two of the boys will be here this evening for a bit.  The youngest is going to help me with  a new cable box and the computer is NOT backing up at all.  Must be bad software.  So I am hoping for his pronouncement on that.

Otherwise a bland boring day but it IS a day and for that I'm grateful.  I heard thundering feets this morning all over the house so the boss is feeling fit for the moment.

Work to do..see ya in a while.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday (far as I know)

It's a pretty day, the wind died down.  Got up to 93mph  in the Smokies but here where I am, gusts to 40 something.  No biggie except I am surrounded by tall TALL trees.,  Always makes me nervous.

The oldest will be here maybe, tomorrow and the youngest too for a little while.  We'll go out to eat this time. Looking forward to it.

They had the Redneck Room in readiness and we had a total blast!  LOVED every minute as always and yes can come and trust me, you'd LOVE it.  You have an appreciation for fun and family gatherings.  This is a family gathering all of us from different moms.  :-)

I'm just checking in to see how all of you did.  You're also family.  ♥♥♥

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Git the RedNeck Room ready!

Us rednecks are gonna gather here in two hours or thereabouts.  Oh the noise and laughing! I hope some from Utilities and the Fire dept also show up.  The more the merrier.
We're going to stuff ourselves, gossip and laugh and have a great time. 

Here is a photo I took at the marina yesterday.  Hope you enjoy. Some of you saw it on WP.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It is indeed TUESDAY! Tomorrow is WEDNESDAY!!!

I got it down, folks. (sheesh, that was a little bit embarrassing yesterday..which was MONDAY!!!)

I am still trying to get ready for the day. I am dressed, yes, but until very recently I have been playing with Miss Catt off and on. I no sooner get started with something and she indicates she wants to play. That's very important to her health (seriously) so I stop and play since I can. She got me up too early again, so I have been at her service quite a while.

I am going to make that good red potato and chicken dish again..this time for a friend. I think a little very premium vanilla ice cream for dessert with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Oh man, I can almost smell that cooking as I wrote. Not sure which day I will do it..just soon, I know.

High winds predicted here and even higher in the mountains. But trash can turnover winds are about to land on us along with rain. Maybe some snow Friday and Saturday. We will see as they refine the predictions.

So, ehhh, what's up, Doc(s)?